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Mixed Bag Sunday: So much crap, so little time! North Korea, Afghanistan, jobless "recovery", Greece, Spain, the IMF, Austerity Measures everywhere, the Kwazy (mostly untrue) Angst about the deficit, teabagger primary victories on faulty vote counting machines, fallout from the illegal Israel actions against the humanitarian aid flotilla and Helen Thomas! Oh and that Bloviating Perjurers (BP) massive oil gusher threatening the entire Gulf of Mexico where there are no oil plumes, gushing at the rate of a Valdez every THREE DAYS since it started April 20th (see below). Face the Bob seems to be the place to start with Gulf State "Small Gummint" Guvnors CHARLIE CRIST (I-FL), HALEY BARBOUR (R-MS) and BOB RILEY (R-AL) plus Chief Government Bloviator U.S. Coast Guard Admiral THAD ALLEN. Riley also cries about Big Government on State of Candy, joining Small Government teabagger MIKE PENCE (R-IN) to "battle" House Majority Whip (aka Blue Dog) JAMES CLYBURN (D-SC). Meet the David goes with top WH Dissembler DAVID AXELROD while This Jake gets Dem Apologists JOHN KERRY and STENY HOYER. Throw bricks at BILL GATES for giving us Windows ME and Vista and the worst $259 India tech support the world has ever seen! Then watch ROBERT RIECH tell George Will he's "short" in the critical thinking department during the roundtable segment! To get serious info check Peter B with JASON LEOPOLD, Scott Horton AntiWar Radio with the REAL SCOTT HORTON, DANIEL ELSBERG and GARETH PORTER, Max Keiser with MICHAEL HUDSON and VINCENT FERNANDO, Ring of Fire Radio plus our BTV alerts. We leave you with Glenn Greenwald The Democratic Party and Blanche Lincoln who points out, "Tuesday night in Lincoln's narrow victory, brightly illuminates what the Democratic Party establishment is. Lincoln is supposedly one of those "centrist"/conservative/corporatist Senators who thwarts the good-hearted progressive agenda of the President and the Party. She repeatedly joined with Republicans to support the extremist Bush/Cheney Terrorism agenda (from the the Protect America Act to the Iraq War and virtually everything in between), serves the corporate interests that run Washington as loyally as any member of Congress, and even threatened to join the GOP in filibustering health care reform if it contained the public option which Obama claimed he wanted. Obama loyalists constantly point to the Blanche Lincolns of the world to justify why the Party scorns the values of their voters: Obama can't do anything about these bad Democratic Senators; it's not his fault if he doesn't have the votes, they insist. Lincoln's 12-year record in the Senate is so awful that she has severely alienated virtually every important Democratic constituency group -- other than the large corporate interests that fund and control the Party...In other words, Obama exploited the trust that African-American voters place in him to tell them something that is just absurd: that Blanche Lincoln, one of the most corporatist members of Congress, works for their interests. Bill Clinton did the same with the Arkansas voters who still trust him. " while Brad Freidman of BradBlog notes in Fears 'Come to Full Flower' in Garland County, AR, Polling Place Closure Fiasco "Garland Election Commissioner Charles Tapp had unilaterally (without the vote of his two other commissioners) decided to reduce the number of polling locations from 42 during the general primary on May 18th, to just 2 for today's run-off primary. The decision is expected to most drastically affect Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who did exceptionally well in the county during the general Democratic primary in his now-very-tight race against incumbent U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln. After Tapp had announced that an additional polling place would be opened last Saturday for early voting to ease the expected crowds today, he changed his mind at the last moment, and "hundreds of voters" are said to have shown up on Saturday, without being allowed to vote. Today, long lines and parking problems are being reported at the county's only two open polling places, after 12,000 had cast votes in the general primary on May 8th...Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times calls it a "cluster#@%*":" Get more info with Brad on Peter B Collins below! We hope your Victory Gardens are flourishing! We will have the last plantings in this week as we concoct yet another barrier to the wildlife that ate most of last year's crop! Enjoy yer Sunday!


Democracy NOW!
FULL COVERAGE of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico CATASTROPHE at BP Oil Spill
»»» Tim Dickinson @ Democracy NOW! In his most recent article 'The Spill, the Scandal, and the President' Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson writes, "Though George W. Bush paved the way for the catastrophe, it was Obama who gave BP the green light to drill." Dickinson explores how Interior Secretary Ken Salazar kept in place the oil industry-friendly environmental guidelines that Bush had implemented and ultimately let BP, an oil company with the worst safety record, to get away with murder. WATCH Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson on the Inside Story of How Obama Let the World’s Most Dangerous Oil Company Get Away with Murder.
»»» Jeff Biggers @ Democracy NOW! The United Mine Workers of America and families of victims killed in the West Virginia coal mine explosion recently filed suit in federal court to open up the federal investigation. We speak to journalist Jeff Biggers. WATCH Mine Workers Union and Families Sue to Open Federal Probe into Deadly Massey Coal Mine Explosion
»»» Scientist Ira Leifer @ Democracy NOW! Researcher in the Marine Science Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a member of the government’s Flow Rate Technical Group Ira Leifer says the oil may be gushing out at a rate of more than 100,000 barrels a day, a number that BP once called its worst-case scenario. WATCH Scientist: BP Well Could Be Leaking 100,000 Barrels of Oil a Day
»»» Illegal torture @ Democracy NOW! A new report from Physicians for Human Rights accuses the Bush administration of conducting illegal and unethical human experimentation and research on prisoners in CIA custody. WATCH Experiments in Torture: Medical Group Accuses CIA of Carrying Out Illegal Human Experimentation
»»» Mavi Marmara video @ Democracy NOW In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we bring you a sneak preview of previously unseen raw footage from the Mavi Marmara that will be formally released at a press conference at the United Nations later in the day. WATCH EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla
»»» GRITtv @ with Laura Flanders
»»» The F Word @ GRITtv Most notably businesswomen -- Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman the latest incarnation of a familiar breed - the faux feminist populist. You go girl -- the slogan was already snagged by Sarah Palin. WATCH The F Word: The Pain Of FauxFeminist Populism
»»» Bernie Sanders @ GRITtv Instead of cutting services in the name of some myth of austerity, Sanders suggests cutting tax loopholes and subsidies to oil companies in a new bill he just put forth in the Senate. The money we take in making oil companies pay their fair share could pay for extending unemployment benefits and health care. Meanwhile, Sanders also tells us about his home state's plan to push toward a single-payer health care system, lowering costs and providing true universal care for all. He thinks they can do it. WATCH Bernie Sanders: Taxing Oil To Pay For Health Care
»»» "Cost of War" @ GRITtv Najla Said and Karen Malpede join us in studio to discuss the play, the role of theater in communicating between people, and why they felt compelled to produce this project. WATCH Prophecy: The Human Cost of War
»»» NASCAR on TNT Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400 at the Michigan International Speedway! - Coverage begins at 1 pm et
»»» MLB on TBS INTERLEAGUE! Rookie Phenom Pitcher Stephen Strasburg and Nationals visit Indians and David Huff, 1 ET Sun.
»»» MLB on ESPN INTERLEAGUE! White Sox @ Cubs 8 pm et

Offshore Drilling is Not The Answer: Restore the Moratorium
from Surfrider Foundation (h/t jen)
The tragic and devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a stark reminder that offshore oil drilling is not the answer.
The Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded and sank has spilled millions of gallons of oil into the ecologically rich waters in the Gulf of Mexico and continues to gush 210,000 gallons of oil into the sea every day. The spill remains unabated and now has the potential to become one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history. The unfolding catastrophe clearly illustrates that offshore drilling is not safe and new technology is not fool proof.
Tell the Obama Administration new drilling is NOT THE ANSWER. Our coasts and the economy they support cannot withstand anymore!
We are reminded why the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara and the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill led to state and federal moratoriums on offshore oil drilling. The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico makes it clear that it is time once again time to restore those moratoriums.
Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site

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IRAQ: 4,405 Military Dead as of June 11, 2010
AFGHANISTAN: 1,114 Military Dead as of June 11, 2010
The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
Considering Democracy: 8 Things to ask your Representative

  • This Week (ABC) with guest anchor ABC's Jake Tapper
    Fact Checking ABC's "This Week" at NPR "On the Media" - Jake Tapper, interim host of ABC's "This Week," liked the idea of fact-checking his guests' comments, so he set up a partnership with Politifact, a non-partisan fact-checking organization. Tapper explains that as a host, you can only do so much fact-checking during the interview.
    PROGRAMMING NOTE: Christiane Amanpour Named 'This Week' Anchor - Amanpour starts as 'This Week' anchor in August.
    • House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
    • Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry
    • Microsoft Chairman and co-founder Bill Gates
    • ROUNDTABLE: George Will, Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and former Republican Congressman Tom Davis

  • Face The Nation (CBS) Host Bob Schiefer
    • Florida Governor Charlie Crist
    • Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
    • Alabama Governor Bob Riley
    • U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen

  • 60 Minutes (CBS)
    • CYBER WAR - Could foreign hackers get into the computer systems that run crucial elements of the world's infrastructure, such as the power grids, water works or even a nation’s military arsenal, to create havoc? They already have. Steve Kroft reports. Graham Messick is the producer.
    • THE GREAT EXPLORER - Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic, the Bismarck and the PT 109 and now 60 MINUTES cameras are there for his latest discovery, 1,500 feet down in the Aegean Sea off Turkey. Lara Logan reports. Max McClellan is the producer. THIS IS A DOUBLE-LENGTH SEGMENT

  • Meet the Press (NBC) Host David Gregory
    Meet the Facts at NPR "On the Media" - Last December, NYU professor Jay Rosen proposed something simple yet revolutionary: why don't the Sunday morning chat shows fact check their guests? After "Meet the Press" host David Gregory declined, two college students launched a website to do it for him. One of them, Chas Danner, explains what they're trying to accomplish.
    • President Obama's Senior Adviser, David Axelrod.
    • ROUNDTABLE: Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Carly Fiorina, & Democratic Congresswoman from Florida and Vice Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Politico's Roger Simon, and NBC News' Chuck Todd.

  • State of the Union With Candy Crowley (CNN)
    At 9 AM ET, Candy talks to the power players: politicians, business leaders and international newsmakers who will make Monday morning's headlines. At NOON ET, Candy wraps it all up with fresh interviews and the best of the earlier hours.
    • Gov. Bob Riley (R-Alabama)
    • House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Indiana)
    • House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-South Carolina)
    • the Economist's Greg Ip
    • former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

  • HEAD ON RADIO with Bob Kincaid
    Headon Radio with Bob Kincaid 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific, 2300 GMT. Duration: 3 hrs. To be part of the conversation on Head-on Radio, call toll-free (877) 443-2366, or use our Liberal community line at 304-658-3333. Email: bob [at] headonradio [dot] com.
    Bob Kincaid at the America's Future Now Conference in Washington DC! Monday June 7, 2010 (mp3)Bob James joins Bob Kincaid LIVE from DC! Amen to White Rose Society for the podcasts!

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    pbc show
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    The Peter B. Collins Show covers American news and politics from the Left Coast. Veteran talk radio personality Peter B. Collins, based in San Francisco, delivers fresh interviews, commentary and analysis on a range of important topics, with views and voices you don’t often find in the corporate media. We are taking YOUR calls! Call 1-888-5-PETER-B toll free, that’s 1-888-573-8372 & Press 1 to leave a general comment.
    Info on Podcast #139 Published on 09 June 2010 by admin in Podcast Info -- Jason Leopold exposes human medical experiments on detainees. Leopold is a regular contributor to the PBC Show, and an editor at His chilling report is based on a study just released by Physicians for Human Rights. The medical experiments were linked to the legal memos from Yoo and Bybee trying to re-define torture and game the Geneva conventions.
    Info on Podcast #140 Published on 11 June 2010 by admin in Podcast Info -- Super Tuesday Electile Dysfunction. Journalist Brad Friedman of Bradblog reports on election irregularities in the June 8 primary elections, and delivers an excloo to the PBC Show: the largest private voting company in America now….is a Canadian company that does not have clear ownership of some of its key software. Brad details his own painful experience trying to vote in L.A. on an electronic device intended for the blind–which malfunctioned in numerous ways over 2+ hours as poll workers tried to get it to work properly–and failing. Brad also raises important questions about Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s alleged victory in Arkansas, where Garland County reduced the number of polling places from more than 40 in the primary to only 2 in the runoff, suppressing turnout in a very tight race. Friedman recaps the Supreme Court action that guts Arizona’s clean election system, without even holding a hearing. And birther Orly Taitz is the focus of several jokes: thanks for being there for us, Orly!
    More podcasts at!

  • Ring of Fire Radio
    Find us at and hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and David Bender
    Ring of Fire is now syndicated by Westwood One. Stay tuned for more info.
    Ring of Fire Radio - GoLeft TV - Robert F. Kennedy, Mike Papantonio, David Bender - Politics, Commentary, and News.
    This Week on Ring of Fire - posted June 11th, 2010
    • This week on Ring of Fire Radio, David Bender is on the road, but we’ll check in with him later on to get some insight and analysis into this week’s primary elections.
    • Our good friend Sam Seder will be back on the air with us again to talk about some of the biggest news stories that made headlines this past week, and some of the big news that never saw the light of day.
    • We’ll also check in with blogger David DeGraw, who has uncovered some evidence that indicates that the flash crash of the stock market that occurred back in May might have actually been the work of the financial tricksters at Goldman Sachs.
    • We’ll also be talking with Congressman Tom Perriello about his fight to close the tax loopholes that US corporations have been abusing for decades
    • And as part of Ring of Fire Radio’s on-going, exclusive coverage of the worst oil disaster in our nation’s history, Devastation in the Gulf, Daily Beast correspondent Rick Outzen and Cook Inletkeeper Bob Shavelson will be here to give us an update on the oil washing ashore all along the Gulf Coast, and the possible health effects we could start seeing in the near future.
    • VIDEO! RFK, Jr. Discusses Health Effects of Oil Spill - While most of the news reports on BP’s oil geyser in the Gulf of Mexico have focused on the environmental impact of the oil, very few are talking about an equally serious issue, which is the impact this oil is going to have on human health. And to complicate the matter, BP is dumping dangerous dispersant chemicals on the oil that have been banned in other areas of the world because they can be even deadlier than the oil. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talks about some of the potential impacts we could witness as a result of this oil spill with Dr. Riki Ott, one of the leading experts on the impact of oil spills on human health.
    • VIDEO! Fighting Corporate Campaign Influence - When the Supreme Court issued their ruling earlier this year in the Citizens’ United case, they opened the floodgates for corporate money to finally have complete control over our election process. Luckily, there are still a few members of congress willing to fight for us, and now legislation has been introduced that would force corporations to disclose what they pay for. For example, if Exxon wants to run a smear campaign against a Democratic Senator, that ad must clearly state that Exxon paid it for. That’s just one of the many items featured in legislation proposed by Congressman Chris Van Hollen, and he recently spoke to Mike Papantonio about how he’s working to undo the damage caused by our Supreme Court.
    • And as always, we’ll be looking at all the news that the corporate-controlled media refuses to cover. And if you want to see the revolving door that has been uncovered between BP and the government, click here!
    • Join our blog at You can now SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST by clicking on the “Podcast” tab at the top of the Ring of Fire blog. Please help support progressive radio by signing up!
    Ring of Fire Radio hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio with David Bender: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm (4 pm on XM 167) featuring The PAP Attack! "We’ll bring you the stories that the mainstream media didn’t feel like reporting this week."

  • On the Edge with Max Keiser Podcasts and more @!
    WHO IS MAX KEISER? Max Keiser is a financial expert, Prediction Markets analyst, inventor and filmmaker. He is the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) the first Prediction Market. Max Keiser co-hosts “The Truth About Markets” on ResonanceFM 104.4 in London. He also produces and presents documentary films covering markets and finance for Al Jazeera’s “People & Power” series. Max Keiser started his career on Wall Street in 1983. He is the creator of KarmaBanque a site that enables activists to challenge corporate power.
    Max & Stacy News: “Truth About Markets: USA” Show Debuts on GCN June 26th Stacy Summary: Genesis Communications Network (GCN), home of the “Alex Jones Show” begins syndicating a new Max & Stacy “Truth About Markets: USA” show on June 26th. This new show will build on “TAM: London” and “TAM: New Zealand” bringing radio listeners the views and opinions of Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. For 7 years, Max & Stacy have been recommending listeners to buy gold and to view the global markets as a corrupt racket run by bank and government insiders.
    Pressure Mounts for Financial Terrorist Goldman Sachs. Will The Wolf Pack Attack? MAX says: Who will declare bankruptcy first; Eco(logic) Terrorist British Petroleum or Eco(nomic) Terrorist Goldman Sachs? “Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s $2 billion Hudson Mezzanine collateralized debt obligation, sold in 2006, is the target of a probe by the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.” “In a separate case, Goldman Sachs was sued by Australian hedge fund Basis Capital for $1 billion. In the suit, filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court, Basis claims it was forced into insolvency after buying mortgage-linked securities that the firm created and one of its executives termed “one shi**y deal.” READ Goldman Sachs Hudson CDO Said to Be Target of Second SEC Probe.
    [OTE58] On the Edge with David DeGraw & Economic Death Squad Leader, Timothy Geithner Stacy Summary: Will upload the parts as they become available. Guest today is David DeGraw (here is his new site) to talk about his new report on financial terrorism. Also discussed is how the appearance of economic death squad leader, Timothy Geithner, at the head of the NY Fed should have been a warning sign.
    [KR49] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! And Michael Hudson! Stacy Summary: In this episode, we look at the scandals of financial wiseguys that ‘know nothing,’ including famed ‘value investor,’ Warren Buffett who says he knows nothing about his investments and nothing about how ratings contributed to the housing bubble. In the second half of the show, Max interviews economist Michael Hudson about the Latvian economy and real liberal economics.
    [KR50] Keiser Report – Sucking Gold & Slurping Silver with Freddie, Fannie & Confucius Stacy Summary: We look at “sucking gold and slurping silver” with Goldman Sachs in China and at banks refusing to buy back their toxic loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Vincent Fernando of Business Insider about debt deflation, wage inflation and austerity measures.
    [1135] Pilot Episode 1 – Truth About Markets – USA Stacy Summary: Here is a test pilot episode for our Truth About Markets USA. It begins airing live on GCN from Saturday, 26 June. Artwork and more goodies coming soon. Download show HERE (mp3)
    [1136] The Truth About Markets USA – Pilot Episode 2 – 11 June 2010 Stacy Summary: Here is a second pilot episode; I just saw a draft of some of the artwork for the program . . . looking awesome! Download show HERE (mp3)
    [1137] Truth About Iraq’s Water Problems – London – 12 June 2010 Stacy Summary: Here it is. In this episode we refer to this article which I believe I first read in the Herald Tribune.. . . Download show HERE (mp3)

  • ANTIWAR RADIO with Scott Horton
    antiwarradio.jpg LIVE (9-11am Pacific, 12pm - 2pm Eastern) Plenty of archives too!
    Listen at Antiwar Radio
    Scott Horton interviews Dean Ahmad(mp3) 23:56 June 5, 2010. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, founder of the Minaret of Freedom Institute, discusses his remembrance of better times in Palestine, Israeli apologists who have long departed the reality-based community, how the Ottoman Empire functioned as a sanctuary for Jews persecuted in Europe, the land (not religious) dispute at the core of Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the seeming inability of pro-Israel Americans to differentiate facts from propaganda.
    Scott Horton interviews Nick Baumann (mp3) 17:32 June 8, 2010. Nick Baumann, assistant editor at Mother Jones, discusses the Physicians for Human Rights study that alleges prisoners in CIA custody were used as guinea pigs, how experimentation with torture combinations was meant to bolster the legality and effectiveness of “enhanced” interrogations, the close collaboration of doctors and psychologists with CIA torturers, revised prisoner experimentation rules in the 2006 Military Commissions Act and how government-perpetrated barbarism seems to be the new normal.
    Scott Horton interviews Gareth Porter (mp3) 28:54 June 8, 2010. Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses the CIA drone operators who believe their own jobs are counterproductive, how the Obama administration caters to domestic public opinion by extending policies that sound tough even though they are ineffective, US intelligence gathering on Iran that focuses on worst-case scenarios rather than plausible outcomes and why US military expansionism can’t keep pace with the newly radicalized populations it creates.
    Scott Horton interviews Jason Ditz (mp3) 16:17 June 8, 2010 Jason Ditz, managing news editor at, discusses the reports emerging from flotilla activists released from Israeli custody, why the fleeting nature of media news cycles may defeat efforts to debunk Israel’s propaganda blitz and the missing-in-action official US government response to the killing of Furkan Dogan.
    Scott Horton interviews The Other Scott Horton (mp3) 42:47 June 9, 2010. The Other Scott Horton (no relation), international human rights lawyer, professor and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, discusses Israel’s failure to uphold the mark of a (somewhat) benevolent state: a high threshold for using deadly force against civilians, Israel’s purposeful destruction of Gaza’s economy to encourage deserters, the ignoble end of Helen Thomas’s estimable career in journalism, the “good faith” defense for CIA torturers dreamed up by Dick Cheney and justified by the OLC “torture memos,” the junk science used by doctors and psychologists to quantify acceptable pain levels inflicted on prisoners, the US departure from precedents set by Nuremberg war crimes prosecutions, a possible “Guantanamo suicides” link to CIA torture experimentation at Camp “No” and the likely existence of more CIA “interrogation” videos.
    Scott Horton interviews Daniel Ellsberg (mp3) 33:12 June 9, 2010. Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, discusses Specialist Bradley Manning’s arrest for passing classified information to Wikileaks, the unfortunate negative connotations of the “whistleblower” moniker, how Obama has decriminalized torture, 260,000 possible sources of embarrassment for the State Department and the Obama administration’s eager prosecution of whistleblowers.
    More interviews at Antiwar Radio!

  • fauxnews
    • Carly Fiorina, US Senate Candidate (R-CA)
    • Amb. Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations

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