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TWO-WEEK CATCH-UP! Sorry we missed last week! So much SERIOUS SHIT went down so here are some stories we were watching. Check these out!PHEW! That's a lot to read, watch and listen to! Of course last week was another stunning oratory by Obomber called The State of the Union so check out some reactions at Democracy Now! below. On NPR's Morning Edition last week we heard some scary stories by Tom Gjelten. On Monday was Pentagon Goes On The Offensive Against Cyberattacks .... The importance of plans for offensive cyberwar operations is obscured by the reluctance of the government to acknowledge them. When the Pentagon announced its "Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace" in July 2011, for example, it appeared the military was focused only on protecting its own computer networks, not on attacking anyone else's. "The thrust of the strategy is defensive," declared William Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense at the time. Neither he nor other Pentagon officials had one word to say about possible offensive cyberattacks. The Pentagon would not favor the use of cyberspace "for hostile purposes," according to the strategy. "Establishing robust cyberdefenses no more militarizes cyberspace," Lynn said, "than having a navy militarizes the ocean." Those assurances are deceptive. Behind the scenes, U.S. commanders are committing vast resources and large numbers of military personnel to planning offensive cyberattacks and, in at least some cases, actually carrying them out. But the secrecy surrounding offensive cyberwar planning means there has been almost no public discussion or debate over the legal, ethical and practical issues raised by waging war in cyberspace. Offensive cyberattacks carried out by the United States could set precedents other countries would follow. The rules of engagement for cyberwar are not yet clearly defined. And the lack of regulation concerning the development of cyberweapons could lead to a proliferation of lethal attack tools — and even to the possibility that such weapons could fall into the hands of unfriendly states, criminal organizations and even terrorist groups.... WOW! Then Part Two was on Tuesday In Cyberwar, Software Flaws Are A Hot Commodity .... Richard Bejtlich was a cyber specialist for the U.S. Air Force in the 1990s, a time when the U.S. military was going on the offense in the cyberwar. He remembers the day he realized how important a software vulnerability can be to a cyberweapons designer. "Myself and a couple other guys, we found a zero day vulnerability in Cisco routing equipment," Bejtlich recalls. "And we looked at it, and we said, 'Did we really find this? Can we really get into these Cisco routers?' " They could, and so Bejtlich and his colleagues reported it to Cisco. The company thanked him and said it would be fixed. Days later, he was talking to some friends who worked on the offensive side of the unit, and they had quite a different reaction to them reporting the bug to Cisco. "They said, 'You did what? Why didn't you tell us? We could have used this to get into all these various hard targets,' " he says. To Bejtlich, a software flaw was simply a mistake to be corrected. To a cyberweapons designer, however, it was a potential back door into the computer network he wanted to attack. "We actually had a standing order after that," Bejtlich says, "that said, if you find something, you don't tell the vendor, you tell the offensive side, and they'll decide what to do about it." Potential Dangers: A potential loser here, at least in the short run, is the consumer who may be stuck with a flawed piece of software because the government doesn't want anyone to know about the flaw, seeing it as something that could be exploited for the deployment of a cyberweapon. ACLU technologist Christopher Soghoian, who is something of a privacy activist, says this is something people should know about. "I don't think your average small business, medium-sized business or Fortune 500 company realizes what's going on here," Soghoian says. "I don't think they realize that their government knows about flaws that could be fixed, and is sitting on them and exploiting them against other people rather than having them fixed."..... Double WOW! Listen at the links to BOTH stories! Next 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu penned this NYT letter-to-the-editor Drones, Kill Lists and Machiavelli I am deeply, deeply disturbed at the suggestion in “A Court to Vet Kill Lists” (news analysis, front page, Feb. 9) that possible judicial review of President Obama’s decisions to approve the targeted killing of suspected terrorists might be limited to the killings of American citizens. Do the United States and its people really want to tell those of us who live in the rest of the world that our lives are not of the same value as yours? That President Obama can sign off on a decision to kill us with less worry about judicial scrutiny than if the target is an American? Would your Supreme Court really want to tell humankind that we, like the slave Dred Scott in the 19th century, are not as human as you are? I cannot believe it. I used to say of apartheid that it dehumanized its perpetrators as much as, if not more than, its victims. Your response as a society to Osama bin Laden and his followers threatens to undermine your moral standards and your humanity. Check out Thom Hartmann's Daily Take from Friday Debtors Prisons have Returned to America Wiping out private debt would unleash enormous spending in our economy in ways we haven't seen since the boom years of the 1950's and 1960's. The only reason it's not seriously being considered by our lawmakers today is because a debt jubilee would diminish the profits of the banksters who thrive - and prey - on an indebted nation. But, in the not-to-distant future, as our economy continues to collapse under the weight of tens of trillions of dollars in private sector debt, our nation will be faced with an ultimate choice: Strike Debt or watch our economy completely collapse in a way that will make 1929 look like a picnic. Let's make the right choice now! MUST WATCH! The Nation's legal affairs correspondent David Cole explains What's Wrong With Obama's Drone Policy .... Conveniently, the State Department’s country reports leave out the United States. Otherwise, it might have to pass judgment on President Obama’s use of drones to kill thousands of our ”enemies,” and lots of civilians, many of them far from any battlefield. But as citizens in whose name the president is exercising this power, we need to pass judgment. The challenge is that Obama has kept so much of the policy and practice under wraps that it is almost impossible to do this. The leak of a Justice Department white paper defending the legality of killing even US citizens provides the most detailed look yet at this disturbing practice. The more we learn, the more troubling the practice is. ..... But the white paper does not limit the president’s authority to kill to members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, or to those planning an immediate attack. It maintains that the president can kill an American citizen who is not a member of Al Qaeda, not on a battlefield, not participating in hostilities and not engaged in or planning an attack against the United States when he is killed. What’s more, the White House evidently believes it can kill us in secret and never own up to the fact. It has steadfastly refused to officially acknowledge that it has killed anyone with a drone outside Afghanistan. So it won’t do to dismiss the drone program as illegal assassinations, full stop. A more nuanced critique is necessary. The program is fundamentally flawed in at least four respects: Go read these! David Cole also has some more excellent reporting Fifty-four Nations Are Implicated in a CIA Torture Scheme A new report shows that a central element of the Bush administration response to 9/11 was itself to spread terror—on a global scale and Checking Big Brother The Nation, with the ACLU and others, is suing the government over a law that allows unchecked surveillance. Will the Supreme Court even allow us to argue our case on the merits? Very important articles! We don't often recommend watching the corporomedia but here's one you might want to tune in Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War - Monday 2/18 at 9 p.m. ET with Rachel Maddow narrating on MSNBC. Last night Rachel pointed out that this year marks the tenth anniversary of President George W. Bush's State of the Union address containing the now infamous 16 words that turned out to be a very consequential lie: “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa .” Included in a collection of web materials associated with Rachel's upcoming documentary "Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War," is a longer cut of that 2003 State of the Union address. It's a powerful reminder of how thick the Bush administration laid it on to rally the nation to war in Iraq: [video] Kind of odd how MSNBC (whose parent company is military contractor General Electric) FIRED Phil Donahue for merely questioning the idea of waging war against Saddam Hussein and was one of the biggest cheerleaders for that war and now is running a self-serving myopic on the propaganda they themselves spread to "sell" that war to the American public and the world at-large. Oh wait. GE to sell rest of NBC stake to Comcast for $16.7 billion by Liana B. Baker (Reuters) - Comcast Corp on Tuesday said it would buy General Electric's remaining 49 percent equity stake in their NBCUniversal joint venture for about $16.7 billion, speeding up a deal that had not been expected until at least late 2014. Analysts said Comcast was getting a good deal at that price, while Comcast's chief executive said the company moved because it was eager to take control of the business sooner than planned. ..... In addition to the main deal, NBCUniversal will also buy from GE Capital the properties it uses at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City and CNBC's headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, for about $1.4 billion. Comcast said it would fund the deal with $11.4 billion of cash on hand, $4 billion in senior unsecured notes to be issued to GE, $2 billion in credit facility borrowings and the issuance of $725 million in subsidiary preferred stock to GE. Separately, Comcast said it would increase its dividend by 20 percent and that it would buy back $2 billion in stock this year. GE also said it would accelerate its own share buy-back program to $10 billion this year. "It's an attractive price - Comcast is getting a good deal," Wunderlich Securities analyst Matthew Harrigan said. ..... While Comcast held the title of the nation's leading cable operator by a wide margin, its status as a content player was always second tier, with middling networks like E!, G4 and Golf forming the basis of its channel portfolio. The NBC deal gave the Philadelphia-based cable operator the cable industry's top-rated entertainment network, USA, its leading business network CNBC, upstart news network MSNBC and Bravo, among others. For GE, the sale culminates a long-planned exit from the entertainment business. Since reaching the deal to sell its majority stake in NBC Universal, GE officials have made clear that they eventually planned to exit the entertainment business entirely. Sooooo is GE refocusing on more war gadgets, like drones, and leaving the propaganda business? Hmmmmmm. You might want to read this book Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda: 2nd Edition by Professor Noam Chomsky. Here's a real shocker at The Independent Exclusive: Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science Audit trail reveals that donors linked to fossil fuel industry are backing global warming sceptics - A secretive funding organisation in the United States that guarantees anonymity for its billionaire donors has emerged as a major operator in the climate "counter movement" to undermine the science of global warming, The Independent has learnt. The Donors Trust, along with its sister group Donors Capital Fund, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is funnelling millions of dollars into the effort to cast doubt on climate change without revealing the identities of its wealthy backers or that they have links to the fossil fuel industry. However, an audit trail reveals that Donors is being indirectly supported by the American billionaire Charles Koch who, with his brother David, jointly owns a majority stake in Koch Industries, a large oil, gas and chemicals conglomerate based in Kansas. Millions of dollars has been paid to Donors through a third-party organisation, called the Knowledge and Progress Fund, with is operated by the Koch family but does not advertise its Koch connections. Some commentators believe that such convoluted arrangements are becoming increasingly common to shield the identity and backgrounds of the wealthy supporters of climate scepticism – some of whom have vested interests in the fossil-fuel industry. The Knowledge and Progress Fund, whose directors include Charles Koch and his wife Liz, gave $1.25m to Donors in 2007, a further $1.25m in 2008 and $2m in 2010. It does not appear to have given money to any other group and there is no mention of the fund on the websites of Koch Industries or the Charles Koch Foundation. ....... Anonymous private funding of global warming sceptics, who have criticised climate scientists for their lack of transparency, is becoming increasingly common. The Kochs, for instance, have overtaken the corporate funding of climate denialism by oil companies such as ExxonMobil. One such organisation, Americans for Prosperity, which was established by David Koch, claimed that the "Climategate" emails illegally hacked from the University of East Anglia in 2009 proved that global warming was the "biggest hoax the world has ever seen". Robert Brulle, a sociologist at Drexel University in Philadelphia, has estimated that over the past decade about $500m has been given to organisations devoted to undermining the science of climate change, with much of the money donated anonymously through third parties. The trust has given money to the Competitive Enterprise Institute which is currently being sued for defamation by Professor Michael Mann of Pennsylvania University, an eminent climatologist, whose affidavit claims that he was accused of scientific fraud and compared to a convicted child molester..... Listen to an interview with Dr. Michael Mann and Bobby on Ring of Fire this week (rebroadcasts 8-11 et Sunday evening on Chicago's Progressive Talk WCPT AM & FM). Good item! And if you're near D.C. then join the protest/rally in DC Sunday! Like RIGHT NOW! Join the #ForwardOnClimate Rally on 2/17! At 12 Noon on Sunday, February 17, thousands of Americans will head to Washington, D.C. to make Forward on Climate the largest climate rally in history. Join this historic event to make your voice heard and help the president start his second term with strong climate action. Crippling drought. Devastating wildfires. Superstorm Sandy. Climate has come home – and the American people get it. The first step to putting our country on the path to addressing the climate crisis is for President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. His legacy as president will rest squarely on his response, resolve, and leadership in solving the climate crisis. For more information about solidarity rallies happening across the country, click here. Just over a year ago, 15,000 people surrounded the White House -- and President Obama listened, delaying the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This is our best chance to show the President how strong this movement has become since then -- sign up today. Ring of Fire debuts on Free Speech TV NOON this Sunday! If you don't get FSTV on yer crappy cable watch on-line FYI both satellite providers DISHTV 9415 and DirecTV 348 carry FSTV so tune in! As for the Beltway Bubalas newly-appointed White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough gets the WH limo ride to butter up This Snafugopolis, Meet the David and Face the Bob. Throw bricks at LINDSEY "I'm not gay - I just hate Chuck Hagel" GRAHAM-CRACKER on Fake Snooze, HALEY BARBOUR on Face the Bob, GNEWT GINGRICH and PAULEY RYAN on Snafugopolis and our ex-rep STEVE LATOILETTE on State of The Candy. The Brick TeeVee Crew will be resting up for Sunday's Big Defensive Struggle also known as the NBA All-Star game where the first team to 200 points wins! Haha! Click anything and be instantly smarter! And have a great week!

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»»» FEATURED SHOW Tony Benn: The World Says No To War On February 15, 2003, Tony Benn helped lead one of the largest demonstrations London has ever seen.



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The 1st Amendment is Our Permit Our permit to occupy is The First Amendment. Quickly sign the following statement which will be delivered to mayors, police chiefs and major media across the country:

    Our permit to occupy public squares and parks is in The First Amendment, which affirms "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." When people across the Middle East occupied public squares, leaders in Washington mostly cheered those protesters and warned Middle Eastern governments not to use force to clear them. Those other societies don’t have a First Amendment. Yet Washington affirmed the universal right to assembly and protest. We do have a First Amendment. The force being used to clear nonviolent protesters from public squares in our country is unacceptable. It must stop. &! A bailout of the people by the people Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. Debt resistance is just the beginning. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits. ADDENDUM: Naked Capitalism reports Top Tax Expert Confirms Our Doubts About Occupy Wall Street’s Debt Buying/Forgiveness Scheme

STOP the ACHE NEW WEBSITE! and Appalachian Community HEALTH EMERGENCY Advocating for government action and protection of the public from the health crisis in mountain top removal communi ties

    Lawmakers concerned about the health effects on humans from mountaintop removal coal mining set forth legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives today. Representatives Dennis Kucinich (OH), Louise Slaughter (NY), Maurice Hinchey (NY), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA), John Yarmuth (KY), Lynn Woolsey (CA), Judy Chu (CA), Raúl Grijalva (AZ), James Moran (VA), Michael Honda (CA), John Conyers (MI), and Keith Ellison (MN) introduced the Appalachian Communities Health Emergency (ACHE) Act H.R. 5959 which would place a moratorium on permitting for mountaintop removal coal mining until health studies are conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services. The ACHE coalition presently consists of participants from Coal River Mountain Watch, Mountain Health and Heritage Association, and Christians for the Mountains. “We encourage you, if you’re concerned about mountaintop removal’s effect on your community’s health, to join us in making your voice heard,” said Allen Johnson, executive director of Christians for the Mountains. “Please contact us, learn about the issue, and take action to protect your community.” a project of the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth building activity. Featuring Community Wealth Building in Action: The Cleveland Model Something important is happening in Cleveland. The Democracy Collaborative—the host of—in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation, the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Shorebank Enterprise Cleveland, the City of Cleveland, and the city's major hospitals and universities—is helping to implement a new model of large-scale worker-owned and community-benefiting businesses. The Evergreen Cooperative Initiative is beginning to build serious momentum in one of the cities most dramatically impacted by the nation's decaying economy. Increasingly, this model is being referred to nationally as The Cleveland Model. Initial planning is now underway to assist other cities in Ohio and nationwide to replicate and adapt this innovative approach to economic development, green job creation, and neighborhood stabilization. Find more many resources at!

NET NEUTRALITY! Declaration of Internet Freedom Tired of fighting bad bills like SOPA, PIPA and CISPA? Want to stand up against those who are trying to control what we do and say online? It's time for something different. A group of more than 1,500 organizations, academics, startup founders and tech innovators has come together to produce a Declaration of Internet Freedom, a set of five principles that put forward a positive vision of the open Internet. Our goal: Get millions of Internet users to sign on to this Declaration. Build political power for Internet users to make sure that we get a seat at the table whenever, and wherever, the future of the Internet is being decided. It's time to stop playing defense and start going on the offensive. The open Internet is central to people’s freedom to communicate, share, advocate and innovate in the 21st century. But powerful interests want to censor free speech, block the sharing of information, hinder innovation and control how Internet users get online. And all too often, people in power are making political decisions behind closed doors about how the Internet should operate — and they're doing this without the involvement of actual Internet users. The result: policies that could close down the open Internet and destroy our freedom to connect. It’s time for us to reclaim the Internet for its users. Take action now and sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom.

NEW!!! Stop Media Consolidation! Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is trying to change the agency’s ownership rules to pave the way for Murdoch to get exactly what he wants. Worse, Genachowski and Murdoch are keeping this all very hush-hush, hoping you won't notice.3 These changes wouldn’t just benefit Murdoch. If the FCC proposal passes, one company could own the major daily newspaper, two TV stations and up to eight radio stations in your town. And that one company could be your Internet provider, too. What is the FCC thinking?!? We can still stop the agency from taking this perilous step — but we have less than a month to do it. By taking action, you’re joining a movement of millions who are working to stop big media from getting even bigger. Please take action today. Click HERE to view our infographic and send a message to the FCC! More info at Another FCC Cave-In: Julius Genachowski’s Media Consolidation Christmas Gift to Murdoch at! And Sign Senator Bernie Sanders petition to the FCC Protect Media Diversity: Stop Media Consolidation!

CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE American Majority Rejects Washington Austerity Consensus – And We Demand Media Coverage by Roger Hickey, President, Campaign for America's Future: No more silent majority. The Campaign for America’s Future is joining with the Center for Economic and Policy Research (whose Co-Director, Dean Baker blogs regularly about economic bias in the media) and with FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) to monitor the media’s coverage and representation of the American Majority views as they go into covering the big deficit fight. But we want to enlist YOU too. Send us accounts of unbalanced coverage in the national media and in your local newspapers and television. Call up reporters, editors, assignment people and tell them when they are under-representing the views of the American Majority. We should have at least half the experts, pundits, quotes and real people represented in their coverage. In a debate as important as the one we are going into, we can’t allow the media to ignore the American Majority. Much more at

MOVE TO AMEND! SIGN HERE NOW! And check out more actions on the Move to Amend Calendar featuring David Cobb's Barnstorming Tour! Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site GET INVOLVED! And Alan Grayson is BACK in the 113th Congress! Help out at

SUPPORT THE TROOPS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT See and Bradley Manning Support Network UPDATE! Common Dreams staff writer Beth Brogan posts Exposing US War Crimes or Not, Judge Denies Manning's Whistleblower Defense In a significant—but not unexpected— blow to his defense, a military judge has ruled that Bradley Manning's attorney [David Coombs] may not argue that Manning's motive in releasing documents and the damning video "Collateral Murder" to WikiLeaks was to call attention to US war crimes. ....... The Guardian reports that Colonel Denise Lind "ruled that general issues of motive were not relevant to the trial stage of the court martial, and must be held back until Manning either entered a plea or was found guilty, at which point it could be used in mitigation to lessen the sentence." Lind also ruled that Coombs may not present evidence that the documents released to WikiLeaks caused little or no damage to US national security. Coombs will be able to raise that evidence when addressing the specific charge of aiding the enemy, as FiredogLake's Kevin Gosztola points out, "in order to prove he did not know passing information to WikiLeaks would result in 'dealing with the enemy.'" ....... Last week, prosecutors said that if Manning had released documents to The New York Times instead of WikiLeaks, they would still charge him with aiding the enemy. Never before has a soldier been jailed for releasing information to the media. The Los Angeles Times subsequently published an editorial criticizing "the federal government's unprecedented targeting, in recent years, of whistleblowers and those who leak to the press," and calling the charge of aiding the enemy "excessive."

DONATE YOUR OLD CELL PHONES TO T.J. MARTELL FOUNDATION Help save lives. Donate your old & used iPhone, Blackberries, Droid and other phones to help the T.J. Martell Foundations fund life-saving cancer & AIDS research. For more information, go to CELLULAR PHONE TASK FORCE EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, SUPPORT at The Cellular Phone Task Force is dedicated to halting the expansion of wireless technology because it cannot be made safe. We provide: education to the public concerning electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog); advocacy for an electromagnetically cleaner environment; support for individuals disabled by radiation from wireless technology and other sources.



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IRAQ: 4,486 US Military Dead as of April 21, 2012

AFGHANISTAN: 2,177 US Military Dead as of Jan 25, 2013

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read

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  • Meet the Press (NBC) Host David Gregory
    Microsoft, NBC News Dissolve Joint Venture NBC is buying Microsoft's 50 percent interest in the MSNBC website for an undisclosed amount. will be rebranded as, and readers who logged into late Sunday were automatically redirected to Microsoft is preparing to launch its own news service this fall. Although he declined to provide many details about the operation general manager of Bob Visse said the news staff will be about the same size as the roughly 100 people who created original content for the "There is no question that we are going to have more flexibility to make our own decisions," said Vivian Schiller, NBC News' chief digital officer. "This is really an amicable breakup. We think competition will make us better." Okay then.
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    The Green News Report with Brad Friedman & Desi Doyen: 6 minutes of green news, politics, analysis & snarky comment! BOOKMARK NOW!
    'Green News Report' - February 14, 2013 IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Special Coverage: Climate change takes center stage at the State of the Union address (though not in the corporate media) while activists and Senate Democrats turn up the heat ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
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    The Peter B. Collins Show covers American news and politics from the Left Coast. Veteran talk radio personality Peter B. Collins, based in San Francisco, delivers fresh interviews, commentary and analysis on a range of important topics, with views and voices you don’t often find in the corporate media.
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      To my valued listeners: We are making some changes to the website and our terms, effective in January. We will continue to offer free podcasts–my new daily news and commentary. Our in-depth interviews will be available for $1 per episode, or to subscribers who pay $5 per month or more. Loyal listeners who simply can’t afford it should send an email to, as we will be offering a limited number of scholarships to our friends who are hurting during these tough times. More information will be posted as we complete the revisions. I’m grateful to each of you for listening and supporting this work, and hope that the new model will enable us to keep it going well into the future. All the best, -pbc
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    • Tim Dickinson from Rolling Stone will tell us how the NRA continues to win legislative battles that put Americans in harm’s way.
    • Labor writer Josh Eidelson will be here to tell us how non-traditional workers’ rights groups are helping to fight the battles that American unions once fought.
    • And author Les Leopold will join us to talk about how hedge funds and Wall Street bankers make billions by scamming the government and American taxpayers.
    • VIDEO! THE HISTORY OF CORPORATE CORRUPTION & FRAUD with Robert Kennedy Jr & Mike Papantonio “Call us if you have a personal story about Fraud on Taxpayers or False Claims for Payment made by Corportations at 1-866-389-FIRE (3473) or contact us by email at if you have evidence of fraud that robbed taxpayer dollars. If our government is paying too much due to fraud by a corporation, Ring of Fire wants to do a story on it.”
    Papantonio: It’s Time To Prosecute Wall Street Criminals (VIDEO) If a person in the US were to walk into a bank and demand the teller hand over all the cash in the place, he’d be in handcuffs before he could even make it to the door. But when the bank owner does the same thing, we help them out by giving them billions of dollars in bailout money. That scenario is what happened when bankers on Wall Street crashed our economy, and billions by pushing us into economic collapse. And no one has gone to jail. Mike Papantonio talks about why we’re so afraid to put bankers in handcuffs, and what we can do to help push the government towards taking action, with Dan Petegorsky, the campaign coordinator for the Campaign for a Fair Settlement.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: Time For Harry Reid To Step Down (VIDEO) Mike Papantonio appears on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann to discuss the weak-willed Democratic leader of the Senate Harry Reid, and why, if he retains his leadership post, the Democrats will continue to lose battles against the Republican minority.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: Following The Money On The NRA (VIDEO) Mike Papantonio talks with Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture about the fear that is being sold to Americans by the NRA, all in an effort to sell more firearms for the NRA’s corporate benefactors.
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    COMEX Open Raid Smashes Gold & Silver to $1500, $29 Handles! by The Doc - After consolidating throughout the overnight Asian and London session, the latest COMEX open raid has finally achieved the cartel’s target in silver, with $30 broken to the downside as silver was smashed to $29.84. Gold has also been hit on the COMEX open, down another $40 to $1596! The legendary Jim Sinclair states that this is the last significant correction prior to gold’s move to $3,500. *Update: 2nd wave of smash now in progress, with silver down to $29.67 Click here for more on the cartel’s latest EPIC PAPER METALS RAID!! (
    Financial Propaganda Control by maxkeiser - READ At CNBC, a strict guest policy (
    Ladies and gentlemen: we may just have uncovered the actual location of the ultra-secretive JPMorgan gold vault in the city of London. Where is 60 Victoria Embankment, London? by maxkeiser - READ Is This Where The Secret JP Morgan London Gold Vault Is Located? (zerohedge)
    • KEISER REPORT [KR405] Keiser Report: Debt Junkie Nation We discuss the money printing cargo cults leading to a post-industrial nation of debt addicts, who have forgotten what real wealth is. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Sandeep Jaitly about debt, inflation, currency kamikazes and Austrian economics
    • KEISER REPORT [KR406] Keiser Report: Horsemeat Burger vs Dutch Sandwich We discuss the honkey infestation causing an inflationary vortex and the Dutch sandwich being the financial equivalent of a horsemeat burger. And how the FSAs – the Financial Services Authority and the Food Standards Agency – operate with a similar cover up mentality. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to anthropologist, David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5000 Years, about the dollar, a war backed currency, being displaced by gold and about who killed Aaron Swartz and why.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR407] Keiser Report: Sterlageddon We discuss ending the currency war with a gold standard. They also look at how, since going off the gold standard in 1971, productivity gains have all gone to the one percent who create and push the paper and credit. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about gold monetisation, renminbi internationalisation and the very harsh laws against sterling devaluation.
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