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Brick TeeVee and Hands Up Cleveland!

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Hands Up Cleveland From Marvin Gaye's 1971 Motown Records release What's Going On the last track is "Inner City Blues" that include these lyrics.
    Hang ups, let downs
    Bad breaks, set backs
    Natural fact is
    Honey, that I can't pay my taxes

    Oh, make me wanna holler
    And throw up both my hands
    Yea, it makes me wanna holler
    And throw up both my hands

    Crime is increasing
    Trigger happy policing
    Panic is spreading
    God knows where, where we're heading

    Oh, they don't understand
    Make me wanna holler
    They don't understand
Hear the song at UTOOB Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (with lyrics) More on this in a bit..............

SCOTTISH DEVOLUTION: The's Ashley Cowburn and Toby Helm explain how The north hits back at Osborne’s austerity: ‘it’s devolution or bust’ In his office in Newcastle, the Labour leader of the local council, Nick Forbes, is counting the cost to his city of four years of crippling austerity, and wondering what will be left at the end of it all. “Everything has been affected by the cuts,” he says. “There are a lot of things that the council no longer does that it used to do in 2010. We used to have a play service and a youth service – we no longer have either of those. We’ve had to close a number of libraries.” Things are close to the point of no return, he says. Newcastle has already had £151m wiped from its revenue since 2010 and is now agonising over finding another £90m of cuts over the next three years. Two-thirds of what the council spends is on adult and children’s social care, and much of that is provision to meet statutory needs defined by parliament. “Unless something changes in the next three years, our ability to provide these services will certainly be constrained,” says Forbes. “We are going to get into the realm of impossible cuts because we cannot legally or morally not support children who are at risk of sexual or violent abuse. This is keeping virtually every local authority awake at night.” ............. For Forbes, whose city is just 100 miles from the Scottish border, last week’s announcement of more devolution to Scotland – including new powers to set income tax – has added to a sense of grievance and envy, and highlighted the need for a similar dispersal of power from the capital to regions south of the border. Newcastle must have devolution if it is to avoid disaster, he says. If the city could retain more in tax revenues that currently heads south to London, then local people and politicians could devise local solutions to local problems and plan for their futures, rather than be at the mercy of annual cuts imposed by Whitehall. “Most of the decisions that affect our city are taken 300 miles away, and I defy anybody sat behind a desk in Whitehall to share the same passion or have the same knowledge about the city as we do here in Newcastle. 95% of the taxes raised here go directly towards the Treasury.” .............. Forbes says it is now a race against time to devolve more power and money to the regions before further rounds of savage cuts strip cities of essential services and leave local authorities with nothing left to manage. “It’s all very well talking about devolution but if there’s nothing left to devolve to then it’s a meaningless exercise. What’s happening at the moment is that the scale of cuts means that local authorities are stopping doing virtual every area of non-statutory service provision. In effect, local government is becoming a hollow shell, simply for the delivery of national government initiatives. There’s no time to lose here.” ................ “One of the things I have found by being one of the council leaders who is pointing out the impact of local austerity is that sometimes I feel like a whistleblower. Like many whistleblowers have found, I’ve been subject to a fair amount of criticism and abuse – that doesn’t mean the message I’m giving is not the truth. I would urge people who are concerned about the impact to public services to see the bigger picture and, like me, help to make the case against austerity.”....... WAIT! THERE'S MORE! From this video Hundreds of people protest against Government's austerity measures Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Dundee on Saturday in protest against the Government's austerity measures. The demonstration, organised by the Scottish Unemployed Worker's Network and the SNP, highlighted the increasing numbers affected by welfare sanctions. SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie MP joined campaigners, which included Dundee mother Charmaine Donachy who says she has been a victim of tough new Welfare sanctions. Ms Donachy said her benefits were cut off for a month after she failed to turn up for an appointment that she insists she knew nothing about. The Department for Work and Pensions says sanctions are only used as a last resort and can be challenged. Then read Paul Hilder at the A new politics? How the old political consensus is melting away Over the coming months and years, this new politics will shake the British establishment to its foundations. It has many faces but a common origin: the growing consensus that the status quo is broken. The British political landscape was hit by an earthquake this autumn, and its name is new politics. I have charted its rise for years and suddenly it’s centre stage. Change is coming from all directions. It seems cacophonous. The social-democratic “Yes” movement in Scotland and the UK Independence Party’s populist “No to immigration and Brussels” are poles apart. But they share an adversary in the form of Westminster, and they are carving deep into the base of Labour and the Conservatives – neither of which now looks able to form a majority government next May.........

SWEDISH TEA? The Swedish Government snap election in September resulted in a RW 13% that overtook 87%. To explain what this means we go to JONATHAN M. FELDMAN at Has the Swedish Left Lost Again? On September 14th, national elections were held for the Swedish parliament and led to the departure of the sitting Right-wing government. The new political alignment gave the Left bloc 43.8%, of the vote, with the Right bloc (Alliansen) only getting 39.3% according to the latest statistics. The big election winner was the Swedish Democrats (Sverige Demokraterna or SD), the far-Right party hostile to established Swedish immigration policy and many say immigrants themselves. In 2002, SD received only 1.4% of the vote. In 2006, this increased to 2.93% of the vote. By the 2010 parliamentary elections they got into the parliament with 5.7% of the vote (passing the 4% threshold for entry into the parliament). This year they got 12.9% of the vote. The SD got 29% of their voters this year from those who voted for the leading right-wing party, the Moderates in the last election. They got 16% from the leading Left party, the Social Democrats.......... This points to a growing disavowal of both major parties whose similarities were more important to many voters than their differences. The result has led to a failure of either the Alliansen or the Left to gain control of the parliament through their own votes, i.e. SD has imploded the hegemony of both major blocs. ................ From a Left perspective one can ask how these events came to pass. How did a party, that some persons argue have roots in Sweden’s Nazi movement, gain hundreds of thousands of votes? If SD is the party of the disgruntled, why can’t the Left capture such votes? One answer could be that with the realignment of class relations and stratification systems, the Left draws its base from persons who are relatively comfortable. The Left is implicated in policies that inevitably lead to winners or losers. The losers, who can’t find jobs in a globalized Sweden, turn against established parties. A third possibility is that the Left itself is filled with delusions or a failure to change its outlook and strategies to enhance success. In his essay, “Notes on Nationalism,” George Orwell gives us a formula for understanding how even the Left can be subjected to an ideological system and is deluded. Orwell wrote that “a nationalist is one who thinks solely, or mainly, in terms of competitive prestige.” He argued that nationalism was “power-hunger tempered by self-deception.” Moreover, “every nationalist is capable of the most flagrant dishonesty, but he is also—since he is conscious of serving something bigger than himself—unshakably certain of being in the right.” The nationalist looks to support their favorite cause, but “only AFTER this would begin searching for arguments that seemed to support his cause.” Orwell explained that even “people of Left opinions” were “not immune” to nationalism. I am less interested in Orwell’s view of nationalism than I am his view of how discourse is deployed and can lead to self-deception by the Left......... There are five core myths within the Left which help prevent a systemic challenge to SD and the respectable Right. Read on! Say isn't it the Swedish Government that caused Julian Assange to seek immunity for some trumped up charges? Julian Assange: Swedish court rejects appeal to lift arrest warrant Stockholm’s appeal court has rejected a demand by Julian Assange’s lawyers to lift the arrest warrant against him, leaving the WikiLeaks founder still facing extradition to Sweden should he renounce his asylum in Ecuador’s London embassy. ............. But the court also noted that Sweden’s investigation into Assange had come to a halt and prosecutors’ failure to examine alternative avenues of investigation “is not in line with their obligation – in the interests of everyone concerned – to move the preliminary investigation forward”. The ruling is expected to put pressure on prosecutors to find new ways to break the deadlock. Per Samuelsson, one of Assange’s lawyers in Stockholm, said the court’s criticism of the prosecutor was aimed at her refusal to come to London to question Assange. “This is crucial because the court said we were right in the wording, but not in the court’s actual decision,” he said. After the ruling he had spoken to Assange, who was disappointed but confident that they would prevail in the long run. “Swedish and international law is on our side,” Samuelsson said. “The ruling shows we are on the right track, but unfortunately the court of appeal did not have the courage to overturn the arrest warrant.”............
H RES 758: "Stopping US-NATO takeover of Ukraine and Russia" has this BREAKING: U.S. Representatives approve resolution condemning Russia, with update This is truly one of the lowest points ever taken in American conduct. The shocking vote of 411 in favor, 10 against, 13 not voting, took place this morning — at approximately 2:02 on the video; includes transcript. The vote roll-call is here:
The 10 “No” votes were:
  • Justin Amash (MI) Rep
  • John Duncan (TN) Rep
  • Alan Grayson (FL) Dem
  • Alcee Hastings (FL) Dem
  • Walter Jones (NC) Rep
  • Thomas Massie (KY) Rep
  • Jim McDermott (WA) Dem
  • George Miller (CA) Dem
  • Beto O’Rourke (TX) Dem
  • Dana Rohrabacher (CA) Rep
Reputed peace advocates including John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Raul Grijalva, Jim McGovern voted for the resolution. The large Progressive Caucus approved the resolution, except for three members, and one who abstained. Last night, there was this discussion. — at approximately 3:21 on the video. No one in the House advocated for wisdom and truth. No one presented arguments against this resolution. No one asked for proof for these accusations. .............. The accusations and statements actually describe US actions, not Russian ones. Live in peace and security? I cannot imagine how the people of East Ukraine can live in peace with the attacks by the Kiev regime. This resolution is a very dangerous and arrogant step taken by United States leaders who are destroying the lives of many as well as peace and harmony. Where are the people who will stand up for truth? Where are the people who will expose this charade by the US and NATO?
The author then links to these important stories: In a related matter Robert Parry at explains NYT Shows How Propaganda Works Exclusive: The U.S. mainstream media pretends it operates with professional standards of objectivity and fairness, but – especially in its international reporting – the only real standards are double standards, as the New York Times has shown on Ukraine and Syria, writes Robert Parry. WATCH The Big Picture THURSDAY Full Show 12/4/14: I Can’t Breathe! I Can’t Breathe! featuring
  • The Nation's John Nichols on living wage and retail workers bill of rights It Is Time for a Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights The unfortunate reality is that action on workplace issues, like action on a meaningful increase in the minimum wage, will be hard to come by in the next Congress. But states and communities can pick up on the San Francisco initiative. And the federal government can send the right signal.
  • John Deans with 71077345 ShellOil artic lease BREAKING: Shell announces 2015 Arctic drilling plans “The Dutch oil giant has bungled its way through its Arctic operations and squandered nearly $6 billion so far– and all they have to show for it is a containment dome crushed like a beer can, a grounded drill rig, and a PR disaster. Even with all of the money they’ve spent, Shell hasn’t been able to prove they can operate in the Arctic.”
  • 3rd world bank climate report on unchecked emmissions This Is The Dystopian World We Are Leaving For Today’s Teenagers Called “Turn Down The Heat,” the report warns of a “new climate normal” that will create a world of increased risks and instability. This will add substantially to the already daunting challenges of global development and poverty reduction, as crop yields would decline, water resources dwindle or shift, ocean acidification accelerate, and sea levels continue to rise and disrupt heavily-populated coastal regions.
MICHIGAN COURT OF APPEALS: education not legally required: Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education DETROIT — In a blow to schoolchildren statewide, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Nov. 7 the State of Michigan has no legal obligation to provide a quality public education to students in the struggling Highland Park School District. A 2-1 decision reversed an earlier circuit court ruling that there is a “broad compelling state interest in the provision of an education to all children.” The appellate court said the state has no constitutional requirement to ensure schoolchildren actually learn fundamental skills such as reading — but rather is obligated only to establish and finance a public education system, regardless of quality. Waving off decades of historic judicial impact on educational reform, the majority opinion also contends that “judges are not equipped to decide educational policy.” “This ruling should outrage anyone who cares about our public education system,” said Kary L. Moss, executive director of the American Civil Liberties of Michigan. “The court washes its hands and absolves the state of any responsibility in a district that has failed and continues to fail its children.” The decision dismisses an unprecedented “right-to-read” lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Michigan in July 2012 on behalf of eight students of nearly 1,000 children attending K-12 public schools in Highland Park, Mich. The suit, which named as defendants the State of Michigan, its agencies charged with overseeing public education and the Highland Park School District, maintained that the state failed to take effective steps to ensure that students are reading at grade level. “Let’s remember it was the state that turned the entire district over to a for-profit charter management company with no track record of success with low performing schools,” said Moss. “It is the state that has not enforced the law that requires literacy intervention to children not reading at grade level. It is the state’s responsibility to ensure and maintain a system of education that serves all children.”......... U.N. REPORT ON U.S. TORTURE: from UN report documents torture, police violence in US sez Patrick Martin The United Nations Committee Against Torture issued a lengthy report Friday assessing the performance of the 156 countries whose governments have ratified the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which took effect two decades ago. The report subjected a major country to a wide-ranging critique, indicting it for a long list of human rights violations including:
  • Refusal to prosecute officials who engage in or sanction torture of prisoners
  • Detaining prisoners indefinitely without trial or other judicial proceeding, or any hope of release
  • Kidnapping individuals overseas and torturing them in secret prisons
  • Approving a manual for interrogation of prisoners that includes methods classified as torture under the Geneva Conventions
  • Imprisoning immigrants under degrading conditions and refusing to acknowledge their claims as refugees fleeing persecution
  • Imposing the death penalty on hundreds of prisoners, many of them from oppressed racial and ethnic minorities, many of them demonstrably innocent or unfairly tried
  • Widespread use of solitary confinement, considered a form of torture, at all levels of the prison system
  • Severe abuse of juveniles, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups both in police custody and in prisons
  • Maintaining a regime of police violence, particularly against young men from racial and ethnic minorities, and refusing to restrain or punish police who kill, wound or torture
It will not come as any surprise to readers of the WSWS that the country named is not China, or Russia, or Iran, or some other target of the American ruling class, but the US itself. The government that claims the right to bully, blockade, and attack any country in the world in the name of “human rights” and “democracy” is guilty of the most heinous crimes. .................... The report also notes that the US government is in violation of its commitment under the Convention on Torture to “Ensure that alleged perpetrators and accomplices are duly prosecuted, including persons in positions of command and those who provided legal cover to torture, and, if found guilty, handed down penalties commensurate with the grave nature of their acts.” Obama directly repudiated this legal obligation, in his directive to “look forward, not backward” on allegations of torture. While this remains a closed book to the American political establishment, the report underscores the seamless connection between military violence overseas and militarized police violence at home—though its criticisms are couched largely in racial terms. It condemns “racial profiling by police and immigration offices and growing militarisation of policing activities.” A spokesman said the committee members “voiced deep concern at the frequent and recurring police shootings in fatal pursuit of unarmed black individuals.” .................... Two days before the report was made public, seven UN human rights experts issued an open letter to Obama that, while couched in friendly, even obsequious language, called for “the fullest possible release” of the CIA torture report and warned that Obama’s decision on the document would have “far-reaching consequences for victims of human rights violations everywhere and for the credibility of the United States.” The White House, however, has worked closely with the CIA in suppressing the document. Or more exactly, the CIA made its demands, and the White House has followed suit obediently. ............................ The Senate report is hardly a real indictment of the CIA. Lawyers for the Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were waterboarded dozens of times say that Senate investigators never took testimony from them. In other words, the only account of the torture comes from those who participated in the torture, or sanctioned it, not from those who were its victims. It also reportedly does not level any accusations against the top executive, military and intelligence officials who drew up and sanctioned the criminal policy. That even such a document, with thousands of lines blacked out and vital information withheld, cannot be made public, speaks volumes about the decay and collapse of American democracy. The US ruling elite is incapable of coming clean about the period when, as Obama admitted, “We tortured some folks.” That is because the entire state apparatus is preparing for the use of similar methods against a much-feared upheaval among workers and young people at home.
See DN! below for an interview with Dr. Jens Modvig, member of the U.N. Committee Against Torture on this report. Also read Ed Pilkington at UN torture report condemns sleep deprivation among US detainees AND Wilson Dizzard at Al Jazeera U.N. slams U.S. for torture, NSA spying. NEXT be sure to read The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald interview Talking to James Risen About Pay Any Price, the War on Terror and Press Freedoms James Risen, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for exposing the NSA warrantless eavesdropping program, has long been one of the nation’s most aggressive and adversarial investigative journalists. Over the past several years, he has received at least as much attention for being threatened with prison by the Obama Justice Department (ostensibly) for refusing to reveal the source of one of his stories—a persecution that, in reality, is almost certainly the vindictive by-product of the U.S. government’s anger over his NSA reporting. He has published a new book on the War on Terror entitled Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War. There have been lots of critiques of the War on Terror on its own terms, but Risen’s is one of the first to offer large amounts of original reporting on what is almost certainly the most overlooked aspect of this war: the role corporate profiteering plays in ensuring its endless continuation, and how the beneficiaries use rank fear-mongering to sustain it. DIGBY remarks He didn't become radical, the country did .......... With the exception of John Yoo's version of legal torture, the radical GWOT tactics were continued. Risen was reporting on this stuff for the NY Times right after 9/11 and this is what he remembers:
    I think my real change came after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. I was covering the CIA as a beat then. And to me, it was fascinating talking to CIA people right after the invasion of Iraq and right before the invasion of Iraq, because it was kind of like privately talking to a bunch of Howard Deans. They were all radicalized against what Bush was doing. To me it was wild to hear all of these people inside the intelligence community, especially in 2003, 2004, who were just going nuts. They couldn’t believe the radical change the United States was going through, and that nobody was opposed to it. And that led me to write my last book, State of War, because I was hearing things from within the intelligence community and the U.S. government that you weren’t hearing publicly from anybody. So that really led me to realize—and to step back and look at—the radical departure of U.S. policy that has happened since 9/11 and since the invasion of Iraq. To me, it’s not like I’ve been radicalized, I feel like I stayed in the same place and the country changed. The country became more radicalized in a different direction.
I feel the same way. There are a lot of reasons for that, I think, not the least of which is that having two presidents of different parties operate under the same logic makes a whole lot of people assume it must be the right logic. When no house cleaning was done after a Democrat took charge the bipartisan National Security consensus was sealed once again. Anyway, read the whole interview if you have time and get Risen's book. One of the main themes is how the economic incentives of the National Security State warp our policies. I couldn't agree more. In fact, I've been writing about the problem of "If you build it, they will use it" for a very long time. We just kept building it.
IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY OHIO: Brendan James at TPM LiveWire tells us in the Dayton area Five Ohio Deputies Investigated Over Racist Text Messages: 'I Hate Ni**ers' The sheriff's department of Montgomery County, Ohio said on Tuesday it was investigating five deputies for allegedly sending racist text messages both on and off duty, with some of the slurs reportedly directed at black deputies. Captain Thomas Flanders and Detective Michael Sollenberger, both suspended on paid administrative leave, were two of the five under investigation after a complaint from the Dayton Unit NAACP, television WDTN reported this week. The three other deputies were not publicly named. Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer addressed the “very disturbing racial text messages” on Tuesday, according to the local station. “I will not tolerate racism in this department," he said. The sheriff said that the messages in question were sent on personal cell phones between November 2011 and January 2013, according to WDTN. Plummer also identified Sollenberger as a part of Internal Affairs and Flanders as head of the Montgomery County Jail, the station reported. WDTN spoke to Flanders and his wife, who denied sending any racist messages........... FYI this is CD-10 represented in Da House by Michael Turner (R) who was first elected in 2002. The Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly and Dana Liebelson tell us Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department .........The agency's investigation found that officers in Cleveland routinely use unjustifiable force against not only criminals and suspects, but also innocent victims of crimes. The so-called “pattern or practice” report from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was released Thursday afternoon as DOJ and the city announced plans to develop a court-enforceable agreement that would impose an independent monitor on the Cleveland Division of Police. "Accountability and legitimacy are essential for communities to trust their police departments, and for there to be genuine collaboration between police and the citizens they serve,” said Attorney General Eric Holder in a press conference on Thursday. Holder announced the measure during his trip to Cleveland, where police officers fatally shot an unarmed black child last month. In Cleveland, Holder has attended a series of meetings about rebuilding community trust between law enforcement and the public, even as protests erupted nationwide over the non-indictment of police officers who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City. Following his visit to Cleveland, Holder intends to visit Chicago and Philadelphia, as well as Memphis, Tennessee, and Oakland, California, for additional roundtable meetings. ................The Justice Department began investigating the use of force in Cleveland's police division in March 2013. A few months prior, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson had requested that the agency look into the issue. Jackson's request came after a high-profile police chase in November 2012 that resulted in Cleveland police dispatching at least 62 vehicles, firing 137 bullets and killing two unarmed black suspects, who each sustained more than 20 gunshot wounds. In his remarks Thursday, Holder said that he and President Barack Obama believe there is more to be done on the issue of use of lethal force by police departments. ..................... There have been numerous other occasions when Cleveland police are alleged to have used excessive force. Most recently, on Nov. 22, a Cleveland police officer fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was playing with a toy gun in a park. Footage of the incident shows the officer firing his gun within two seconds of pulling up to the boy in his car. The Guardian reported on Thursday that Timothy Loehmann, the officer who shot Tamir, was judged unfit for police work in 2012 by his then-employer, the police department of Independence, Ohio. An Independence official described Loehmann's "dismal" handgun performance in an internal memo. According to the DOJ report, Cleveland police officers "carelessly fire their weapons, placing themselves, subjects, and bystanders at unwarranted risk of serious injury or death." For example, the agency pointed to an incident in 2011 where officers "fired 24 rounds in a residential neighborhoods," with six rounds striking houses and 14 hitting parked cars. In another case, "an officer’s decision to draw his gun while trying to apprehend an unarmed hit-and-run suspect resulted in him accidentally shooting the man in the neck." ......... For example, in 2013, the report noted that police shot at a kidnapping victim after he fled from his assailants wearing only his boxers. The sergeant said he believed the victim had a weapon because he raised his hand. In another case detailed by the Justice Department, a 300-pound officer punched a 13-year-old boy who was handcuffed inside a police car and kicking the door. ............. The report cited another case in which officers shocked a handcuffed suspect, prompting him to "fall face-first onto asphalt, shattering four front teeth and causing facial contusions." A Cleveland police officer also administered an electric shock to a man who was deaf and suicidal, according to the DOJ report. The man had committed no crime and may not have understood instructions. JEEBUS! And this just in from Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Says It Shut Down Cleveland’s Website Over Police Shooting Notorious hacker group Anonymous took credit for shutting down the city of Cleveland’s website Monday, prompting an FBI investigation, reports. Anonymous said the website was hacked in response to the police shooting of Tamir Rice, who was killed Saturday while carrying an airsoft gun. The website was still down Tuesday morning. “The city of Cleveland and our website vendor are reviewing the incident and determining proper preventative measures to be added in order to ensure future attacks are thwarted,” city spokesman Daniel Ball said. Anonymous posted a video on YouTube, saying Tamir was shot “in cold blood.” “Police of the United States you will learn in due time once anonymous has shut down your sites that we will not stand for your ignorant untrained rookie cops,” the message said. For more local reaction download and listen to Merle Johnson on WRUW's It's About Justice. NOTE The archive of this show will be available for one week only so download and save now! And more fall-out from the DOJ report as the Family of woman who died in Cleveland police custody believes officers violated civil rights, NAACP says CLEVELAND, Ohio — The NAACP is looking into allegations that Cleveland police officers violated rights of a woman who died after a confrontation with police. Sheila Wright, the executive director of the Cleveland NAACP, said they are assisting the family of Tanisha Anderson and the family's attorney David Malik in trying to find out exactly what happened to Anderson. "They are frustrated because they think their story is being buried," Wright said. "We are going to help walk them through the process. We're waiting for the information like everyone else." The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet ruled on what caused Anderson's death. The Cleveland Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team, which drew harsh criticism from the U.S. Justice Department's investigation in to the police department, is also investigating. The Justice Department also found people with mental illness were subjected to cruel and unnecessary force at the hands of poorly trained Cleveland police officers. ...... And our local NPR station WCPN 90.3 IdeaStream covers Protests Follow Eric Holder’s Visit To Cleveland Critics are likening the incidents to ones in Ferguson and New York. This included dozens of protesters who marched in Cleveland’s Public Square after Holder’s visit. “Hands up! Can’t breathe! Hands up! Can’t breathe!” they chanted, referring to the death of Eric Garner, who died hours after a NYPD officer held him in a choke hold. A Staten Island grand jury cleared the officer in that case. Among the demonstrators in Cleveland was Robin Blake, who hopes that Holder’s visit prompts change. But he says in the meantime, he fears city police are indifferent to the African-American community. He recalls last months’ incident where an officer shot a young boy playing with what turned out to be an Airsoft gun. “I live down the street from the park where Tamir Rice was shot, so this is my front doorstep,” says Blake. “So this is….I think it’s more important than people are realizing right now.” Another protester was Valerie Nunn, who held a sign that said, “Black lives matter”. She says nothing feels right about having her city lumped in with Ferguson, Missouri, and New York, where African-Americans have died after recent confrontations with police. Nunn says she’s wary of trusting Cleveland’s police, after several incidents also resulted in black resident’s deaths. “Y’know, I can get shot just for walking out of my house, and I feel like that’s not cool, y’know what I’m saying?” says Nunn. “I could just be walkin’ down the street, doing somethin’ with my fingers and they might think I’m trying to do something to harm them, and they shoot me! Know what I’m saying?” Today’s release of findings by justice officials say a pattern of excessive force has eroded public confidence in Cleveland police, straining relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Lakewood resident and protester Jane Kentner says while the confrontations with police look to be drawn along racial lines, the issue of accountability in law enforcement should concern everyone. “It needs a whole lot of checks and balances, and people have to not have so much white privilege that they can just sit at home and say, ‘Well, that doesn’t concern me,’” argues Kentner. “We have to be united, we can’t be in our little racial groups.” ......... And you can watch Eric Holder's announcement at Eric Holder and the DOJ announce findings on Cleveland Police. For this week's BTV LAST WORD Malloy chatter DuaneV points us to Albert Burneko at The Concourse who explains The American Justice System Is Not Broken This is what it was made to do In July, New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo choked unarmed black man Eric Garner to death, in broad daylight, while a bystander caught it on video. That is what American police do. Yesterday, despite the video, despite an NYPD prohibition of exactly the sort of chokehold Pantaleo used, and despite the New York City medical examiner ruling the death a homicide, a Staten Island grand jury declined even to indict Pantaleo. That is what American grand juries do. In August, Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown to death in broad daylight. That is what American police do. Ten days ago, despite multiple eyewitness accounts and his own face contradicting Wilson's narrative of events, a grand jury declined to indict Wilson. That is what American grand juries do. In November 2006, a group of five New York police officers shot unarmed black man Sean Bell to death in the early morning hours of his wedding day. That is what American police do. In April 2008, despite multiple eyewitness accounts contradicting the officers' accounts of the incident, Justice Arthur J. Cooperman acquitted the officers of all charges, including reckless endangerment. That is what American judges do. In February of 1999, four plainclothes New York police officers shot unarmed black man Amadou Diallo to death outside of his home. That is what American police do. A year later, an Albany jury acquitted the officers of all charges, including reckless endangerment. That is what American juries do. In November of 1951, Willis McCall, the sheriff of Lake County, Fla., shot and killed Sam Shepherd, an unarmed and handcuffed black man in his custody. That is what American police do. Despite both a living witness and forensic evidence which contradicted his version of events, a coroner's inquest ruled that McCall had acted within the line of duty, and Judge Thomas Futch declined to convene a grand jury at all. The American justice system is not broken. This is what the American justice system does. This is what America does. ............................ The murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Sam Shepherd, and countless thousands of others at the hands of American law enforcement are not aberrations, or betrayals, or departures. The acquittals of their killers are not mistakes. There is no virtuous innermost America, sullied or besmirched or shaded by these murders. This is America. It is not broken. It is doing what it does. America is a serial brutalizer of black and brown people. Brutalizing them is what it does. It does other things, too, yes, but brutalizing black and brown people is what it has done the most, and with the most zeal, and for the longest. The best argument you can make on behalf of the various systems and infrastructures the country uses against its black and brown citizens—the physical design of its cities, the methods it uses to allocate placement in elite institutions, the way it trains its police to treat citizens like enemy soldiers—might actually just be that they're more restrained than those used against black and brown people abroad. America employs the enforcers of its power to beat, kill, and terrorize, deploys its judiciary to say that that's OK, and has done this more times than anyone can hope to count. This is not a flaw in the design; this is the design. ........................ Policing in America is not broken. The judicial system is not broken. American society is not broken. All are functioning perfectly, doing exactly what they have done since before some of this nation's most prosperous slave-murdering robber-barons came together to consecrate into statehood the mechanisms of their barbarism. Democracy functions. Politicians, deriving their legitimacy from the public, have discerned the will of the people and used it to design and enact policies that carry it out, among them those that govern the allowable levels of violence which state can visit upon citizen. Taken together with the myriad other indignities, thefts, and cruelties it visits upon black and brown people, and the work common white Americans do on its behalf by telling themselves bald fictions of some deep and true America of apple pies, Jesus, and people being neighborly to each other and betrayed by those few and nonrepresentative bad apples with their isolated acts of meanness, the public will demands and enables a whirring and efficient machine that does what it does for the benefit of those who own it. It processes black and brown bodies into white power. That is what America does. It is not broken. That is exactly what is wrong with it. Look for plenty of GOPhers (and some Dems) on the Sunday Funnies defending the status quo and blaming the victim. Also check out the rest of the BTV lineup below for more news, inof and commentary! Click anything and be instantly smarter! Have a great week!


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The 1st Amendment is Our Permit Our permit to occupy is The First Amendment. Quickly sign the following statement which will be delivered to mayors, police chiefs and major media across the country:

    Our permit to occupy public squares and parks is in The First Amendment, which affirms "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." When people across the Middle East occupied public squares, leaders in Washington mostly cheered those protesters and warned Middle Eastern governments not to use force to clear them. Those other societies don’t have a First Amendment. Yet Washington affirmed the universal right to assembly and protest. We do have a First Amendment. The force being used to clear nonviolent protesters from public squares in our country is unacceptable. It must stop. &! A bailout of the people by the people Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. Debt resistance is just the beginning. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits. ADDENDUM: Naked Capitalism reports Top Tax Expert Confirms Our Doubts About Occupy Wall Street’s Debt Buying/Forgiveness Scheme a project of the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth building activity. Featuring Overview: The Cleveland Model—How the Evergreen Cooperatives are Building Community Wealth Something important is happening in Cleveland. The Democracy Collaborative—the host of—in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation, the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Shorebank Enterprise Cleveland, the City of Cleveland, and the city's major hospitals and universities—is helping to implement a new model of large-scale worker-owned and community-benefiting businesses. The Evergreen Cooperative Initiative is beginning to build serious momentum in one of the cities most dramatically impacted by the nation's decaying economy. Increasingly, this model is being referred to nationally as The Cleveland Model. Initial planning is now underway to assist other cities in Ohio and nationwide to replicate and adapt this innovative approach to economic development, green job creation, and neighborhood stabilization. Find more many resources at!

NET NEUTRALITY! Declaration of Internet Freedom Tired of fighting bad bills like SOPA, PIPA and CISPA? Want to stand up against those who are trying to control what we do and say online? It's time for something different. A group of more than 1,500 organizations, academics, startup founders and tech innovators has come together to produce a Declaration of Internet Freedom, a set of five principles that put forward a positive vision of the open Internet. Our goal: Get millions of Internet users to sign on to this Declaration. Build political power for Internet users to make sure that we get a seat at the table whenever, and wherever, the future of the Internet is being decided. It's time to stop playing defense and start going on the offensive. The open Internet is central to people’s freedom to communicate, share, advocate and innovate in the 21st century. But powerful interests want to censor free speech, block the sharing of information, hinder innovation and control how Internet users get online. And all too often, people in power are making political decisions behind closed doors about how the Internet should operate — and they're doing this without the involvement of actual Internet users. The result: policies that could close down the open Internet and destroy our freedom to connect. It’s time for us to reclaim the Internet for its users. Take action now and sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom. ACTION! Tell the FCC: No Frankenstein Net Neutrality The FCC is considering a new plan that has the same big problems we’ve been protesting against all year. Tell the agency we’ll accept nothing less than REAL Net Neutrality. Just how bad is it? This new proposal: • Would allow broadband providers to cut specialized deals with companies to reach Internet users. • Still gives us slow lanes and gives users no real protection against discrimination from Internet service providers. • Rests on shaky legal arguments that won’t stand up in court. This isn't what millions of us have been fighting for. SIGN NOW at Tell Chairman Wheeler: No Frankenstein Net Neutrality at NOW.

Stop Media Consolidation! Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is trying to change the agency’s ownership rules to pave the way for Murdoch to get exactly what he wants. Worse, Genachowski and Murdoch are keeping this all very hush-hush, hoping you won't notice. These changes wouldn’t just benefit Murdoch. If the FCC proposal passes, one company could own the major daily newspaper, two TV stations and up to eight radio stations in your town. And that one company could be your Internet provider, too. What is the FCC thinking?!? We can still stop the agency from taking this perilous step — but we have less than a month to do it. By taking action, you’re joining a movement of millions who are working to stop big media from getting even bigger. Please take action today. Click HERE to view our infographic and send a message to the FCC! More info at Another FCC Cave-In: Julius Genachowski’s Media Consolidation Christmas Gift to Murdoch at! And Sign Senator Bernie Sanders petition to the FCC Protect Media Diversity: Stop Media Consolidation! NEW!!! NATION ACTION! Stop the Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger! GO THERE NOW!

CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE American Majority Rejects Washington Austerity Consensus – And We Demand Media Coverage by Roger Hickey, President, Campaign for America's Future: No more silent majority. The Campaign for America’s Future is joining with the Center for Economic and Policy Research (whose Co-Director, Dean Baker blogs regularly about economic bias in the media) and with FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) to monitor the media’s coverage and representation of the American Majority views as they go into covering the big deficit fight. But we want to enlist YOU too. Send us accounts of unbalanced coverage in the national media and in your local newspapers and television. Call up reporters, editors, assignment people and tell them when they are under-representing the views of the American Majority. We should have at least half the experts, pundits, quotes and real people represented in their coverage. In a debate as important as the one we are going into, we can’t allow the media to ignore the American Majority. Much more at

MOVE TO AMEND! SIGN HERE NOW! And check out more actions on the Move to Amend Calendar for more! UPDATE! Legalize Democracy Film Premieres on Free Speech TV Jan 21 Move to Amend is thrilled to announce that the premiere of our mini documentary, Legalize Democracy, will be airing on Free Speech TV (FSTV) next week to coincide with the "anniversary" of Citizens United. Legalize Democracy is a 28 minute film by Dennis Trainor, Jr. about the movement to amend -- why it is needed, and how you can get involved. Watch live on our website here. Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site GET INVOLVED! And Alan Grayson is BACK in the 113th Congress! Help out at and check out his latest effort!

REPRESENT.US IT’S TIME TO GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS SO THE GOVERNMENT CAN REPRESENT US. Represent.Us is a fresh campaign to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act: a law that would overhaul campaign finance, impose strict lobbying and conflict of interest laws, and end secret political money. We are mobilizing millions of Americans — conservatives and progressives, young and old, every issue group fighting K Street, online and offline — to join this campaign. Represent.Us is not just building a movement to pass the Act. The campaign will use hard-hitting accountability tactics to unseat politicians who fail to endorse the Act. If passed, the Act will completely reshape American politics and policy-making and give people a voice. See this Guest Blog at Greenpeace by Executive Director Josh Silver The $6 Billion Auction: Finally, A Plan to Get Money Out of Politics for more information!

SUPPORT THE TROOPS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT See and Bradley Manning Support Network From the Chelsea Manning Support Network Announcing the "Chelsea Manning Support Network" March 19, 2014. By CMSN. PVT Manning has filed to change her name legally to "Chelsea Elizabeth Manning" and to receive hormone therapy. To show our support in this struggle, we are renaming ourselves to the "Chelsea Manning Support Network." ..... UPDATE! New Action- write letters to DoD officials requesting clemency for Chelsea! AND Chelsea's new appeals team named a leading US firm Dec 2, 2014. The National Law Journal and has named Freedman, Boyd Hollander, Goldberg, Urias & Ward as one of the "Top 50 Leading Plaintiff Firms in America"..........

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CELLULAR PHONE TASK FORCE EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, SUPPORT at The Cellular Phone Task Force is dedicated to halting the expansion of wireless technology because it cannot be made safe. We provide: education to the public concerning electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog); advocacy for an electromagnetically cleaner environment; support for individuals disabled by radiation from wireless technology and other sources. WATCH THIS MOVIE at Top Documentary Films Resonance: Beings of Frequency Now we live an an ocean of electromagnetic radiation. It’s all around us now, invisible, but we know it’s there. Every time you lift up your mobile phone you know it’s there. It is very hard to turn the clock back, in fact it is impossible, but we need to be aware of the adverse health effects so that we can have the choice of taking precautions against the exposures. How we could have possibly thought that putting microwaves to our brain was safe. We just don’t fully understand what we’re doing. "Resonance: Beings of Frequency" is the first documentary to investigate the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. The film takes a deeper look at how humanity is reacting to the most profound environmental change the planet has ever seen. Read more HERE!!

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The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
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Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media at informationclearinghouse
60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In U.S. History

  • This Week (ABC) Host George Stephanopoulos
    Meet ABC News' Newest Contributor, Laura Ingraham 10 Moments That Illustrate The Right-Wing Radio Host's Fringe Viewpoints And Disdain For Civil Discourse - Ingraham has repeatedly engaged in inflammatory and hateful rhetoric, lobbing numerous attacks against everyone from President Obama to people who receive government assistance to her favorite target, immigrants. Here are 10 hateful moments from Ingraham in the past year...
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    • ROUNDTABLE: ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd, CNN political commentator Van Jones, National Review editor Rich Lowry, and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif.

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    Microsoft, NBC News Dissolve Joint Venture 07/15/12 — NBC is buying Microsoft's 50 percent interest in the MSNBC website for an undisclosed amount. will be rebranded as, and readers who logged into late Sunday were automatically redirected to Microsoft is preparing to launch its own news service this fall. Although he declined to provide many details about the operation general manager of Bob Visse said the news staff will be about the same size as the roughly 100 people who created original content for the "There is no question that we are going to have more flexibility to make our own decisions," said Vivian Schiller, NBC News' chief digital officer. "This is really an amicable breakup. We think competition will make us better." Okay then.
    All legal notices should be sent by mail to the editor-in-chief, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052
    • Esaw Garner, widow of the unarmed black man whose chokehold death has sparked protests across the country
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    'Green News Report' - December 2, 2014 IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: UN climate summit underway to map the future of global warming; California hit by record rain, amid record drought; Global implications of falling oil prices; PLUS: The toxic legacy of the world's worst industrial disaster thirty years later... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
    • BRADCAST! Unspinning Climate Change with Dr. Michael Mann and 'Recounting' Arizona: KPFK 'BradCast' Plus MUCH MORE this week...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Not Voting IS a Vote Stop blaming those who didn't turn out. Americans did vote. By not turning out, they voted against the two major parties and against the system as a whole. It may have been a dumb vote, but it was a landslide...
    • BRADBLOG VIDEO! East Coast/West Coast Investigative Election Integrity Muckraking with Friedman and Palast on Hartmann TV!
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! 'Recount' and Controversy in Arizona U.S. House RaceRazor-thin computer-reported margin, failed paper-ballot tabulators, untallied provisionals, terrible 'recount' rules leave Barber-McSally contest in AZ-2 unsettled...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! House Judiciary Letter Suggests Impeachment for Wife-Beating Federal Judge Goodlatte (R) and Conyers (D) seek update from 11th Circuit Court, cite potential impeachment of Judge Mark Fuller...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! NC Repubs Trying to Run-Out Clock on Voter Suppression Lawsuit (Again)? Plaintiffs charge state attempt to reschedule next summer's federal trial 'unsupportable', 'disingenuous'...

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    • Peter B Collins, Truthout | Op-Ed An Insider's View of the Progressive Talk Radio Devolution
    • 3 Dec 2014 PBC News & Comment: Iran’s Air Force Joins the Fray, Bombs Islamic State in Iraq Iran joins the anti-Islamic State free-for-all, sends fighter jets to Diyala province in Iraq; US, Iran both deny coordination….
    • 4 Dec 2014 PBC News & Comment: Jason Leopold Reports that Senate Torture “Review” to be Released in Days –after 2 years of delay and infighting, including a Senate-CIA showdown, Feinstein’s torture review set for release, says Jason Leopold…
    • 5 Dec 2014 PBC News & Comment: Obama Nominates Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary –Obama names new Pentagon chief, Ashton B. Carter, to manage the war machine; he’s considered hawkish on Syria, Iraq war…. .
    • PBC Standard Podcast November 25, 2014 Green Chemistry Isn’t About Perfection, But Works to Reduce Toxic Chemicals Meet the “father of green chemistry”, Dr. John C. Warner. The former research head for Polaroid founded the Warner Babcock Institute and co-authored the book Green Chemistry. He defines his vision, and notes that industry is way ahead of academia in embracing his principles.
    • PBC Standard Podcast December 5, 2014 Progressive Think Tanker Dave Johnson Asks: Is the Democratic Party Relevant Anymore? Following the mid-term elections, your humble host tagged the Democratic Party as “increasingly irrelevant”. In a recent article, Dave Johnson asks the question, and surveys recent progressive commentary.

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    • VIDEO! Pap and Abby Martin: How the Eric Garner Case Exposed the Sham of Grand Juries by Gary Bentley - Abby Martin speaks with America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio and former DC police officer, Ronald Hampton, about the decision by a grand jury not to indict New York police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, over the choking death of 43-year-old Eric Garner.
    • VIDEO! Watch This and Understand Wall Street is Setting This Up Again. No Regulations on the Book to Stop It by Guest Blogger
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    KEISER REPORT ON FACEBOOK STACY SUMMARY: For once and for all, here are our real Facebook pages, the other ones are fake. But if you feel like chatting to the fake ones, by all means, go ahead.
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    Assange: How cryptography is a key weapon in the fight against empire states by maxkeiser - READ What began as a means of retaining individual freedom can now be used by smaller states to fend off the ambitions of larger ones (
    New G20 Rules: Cyprus-style Bail-ins to Hit Depositors AND Pensioners by Ellen Brown — On the weekend of November 16th, the G20 leaders whisked into Brisbane, posed for their photo ops, approved some proposals, made a show of roundly disapproving of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and whisked out again. It was all so fast, they may not have known what they were endorsing when they rubber-stamped the Financial Stability Board’s “Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution,” which completely changes the rules of banking. READ MORE
    Video of the Day – This Is What Happens When You Call the Cops by Michael Krieger — In a healthy, moral and civilized society defined by the rule of law, police can play an important role. They should be people who come from the communities they promise to “protect and serve.” They should view themselves as a part of these communities, not as something separate and distinct. Police should see their jobs as having a great degree of risk, and must be willing to accept that risk. This means not pretending to be a solider at war, not choosing the most violent solution to every problem, and not viewing the citizenry as milk cows ready and willing to be drained of their assets via civil forfeiture. Unfortunately, this isn’t the state of the police in America in 2014… Read the rest HERE...........
    ECB Draghi’s QE Battle With Germany; Rules Out ECB Gold Buying by Mark O'Byrne — Speaking in the ECB’s new 1.3 billion euro headquarters, an imposing Frankfurt skyscraper designed to show the strength of the ‘single’ currency, Draghi threw down the gauntlet to Germany and signaled that he would not allow opposition from Germany or anyone else to stop the ECB’s QE. Despite the fact that it has failed in Japan and is meeting with mixed success in the UK and U.S. In his clearest language yet, Mario Draghi underlined his desire and commitment to debt monetisation, and argued the case for creating new money to buy assets such as government bonds. He made the comments during the question and answer period of his monthly press conference following the ECB’s monetary policy meeting. Interestingly, Draghi ruled out the printing of money to buy gold bullion. He was asked what types of assets the ECB would buy as part of its quantitative easing program. He responded, “we discussed all assets but gold.”…READ ECB Draghi’s QE Battle With Germany; Rules Out ECB Gold Buying (
    Wall Street Moves to Put Taxpayers on the Hook for Derivatives Trades by Michael Krieger — Wall Street has for some time attempted to put taxpayers on the hook for its derivatives trades. I highlighted this a year ago in the post: Citigroup Written Legislation Moves Through the House of Representatives. Fortunately, that bill never made it to a vote on the Senate floor, but now Wall Street is trying to sneak it into a bill needed to keep the government running. Can’t make this stuff up…Read the rest HERE.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR687] Keiser Report: Russell Brand for London Mayor! We discuss the fact that Britain’s days as a haven of political, economic stability are numbered and everyone is saying it. Also numbered, are America’s days as the so-called ‘United States of Arabia’ as oil price wars put the heat on shale oil producers. In the second half Max interviews Liam Halligan, journalist at the Telegraph and BNE, about why it is that APEC means so much more than the G20 and about Japan’s out of control Quantitative Easing.
    • KEISER REPORT Keiser Report: Dutch Gold Repatriation We are joined by Liam Halligan of Business New Europe ( to discuss Martin Wolf’s analytical article in the Financial Times about the “radical measures” needed to combat our “unusual economic ills.” We also discuss Max’s response, published as the lead “Letters” item in the FT. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Powell of GATA about the failed Swiss Gold Initiative, the successful Dutch repatriation of 122 tons of gold and about the negative GOFO rates in the gold market.
    • KEISER REPORT Keiser Report: Unjust Road to Independence We look at the injustice which may lead to independence, from “embarrassed” RBS bankers getting away with mortgage fraud to the Washington DC police department scheduling future Civil Asset Forfeitures to meet budget requirements. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Chris Powell of GATA about negative GOFO rates in the gold market.

  • The Scott Horton Radio Show
    Scott Horton is host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles and KUCR 88.3 in Riverside, and the Scott Horton Show on No Agenda Radio. (You can listen live Monday through Friday New show hours effective 5/26/2014 @ 12-3 PM Eastern! HERE.) Plenty of archives too!
    • Scott Horton Radio Show Progress Report: All right, yall, welcome back to the show to the inaugural Scott Horton Show progress report! It’s been an eventful year since the show and I (amicably) parted ways with, so I thought I would highlight just a few of the show’s important milestones, as well as preview some of the exciting projects to look for in the near future. ........ The show on Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM in L.A., still called Antiwar Radio, has now moved to join their Sunday morning public affairs line up (8:30 am pt -, and remains the largest source of listeners, with 15,000-20,000 people tuning in weekly. The future: Liberty Express Radio is growing and bringing me along for the ride. The great Charles Goyette hooked me up with Alan Butler and the Liberty Express earlier this year, and what has been the daily replay there from 3-5 eastern time has become my best listened-to show. And now they’re adding my friend Tom Woods to the lineup from 2-3 PM. That does it. I’m making the switch! Starting Monday, October 14, the live show is moving to 3-5 PM Eastern time on, as well as NoAgenda and my own stream....... New show hours effective 5/26/2014: 12-3 PM Eastern!
    12/02/14 Patrick L. Smith: Patrick L. Smith, a journalist with and author of Time No Longer: Americans After the American Century, discuses what the surprise Saudi-instigated oil price drop has to do with Obama, Putin and Xi meeting in Beijing at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in November.
    11/18/14 Jacob Hornberger: Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses how the United States lost the Cold War by adopting the totalitarian features of the Soviet Union; and how to better the economy by cutting the Pentagon’s budget and using the proceeds for productive purposes.
    12/04/14 Chris Woods: Chris Woods, an investigative reporter on national security issues, discusses his article “Pentagon in Denial About Civilian Casualties of U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.”
    12/05/14 Ray McGovern: Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst turned peace activist, discusses why the MSM is finally telling the truth about the US’s responsibility for Ukraine’s problems; and the House of Representatives resolution that essentially declares another Cold War with Russia.
    12/05/14 Philip Giraldi: Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of The Council for the National Interest, discusses his article “Neocons Triumphant in Washington and Geneva;” and why Chuck Hagel really got forced out of his Secretary of Defense job.
    • Older interviews at Antiwar Radio!

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    • Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh
    • LA Gov Bobby Jindal (R)

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