Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Surrogate Sunday on Brick TeeVee

Brick TeeVee is a preview of the Sunday Talking Head Shows beamed across America by Corporate Media, plus some good progressive radio and who will be on which show. If you have other Sunday Talkie shows' guest lists we don't have, please share below. Post your comments while you watch! It's fun, it's healthy and doggonit at least we'll know others can also see through the media manipulation that blankets our public airwaves. DEBUNK HERE!

So, with no further ado, I present to you This Week's Brick TeeVee entry!
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Presidential Politics remain front and center for the bobbleheads this Sunday. Plenty of people to throw bricks at! The Tim-less Meet the Press will have a "debate" between LINDSEY GRAHAM and JOE BIDEN, hosted by anchor BRIAN WILLIAMS. Then, Face the Bob will let CARLY FIORINA and BILL RICHARDSON battle it out. This Snuffagopolis talks oil and energy with KAY BAILY HUTCHINSON and ED MARKEY. Not to be outdone, U-Boat Captain Blizter features a 3x3 tag-team steel cage matchup between R's and D's. Fake News gets a matchup of toms with TOM DASCHLE and TOM "Color Code" RIDGE. If you don't know what "plumpynut" is then tune in 60 Minutes. You should then switch on that internet radio for an interview with VINCE BUGLIOSI on Ring of Fire Radio. There should be discussion of the "new" FISA Bill "compromise" that passed the US House 293-129 (find how your congresscritter voted HERE - H.R. 6304). Heads expoded all over the internets when Presumtive Candidate Obama said "So I support the compromise". Less than a day later, Obama proclaimed "I will work in the Senate to remove this provision so that we can seek full accountability for past offenses" (CBS News). Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-MilqueToast-Nev., however, said that he may schedule a separate vote on stripping immunity from the bill, although he expressed pessimism about its success. "Probably we can't take that out of the bill, but I'm going to try." Now THAT's some INSPIRING words there, Harry! Nothing like letting the principles of the 4th Amendment just go up in smoke. The ACLU called the vote "Christmas morning at the White House" and concluded, "The House should be ashamed of itself. The fate of the Fourth Amendment is now in the Senate’s hands. We can only hope senators will show more courage than their colleagues in the House." The ACLU is fighting back with a coalition called "STRANGE BEDFELLOWS". See John Amato at Crooks and Liars Strange Bedfellows meet on FISA and sign up at right away! After hearing the House vote, The Brick TeeVee crew immediately began digging for important papers, like birth certificates, passports and other legal docs, fearing the worst.


VINCENT BUGLIOSI on RING OF FIRE RADIO Author of the brand new book The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder, Vince Bugliosi (the "g" is silent), best selling author of “Helter Skelter”, will be here to talk about his latest book and whether or not we can actually make that case a reality.

MLB ON TBS TBS joins the MLB family with their NEW weekly Sunday Afternoon Baseball Game. This week it's more Inter-League Play with the St. Louis Cardinals visting the Boston Red Sox - 1:30 pm et

NASCAR Sprint Cup on TNT The Left-Turn league makes some right-handers too in the Toyota/Save Mart 350 from Infineon Raceway road course in Sonoma CA - coverage begins at 3:30 pm et

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212 days until our national nightmare is over
4,102 Military Dead as of June 20, 2008
1,879 days since "Mission Accomplished"

  • This Week (ABC)
    • Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)
    • Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA)
    • Red Cavaney, President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute
    • economist Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
    • Roundtable: Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson

  • Face The Nation (CBS)TOPIC: McCain vs Obama
    • Carly Fiorina - RNC Victory 2008 Chair
    • Gov. Bill Richardson - Obama Supporter
    • John Harris - Editor-in-Chief, Politico

  • 60 Minutes (CBS)
    • Al Hurra 60 Minutes and ProPublica investigate Al Hurra - America's taxpayer supported television channel in the Middle East - which has come under scrutiny for a raft of problems, including broadcasting unchallenged anti-Israel commentary. Scott Pelley reports.
    • Life Saver Plumpynut is a cheap, nutritious food that needs no refrigeration or preparation that is saving starving children in the developing world. Anderson Cooper reports on this miracle product that would save even more if more of it could be made and its distribution increased.
    • Fish Fuss The government's multi-billion dollar effort to save the salmon of the Pacific Northwest is failing, so residents there may soon have to choose between the fish or the hydroelectric dams that are killing scores of them. Lesley Stahl reports.

  • Meet the Press (NBC)
    Exclusive! NBC's Brian Williams moderates a Decision 2008 debate
    • For the Obama campaign — Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE).
    • For the McCain campaign — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).
    • Roundtable: John Harwood and Andrea Mitchell.

  • Late Edition (CNN) America Votes 2008: Who can get the nation back on the right track? Wolf talks to two governors: Obama supporter Bill Richardson and McCain advocate Tim Pawlenty. Plus advisers from the presidential campaigns debate how to cure the pain at the pump.
    • Gov. Bill Richardson: (D) New Mexico
    • Gov. Tim Pawlenty: (R) Minnesota
    • Rep. Robert Wexler: (D) Florida
    • Rep. Eric Cantor: (R) Virginia
    • Robert Reich: Fmr. Clinton Labor Secretary
    • Douglas Holtz-Eakin: McCain Economic Adviser
    • Ahmed Rashid: Author, "Descent into Chaos"
    • Peter Bergen: CNN Terrorism Analyst

  • Seder on Sunday! CANCELLED - WATCH THIS SPACE for Seder News

  • Ring of Fire Radio
    Find us at and
    • Vincent Bugliosi, best selling author of “Helter Skelter”, will be here to talk about his latest book – “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” – and whether or not we can actually make that case a reality.
    • Environmental activist Van Jones will stop by to tell us how “going green” might be the only way to pull America out of this recession, as well as bring our environment back from the brink.
    • Vincent Navasky and Christopher Cerf, authors of the new book “Mission Accomplished!: Or How We Won the Iraq War,” will be here to tell us about all the lies and misstatements that the administration used to sell the war to the American public.
    • And attorney Geoff Fieger will be here to talk about his experience as a political target of the Bush Administration, and how he was prosecuted for crime he never even committed.
    • And journalist Maggie Mahar will be here to tell us how the Bush administration has destroyed the FDA, and put millions of Americans at risk.
    • We’re also starting a new “Viewer Mail” segment, so send your questions or comments to us at, and we will be responding to your emails on the air!
    Ring of Fire Radio hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern featuring The PAP Attack!

  • "Massa In The Morning"
    "Massa In The Morning" is quick, topical, smart, sometimes hilarious, and ALWAYS kind.
    With co-host Bill Berry, EVERY Sunday morning from 10am til noon Eastern time!
    WHHO-AM 1320 Streaming ON-LINE at
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    CALL IN! 607-324-2000 (yer cell phone minutes are FREE on the weekends!)

  • fauxnews
    • former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, co-chair of the Obama campaign
    • Tom Ridge, former governor of Pennsylvania and McCain supporter

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jenmarie said...

Hey there Filthy Rich! Brick TeeVee -- STILL the best part of the Sunday talkies!

Our clueless congresscritters should read riverdaughter. She had this suggestion for dealing with the telecoms:

Now, I don’t know about you but I have my own criteria as to what would have been the correct response to the FISA debacle. If I were King of the Forest, I would make sure that our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties were protected. The proposed bill would have to be structured in such a way that new surveillance techniques would not infringe upon them.

As for telecom immunity, I’m a more practical individual. There is a lot of room here for negotiation. The power is in the hands of Congress to compel the telecomms to compromise on more market competition. If we punish the telecomms with class action lawsuits, the only people who will benefit will be the lawyers. The average customer will not likely see a big payoff. What are you going to get? A check for a $100 or a credit for your next month’s phone bill? You, I and the fencepost know this is the all too typical result. BUT, what if you could force the telecomms to allow ala carte programming on your cable system or infrastructure improvements or mandatory guidelines for better customer service? What if you could forbid big telecomms from bidding on newly available radio spectra or force them to open their networks to your favorite cellphone?

Wouldn’t this be better than decimating them and sending potentially thousands of their workers to the unemployment lines? And so what if some of them *did* take a hit? Wouldn’t their workers benefit from the increased competition as well by having more new start up companies to work for?

Just sayin’...

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