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Brick TeeVee White House Limo Edition!

Brick TeeVee is a preview of the Sunday Talking Head Shows beamed across America by Corporate Media, plus some good progressive radio and who will be on which show. If you have other Sunday Talkie shows' guest lists we don't have, please share below. Post your comments while you watch! It's fun, it's healthy and doggonit at least we'll know others can also see through the media manipulation that blankets our public airwaves. DEBUNK HERE!

So, with no further ado, I present to you This Week's Brick TeeVee entry!
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Yet another book has come out pointing out the crimes and misdeeds of the Bush Administration, this one by New Yorker investigative journalist Jane Mayer entitled The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals, yet hardly a peep from the Mass Media. We found a great 1 hr interview at Democracy NOW! HERE which you MUST watch! So this week's talking heads will have none of it as usual. The WH Limo comes out of mothballs and picks up CONDI RICE for a chat with U-Boat Captain Blitzer. Riding with her is Treasury Secretary HANK PAULSON who also visits with FACE THE BOB to tell us the economy is gangbusters. Also in the WH Limo Ride-Share is JOINT CHEIF ADMIRAL MICHAEL MULLEN gabbing at the low-information viewers of Fox Noise Sunday telling us how the war is "turning the corner". Don't tune out faux until you watch EVAN BAYH battle JOE LIEBERMAN. Then switch over to Meet the Tom to see AL GORE tell us we're all FREAKIN' DOOMED if we don't listen to him and the scientists and stop being so wasteful and greedy! Speaker NANCY PELOSI will tell us on Wolfie "Impeachment is STILL off the table but John Conyers can have a two-hour spot on C-SPAN". Haha! It's true! See Raw Story Congressional hearing to examine 'Bush Imperial Presidency' on July 25th. Do check out CHRISTOPHER "God is not great" HITCHENS on Ring of Fire Radio to discuss his recent waterboarding experience! The Brick TeeVee crew has been sunning themselves after cleaning up the garden and yard. And we found the critter that ate last year's crop: the GOPHER that lives under our tool shed! He crawled under the fence and we chased him outta there! We'll make sure he and his live-in mate get some table scraps and goodies from the garden when we get some veggies (hopefully soon)! Enjoy your Sunday!


PGA on ABC Sunday 4th round play starts 7.10am - leaders out at 2.20pm. Norman and Choi par 18 so it's Greg by 2 going to final day!

MLB ON TBS TBS joins the MLB family with their NEW weekly Sunday Afternoon Baseball Game. This week it's the Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees - 1 pm et

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185 days until our national nightmare is over
4,125 Military Dead as of July 18, 2008
1,907 days since "Mission Accomplished"

  • This Week (ABC)
    • The Open Championship

  • Face The Nation (CBS)TOPIC: The economy
    • Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson

  • 60 Minutes (CBS) Summer reruns
    • Searching For Jacob Jacob fled his village in Darfur to escape mass murder, leaving his family and schoolbooks behind. Scott Pelley puts a face on the horrible genocide in Sudan when he tracks down Jacob to return his books.
    • The Kanzius Machine Leukemia patient John Kanzius wants to see the promising machine he invented that kills cancer cells go into clinical trials and maybe help other people beat a disease he probably won’t. Lesley Stahl reports.

  • Meet the Press (NBC) Tom Brokaw, Host. Exclusive interview with Al Gore!
    • AL GORE, Former Vice President
    • DAVID GREGORY Chief White House Correspondent, NBC News; Host, MSNBC's "Race for the White House
    • CHUCK TODD Political Director, NBC News

  • Late Edition (CNN) A CNN Exclusive: Wolf sits down with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for a wide ranging interview, on talking to Iran, Iraq, and the race for the White House. Plus- the Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on an economy in crisis and skyrocketing gas prices.
    • Condoleezza Rice: Secretary of State

    • Henry Paulson: Treasury Secretary

    • Rep. Nancy Pelosi: (D) House Speaker

    • Rep. Roy Blunt: (R) Minority Whip

  • Seder on Sunday! CANCELLED - WATCH THIS SPACE for Seder News

  • Ring of Fire Radio airamericaheader.jpg

    Find us at and

    • Author and columnist Christopher Hitchens will be here to tell us about his recent experience being water-boarded, which he detailed in his latest piece in Vanity Fair magazine.

    • Defense reporter Nathan Hodge will join us to talk about the state of the worlds’ nuclear arsenal, and whether or not places like Iran actually pose a nuclear threat to the US.

    • Kate Hanni, founder and president of, will tell us about her initiative to get Congress to pass the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights.

    • Author Allan Lichtman will tell us how the Republicans manipulated both religion and corporations in order to gain political power.

    • And columnist and cartoonist Ted Rall will be here to talk about the many mistakes of the Bush administration, and how the closest thing we’ve gotten to an apology from them has been “oops.

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  • fauxnews
    • Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    • McCain supporter, Sen. Joe Lieberman

    • Obama supporter, Sen. Evan Bayh

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