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Brick TeeVee salutes Walter Cronkite

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All bets are off as the country embraces Walter Cronkite's passing. But no doubt they'll try. The much more important British Open pushes out This Snufagopolis, so we tune to Face the Bob with CHARLIE "Where's my General" RANGEL and Brick Target MICHAEL STEELE. Meet the David gets Head Obstructionist MITCH McCONNELL and KATHLEEN "force everybody to get swine flu vaccinations" SEBELIUS who sez "I want to be clear: This summit is not about raising alarms or stoking fears. It is about being prepared." Vaccinations against swine flu are likely and probably will begin in mid-October, assuming soon-to-start studies go well. But she says first in line for shots likely will be school-age children, young adults with conditions such as asthma, pregnant women and health workers. Okay then! Shots for everybody! As Gonzo Journalism tells us "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro". Thusly This Fall: Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccines? @ the Health and Human Services Secretary (and Bilderberg member) Kathleen Sebelius told the Associated Press on June 16 that she is urging school superintendents around the country to spend the summer preparing for a massive swine flu vaccine this fall and added that schools are being put on notice that they might be turned into factory assembly line shot clinics. “If you think about vaccinating kids, schools are the logical place,” Sebelius said. On May 6, the Obama administration announced “an unprecedented fall vaccination campaign that could entail giving Americans three flu shots — one to combat annual seasonal influenza and two targeted at the new swine flu virus spreading across the globe,” the Washington Post reported. That's nice! Be sure to have plenty of bricks available for racist Jefferson Beauregard "crack cocaine thang" Sessions the Third taking on MITCH MCCONNELL on State of the John. Beyond that, it's progressive teevee and audio featuring SAM SEDER on Ring of Fire Radio plus author NICOLETTE NIMAN who tells us the true story of what happens to our food before it reaches our tables. Lastly, 60 Minutes pays tribute to Walter Cronkite. The Brick TeeVee crew remembers watching Cronkite inform us of JFK's assassination, the Viet Nam war, Apollo 11's lunar landing and so much more. Cronkite told it "the way it is" for nearly two decades. Cronkite's Journalism is mostly a faded memory or never existed for so much of our populace since news reporting became a "business" when Roon Arlidge took over ABC News. Our Corporate Media controls nearly 90% of U.S. media and doesn't do investigative reporting anymore; rather they are stenographers for their corporate clientelle advertisers who want us to beleive BP, Shell and Exxon are really behind alternative energy or Boeing "keeps democracy safe" or McDonald's and Wendy's and Kraft provide us with healthy meals or there's such a thing as "clean coal". No, Walter's time as a leader of an independent Fourth Estate is long gone (and he'd be the first to tell ya so!). With the passing of Walter Cronkie, let us embrace the Alternate Press we have now with our money and our hearts and minds, in the midst of newspapers all over the country going bankrupt. Let us begin anew an aggressive constitutionally-mandated FREE PRESS that acts like it's supposed to: openly questiioning and investigating our government and the corporate leaches that use and abuse OUR tax dollars. Cronkite would ask no less.

cronkite 1968
Good-bye Walter Cronkite
BillORightsMan "The Most Trusted Man in America" BillORightsMan
b. November 4, 1916 d. July 17, 2009

"An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will... The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe." -Thomas Jefferson

Cronkite in "War Made Easy" trailer
From The Archives: Cronkite, Live Via Satellite on NPR - Cronkite remembering the first live satellite broadcast to Europe via Telstar, 47 years ago July 23.


»»» "Journalism and the Crisis of Democracy" WCPN 90.3 Cleveland Stop the presses! Breaking News! Journalism is dying! The terms seismic shifts and tectonic plates moving are overused but they certainly apply to journalism today. The venerable fourth estate is an endangered species. Newspapers, like the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, which was around for 150 years, have closed. Many others are threatened. Foreign reporting, never a strong suit, is getting worse. Bureaus are being cut back or eliminated. The demise of journalism, particularly investigative journalism, would have major implications for the functioning of our increasingly parlous democracy. If politicians and corporations, bankers and financiers know that there is no one looking at and reporting on what they are doing then corruption, which already exists, will increase exponentially. The masters will go unchallenged. Unless a new economic model emerges, print journalism as we’ve known it, will cease to exist. Robert McChesney is co-founder of the Free Press, a non-profit organization working to increase public participation in media policy debates. He is professor of communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Author of numerous books including “Rich Media, Poor Democracy” and “The Problem of the Media,” his latest is “The Political Economy of Media.” Alternative Radio: Journalism and the Crisis of Democracy @ WCPN. Buy podcast or CD at Alternative Radio HERE.
»»» Mass killing by a US-backed warlord on Democracy NOW! WATCH Obama Calls for Probe into 2001 Massacre of at Least 2,000 Suspected Taliban POWs by US-Backed Afghan Warlord
»»» Howard Dean on Democracy NOW! WATCH Howard Dean on His Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform
»»» Howard Dean on GRITtv WATCH Howard Dean on Healthcare, Dissecting ‘Bruno’, and Got Docs? Presents ‘The Fire This Time’
»»» Buchanan vs. Maddow WATCH Rachel Maddow SLAMS Pat Buchanan Over Sotomayor Bias
»»» PGA on ABC British Open Final Round LIVE from Turnberry Resort's Ailsa Course in South Ayrshire, Scotland - coverage begins at 9 am et
»»» MLB on TBS Detroit Tigers @ NY Yankees - 1 pm et
»»» Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN NY Mets @ Atlanta Braves - 8 pm et


You done good! THIS JUST IN via email from Dennis Kucinich: "With your support, your phone calls, your emails, we won a major legislative victory today for a state single payer health care option in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. The House Education and Labor Committee approved the Kucinich Amendment by a vote of 27-19, with 14 Democrats and 13 Republicans voting yes.
~snip~ "Under the Kucinich Amendment a state's application for a waiver from ERISA
(Employee Retirement Income Security Act -Ed.) is granted automatically if the state has signed into law a single payer plan. With the amendment, for the first time, the state single payer health care option is shielded from an ERISA-based legal attack. Now that the underlying bill has been passed, as amended, by the full committee, we must make sure that Congress knows that we want the provision kept in the bill at final passage!
"The state single payer option was one of five major amendments which I obtained support to get included in HR3200. One amendment brings into standard coverage for the first time complementary and alternative medicine, (integrative medicine). Another amendment drives down the cost of prescription drugs by ending pharmaceutical industry's sharp practices manipulating physician prescribing habits. An amendment stops the insurance industry from increasing premiums at the time when people are not permitted to change health plans; and finally an amendment imposing a requirement on insurance companies that they disclose the cost of advertising, marketing and executive compensation expenses (which generally divert money from patient care). Please make sure you post this message on your social networking site, ask all your friends to get involved and encourage everyone you know to sign up at so we can build full momentum behind this movement for real health care. Let's do this! "

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The BrickTeeVee Crew will be on summer holiday next weekend, celebrating Apollo 11: "That's one small step for man. And one giant leap for mankind." See you next month!

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    Hank “Sacks of Gold” Paulson admits to threatening Ken Lewis. Stacy Summary: A little artwork from @Rasta! Very funny. And I have given Hank Paulson his very own gangsta name. I wasn’t happy with “pretty face” as I believe Marketwatch called him. Anyone able to do a mockup of Ken Lewis finding a horse’s head in his bed? READ: Hank ‘Sacks of Gold” Paulson admits to threatening Ken Lewis @ politico
    • Stacy Summary: Max and Stacy for Resonance 104.4 FM in London. A compilation of some of the best Max material and interviews. Thanks for a great week and helping Max’s France 24 appearance go viral! It’s on the top of the list for News & Politics - even beating Michael Jackson’s head on fire! Download show HERE (mp3)

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    • Peter Orszag, Director, White House Office of Management and Budget
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    • Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

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