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EGYPT PROTEST DAY 13 Perhaps the impetus for the demonstrations across Egypt may be linked to our Flat-earth Chicago-school Austerity Kings at the WB, IMF etc. Professor Samer Shehata at Georgetown explains in a DN! interview, "But also, beginning in 2004, of course, Egypt began implementing economic reforms called for by the IMF—or really forced on them by the IMF and the World Bank—from the late 1980s and the early '90s, economic reform and structural adjustment programs of privatization, subsidy cuts, opening up markets, deregulation and so on. ... You'll remember that Jacques Chirac called it the "economic miracle," and it was the darling of the IMF and the World Bank, because it implemented these types of reforms earlier. Well, of course, we saw what happened in Tunisia. In Egypt also, from 2004 until the present, the government and its reforms were applauded in Washington by World Bank, IMF and U.S. officials. ... But what all of that masked, what all of that masked, was what was going on at the level of real people and ordinary lives. ... So, what these macroeconomic indicators masked was what people were experiencing at the level of everyday life and real income. As I mentioned, poverty was increasing. Income inequality was increasing. And even corruption was increasing, according to Transparency International. See the rest of the interview below. Washington's Blog confirms Former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs: Egyptians, Greeks, Tunisians and British Are All Protesting Against Pillaging of Their Economies: Nomi Prins - former managing director of Goldman Sachs and head of the international analytics group at Bear Stearns in London - notes that the Egyptian people are rebelling against being pillaged by giant, international banks and their own government as much as anything else. She also points out that the Greek, British, Tunisian and other protesters are all in the same boat: "...But, Egypt's more devastating economic transformation centered around its decision to aggressively sell off its national banks as a matter of foreign and financial policy between 2005 and early 2008 (around the time that US banks were stoking a global sub-prime and other forms-of-debt and leverage oriented crisis). ... When a country, among other shortcomings, relinquishes its financial system and its population's well-being to the pursuit of 'good deals', there is going to be substantial fallout. The citizens protesting in the streets of Greece, England, Tunisia, Egypt and anywhere else, may be revolting on a national basis against individual leaderships that have shafted them, but they have a common bond; they are revolting against a world besotted with benefiting the powerful and the deal-makers at the expense of ordinary people." What will happen when the IMF/WB Flat-Earther Austerity Kings and their allies begin their "austerity measures" in the U.S. and its state governments by cutting social services and busting civil service unions? The 82-year-old Mubarek made another speech last Tuesday saying he would not run for re-election in September and spend his final days in Egypt. We go to Guardian UK Egypt's revolution turns ugly as Mubarak fights back: Egypt's pro-democracy revolution descended into violence and bloodshed as President Hosni Mubarak's regime launched a co-ordinated bid to wrest back control of city streets, crush the popular uprising, and reassert its authority. There were extraordinary scenes in the centre of Cairo as anti-government demonstrators fought running battles with organised cohorts of Mubarak supporters, exchanging blows with iron bars, sticks and rocks. At one point pro-Mubarak forces rode camels and horses into central Tahrir Square, scattering opponents. At least three people were killed and up to 1,500 injured according to medical sources. Clashes continued into the early hours even though the pro-Mubarak supporters had been pushed back to the edge of the square. Gunshots and explosions – possibly from gas canisters – echoed around the area. A palm tree and a building caught alight while fires were burning outside the historic Egyptian museum as petrol bombs were hurled back and forth between the two opposing factions. ... Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Guardian, opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei said: "Today's violence is again an indication of a criminal regime that has lost any commonsense. When the regime tries to counter a peaceful demonstration by using thugs … there are few words that do justice to this villainy and I think it can only hasten that regime's departure." Mubarak's announcement had been "an act of deception", he said. "But after today people are realising just what they're dealing with." ... Guardian journalists in the square – close to both sides – witnessed pitched battles that turned the square into a warzone as anti-Mubarak protesters tried desperately to hold their ground and both sides tore up paving stones to use as weapons. Among those singled out for attack were journalists including Anderson Cooper of CNN and two Associated Press correspondents. A Belgian journalist – Maurice Sarfatti, who uses the byline Serge Dumont – was reportedly beaten, arrested and accused of spying. Aimée Kligman, Foreign Policy Examiner for The Examiner rounds up more reports of Foreign journalists are attacked by Mubarak's thugs. NEWS FLASH: The violence in Tahrir Square was caused by Hamas, The Jews, Foreign Spies, Hezbolla,Palestinians, Qataris, Iranians, Journalists and assorted neer-do-wells, depending on who you want to believe. In what appears to be an admittance to culpability Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has apologized for the fatal clashes between plain clothes police forces and anti-government demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square ( "There is no excuse whatsoever to attack peaceful protesters, and that is why I am apologizing,” al-Hayat television quoted Safiq as saying. "This is a fatal error," he said, describing Wednesday's violence as “deplorable.” He said he did not know who was behind the deadly overnight clashes. Our favorite Man in Pipelineistan Pepe Escobar at Asia Times nails it in Dead men walking, with license to kill: Even without employing the army - which seems to have "dissolved" just as the police did over the past weekend - Mubarakism is able to mobilize an immense flotsam and jetsam who depend on the regime - from the 1.5 million-plus repression apparatus of the Ministry of Interior, including an army of informers, to the three million registered members of Mubarakism's National Democratic Party (NDP). This mega-mob is terrified of losing the crumbs thrown by the dictatorship in the form of a steady government job and a few connections. Escobar goes on to explain No crumbs for the Pharaoh though. According to a mix of United States, Syrian and Algerian sources his personal fortune amounts to no less than US$40 billion - stolen from the public treasury in the form of "commissions", on weapons sales, for instance. The Pharaoh controls loads of real estate, especially in the US; accounts in US, German, British and Swiss banks; and has "links" with corporations such as MacDonald's, Vodafone, Hyundai and Hermes. Suzanne, the British-Irish Pharaoh's wife, is worth at least $5 billion. And son Gamal - the one that may have fled to London, now stripped of his role as dynastic heir - also boasts a personal fortune of $17 billion. Before the zombie show, state media duly warned of "violence" ahead. "Foreigners" were blamed for the protests. The dreaded Interior Ministry ordered everybody in the streets to "go home" - and so did the Mubarak-approved Grand Mufti of Egypt. And according to an opposition source talking to al-Jazeera Arabic, the "businessmen" - that is, the billionaire cronies of Mubarakism - duly dished out the funds to smash the protests. Either Hosni Mubarak himself, the "suave torturer" Omar Suleiman-headed military junta (Suleiman, Shafiq, Tantawi and Annan), or the whole bunch altogether, the fact is the regime, predictably, unleashed counter-revolution with a bang. Whatever the content of the now notorious 30-minute phone call between US President Barack Obama and Mubarak, it's clear that "orderly transition" was interpreted as a green light to go zombie. ... A widely circulated Fox News opinion piece - crammed with factual absurdities - is shaping the master narrative that will be repeated ad nauseam by Zionists, neo-conservatives, Zio-cons, the assorted far right, evangelists and Tea Party nut jobs; it accuses the Muslim Brotherhood ("the Godfather of radical Islam") of being ready to enter "war against Israel", close the Suez Canal and force Egypt to "stop the flow of natural gas into Israel". Even so-called progressive American sectors are already falling for this massive propaganda offensive of configuring people power in Egypt as a radical Islamist plot that must be stopped - as it poses a supreme danger to US national security. Very few in the US and Europe are connecting the dots that the rise of radical Islam in the Arab world has been directly connected to Western-supported autocracies and dictatorships such as Mubarak's smashing the secular left. This is the essence of the propaganda being spun now. We urge you to read this entire essay along with MIT Professor Noam Chomsky's "The Arab World Is on Fire" at "The shock wave was set in motion by the dramatic uprising in Tunisia that drove out a Western-backed dictator, with reverberations especially in Egypt, where demonstrators overwhelmed a dictator’s brutal police. Observers compared the events to the toppling of Russian domains in 1989, but there are important differences." See Chomsky's interview with Amy Goodman on DN! below. Also Syria tightens security at parliament, no sign of protests - 2nd Update ( Syrian opposition activists said that "peaceful" demonstrations were to take place after Friday prayers outside of parliament in Damascus to call for reforms, but as of early afternoon there were no signs of any demos taking place. Opposition sources in Syria, who requested anonymity, told the German Press Agency dpa in Beirut that "the protests will take place after Friday prayers and again on Saturday." Eyewitnesses near the parliament in Damascus, however, said they had only seen some "Syrian security men in plainclothes being deployed in small groups outside Parliament." But by early afternoon, one eyewitness near the parliament building told dpa, "no protesters had gathered" at that location. In Jordan After Egypt's protests, Jordan's king faces more assertive public (Christian Science Monitor) “We came here to make a message to our government, to the decisionmakers in Jordan, that we don't need changes in faces; we need changes in policies,” said Ghaith al-Qudah, who was organizing for the Brotherhood's Youth Committee. Despite public skepticism about the new government, there were no large, organized protests like those that have shaken the capital on the past three Fridays. But the small gathering spoke to the fresh willingness of Jordanians to go public with their discontent – and how the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia have changed the game for a generation. And in Yemen activists arrested, students protest (BBC) The arrests of the activists in the capital sparked a protest of several hundred at Sanaa University. The demonstrators, chanting "release the prisoners" and holding pictures of Karman, tried to march to the state prosecutor's office, who a security source said had ordered her arrest. But riot police carrying batons beat them back. Police also beat up two TV cameramen filming the protests and confiscated their cameras, a Reuters witness said. One was briefly arrested. For the most up-to-date coverage visit Al Jazeera English, LINK TV and Free Speech TV plus more updates and news blogs at Guardian UK's EGYPT PAGE. And here is more information from Egypt protests - Saturday 5 February: Hillary Clinton signals US backing for Omar Suleiman on day leaders of ruling NDP resign – as it happened also at Guardian UK. Lots more infomation, news and analysis below in the BTV Alerts and all our regular features. Remember the item from Pepe Escobar as you digest (stomach?) the Sunday Bobblehead shows as the topic will surely revolve around the Egyptian protests beginning with Christianne Anampour reporting live from Cairo on ABC. Face the Bob has several Mid-East experts while Meet the David gets JOHN KERRY, JAMES BAKER and TOM "Flat-Earth" FRIEDMAN and State of the Candy has MADALEINE "the price is worth it" ALBRIGHT and more reports from Egypt. And during a most historic period of history in the Middle East what does faux news go with? Super bowl discussions! HA! Aside from being GRIPPED by the AJE Egypt coverage on LINKTV the Brick TeeVee crew witnessed the NBA All-Time Losing Streak of 24 games dropping as the Cavs Lose Record Setting 24th Straight The Crew will watch the NUMBER ONE 23-0 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES @ Minnesota Golden Gophers (ESPN 2 pm et). In unison The Crew agrees lay the 2 1/2 points and Go Packers! Lastly with the 100-year Reagan Luv-Fest that is sure to take hold at some point this week we point you to Listen to a Liberal Caller Crush Rush Limbaugh’s Ronald Reagan Delusions from "The liberal caller destroyed the myth of St. Ronnie of Tax Cut with one simple question that Rush Limbaugh could not answer." Ya gotta like that! Do click over to the whole stuttering drug addled thing DECONSTRUCTED. All kidding aside - Let us remember: Unless all are free none are.
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