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Dai-Ichi At One Month One month ago Monday Japan was hit by a record 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami setting in action a series of events at the Fukshima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant that have left the plant severely damaged, leaking radioactive elements into the atmosphere and ocean. See these hi-res pix of the plant's damage at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Hi-Res Photos Christian Science Monitor answers the question How Much Spent Nuclear Fuel Does the Fukushima Daiichi Facility Hold? • Reactor No. 1: 50 tons of spent nuclear fuel • Reactor No. 2: 81 tons • Reactor No. 3: 88 tons • Reactor No. 4: 135 tons • Reactor No. 5: 142 tons • Reactor No. 6: 151 tons • Also, a separate ground-level fuel pool contains 1,097 tons of fuel; and some 70 tons of nuclear materials are kept on the grounds in dry storage which adds up to over 1,700 TONS of radioactive material on the site with most of its cooling capacity inoperable. McClatchy reports via Denver Post U.S. nuclear plants store far more spent rods than Japan's and President Not Sure wants $36 billion in government-backed loan guarantees for new nuclear reactors and setting aside more than $800 million for nuclear energy research ( We turn to Dr. Helen Caldicott March 25 Statement by Helen Caldicott, M.D. about the Japanese Nuclear Emergency (pdf)

    "Tragically, the “Nuclear Samurai” work for a company – TEPCO – that has been exposed as having ignored mandatory safety checks at Fukushima; as allowing spent fuel rods far in excess of the number that was deemed prudent to be stored on site; and as being evasive and unforthcoming about the real facts of the unfolding emergency. What we have also seen is a second tsunami of a different kind – a tidal wave of blowback from the nuclear industry around the world, which has been rocked back on its heels by Fukushima but is now regrouping. There are claims that radiation is good for you; that nuclear power is still the only answer to global warming; and that fears about the safety of nuclear power are unwarranted and panic-stricken. Let us be clear: there are billions and billions of dollars at stake for the nuclear industry, which has, as I’ve written earlier, managed to bamboozle governments around the world, much of the press, and many ordinary citizens into believing that nuclear power is green and clean. Nothing could be further from the truth. The industry will not walk away from that money without a fight. The world is now paying – and will pay however severe Fukushima turns out to be – a grave price for the nuclear industry’s hubris and the arrogance and greed that fueled their drive to build more and more reactors."
Washington's Blog reports Cesium Fallout from Fukushima ALREADY Rivals Chernobyl: As I've previously noted, many experts say that the Fukushima plants will keep on leaking for months. See this and this. And the amount of radioactive fuel at Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl. As the New York Times notes, radioactive cesium is the main danger from the Japanese nuclear accident: Over the long term, the big threat to human health is cesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years. At that rate of disintegration, John Emsley wrote in “Nature’s Building Blocks” (Oxford, 2001), “it takes over 200 years to reduce it to 1 percent of its former level.” It is cesium-137 that still contaminates much of the land in Ukraine around the Chernobyl reactor. ... But anyone who believes that Fukushima cannot possibly become as bad as Chernobyl has no idea what they are talking about. And Karl Grossman writes on his blogspot My book, "Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power," Is Being Distributed Free by Publisher Online. People can now get free copies of my book "Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power" -- with a new updated preface I've written in the midst of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear power disaster. Just go to and you will see the book displayed on the homepage--and a box to click on and have the book downloaded at no cost. ... Also, videos I have done on nuclear power are available for viewing free at They include: "Three Mile Island Revisted," "The Push to Revive Nuclear Power," and "Chernobyl: A Million Casualties." Here is a good roundup from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Agence France-Presse First Posted 04/08/2011 "State of stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactors: Here is the current state of each of the six reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant." Tyler Durden at has also been a fantastic source, with his newest Following The Earlier TEPCO Reporting Flap, Here Is A Simple Way To Resolve The True Radioactivity At Reactor 2. Japan and surrounding areas will be contaminated for centuries. The worldwide contamination is incalculable. And India, China and the U.S. think more nuke plants is the way to go? Dr. Caldicott is correct: The world is now paying – and will pay however severe Fukushima turns out to be – a grave price for the nuclear industry’s hubris and the arrogance and greed that fueled their drive to build more and more reactors.
King of the Real Americans by digby This is from the upcoming Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone interview with John Boehner

    Boehner: "Can't pay your student loan? Face it your parents were lazy and you couldn't afford college. The world needs ditch diggers and you were born into a family of them. Can't pay your mortgage? Your house was too expensive and you couldn't afford it. Your taxes going up too much? That's what you get for electing a democrat president. Never had a job after you got a degree? You learned nothing in school and you're lazy. I didn't get to be a congressman by watching jersey shore or playing xbox. You think there's no jobs for you? There used to be. There was when I was your age. You don't have fee time because you have to work all days of the week for 16 hours a day and you don't get paid hourly? Thank the unions. They made decent jobs so out of price range of the average American company that they can't hire anymore people and the works' gotta get done. These unions... I tell you they won't be happy till no one in America has a job. And health care? Don't get me started on health care- doctors study their entire lives and they barely make enough to live and yet Obama, who had his entire life handed to him on a silver plate wants to cut their pay. You know that's gonna do? Increase costs- the average persons going to have to work even harder just to see a doctor.
    Taibbi: "With mounting unemployment what do you think is the possibility that we'll see an Egyptian style uprising of the youth? Should we be worried?"
    Boehner: "It's not going to happen in the US. The kids here are too fat, too lazy, to addicted to TV, fast food, cheap credit, and facebook. I have news for you - there are plenty of jobs out there - the unemployed don't want them. Today's college student feels entitled to make at least $24 right after college. When they find out they can collect unemployment they would rather do that. You know the average college educated unemployed person is collecting $60k a year? The CATO institute did a study- and I mean, you and me we're hard workers we could just sit around and live, but these kids today- that's all they've been doing their entire lives. I'm not worried for this country- there are a few of them who actually want to work, take Mark Zucker(sic). You don't build a site like facebook out of thin air- it takes talent and hard work. I went to a community college and all I saw were people sitting in front of computers typing away, their eyes were fixed. Probably just facebooking away.
Also probably not a good idea to get shitfaced with Matt Taibbi with the recorder on. I actually think this is great. This is how most Republicans think and it's good to see it right out there for all to see. When you peel away all the Bible verses and the red white and blue and the constitutional gibber jabber, this is what you have --- a cynical white guy with a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, just sure that the country's going to hell in a handbasket because nobody's quite as good as he is. (Oh yes, and the equally supercilious women who love them...) He's not lying. He honestly believes that wages are just too damned high, that unions are destroying jobs, that health care reform is killing people and that upper middle class professionals should be pitied for the lousy money they make. I'm sure corporations shouldn't be taxes and neither should the wealthy because it's punishing 'winners" --- and lord knows he loves winners. Like him. A couple of glasses of his favorite Merlot and you'd start hearing about the freeloading "minorities" and the uppity bitches too, bet on it. When I used to listen to my Dad and his cronies go on about this crap over a couple of drinkie winkies, I could at least excuse them for the fact that they were old and had actually done one big thing in their lives that mattered --- they saved the world from Hitler. What the hell has Boehner ever done to earn his own high opinion besides his seven handicap and whoring himself to every rich old bastard in Ohio? This is the worldview of the powerful middle aged conservative. They feel they deserve what they have and more --- and nobody else can hold a candle to them. They are, simply the best, better than all the rest. If they aren't, why are they running everything? Speaking of Taibbi he writes in Rolling Stone Tax Cuts for the Rich on the Backs of the Middle Class; or, Paul Ryan Has Balls Paul Ryan, the Republican Party’s latest entrant in the seemingly endless series of young, prickish, over-coiffed, anal-retentive deficit Robespierres they’ve sent to the political center stage in the last decade or so, has come out with his new budget plan. All of these smug little jerks look alike to me – from Ralph Reed to Eric Cantor to Jeb Hensarling to Rand Paul and now to Ryan, they all look like overgrown kids who got nipple-twisted in the halls in high school, worked as Applebee’s shift managers in college, and are now taking revenge on the world as grownups by defunding hospice care and student loans and Sesame Street. They all look like they sleep with their ties on, and keep their feet in dress socks when doing their bi-monthly duty with their wives. ... Never mind that each time the Republicans actually come into power, federal deficit spending explodes and these whippersnappers somehow never get around to touching Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. The key is that for the many years before that moment of truth, before these buffoons actually get a chance to put their money where their lipless little mouths are, they will stomp their feet and scream about how entitlements are bringing us to the edge of apocalypse. ... We are in the middle of a major national disagreement over budget priorities, and that debate is going to turn into a full-scale cultural shooting war once the 2012 presidential election season comes around. It is obvious that we have a debt problem in this country and that something needs to be done about it. But a huge part of the blame for the confusion and the national angst over our budget issues has to be laid at the feet of media assholes like Brooks, who continually misrepresent what is actually happening with national spending. The last ten years or so have seen the government send massive amounts of money to people in the top tax brackets, mainly through two methods: huge tax cuts, and financial bailouts. The government has spent trillions of our national treasure bailing out Wall Street, which has resulted directly in enormous, record profit numbers – nearly $100 billion in the last three years (and that doesn’t even count the tens of billions more in inflated compensation and bonuses that came more or less directly from government aid). Add to that the $700 billion or so the Obama tax cuts added to the national debt over the next two years, and we’re looking at a trillion dollars of lost revenue in just a few years. You push a policy like that in the middle of a shaky economy, of course we’re going to have debt problems. But the issue is being presented as if the debt comes entirely from growth in entitlement spending. It’s bad enough that middle-class taxpayers have been forced in the last few years to subsidize the vacations and beach houses of the idiots who caused the financial crisis, and it’s doubly insulting that they’re now being blamed for the budget mess. But the icing on the cake comes when a guy like David Brooks – like me a coddled, overcompensated media yuppie whose idea of sacrifice is raking one’s own leaves – comes out and calls Paul Ryan courageous for having the guts to ask seniors to cut back on their health care in order to pay for our tax breaks. The absurd thing is that Ryan’s act isn’t even politically courageous. It’s canny calculation, but courage it is not. ... No mincing of words from Matt. Keep your eye on Rolling Stone for his upcoming story too: Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi? Adele M. Stan at AlterNet now explains You Thought the Koch Brothers Were Bad? Turns Out They're Even Worse Than You Thought: But a new report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund shows that, as bad as you thought the Kochs were, they're actually worse. And their reach into virtually every aspect of political, economic and physical life on the planet is probably greater than you thought possible. ...Okay, now have a look at the Kochs' recent direct contributions to political candidates: The Kochs donated directly to 62 of the 87 members of the House GOP freshman class...and to 12 of the new members of the U.S. Senate. No wonder, then, how that continuing resolution -- the means for funding the government when a budget has not been passed into law -- managed to get through the House. (It was subsequently rejected by the Senate, setting the stage for a possible shutdown of the government at the end of this week.) Those 62 Koch-backed freshmen are essentially driving the agenda of the House Republicans, because together they form a large enough bloc to prevent House Speaker John Boehner from amassing a majority on any piece of legislation, should they choose to, despite the 2010 Republican victories that handed control of the House to the GOP. ... In addition to a narrative on the duo's activities in the political sphere, The Koch Brothers: What You Need to Know About the Financiers of the Radical Right (pdf HERE) serves up a bevy of lists and graphics that offer a range of facts and figures in an easy-to-grok form. Good item! Here's a guest commentary by BILL BERKOWITZ FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT Exclusive: Unaccustomed to Hot Seat, ALEC Talks to BuzzFlash at Truthout This is the third part of an exceptional Bill Berkowitz series on the shadowy right-wing organization known as ALEC. The first two BuzzFlash at Truthout columns on ALEC are "Is the Shadowy World of ALEC and the Koch Brothers Leading the GOP's Charge to Suppress the Youth Vote?" and "Smart ALEC: Dragging the Secretive Conservative Organization Out of the Shadows." Currently being forced out of the shadows, the American Legislative Exchange Council's Senior Director for Public Affairs tells BuzzFlash that the organization hadn't "seen this kind of attention before," and "it was time to answer our critics." Read all three now! The WH Limo is busy! This Week has the "President's top adviser" David Plouffe, Meet the David gets Obama's "senior adviser and former 2008 campaign manager" David Plouffe, State of the Candy talks with "White House Senior Adviser" David Plouffe while Fake Snooze suffers the same "White House Senior Adviser" David Plouffe. Meanwhile Face the Bob gets in the middle of a dog fight between CHUCK SCHUMER & JEFFREY BEAUREGARD SESSIONS III plus assorted Reptilians and Blue Dogs. See important news and views below in BTV Alerts and all out regulars, especially BRAD FREIDMAN of BradBlog subbing for MIKE MALLOY last week covering last Tuesday's Wisconsin Supreme Court election and the SURPRISE 14,000+ votes "found" there the day AFTER the election! The Tribe is in FIRST PLACE in the AL Central for the first time since 2007 with a nice six game winning streak while the Cavs put up a banner for JOE TAIT in honor of his 39+ years of Cavaliers Radio play-by-play. Joe's last broadcast is Wednesday's season finale home game against the Wizards beginning at 8 pm. Tune your AM radio WTAM 1100 and see if you can pull in the broadcast (clear channel 1100 AM boasts coverage to "39 states and half of Canada"). Enjoy those April Showers and have a great week!

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    Ray McGovern April 7, 2011: Ray McGovern, member of Veterans For Peace and former senior analyst at the CIA, discusses why Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s military tribunal may hide 9/11 motives; contesting the “they attacked us for our freedom” explanation for 9/11; evidence from Dick Cheney and the 9/11 Commission that unconditional US support for Israel motivates terrorism; the Washington Post’s revisionist interpretation of KSM’s motivation as a response to negative personal experiences in America; and the real reason Congress is dead-set against federal trials for 9/11 plotters: the ensuing national news coverage connecting the dots between US foreign policy, support for Israel and terrorism.
    Peter HartApril 9, 2011: Peter Hart, activism director at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), discusses his article “Is There Really a Goldstone ‘Retraction’?” about the media spin-machine working to wipe any traces of Israeli war crimes in Gaza from the minds of Americans; Richard Goldstone’s minor quibbles with the Goldstone Report‘s conclusions, expressed in his Washington Post op-ed, that amount to questioning the existence of a high-level Israeli official policy of intentionally killing civilians (based on information provided by the Israeli military’s self-investigation); the significant (and seemingly effective) pressure from Israel supporters brought to bear on Goldstone; and the report’s significant evidence of Israeli war crimes that remains unchallenged – including targeting civilian infrastructure and using white phosphorous.
    Gareth Porter April 9, 2011: Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses the internal political pressures on Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that may prevent him from inviting the US military to stay past 2011; how Obama has joined the Pentagon’s attempt to subvert the Status of Forces Agreement; how Moqtada al-Sadr’s influence may tie Maliki’s hands – whereby acquiescing to US wishes could very well cost him his job; the popular Iraqi outrage about Saudi Arabia’s brutal repression of Bahrain’s Shia majority and its longstanding financial support of militant Iraqi Sunni groups; the possibility of a regional conflagration along religious lines, pitting Iran against Saudi Arabia; and why Iraq’s military – which has close ties with the US military – wants the troop extension and might attempt a coup to make it happen.
    Adam Morrow April 9, 2011: Adam Morrow, journalist with IPS News, discusses the divide on Egypt’s March referendum, split along religious lines; the economic crisis that sparked the revolution, and the many other grievances that sustain it; and the upcoming parliamentary and presidential polls that, if conducted fairly, will finally give Egyptians a representative government.
    Many more interviews at Antiwar Radio!

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