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Brick TeeVee and The NOT "mastermind" UBL?

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The NOT "mastermind" Several reports have surfaced during the past week regarding the demise of a one Usama bin Laden. Every announcer, commentator and politician has called Usama "the mastermind of nine-eleven". Every one! Let's go to the ThinkProgress videotape of White House Press Secretary Dana Perino from a September 2008 press conference where she says, "No, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the mastermind of 9/11, and he’s sitting in jail right now." Think Progress goes on to say Perino seems to be attempting to justify the White House’s failure to catch bin Laden by suggesting he was not the “mastermind.” But in September 2006, former press secretary Tony Snow stated:

    Osama bin Laden, mastermind of September 11th, the person that many people talk about and still have concerns about, calls this fight, the fight in Iraq, “the third world war.”
While Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has admitted to being the “architect” of 9/11, bin Laden was not inconsequential; he approved and executed the attacks. KSM in fact, brought the idea to bin Laden, who according to the 9/11 Commission, “wanted to hit the White House, Pentagon and U.S. Capitol,” not just the World Trade Center. Well OF COURSE you can trust "the 9/11 Commission" report, RIGHT? As Pepe Escobar notes below "Bin Laden was the quintessential product of Cold War US foreign policy; the unholy alliance of Washington, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia." Our own intrepid armymom BTV contributor susancle adds this commentary: "I've read/heard some interesting stuff about the changing story of the Osama assassination. First, that the story about him using a woman as a shield was psy-ops, intended to create an impression of him to would-be terror recruits as a lowly coward, rather than someone to admire. Whether or not true, first impressions tend to stick with people despite later corrections. Also, there's a story circulating that he was actually shot at close range by one of his bodyguards to avoid the spectacle of live capture, and that he was not killed by Navy SEALS. Now, Al Qaeda is acknowledging his death. One way or another, the mythical evil creature is out of play, and is no longer an excuse for what we are doing in that part of the world." Bingo, susancle. We're pretty sure those "first impressions" will be hammered home by FAKE NEWS and the rest of the U.S. corporomedia, corrections ignored forever and always, the Goebell's "tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" in spades, controlling the message a la Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media Required Viewing for every citizen in the Free World. Now maybe you missed it (surprise!) but OBL was declared dead several times after the "magic escape" from Tora Bora in 2001, most notably David Frost Over the World on AlJajeera English with Benazir Bhutto who plainly states "binladen is dead" and Frost totally misses any follow-up questions. Surprisingly a few months later as Bhutto travelled back to Pakistan to run for office to challenge Musharraf on 27 December 2007 Benazir Bhutto assassinated at rally ( U.S. strong-arm Pakistani President/General Pervez Musharraf exclaimed at the time "This is the work of those terrorists with whom we are engaged in war," he told Pakistan state TV. "I have been saying that the nation faces the greatest threats from these terrorists. Today after this tragic incident, I want to express my firm resolve." What's not mentioned is that Musharraf was in the middle of being ousted. As still president on 3 November 2007 Musharraf declared emergency rule across Pakistan. He suspended the Constitution, imposed State of Emergency, and fired the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court again. thus setting up the atmosphere of the return of and a direct challenge by Benazir Bhutto to Musharraf's rule. Much has happened since then (not all good) and so Pervez comes on on NPR last week to defend the Pakistani Army and its infamous ISI. NPR HEADLINE: Gen. Musharraf 'Can't Believe There Was Complicity' MONEY QUOTE
    NPR's STEVE INSKEEP: President Musharraf, one other thing, if the American information is correct, if the timeline is correct, Osama bin Laden was actually in that house during a period when you were president of Pakistan. Since learning this news the other day, have you had a moment of saying to yourself, I really should have known that? Mr. MUSHARRAF: Well, yes, if this is correct. I mean a lot of theories are going around the place. One of them is that he was there for six years. Now, frankly, yes, what youve said is absolutely correct. Why didn't I know? I mean it is terrible and I would like to inquire from all the - our intelligence agencies, why the hell did you not know when I was there? Now, having said that, I personally, without any intelligence, I can't imagine a person inside a house for six years and people around not knowing. Leave the intelligence aside. I've seen many interviews of people around on Pakistan's television channels. Now, I am sure all of them knew Osama bin Laden. I'm sure. He was a household name and his face was also a household - everyone knew. I would like anyone to ask them, did you know Osama bin Laden is inside? I don't think they knew. rofl Now, was this man hiding in a room for six years? I have my doubts. Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't appeal to my reasoning and rationality(ph). rofl
Okay then! Haha! Maybe General Pervey should take a peek at The house of secrets: behind the high walls of Osama's compound by Andrew Buncombe at The Independent! Seriously though Phyllis Bennis at OtherWords lets on in Justice or Vengeance? The president's speech last [Sunday] night could have aimed to put an end to the triumphalism of the "global war on terror" that George W. Bush began and Barack Obama claimed as his own. It could have announced a new U.S. foreign policy based on justice, equality, and respect for other nations. But it did not. It declared instead that the U.S. war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and beyond will continue. In that reaffirmation of war, President Obama reasserted the American exceptionalism that has been a hallmark of his recent speeches, claiming that "America can do whatever we set our mind to." He equated the U.S. ability and willingness to continue waging ferocious wars, with earlier accomplishments of the U.S. — including, without any trace of irony, the "struggle for equality for all our citizens." In President Obama's iteration, the Global War on Terror apparently equals the anti-slavery and civil rights movements. USA! USA! you dumbassses. Chris Hedges Speaks on Osama bin Laden’s Death ...I know that because of this announcement, that reportedly Osama bin Laden was killed, Bob [Truthdig Editor Robert Scheer] wanted me to say a few words about it … about al-Qaida. ... We responded exactly as these terrorist organizations wanted us to respond. They wanted us to speak the language of violence. What were the explosions that hit the World Trade Center, huge explosions and death above a city skyline? It was straight out of Hollywood. When Robert McNamara in 1965 began the massive bombing campaign of North Vietnam, he did it because he said he wanted to “send a message” to the North Vietnamese—a message that left hundreds of thousands of civilians dead. These groups learned to speak the language we taught them. And our response was to speak in kind. The language of violence, the language of occupation—the occupation of the Middle East, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—has been the best recruiting tool al-Qaida has been handed. If it is correct that Osama bin Laden is dead, then it will spiral upwards with acts of suicidal vengeance. And I expect most probably on American soil. The tragedy of the Middle East is one where we proved incapable of communicating in any other language than the brute and brutal force of empire. And empire finally, as Thucydides understood, is a disease. For a great detailed analysis we go to Our Man in Pipelineistan Pepe Escobar at Asia Times for Obama/Osama rock the casbah Get out yer old Clash records to read, in part GEO TV in Pakistan played a completely different mix. ISI types spun that the operation was in fact Pakistani - conducted after an army helicopter was shot down (Pentagon types also mentioned it) and a search party then got involved in a firefight. Pakistani troops helped cordon off the compound. They arrested a few Arab women, kids and armed Arabs who then confessed Bin Laden was there; that led to another firefight in which Bin Laden was killed. Two US helicopters then flew to the site and carried away the body of Bin Laden. According to this version, the fire in the compound was caused by the crashed helicopter. The US "firefight" account is also murky. According to Obama's description, there were no US casualties; that doesn't sound like much of a "firefight". This may have been a heavily defended compound, or just a compound where US forces were holding Bin Laden. The CIA is spinning this was a kill operation. That's also shaky. Capturing Bin Laden alive - just as with Saddam Hussein - would have been the ultimate minaret of humiliation, and a much juicier public relations coup for the White House. That may explain Washington's zeal to dispose of his body in the Arabian Sea as soon as possible - to the despair of many a sharia law specialist. The compound was burned to the ground. Conveniently - just as in 9/11 - there is no crime scene, and no body. This would be rejected in any CSI script conference. The whole world awaits an incontrovertible photo of the body as well as the results of the DNA test. And sooner rather than later - as with Saddam - some informant will reveal there was nothing Hollywood about the kill; it all came about as an enterprising individual decided to finally bag the $50 million reward. There's only one destination this almighty leak may have come from: the Pakistani ISI. And if that is the case, army chief General Ashfaq Kiani - a Pentagon darling - had to issue the final imprimatur. His "reward" will be the stuff legends are made of. Read it all and get that crazy Casbah jive UTOOB - Rock the Casbah. See the EXCLUSIVE interview with Pepe with PETER B COLLINS below! To get some insight and history on the black ops go read Jeremy Scahill at The Nation JSOC: The Black Ops Force That Took Down Bin Laden NOW. Also see Scahill on DN! below. And a hearty h/t to occasional BTV contributer amiel for Day of the Dead: The Hit Man as Hero by Chris Floyd of Empire Burleseque ....Here is where the schizophrenia sets in. It is obvious, from this and other posts, that Digby is horrified and outraged at Obama’s open claim of this universal license to kill and imprison with impunity. That is, she fully recognizes that the United States government is led by a man who believes he can murder anyone he pleases, at any time, at his own arbitrary decision. She knows that he has used this power over and over, most extensively in Pakistan, where even by the most conservative estimates hundreds of innocent people – including many women and children – have been killed in Obama’s drone missile campaign. ... But this is not simply a case of lesser evilism in a system where all the alternatives are grim – i.e., “Well, Göring is a monster but he’s probably marginally better than Hitler; let’s support a bloody coup to install him as Führer”. No; Digby and many other progressives whose writings show they are perfectly aware of the atrocities that Obama has committed and the evil policies he embraces – such as the unrestricted license to kill – still display an active affection and celebratory support for him. To them, even though he has killed these people and claimed these awful powers, he is still one cool guy. NOT TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT but Canada had elections last week and it's not looking good for our neighbors across Lake Eerie:
    IAN WELSH Conservatives Win Majority And with a fairly decent margin. The collapse of the Liberals in Ontario, and the choice of BC to go largely Conservative seem to have been the key. How much difference the robocalls giving false information to voters in ridings in Ontario and BC which Conservatives were in danger of losing remains undetermined. Hopefully the courts will show their independence and investigate this question aggressively, but with a majority government, Harper will be in a position to shut down such investigations and has show in the past that he has no qualms using such power. Southern Ontario, outside the city cores, went hard Conservative. This continues the trend of Ontario suburbs thinking that the man who has presided over the destruction of Canadian manufacturing is going to save them by keeping their housing values high and driving Toronto into the ground, because suburbs don’t need healthy cities. This bet on the part of Canadian suburbanites will work out as well for them as it has for American suburbanites. Going forward this is probably good for the NDP. Their job now is to be a good opposition, and to make the case that everything Harper does is wrong, destructive and will be rolled back by an NDP government. As for the Liberals, job 1 is to ditch Ignatieff, job 2 is to make the case to Ontario that they are the party that can actually run government properly, and make the economy work again. “You had it pretty good in the 90s, didn’t you?” should be their mantra. Especially as it looks to me like Canada is about to go into recession, certainly it’s in danger of doing so. Of course, Harper has 4 to 5 years to try and ride it out, but I’m going to say that now that he has full power, he will screw it up. He’s that sort of guy. For Canada? Not so good. But, under the rules as they exist (minus the robocalls), the Conservatives won. Even if Harper did cheat (and I would be highly surprised if the Conservatives weren’t behind the robocalls), it’s highly unlikely that the Courts will call him to account, since he will be in a position to shut down police investigations. Still, there is nothing he can do that can’t be undone by another majority government, and apparently Canadians need to learn what happens when you let someone like Harper have a majority. That learning will be unpleasant, but I guess it’s necessary. In particular for Ontarians, who have voted against their own self interest. It’s one thing for the Prairies to vote for “loot now, worry about the hangover later”, it’s another for Ontario to vote “make Dutch disease permanent and destroy our industrial base.” Oh, and if the Governor General is reading this, you should refuse to allow the government to sit until the investigation into the Robocalls has been completed. Given you were appointed by Harper, unlikely, I know, but you might want to consider putting Canada first and doing your job.
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    Jason Leopold May 4, 2011: Investigative reporter Jason Leopold discusses sometime-collaborator Jeffrey Kaye’s article “Guantanamo Detainee Files Hint at Psychological Research;” the great American hero Bradley Manning; the WikiLeaks Guantanamo files that reveal bad intelligence on detainees, many of whom were held for ten years without being suspected of terrorism; how Gitmo served as a propaganda and double-agent production facility; how antiamalarial drugs may have exacerbated the conditions of 100 mentally ill and suicidal prisoners; the proof that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld knew most Gitmo inmates were innocent; Chris Floyd’s take on the NYT’s horrendous Guantanamo coverage; and the Gitmo defense lawyers who can’t use WikiLeaks documents to make their cases, and think Obama is worse than Bush on government abuse of the classification system.
    Jason Ditz May 5, 2011: Jason Ditz, managing news editor at, discusses the sparse news coverage on the stalemate in Libya that may lead to partition; NATO’s “no assassination” policy in a conflict where every target can be defined as a military asset; decentralizing power in Yemen, where many provinces have become autonomous; the Saudi-dominated Gulf Cooperation Council troops in Bahrain that are staying for the duration of Shia protests; and the persistence of protesters in Syria, who turn out in ever-greater numbers despite the mortal risk in doing so.
    Many more interviews at Antiwar Radio!

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    • Tom Donilon, National Security Adviser
    • Former Vice President Dick Cheney

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