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Austerity and Riots! Who are these two men talking about? Prime Minister David Cameron: "These are sickening scenes - scenes of people looting, vandalising, thieving, robbing, scenes of people attacking police officers and even attacking fire crews as they're trying to put out fires. This is criminality, pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated. ... And I have this very clear message to those people who are responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality: you will feel the full force of the law and if you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishment. And to these people I would say this: you are not only wrecking the lives of others, you're not only wrecking your own communities - you are potentially wrecking your own life too." London deputy mayor, Kit Malthouse adds on NPR "There's also a lot of rationalization of criminal activity, and I think that's fundamentally what it is. It is criminal activity, pure and simple. It's driven by greed, avarice and a desire to just grab other people's property. I think you can try and confect some kind of complicated sociological argument about people's motivations for that criminality, but I think that's getting them off the hook. There is no excuse for it, absolutely none whatsoever." Here's a hint: they weren't talking about the international economic terrorist bankers! That's too bad since the Conservatives enacted the austerity measures, pushed by said economic terrorists, that boiled over into rioting in the streets of London, after dozens of peaceful protests that had absolutely no effect on their lawmakers' decision to deeply cut social safety net programs anyway. There is a context to London's riots that can't be ignored Nina Power Guardian UK explains Since the coalition came to power just over a year ago, the country has seen multiple student protests, occupations of dozens of universities, several strikes, a half-a-million-strong trade union march and now unrest on the streets of the capital (preceded by clashes with Bristol police in Stokes Croft earlier in the year). Each of these events was sparked by a different cause, yet all take place against a backdrop of brutal cuts and enforced austerity measures. The government knows very well that it is taking a gamble, and that its policies run the risk of sparking mass unrest on a scale we haven't seen since the early 1980s. With people taking to the streets of Tottenham, Edmonton, Brixton and elsewhere over the past few nights, we could be about to see the government enter a sustained and serious losing streak....Combine understandable suspicion of and resentment towards the police based on experience and memory with high poverty and large unemployment and the reasons why people are taking to the streets become clear. ... Those condemning the events of the past couple of nights in north London and elsewhere would do well to take a step back and consider the bigger picture: a country in which the richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest, where consumerism predicated on personal debt has been pushed for years as the solution to a faltering economy, and where, according to the OECD, social mobility is worse than any other developed country. As Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett point out in The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone, phenomena usually described as "social problems" (crime, ill-health, imprisonment rates, mental illness) are far more common in unequal societies than ones with better economic distribution and less gap between the richest and the poorest. Decades of individualism, competition and state-encouraged selfishness – combined with a systematic crushing of unions and the ever-increasing criminalisation of dissent – have made Britain one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. And one of the most WATCHED. Back in 2005 the Debate Brews over London Surveillance Cameras then in 2007 George Orwell, Big Brother is watching your house The Big Brother nightmare of George Orwell's 1984 has become a reality - in the shadow of the author's former London home. It may have taken a little longer than he predicted, but Orwell's vision of a society where cameras and computers spy on every person's movements is now here and guess who won? DC is the same now, if not more. Try finding any video footage or reports on the WTO protests in Seattle, for instance. Who might be making $$$$$ on the surveillance scheme? READ NAOMI KLEIN from 2008 China's All-Seeing Eye: One of the first people to sound the alarm on China's upgraded police state was a British researcher named Greg Walton. In 2000, Walton was commissioned by the respected human-rights organization Rights & Democracy to investigate the ways in which Chinese security forces were harnessing the tools of the Information Age to curtail free speech and monitor political activists. The paper he produced was called "China's Golden Shield: Corporations and the Development of Surveillance Technology in the People's Republic of China." It exposed how big-name tech companies like Nortel and Cisco were helping the Chinese government to construct "a gigantic online database with an all-encompassing surveillance network — incorporating speech and face recognition, closed-circuit television, smart cards, credit records and Internet surveillance technologies."v When the paper was complete, Walton met with the institute's staff to strategize about how to release his explosive findings. "We thought this information was going to shock the world," he recalls. In the midst of their discussions, a colleague barged in and announced that a plane had hit the Twin Towers. The meeting continued, but they knew the context of their work had changed forever. Walton's paper did have an impact, but not the one he had hoped. The revelation that China was constructing a gigantic digital database capable of watching its citizens on the streets and online, listening to their phone calls and tracking their consumer purchases sparked neither shock nor outrage. Instead, Walton says, the paper was "mined for ideas" by the U.S. government, as well as by private companies hoping to grab a piece of the suddenly booming market in spy tools. For Walton, the most chilling moment came when the Defense Department tried to launch a system called Total Information Awareness to build what it called a "virtual, centralized grand database" that would create constantly updated electronic dossiers on every citizen, drawing on banking, credit-card, library and phone records, as well as footage from surveillance cameras. "It was clearly similar to what we were condemning China for," Walton says. Among those aggressively vying to be part of this new security boom was Joseph Atick, now an executive at L-1. The name he chose for his plan to integrate facial-recognition software into a vast security network was uncomfortably close to the surveillance system being constructed in China: "Operation Noble Shield." The Fourth Amendment prohibition against illegal search and seizure made it into the U.S. Constitution precisely because its drafters understood that the power to snoop is addictive. Even if we happen to trust in the good intentions of the snoopers, the nature of any government can change rapidly — which is why the Constitution places limits on the tools available to any regime. But the drafters could never have imagined the commercial pressures at play today. The global homeland-security business is now worth an estimated $200 billion — more than Hollywood and the music industry combined. Any sector of that size inevitably takes on its own momentum. New markets must be found — which, in the Big Brother business, means an endless procession of new enemies and new emergencies: crime, immigration, terrorism. Check out this whole essay to find out about the potentially treasonous "Golden Shield" software and the companies aiding and abetting the Chinese police state. "CHILLING", ain't it? Raise your hand if you were in a "free speech zone" the last decade! If you're planning on protesting OR rioting in the near future (say mebbe on Oct. 6, 2011?) make sure you bring yer bandanas! FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE is out there now! See ISS Secures Washington DC Tunnels from 2008 & APNewsBreak: Facial recognition in use after riots now. And if you thought you could make yer own Flash Mob BART cuts cell phone service to stop protest. Nice. By now you should understand the global security-police state, n'est-ce pas? WEAR YER BANDANAS! Meanwhile Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman plots The Downgrade Doom Loop It’s not the whole story, but something like this threatens to develop:

  1. US debt is downgraded, sparking demands for more ill-advised fiscal austerity
  2. Fears that this austerity will depress the economy send stocks down
  3. Politicians and pundits declare that worries about US solvency are the culprit, even though interest rates have actually plunged
  4. This leads to calls for even more ill-advised austerity, which sends us back to #2
Behold the power of a stupid narrative, which seems impervious to evidence. These austerity measures have a real impact on people, especially children. Listen to Background Briefing with Ian Masters Wed Aug 10 2011 (mp3) for a very disturbing Childrens Defense Fund report on U.S. childhood poverty with MaryLee Allen of the CDF. Then Peter Wilby at the Guardian UK tells us Anxiety keeps the super-rich safe from middle-class rage "The pay gap at the top should change the terms of political trade. But the squeezed middle must first learn to look up." TAVIS SMILEY & DR. CORNEL WEST have been on their Poverty tour - A Call to Conscience so they've been making the rounds on various media outlets. See this CNN clip via HuffPo/AOL Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Spar With CNN's Carol Costello About Obama, Poverty (VIDEO)
    CNN's Carol Costello had a rather testy exchange with PBS host Tavis Smiley and Prof. Cornel West about their fierce criticism of President Obama. Smiley and West have been two of President Obama's most high-profile African American critics. They are currently on a nationwide "Poverty Tour" to highlight what they say is the lack of attention given to poor people in America. Smiley and West appeared on "American Morning" Monday to discuss the tour. Smiley was blunt about what he saw as the damage done by Obama in the recent debt deal. "I think this debt ceiling deal, Carol, was really a declaration of war on the poor," he said. "The Congress, the president, respectfully, have declared war on the unemployment extensions for poor people. No closing of a single corporate loophole, not one new tax, not one cent of new tax on the rich and the lucky." Costello didn't seem to be buying this line of thinking. In response, she cited a Heritage Foundation study which, she said, claimed that poor Americans lived relatively comfortably (See Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today? -Ed.) . "What are they complaining about?" she asked, and, citing the study again, continued, "[rich] people pay the taxes in America and the poor don't pay any." West called this a "lie," saying that "most of the taxes are paid by middle class. One out of four corporations don't pay a penny of taxes." (See Senator Bernie Sanders Reveals The Top Ten U.S. Corporate Tax Dodgers -Ed.) After Smiley ran through some of the things he would like President Obama to do to tackle poverty--including discussing the issue more and having a national conference on poverty--Costello asked another skeptical question. "The president represents everybody in America," she said. "[He's] dealing with a lot of stuff right now so why concentrate on one segment of the population?" "When the banks had a national emergency, they bailed out and found $700 billion," West shot back. "When we go to war, we find $1.3 trillion."
In Salon's "War Room" Rachel Maddow discusses Rick Perry's connections with a Christian conspiracy group A number of the Texas governor's prayer rally pastors are plotting world domination On Wednesday night Rachel Maddow discussed Texas Gov. Rick Perry's prayer event, The Response, which took place last weekend. The event "raised eyebrows," she noted, for involving pastors known for their extreme conservative views. A number of the pastors have something more in common explained Maddow: "Many of them are part of a little-known, very specific religious and political movement... The New Apostolic Reformation." According to a cover story in the Texas Observer this month, pastors in the movement believe themselves to be modern day prophets or apostles, directly linked to God. Their aim, explained the article author Forrest Wilder, is "to infiltrate government, and Rick Perry might be their man." Read Forest Wilder in the Texas Observer and watch the video - very distrubing and creepy. Also read Sarah Posner's Perry’s Challenge to Bachmann for Religious Right Vote Here's something you may want to bring to your House of Worship (if that's your thing): Ray McGovern at Antiwar They Died in Vain; Deal With It. Maybe (just maybe) getting religious leaders to stand up against the onslaught of "austerity" cuts to social programs while the Military-Industrial-Media Complex lays waste to large portions of the globe while extracting HUGE amounts of tax-payer money JUST MIGHT help turn the tide. Or not. But it's worth a try, isn't it? Following up on the Murdoch phone hacking in the U.K. Frank Rich reminds us Murdoch Hacked Us Too Many have asked What Happened to Obama? DREW WESTEN professor of psychology at Emory University and the author of “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation” lays it out: (nyt) Like most Americans, at this point, I have no idea what Barack Obama — and by extension the party he leads — believes on virtually any issue.THE real conundrum is why the president seems so compelled to take both sides of every issue, encouraging voters to project whatever they want on him, and hoping they won’t realize which hand is holding the rabbit. That a large section of the country views him as a socialist while many in his own party are concluding that he does not share their values speaks volumes — but not the volumes his advisers are selling: that if you make both the right and left mad, you must be doing something right. As a practicing psychologist with more than 25 years of experience, I will resist the temptation to diagnose at a distance, but as a scientist and strategic consultant I will venture some hypotheses. The most charitable explanation is that he and his advisers have succumbed to a view of electoral success to which many Democrats succumb — that “centrist” voters like “centrist” politicians. Unfortunately, reality is more complicated. And following the roller-coaster ride the global stock markets took last week Prairie2 quips The Bubbly is going flat The Dow took back yesterday’s run up and another 100 points besides, closing down 520. This mini-crash was driven mostly by rumors that the big banks are in trouble, especially Bank of America which is the biggest of the big and it has the smallest reserves for its size. BoA is also on the hook for 62 billion in bad mortgages it sold to investors and only has 22 billion set aside to pay for this.... ow did any investor think that securitized sub-prime debt was a good investment? Oh, that’s right the ratings agencies said they’d examined the loans and they were AAA. Now we’re told that we have to accept the collapse of Western Civilization because countries that have no real economic problems are going to be unable to make good on their bonds and are being downgraded. The reason they won’t be able to pay? Interest rates are going through the roof and why’s this? Because they’ve been downgraded by these same ratings agencies that gave us the last crisis. ... After the big crash it wasn’t fixed, the Federal Reserve just printed up 14 trillion USD and spread them around. The whole world complains but still pretends it’s not really a food poisoning, but it’s getting harder to ignore the bodies. People on the inside say 80% of financial services should be made illegal, these things used to be illegal. There will be no “recovery” until this is done, just bubbles of ever shorter duration until the champagne goes flat. Cheers, Prairie2! Our last word goes to someone who gets it: See Dylan Ratigan's Rant courtesy Washington's Blog Mad as Hell MUST WATCH! Enjoy the Sunday Funnies live from Ames Iowa so bring yer pies and bricks! Plenty of targets to choose from! And of course lots to digest at all our regulars! Click on anything and be instantly smarter! The Brick TeeVee Crew retired our rusted-out Nissan pick-up this week and snagged a very solid Mazda B2300. They spent all day getting tags and such and cleaning it up and it's looking really nice now! Plus the tomato plants are 6' high and have so many tomatoes they're falling over and the tomatilloes have gone absolutely crazy! And The Dog Days of Summer have the Tribe 3 games out of 1st, looking to sweep the Twins today. Have a great week, everybody!

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The First Cause: A Plan to Claim Food As Food: We can't end this destruction of our rights simply by protesting each incident. By the time these limitations are pushed on us, it's too late. We must address the bases on which these rules are made. We must insure that, at a minimum, laws are enacted that remove the ability to limit our access to natural products. Food must be recognized as food, not treated as drugs. To this end, I'm starting two petitions, one in the US and one in the EU, to address this concern. However, these petitions are not the usual sort. They will form the basis of many actions. People who sign are asked to be part of the movement to claim back our health rights. We need to let politicians know that we're serious, we're organized—and we're growing. People who sign are asked to also send letters or e-mails to their representatives in congress or parliament, thus sending a constantly increasing stream of messages to keep the issue in front of them. A new website has been set up to allow people to post responses from politicians, along with their own articles: Free Choice - Health Defining food as food is not the only issue that must be tackled, but it's a key one. As it gets rolling, we'll start others. We are literally in a battle for our lives!
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    Josh Orton on yesterday's Wisconsin Recall Elections [08•10•11]
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    The small island of Iceland has lessons for the world. READ The people of Iceland have now twice voted not to repay international debts incurred by banks, and bankers, for which the whole island is being held responsible. With the present turmoil in European capitals, could this be the way forward for other economies? (LeMonde)
    How many of these riot stars will be recruited by Goldman and JP Morgan? How many will start hedge funds? READ UK riots: young yobs back on streets despite David Cameron’s pledge (Telegraph UK) It is the height of hypocrisy to castigate London’s riot stars while simultaneously appeasing and coddling bank terrorists at Goldman, JP Morgan, HSBC, RBS, etc. Britain’s Got Riot Talent and hopefully many of these riot-preneurs will start hedge funds and investment banks and provide much needed competition. In other words, Cameron needs to decide if he’ll continue to foster a UK economy driven by larceny in the banking sector – and ‘hug a hoodie’ – as he once promised. Or, try something else. Since he isn’t doing anything about financial rape and apartheid in the the City, he should STFU.
    • VIDEO! Max Keiser Standup Rage Mott St. NYC; August 2nd, 2011 In two parts, about 90 minutes. Must Watch!
    • VIDEO! Alex Jones talks to Max Keiser – Infowars special video report
    • KEISER REPORT Keiser Report: Exorbitant Privilege
    • KEISER REPORT Keiser Report: Reverse Nixon Golden Dream We interview Peter Schiff. Gerald Celente says this is a ‘great’ episode.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR171] Keiser Report – False Flag Finance We interview Teri Buhl.
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    Jason Leopold August 11, 2011: Investigative reporter Jason Leopold discusses his article “Former Counterterrorism Czar Accuses Tenet, Other CIA Officials of Cover-Up” about Richard Clarke essentially blaming the CIA for failing to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attack by withholding the identities and whereabouts of two eventual hijackers; likely CIA efforts to recruit the hijackers and gain a desperately-wanted foothold inside al-Qaeda; the televised interview of Clarke by filmmakers John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski on Colorado Public Television; and information on Richard Blee, the barely-known replacement of Michael Scheuer at the CIA’s Alec Station (bin Laden unit).
    Philip Giraldi August 11, 2011: Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses the MEK’s rightful place on the State Department’s (admittedly flawed and politicized) terrorism list; why a lack of determined opposition (unlike to, say, Jonathan Pollard’s pardon) will probably get the MEK what it wants; why Americans never seem to catch on even after being lied into war again and again; Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire that specializes in printing propaganda about Iran from Israeli and British intelligence agencies; and the best way to get a “Persian summer” after the Arab spring: leave Iran alone and stop giving the regime an external enemy to blame for its problems.
    Matt Barganier August 13, 2011: editor Matt Barganier discusses the best articles of the week, including Grant F. Smith’s “Does AIPAC Have Only Two Major Donors;” Becky Akers’ “The TSA Exposed for Exposing Us – Again;” Justin Raimondo’s “Barbarians With BlackBerrys” about the British riots; and Ran HaCohen’s “Israelis Sick and Tired – but of What?” about the protests in Israel, where the limits of “guns and butter” spending have been reached. He also discusses the possibility of riots in the US due to economic dislocation; Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversary articles, especially Ralph Raico’s piece; and Ivan Eland’s reasoning on why the MEK doesn’t belong on the State Department’s terrorist group list.
    Gareth Porter August 13, 2011: Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses the infamous “laptop of death” documents from which the vast majority of “evidence” about Iran’s supposed clandestine nuclear weapons program comes from; the conspicuous mistakes in the documents that lead him to believe a foreign intelligence agency (probably Mossad) fabricated them; how Iran’s refusal to turn over military missile blueprints (which are none of the IAEA’s business) got them labeled “uncooperative” and sanctioned by the UN; and how the MEK launders information, passing off documents sourced from Israel as their own. This interview is from the KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles broadcast of August 12th.
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