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Brick TeeVee and Jobs, May Day, and Torture!

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Jobs, May Day, and Torture Last Sunday Paul Krugman had to fend off multiple GOPher CANARDS coming at him from all sides. FDL's Scarecrow put together this summary ABC’s This Week Continues the Dumbing of America with VIDEO! Some time ago, after ABC began occasionally including Paul Krugman on This Week panels, which began to expose the silliness and misrepresentations of people like George Will, someone must have realized that it was highly risky to give Paul Krugman or his type too much time, because that would expose how silly and dishonest most of the This Week panelists usually are. The solution, which we saw in its extreme version today, is to swarm any fact-based panelist with enough liars and Serious People Who Have Been Wrong About Everything so that the lonely fact-based panelist can’t possibly refute all the absolute gibberish the rest of the panel spouts. ..... Now combine this with the usually clueless George Stephanopoulus and you’ve created an impossible task for anyone hoping to have a reality-based discussion break through the fog of misinformation and failed theories. Since providing a fact-based reality check is Krugman’s role, and he only gets to talk at best 1/7th, or 14% of the time — and Walker and Fiorina made sure to interrupt and talk over him repeatedly — the odds you would be dumber by the end of the show were very high. And that’s exactly how it went. So how much more misinformed would you be after watching this show? Consider what we learned: .... All in all, possibly the worst This Week panel in months, but under Stephanopoulus we’re coming to expect that. George, however, thought this was a wonderful discussion. Scarecrow adds this Update: Krugman’s reaction: We’re Doomed! So you see what I mean. We have a terrible failure of demand — and Carly Fiorina thinks the key problem is excessive taxes on corporations (our effective rate is actually fairly low). Hey, if only we had low rates like Ireland, we could have 14.7 percent unemployment … oh well, never mind. Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt thinks the problem is a shortage of workers in some high-skill fields. As Dean Baker points out, businesses were saying the same thing in 1935; so were the era’s Very Serious People. Everything makes David Walker think of the need for entitlement reform. Everything makes George Will think of Ronald Reagan. Sigh. That was my reaction after the debate on This Week, which was actually taped Friday. We had what was supposed to be a spectrum of informed opinion, and which actually was a good spectrum of what passes for informed opinion. And what we got … well, watch it. More comments after it has aired. Krugman is keeping up the pressure! Saturday on Reuters TV Krugman compares Republican economic plan to blood-letting (Eric W. Dolan - Raw Story) Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said Saturday that Republican-backed austerity measures — such as cutting government spending and reducing public services — were self-defeating. “We are very much like medieval doctors who thought the treatment for illness was to bleed you, then when the patients got sicker they bled them even more,” he said on Reuters TV. “We are doing incredibly destructive stuff that is not working.” .... Krugman said the real economic problem was mass unemployment. “I would say shelve the deficit discussion,” he said. While Congress has been debating how to cut the federal deficit, “more than 3.9 million Americans have been out of work for more than a year,” Krugman added. “Think about what that means. That should be overwhelmingly our priority. We should be focusing on the clear and present danger, and not wasting a lot of time on what might happen well down the pipe.” Watch the VIDEO at Raw Story! For more GOPher CANARDS we go to PAUL BUCHHEIT FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT Five Tax Fallacies Invented by the One Percent. They Are Entirely False which you should bookmark for that special right-wing acquaintence who spews these kinds of talking points with a straight face! Haha! Here's an item from a few weeks back we forgot to include "Politics Is at the Root of the Problem" at The European: Austerity policies are driving us towards a double-dip recession, warns US economist Joseph Stiglitz. He sat down with Martin Eiermann to discuss new economic thinking and the influence of money in politics. Here's one snip:
    The European: What do you say to someone who argues thus: Demographic change and the end of the industrial age have made the welfare state financially unsustainable. We cannot expect to cut down on our debt without fundamentally reducing welfare costs in the long run. Stiglitz: That is absurd. The question of social protection does not have to do with the structure of production. It has to do with social cohesion or solidarity. That is why I am also very critical of Draghi’s argument at the European Central Bank that social protection has to be undone. There are no grounds upon which to base that argument. The countries that are doing very well in Europe are the Scandinavian countries. Denmark is different from Sweden, Sweden is different from Norway – but they all have strong social protection and they are all growing. The argument that the response to the current crisis has to be a lessening of social protection is really an argument by the 1% to say: “We have to grab a bigger share of the pie.” But if the majority of people don’t benefit from the economic pie, the system is a failure. I don’t want to talk about GDP anymore, I want to talk about what is happening to most citizens. The European: Has the political Left been able to articulate that criticism? Stiglitz: Paul Krugman has been very strong on articulating criticism of the austerity arguments. The broader attack has been made, but I am not sure whether it has been fully heard. The critical question right now is how we grade economic systems. It hasn’t been fully articulated yet but I think we will win this one. Even the Right is beginning to agree that GDP is not a good measure of economic progress. The notion of the welfare of most citizens is almost a no-brainer.
Very good! Go read all of this! Meanwhile WashingtonsBlog notices This Is the First Time In History that All Central Banks Have Printed Money at the Same Time … And They’re Failing Miserably with some excellent graphs showing the ever-increasing paper money supply, led by Helicopter Ben but now being ably followed by the ECB, Japan, India, England and even China! .... In fact, the whole stimulus-versus-austerity debate is a false one (as we noted last year). Let’s examine an analogy to get beyond the rhetoric and see what’s really going on … The blood pressure of the patient in the emergency room drops precipitously. The ER docs have already given 15 pints of blood over the course of many hours. But the patient is still on the verge of dying. Medical rules and regulations say that more than 15 pints of blood should never be given, as too much transfusion can cause other fatal problems. The “liberal” doctors want to give the patient more blood. After all, this is a life-or-death emergency … and if they can just buy more time, they might be able to figure out a way to save the patient. The “conservative” doctors want to stop with the transfusions. After all, giving too much blood could kill the patient … and maybe he’ll be able to pull out of it on his own. Who is right?
Well, the “liberal” and “conservative” doctors are so busy arguing their point of view that they haven’t noticed that one of the patient’s legs has been half chewed off. He’s bleeding out through the huge open wound. Unless the doctors suture up the wound, the patient will bleed out no matter how much blood they give him. The government isn’t even stimulating in an effective way …. it isn’t spending money on the types of stimulus that will have the most bang for the buck. And giving money to the little guy helps stimulate the economy much more than giving it to the big financial players. But while D.C. has thrown a couple billion dollars at jobs and the states – it is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the many tens of trillions of dollars in handouts to the giant banks. Whether or not Keynesian stimulus could help in our climate of all-pervading debt, Washington has already shot America’s wad in propping up the big banks and other oligarchs. More important still, Keynes implemented his New Deal stimulus at the same time that Glass-Steagall and many other measures were implemented to plug the holes in a corrupt financial system. The gaming of the financial system was decreased somewhat, the amount of funny business which the powers-that-be could engage in was reined in to some extent. As such, the economy had a chance to recover (even with the massive stimulus of World War II, unless some basic level of trust had been restored in the economy, the economy would not have recovered). Today, however, politicians haven’t fixed any of the major structural defects in the economy ( and see this). So even if Keynesianism were the answer, it cannot work without the implementation of structural reforms to the financial system. A little extra water in the plumbing can’t fix pipes that have been corroded and are thoroughly rotten. The government hasn’t even tried to replace the leaking sections of pipe in our economy. Bailouts, money-printing and lose monetary policy can’t patch a financial system with giant holes in it. What are the giant holes?
Read on for the PARASITE analogy! At ZeroHedge we find People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981 it is just getting sad now. In April the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 522,000 from 87,897,000 to 88,419,000. This is the highest on record. The flip side, and the reason why the unemployment dropped to 8.1% is that the labor force participation rate just dipped to a new 30 year low of 64.3%. See the graphs there for full impact. But wait! And You Thought American Unemployment Was Bad... Europe is a different matter. Because while even at 100,000 jobs added every month, as the chart that some have dubbed the "scariest chart in the world" shows, the US is adding jobs - why: look at this chart and all shall be made clear. Yes, adding debt at a breakneck speed is helping, but all this is doing is delaying the inevitable pain at the end, but in a world where everyone is only focused on the here and now, that is all that matters. Which, however is more than can be said for Europe. Sadly, while the US is slowly converting jobs gained (at a 2% GDP growth rate, in exchange for a public debt rising at double+ that pace), Europe is about to see the cumulative job loss number since the GFC slide to the the lowest since the crisis hit, and then go bidless. At that point it will merely be a question of how long until Europe is swept up in one massive revolution as the people say "no more" to prudent fiscal strategy and demand more, more, more of the debt heroin that is making their neighbors across the Atlantic appear so healthy on the surface, if projected to be 75% obese by 2020. Prairie2 notes in Blue good, Red bad ....In short the economy is growing at a respectable rate despite the Republican efforts to impose austerity in the states they control. The growth is almost exclusively in the Blue states. If we didn’t have the conservatives dragging the economy down, we would be growing a sustained rate not seen since before Reagan. If you think I’m painting a rosy picture, I’m not. In fact we are in deep trouble. America has great potential, we’ve had fantastic productivity gains in the last 30 years, but almost all of the wealth produced by the gains has gone to the fraction of one percent at the top. These super rich aren’t shy about using this massive wealth to get their way. The debate over whether the crack down on Occupy protestors comes from Washington or is just local is moot. The billionaires control government at all levels to some degree, and can exert crippling pressure on anyone who opposes them. With decades of propaganda behind them, many officials even think they are doing the right thing, they don‘t remember “before Reagan“. ... There is some movement politically in Europe to crack down on the bankers, since they have the example of countries nearby to learn from. Americans have had it drilled into them for decades to not pay attention to Europe and will need to learn on their own before it’s too late.
MAY DAY EVENTS May Day 2012 was by most measures a fantastic success featuring music, poetry and activists' speeches, that is until the Riot Squads began their pepper spraying and arrests. The Daily Mail has a good lot of photos and stories from around the country at Re-Occupied! Thousands of activists clash with police as May Day protesters swarm dozens of U.S. cities There are so many stories, just too many to list here! The Guardian has a pretty fair round-up at Occupy May Day protests across US as activists and unions link up. Also see the official OWS #MayDay: The Whole World is Waking! Live Coverage of #M1GS at Not all May Day protests went off without a hitch, though. In our dear city Occupy Cleveland had to cancel its May Day operations. WCPN reports Five Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Northeast Ohio Bridge Debbie Kline, who is Director of Cleveland jobs for Justice and has herself been part of Occupy Cleveland, confirms that Brandon Baxter has spoken at Occupy Cleveland rallies, and takes pains to dissociate the movement from the alleged plot. “What they just did was not something that Occupy Cleveland sanctioned. It is not on behalf of Occupy Cleveland. That is not what Occupy Cleveland is about. They are a non-violent movement.” Kline says a planned demonstration at GE’s lighting plant by Occupy Cleveland and other activist and labor groups was cancelled. The demonstration was in conjunction with May Day rallies and events in other U.S. cities. From the from the anarchists-running-amok dept. notices FBI Stops Yet Another (Yes Another) Of Its Own Terrorist Plots; This Time: Anarchists! right here in CLE OH no doubt! And on the biggest May Day in recent U.S. History! Coincidence? Following our post about the NY Times highlighting how the FBI seems to spend an awful lot of time foiling its own terrorist plots, some of our commenters pointed us to the news that the FBI has done it again (just in time to coincide with our story), arresting five individuals in a plot that appears to have been coordinated by the FBI itself. Even though some of the "anarchists" arrested expressed concerns about how resorting to violence would help, the FBI helped supply fake explosives and that appears to have convinced the group to move forward with its "plot." Prior to that, they seem to have had little actual ability to do much of anything, other than thumbing through The Anarchists' Cookbook and talking about what they'd like to do. No entrapment there, eh? From Operation: Entrapment - Cleveland bomb "plot" masterminded by FBI agents .... Taking a closer look at the federal complaint against the five men reveals that although the suspects are believed to have expressed anti-government sentiments and disdain for major financial corporations, the impetus in the would-be bombing was the urging of undercover agents that had infiltrated a group of friends and encouraged them to consider acts of terrorism. ..... Although it seems straight out of a spy novel, it is commonplace within domestic intelligence agencies. An exposé put together last year by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley reveals that the FBI currently has as many as 15,000 undercover agents working within their ranks, with some making as much as $100,000 per assignment from Uncle Sam. What’s more is that the FBI regularly dabbles in entrapment in order to encourage and create crime. The same study shows that of around 500 prosecutions in recent years relating to terrorism charges, the FBI used informants for about half of them. Of 158 of prosecutions that ended in convictions, around one-third acted on plots perpetrated by federal agent provocateurs. Click over for the details of how they were entrapped. And see this MoJo report RT mentions The Informants: "The problem with the cases we're talking about is that defendants would not have done anything if not kicked in the ass by government agents," says Martin Stolar, a lawyer who represented a man caught in a 2004 sting involving New York's Herald Square subway station. "They're creating crimes to solve crimes so they can claim a victory in the war on terror." Next Michael Scott of the CLE PEE DEE reports Cleveland mayor won't renew Occupy Cleveland permit for Public Square site, second site still open Occupy Cleveland is being ousted from Public Square -- or at least part of it. The action by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's office to not renew the permit for the group to use the West Roadway portion of the square comes after Occupy protesters had been camped there for about seven months. ..... Occupy members this week had distanced themselves from the five suspects in the failed bombing plot, saying they were involved, but did not represent the non-violent philosophy of the group. The FBI has also said that is is not investigating the group. (Oh no? Maybe 'infiltrate' might be a more apt word? See the MoJo story above! -Ed.) The movement has worked to peacefully defend the city from the corporate forces that have worked to cripple it and has seen great support from the general public," the Occupy news release said. "Occupy Cleveland has worked very hard to maintain a cordial relationship with the administration and the Cleveland Police Department and we hope that continues, despite the city's decision. The group said it plans a continued presence in the "Mayor Tom Johnson/Free Speech Quadrant" of Public Square, banking on an Oct. 26, 2011, agreement with the city to stay in that portion Occupy Cleveland has access to the Mayor Tom Johnson/Free Speech quadrant 24/7 and plans to utilize it for movement activities. The enite country is our Free Speech Zone and our permit is the First Amendment! Go Occupy Cleveland!
Occupy Wall St. has posted this CALL TO ACTION Converge for Justice: Occupy Wall Street South - Bank of America Call to Action!
    On May 6-9 people from across the country and world will be converging in Charlotte, NC, home of Bank of America’s Headquarters and their annual Shareholder meeting, to demand an end to their practices that are bankrupting our economy and wrecking our climate. Homeowners, students, immigrants, environmentalists, workers, women’s groups, peace activists and more will be in Charlotte, bringing their stories, hearts and communities to the fight against Bank of America and the economic inequality, racial injustice and environmental destruction they have wrought. .... Bank of America, and its profits-over-people-and-planet business model, is drowning our democracy through huge financial contributions to lobbyists that are serving the interests of the 1% and are participating in corporate-funded groups like American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Financial Services Roundtable. As a global community united for real economic and racial justice, it is time that BoA is held accountable, invest in public needs and services, or face being broken up to achieve the justice we need. Whether you are a community member, homeowner, worker or student, we need to come together to challenge corporate power and create an economy and democracy that works for all of us. Join the 99% for a Week of Actions as We Break Up Bank of America’s Business As Usual! Week of Action!
Go there to see the entire week's schedule! Go to for a running total of the number of Occupy protesters arrested around the U.S. since Occupy Wall Street began on Sep. 17, 2011. There have been at least 7,121 as of May 1, 2012.
Perhaps planned to overshadow the May Day actions to be the Shiny Object of the Day for our corporopress Obama swoops into Afghanistan on bin Laden death anniversary .... "Not only were we able to drive al Qaeda out of Afghanistan, but slowly and systematically we have been able to decimate the ranks of al Qaeda, and a year ago we were able to finally to bring Osama bin Laden to justice," Obama said to cheers. But he also warned U.S. troops of further hardship ahead in Afghanistan. "The battle is not over yet," he said at Bagram airbase outside of Kabul, where only months ago thousands of Afghans rioted after U.S. troops accidentally burned copies of the Koran, the Muslim holy book. The incident plunged relations to their lowest point in years. Obama met Karzai at his walled garden palace in Kabul, where they signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA). "By signing this document, we close the last 10 years and open a new season of equal relations," Karzai said in a statement after the meeting. Within Afghanistan, the palace signing ceremony was aimed at sending a message to the Taliban and other groups that they cannot wait out 130,000 foreign troops and retake power. It could help push the insurgency's leaders to re-enter reconciliation talks with both the U.S. and Afghan governments. ... Not lost on the BTV Crew's Irony Meter was that only a short distance away from pResident Obomber's speech to the troops sits the infamous Bagram Prison. Face It: With Bagram, the United States Does Torture says Charles P. Pierce two years ago in Esquire! .... If the BBC's reporting this week is correct, then the U.S. military — and, by extension, the U.S. government — has been caught lying once again as to what is being done to other human beings in the name of the people of the United States. And it's becoming very plain that we have no real objection not only to the lying, but to the various exercises in inhumanity that the lying is meant to protect. The president of the United States has demonstrated very little real interest in revealing what his predecessors were about, and even less interest in punishing them for their crimes, and he has suffered no perceivable political damage as a result. We are told now, by him, and by his underlings, that the United States no longer tortures, but there is no real reason any more to trust the United States government on this score, no matter who may be temporarily in charge of it. We are a constitutional, self-governing republic that has decided to torture. Period. It would be good if we could look ourselves in the face and admit it to ourselves. At the very least, we could give ourselves a break from our own tattered sanctimony. SPEAKING OF TORTURE Did you catch 60 Minutes TORTURE MAN RODRIGUEZ last week? Jesselyn Radack with the Government Accountibility Project is demanding Prosecute Jose Rodriguez Prosecute Jose Rodriguez for violating the anti-torture statute (18 U.S.C. § 2340A). He did it. Enjoyed doing it. And would do it again. Rodriguez admitted on 60 Minutes that he organized, ordered, and destroyed evidence of "enhanced interrogation techniques." .... (It should not be lost on anyone that Simon & Schuster gave Rodriguez a book contract, 60 Minutes gave Rodriguez a main-stream-media platform, and CBS owns both Simon & Schuster and 60 Minutes.) Despite Rodriguez admitting his crimes on national television, the only person the Obama administration has criminally prosecuted in connection with the Bush-era torture program is John Kiriakou, who refused to participate in torture and blew the whistle on waterboarding. How can we be a nation of laws when a former government official can proudly boast about his criminal behavior on national television without consequence? .... Waterboarding is torture, and torture is illegal, and it violates more than just the statute specifically prohibiting torture. .... Rodriguez admitted his crimes on national television. Surely that is enough for the Justice Department to begin a prosecution, especially considering that that the Justice Department has spent millions of dollars hunting down news sources who exposed government illegalities, investigating how Guantanamo detainees found out the names of their torturers, and prosecuting whistleblowers. Contact Attorney General Holder and ask him to prosecute Rodriguez: 202-353-1555. ..... Adam Jacobson at Human Rights First outlines Jose Rodriguez’s Tortured Logic .... Rodriguez’s claims that torture worked hinge on a flimsy premise: that KSM, Abu Zubaydah, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, and the other so-called high-value detainees who were waterboarded and subjected to other forms of enhanced interrogation needed to be made “complicit” before their interrogations could proceed. ..... The unspoken implication here is that lawful interrogation methods work. But they will only work on the super bad guys if they are roughed up first. And once they’re roughed up enough, they’re just an open book. Except that’s not quite true, either. Rodriguez mentions numerous times that even after rendering the high-value detainees “complicit” through EITs, the CIA still didn’t get all the answers they wanted. “But wait,” you, a thinking person, might say, “I thought that was the point of waterboarding them. If they aren’t giving you answers, you use EITs, and then they give you all the answers because you made them complicit. If they aren’t giving up everything, why don’t you just enhanced interrogate them some more, until they become super-duper complicit?” And there’s the rub. According to its advocates, enhanced interrogation works when traditional interrogation won’t, but only so much. In real life, professional interrogators use non-coercive interrogation methods with high-value detainees and get the reliable, actionable information they’re after, without torturing or abusing anyone. And in real life, EITs and torture get you false information. The false link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, a major motivation for the war in Iraq, came largely from interrogations that involved torture. .... Read this statement by professional interrogators disputing Rodriguez’s claims here, and join Human Rights First in calling on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to release its report on CIA interrogation and detention practices here. Note this editorial at the NYT's International Herald Tribune Warrior in Chief by PETER L. BERGEN THE president who won the Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months after his inauguration has turned out to be one of the most militarily aggressive American leaders in decades.... Read all of this! Bergen GETS IT. Also at The Guardian Naomi Wolf penned Organising against the enemies of internet freedom The open web has powerful enemies, as the near-death experience of the recent battle over Sopa and Pipa demonstrated, a crisis that added fire to this discussion. Who are the incumbents threatened by an open internet? The existing global power holders, who are waging such war now against it. I would argue that the Hollywood copyright holders who seemingly led the fight for Sopa/Pipa are just being used as stalking horses by the real enemies of an open internet: the global control corporations, the war interests, banking interests, Big Pharma and big insurance.
The real enemy identified by proponents of Sopa/Pipa-type laws is not piracy, or whatever fake message they come up with next, but dissent – which all of these control corporations know will force them to open up their books and be accountable. This is the same threat that led to the violent legislative and physical crackdown against Occupy. .... And we are in a race against time. As with dissent activism, by the time an "open-sourced", open-structured pro-internet movement has coalesced, its conversations will already have been surveilled, laws against it passed and its leaders – its participants – will already be targeted. For defensive purposes, this movement should hire its own K street lawyers and organize its own lobby for a free internet, alongside building its "purer" grassroots component.
Check out last Tuesday's live webchat with Naomi Wolf discussing how today's netizens can safeguard the open internet Q&A with Naomi Wolf: the open internet and its enemies. MUST READ! Visit the Electronic Freedom Fountation's Surveillance Self-Defense Project Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) exists to answer two main questions: What can the government legally do to spy on your computer data and communications? And what can you legally do to protect yourself against such spying? Read through all of this and pass it on to your lists. In the wake of the UK's The Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee Rupert Murdoch 'not fit' to lead major international company, MPs conclude The Guardian UK's David Puttnam proclaims News Corporation has sought to undermine elected governments The story that unfolded last week at the Royal Courts of Justice has roots that stretch back more than three decades. Behind the highly rehearsed faux candour of Murdoch senior, and the bland evasions of his son, lies a story in which democracy – not just in the UK, but in the US, Australia and elsewhere – has been consistently and wilfully undermined in pursuit not simply of profit but, far more corrosively, of power. For the past 30 years, the Murdoch empire has sought to undermine and destabilise elected governments, and independent regulators, in pursuit of a political agenda that, while hiding behind a smokescreen of free market orthodoxy, is in the end nothing less than a sophisticated attempt to optimise the power and influence of News Corporation and its populist, rightwing agenda. That's to say low (or better still, no) corporate taxes, minimal state regulation and the creation of an aura of "exceptionalism" sufficient to convince and recruit many of the most senior politicians in the western world to either turn a blind eye or actively help the company to achieve its commercial objectives. Back here in the States CREW Calls for FCC to Revoke Murdoch’s Broadcast Licenses Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski asking the FCC to revoke the 27 Fox broadcast licenses News Corp. holds in the United States. Under U.S. law, broadcast frequencies may be used only by people of good “character,” who will serve “the public interest,” and speak with “candor.” Significant character deficiencies may warrant disqualification from holding a license. An investigation by Great Britain’s House of Commons Committee recently condemned Rupert Murdoch as “not a fit person to exercise stewardship of a major international company.” Further, the Committee concluded that both Rupert and James Murdoch turned a blind eye to the illicit activities at News Corp. The Committee described parts of Rupert Murdoch’s testimony as “barely credible,” and said the notion that he had no inkling about the widespread illegal conduct was “simply not credible.” CREW also sent letters to the House and Senate Commerce Committees asking for hearings into whether Rupert and James Murdoch meet the FCC’s character standards. CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan stated, “The House of Commons report makes clear that both Rupert and James Murdoch were complicit in New Corp.’s illegal activities. If the Murdochs don’t meet the British standards of character test, it is hard to see how they can meet the American standard.” .... “News Corp. has a pattern of outrageous and illegal conduct, including bribery, wire fraud, computer, and phone hacking,” continued Sloan. “If the FCC won’t act to revoke Fox’s broadcast licenses, Congress should immediately hold hearings. Retaining U.S. broadcast licenses is a privilege, not a right.” Thanks Melanie and CREW but we're not holding our breath Congress will take any such action. Another tactic the GOPhers love to employ is to tangle up any meaningful advance of 'small d' democracy in the courts, most notably the 2000 Presidential Election in Florida and more recently the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Kirsten Boyd Johnson at Wonkette reports Democracy Canceled in Michigan Because of Incorrect Font Size on Form Over two hundred thousand people in Michigan are unhappy about a state law that allows Republican governor Rick Snyder to declare martial financial law in struggling municipalities and bypass local governments by installing wee tyrant “emergency financial managers” who are allowed to void the official status of public unions, sell off public assets, declare dead cat carcass legal tender, etc. Whatever they want, as long as all the budget savings are immediately passed on in the form of corporate tax cuts. So the unhappy citizens all signed petitions to force the state to hold a public referendum on the law and then promptly submitted the signatures. What do you think of that, Republican members of the state body responsible for certifying the petitions? Let’s check the report: “Republicans cited the wrong font size on the title of the petitions circulated by Stand Up For Democracy, a coalition of groups that launched the petition campaign, as the reason for not approving the initiative for the ballot. Opponents gathered 203,238 signatures, roughly 40,000 more than needed to get a repeal question on the ballot.” This should go over well!
    The Board of State Canvassers deadlocked 2-2 along party lines Thursday on whether Michiganians will get to vote in November on a repeal of the controversial emergency manager law — sparking angry shouts of “shame” and “fascists” from the audience. The vote means for now the question won’t appear on the general election ballot, but supporters said they’d challenge the decision before the Court of Appeals to try to force the question onto the ballot.
The printer says the petitions met the state requirement that the font size on the petition headlines be 14-point, so the Republicans are using their own standard from outer space, as usual.
This reminds us of back in 2004 when then-secretary-of-state Kenny-Boy Blackwell wanted to reject voter registrations because they were on paper that was not thick enough! We take the BTV Wayback Machine to 2004 Blackwell ends paper chase VotersUnite Under fire from voting-rights advocates, Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell retreated yesterday from a directive that critics said would slow voter-registration efforts and even block some people from casting a ballot Nov. 2. At issue is a reminder Blackwell issued this month to county boards of election that voter-registration forms must be printed on "white, uncoated paper of not less than 80-pound text weight," a heavy, cardlike stock. .... "We’re not the paper police. We’re not going to go to county election boards and review voter registration forms," said Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo. "We want them to process the forms." But LoParo disputed suggestions that Blackwell was reversing his Sept. 7 directive, which states that "any Ohio form not printed on this minimum paperweight is considered to be an application for a registration form. Your board should mail this appropriate form to the person listed on the application." Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Denny White said, "This is an antiquated rule and an unnecessary barrier to voter-registration efforts going on in Ohio." The requirement, LoParo said, is meant to prevent lightweight registration forms from being shredded by postal equipment. Ohio election law requires that the forms be a permanent record, and the weight requirement was set about a decade ago when Gov. Bob Taft was secretary of state. LoParo said Blackwell wants election officials to process the lightweight registration forms and send the applicants a form on heavier-stock paper to return for a permanent record. Yeah and we all know how the 2004 Election turned out in Ohio. More GOPher Money Monkeybusiness David Edwards at Raw Story reports Major GOP donor arrested in $100 million veteran charity scam The U.S. Marshal Service announced Tuesday that it had captured one of America’s Most Wanted fugitives who is accused of creating a fake charity for Navy veterans that funneled some of the $100 million collected to Republican candidates. Between the early 2000s and 2010, a man using the alias “Bobby Thompson” collected millions from unsuspecting donors for the charity U.S. Navy Veterans Association (USNVA), which claimed to provide support for members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Officials believe that very little, if any, of the money was ever used as intended, according to the U.S. Marshal Service . To help legitimize his charity, Thompson allegedly donated part of the ill-gotten funds to Republican candidates like former President George W. Bush, former Republican presidential candidate John McCain and House Speaker John Boehner. .... Over the years, Thompson also attended the 2008 Republican National Convention and numerous fundraisers. The Roanoke Times obtained photos of Thompson posing with Bush, Boehner and McCain — as well as Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL), former Bush adviser Karl Rove and former Republican New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Thompson fled in 2010 after learning of a criminal investigation in several states. He was later charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, identity theft, fraud and money laundering. A team of Deputy U.S. Marshals captured the fugitive in Portland, Oregon at approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday night. Authorities were still unaware of Thompson’s real name and he refused to make a statement. .... FUKUSHIMA UPDATE Our LAST WORD goes to Dr. Mark Sircus at Nuclear Dangers: Mankind’s Most Desperate Hour - click to see the animation!
    Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May of 1998. This is a close-up look into the insanity of the main governments of the world over the last 67 years. It’s totally amazing what we have had to live with and get used to in the modern age. Increasing radiation is just one of the menaces building up in the background as we badly pollute our world with heavy metals like mercury and with a host of other chemicals and plastic. It looks increasingly like we are drawing the curtains over the future of all our children and that is profoundly sad. We are being blindsided from multiple sources, kicked and buffeted around on the parts per million, billion and even trillion levels and this is polluting our bodies and gumming up the works. What I call the Hun Hordes of mercury is now being joined with the Hun Hordes of uranium, Hun Hordes of a host of other radioactive particles, and even Hun Hordes of plutonium because just a little bit of that will subdue the human race, putting many into their graves. Our governments and the nuclear power industry have created a strong nuclear wind that has been circling the globe for decades but is now intensifying because of what is happening in Fukushima. (Click over and READ THIS! -Ed.) This past year alone we have changed the radioactive profile of the entire northern hemisphere. Imagine a nuclear war starting tomorrow and for the next 2053 days (approximately five years) a nuclear bomb going off somewhere in the world. Would you be frightened? All I hear these days from informal sources is that cancer rates are going through the roof. If so, would they tell us? Perhaps in a few years when it’s too late they might. One does not have to be a prophet to see what is coming at this point. The earthquakes are real and are intensifying and so are the volcanoes. This weekend is a super moon (see below) and the gravitational forces will be a shade different because of the closer proximity of the moon. The earth has been threatening. Yesterday Mexico got hit with two big earthquakes. I think there is a good chance something is going to tear along the ring of fire in the Pacific this weekend—could come anywhere but the last place we want this to happen is off the northern coast of Japan. The creation, accumulation, “stock-piling” and dispersal of incomprehensibly astronomical quantities of synthetic radio-nuclides represents a planetary biological weapons system aimed right down the throat of humanity and its children. We have failed ourselves and we have certainly failed humanity’s children. We are robbing them of their future and this is one of the ugliest truths about us. You can clearly see the banks and top government officials around the world doing that financially, but when it comes to radiation contamination, it’s forever. We really should all probably being praying that building No. 4 does not come down. If there was ever a moment that humanity should be praying together, it is now. If that dirty, radioactive spent-fuel pool goes down, the consequences are really too horrible to imagine. It’s mankind’s most desperate hour but you would never know that by looking at the news. Christians should know what Christ meant when he said to himself, “Devil get thee behind me.” A saint knows when their mind fabricates insane thoughts and ideas, and that is what makes them a saint. The rest of us fail pretty miserably (that’s why we are not saints). Few people know of or admit to their own ignorance and how that contributes to a matrix that is weaving our downfall. Our desperate hour is, in part, created by our failure to see or properly define what human insanity is. Everyone I know would agree that it would be insanity to inject lead into a kid’s veins via the childhood vaccination program, but doctors get away with injecting children with mercury, which is much more toxic. Dumping toxic fluoride into public water supplies is insane, but they do it and get away with it. While we are talking about Christ, he also said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Well we can see our civilization is going to end on this point so beware and take care. It is the rich men who are running the world into the ground and we are letting them. Most of us are actually with them, with the mainstream that is helpless before their supreme handlers that pull the strings from behind the curtains. They are insane and are permanently barred from the kingdom of heaven so they really don’t care the havoc they wreak and the ruin they create, it seems. Immanuel Velikovsky wrote in his book, Earth in Upheaval, “Denial, omission, marginalization, disinformation and outright lies have surrounded every aspect of ‘the peaceful atom.’ In the wake of Fukushima, public relations, the engineering of consent, and reality-inversion have reached unprecedented levels of incredulity. The global mass-media apparatus continues to be instrumental in maintaining the ‘deafening silence’ on all things nuclear. Meanwhile, the radioactive fires rage on, bringing ‘hot particles’, cancer and mutation to every corner of the globe.”
This article originally appeared on Dr. Sircus' Blog Of course the Beltway Bubalas won't go near most of this. Instead we get more posturing and chest-beating like DAVID AXELGREASE battling JOHN "Crazy Train" MCCAIN on This Snufagopolis. Look for TAVIS SMILEY on their roundtable! Face the Bob somehow thinks Loon Leader MICHELE BACHMANN has something important to add to the national dialog then goes to grown-ups CHUCK SCHUMER and HOWARD "The MEK are Good Guys" DEAN. Throw bricks at TriLateral Commission founder and war hawk ZBIGNIEW BRZEZNSKI! MoJo's DAVID CORN battles some of the Beltway Bubalas on Bob's roundtable while State of the Candy wastes valuable public airtime with GNEWT "Contract ON America" GINGRICH and war profiteer DIANE FEINSTEIN and former OH Guv TED STRICKLAND and Meet the David tries to baffle VEEP JOE BIDEN. What you really need to do is listen to whistleblower SIBEL EDMONDS with PBC and read DAVID SWANSON's guest post about her at TheBradBlog. BOB EDGAR and MICHAEL MANN are on Ring of Fire Radio and Majority Report has excellent interviews with RUSS FIENGOLD, ERIC ALTERMAN and GLENN GREENWALD. Also Max has PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS and GERALD CELENTE while AntiWar Radio interviews MICHAEL RATNER about Bradley Manning and The Other SCOTT HORTON about "Rodriguez’s claim that the [CIA torture] tapes were shredded to protect CIA agents from Al Qaeda retribution". And lots in the BTV ALERTS section including an interview with NOAM CHOMSKY at GritTV! So much news! So little time! Click on anything and learn something! See you next Sunday!


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    Our permit to occupy public squares and parks is in The First Amendment, which affirms "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." When people across the Middle East occupied public squares, leaders in Washington mostly cheered those protesters and warned Middle Eastern governments not to use force to clear them. Those other societies don’t have a First Amendment. Yet Washington affirmed the universal right to assembly and protest. We do have a First Amendment. The force being used to clear nonviolent protesters from public squares in our country is unacceptable. It must stop. Sign the Petition to Get the 99% Deficit Proposal Heard in Congress
    Please SIGN THE PETITION in support of the "99%'s Deficit Proposal" and plan direct actions to tell the Super Committee that the 99% have better solutions to our nation's crises. You can plan your own action at your Congressmember's office or join us in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC for marches to Capitol Hill. Check our calendar for announcements. OUR GOAL: TO EMPOWER voters with facts and perspectives necessary to decipher the spin, obtain the truth, and support candidates that best represent their interests and values.
NET NEUTRALITY! A Push for Privacy in the Wake of the Carrier IQ Controversy Remember Carrier IQ, the company that makes the secret spying software that’s installed on more than 140 million phones? You know, the software that can record our most sensitive personal data? ... Thanks in part to the 22,000 people who joined Free Press’ call for a congressional investigation, some of those questions are closer to being answered and mobile users are closer to being protected. The protection comes in the form of a bill from Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey. Markey released a draft of a bill called the "Mobile Device Privacy Act" that would require phone companies to disclose to users just what is being done with all of their data. If the bill passes, an opt-out provision would go into effect a year later and would require companies to allow users to opt out of data-collection schemes like the one developed by Carrier IQ........
CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE American Majority Rejects Washington Austerity Consensus – And We Demand Media Coverage by Roger Hickey, President, Campaign for America's Future: No more silent majority. The Campaign for America’s Future is joining with the Center for Economic and Policy Research (whose Co-Director, Dean Baker blogs regularly about economic bias in the media) and with FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) to monitor the media’s coverage and representation of the American Majority views as they go into covering the big deficit fight. But we want to enlist YOU too. Send us accounts of unbalanced coverage in the national media and in your local newspapers and television. Call up reporters, editors, assignment people and tell them when they are under-representing the views of the American Majority. We should have at least half the experts, pundits, quotes and real people represented in their coverage. In a debate as important as the one we are going into, we can’t allow the media to ignore the American Majority. Much more at
MOVE TO AMEND! SIGN HERE NOW! Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site And Alan Grayson is running again in FL-8! Help out at
SUPPORT THE TROOPS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT See and Bradley Manning Support Network
UPDATE! Michael Ratner on ANTIWAR RADIO Michael Ratner May 2, 2012: Michael Ratner, President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, discusses his article “Bradley Manning: a show trial of state secrecy;” Manning’s quasi-public trial (which is open to observation, yet vital evidence and court documents are withheld from the media and public); why the NY Times is just as guilty of “aiding the enemy” as Manning and WikiLeaks; how President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made a fair trial impossible; and how you can support Bradley Manning in his time of need.
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The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
Considering Democracy: 8 Things to ask your Representative

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    • PBC podcast 461 May 4, 2012 Free Podcast: Part II of Exclusive Interview with Sibel Edmonds on Her New Book, “Classified Woman” In this second interview installment, Sibel Edmonds reveals many of the dramatic episodes related to her reports to superiors of an active spy in the FBI Language Unit, and the unprecedented retaliation and coverup.

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    • VIDEO! Papantonio: Republicans Are A Threat To National Security Recently, President Obama signed the abomination of a bill known as the JOBS Act into law. The Act is supposed to help small business owners have access to capital to expand or start their businesses and stimulate the economy. But, thanks to Republican meddling, almost all oversight and regulatory statutes were removed from the Act…
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    CISPA has just lost a powerful backer, with Microsoft withdrawing its support for the controversial cyber security bill by maxkeiser - READ Microsoft does about face on CISPA at RT
    • KEISER REPORT [KR282] Keiser Report: How bankers stole Labor Day We discuss the bull market in discontent, MF Global clients begging JP Morgan for their money back, Zynga insiders dumping shares in an ‘innovative’ manner and Max does a mean impersonation of Jamie ‘Pick a pocket or two’ Dimon. In the second half of the show Max talks to activist Andy Stepanian about animal rights activism, Occupy Wall Street and the dangers of success against corporations.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR283] – Keiser Report: Mafia vs OWS (ft. Gerald Celente) We discuss Treasury Secretary Secretary Timothy Geithner is like a monkey who sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil while Wall Street ‘elks’ are protected by the police from protestor ‘wolves.’ In the second half of the show Max talks to trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, about economic problems and years of heated geopolitical disputes to come.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR284] Keiser Report: Bribe Masters on Shopping Spree We discuss how a good morning for Vietnam turned out to be a bad day for America as more families moving into self-storage units while Chinese are spending big money on European shopping sprees. In the second half of the show Max talks to Reggie Middleton of BoomBustBlog about the tech sector and austerity versus stimulus. P.S. – note the sheep-like, herd like behaviour of the Morons of Youtube, who read each other’s comments and start baaahhhing wildly in a symphony of stupid. Must be American for they are definitely imbeciles about their history. SHRIEK – China is not communist! Blah Bah Blah!” Apparently they don’t know that is why we went into Vietnam is to stop the spread of communism. Doesn’t matter if it really is communist or not, the point is that it was our STATED AIM of going in and going broke. And that is what the Vietnamese government and the Chinese government calls themselves. And yet those countries ended up rich and booming, and we ended up broke and dilapidated. Just because you’re baahhing louder than every other sheep on the page doesn’t mean you’re any less sheep-like than they are.
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    David K. Shipler May 2, 2012: David K. Shipler, former NY Times reporter and author of Rights at Risk: The Limits of Liberty in Modern America, discusses his article “Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.;” the convicted felons used as FBI informants to ensnare the lowest-hanging fruit among potential terrorists; why an “entrapment” legal defense hardly ever works; the media’s failure to attribute domestic terrorism arrests to government sting operations; how the FBI could “entrap” terrorism suspects into working in an Islamic soup kitchen instead of pretending to blow up a bridge; the massive imbalance between surveillance data and the human analysts and investigators tasked with reading it all; and the strange story of “underbomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.
    Michael Ratner May 2, 2012: Michael Ratner, President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, discusses his article “Bradley Manning: a show trial of state secrecy;” Manning’s quasi-public trial (which is open to observation, yet vital evidence and court documents are withheld from the media and public); why the NY Times is just as guilty of “aiding the enemy” as Manning and WikiLeaks; how President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made a fair trial impossible; and how you can support Bradley Manning in his time of need.
    The Other Scott Horton May 3, 2012: The Other Scott Horton (no relation), international human rights lawyer and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, discusses former #3 CIA boss Jose Rodriguez’s defense of torture and the destruction of interrogation videos (that he ordered); Rodriguez’s claim that the tapes were shredded to protect CIA agents from Al Qaeda retribution, not to coverup criminal acts; how the Department of Justice erodes the rule of law by failing to prosecute former officials bragging about their crimes on television; and the systemic torture practiced by US officials that extended far beyond waterboarding.
    John Mueller May 3, 2012: John Mueller, author of Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda, discusses his article “Why Al-Qaeda May Never Die;” how “al-Qaeda” is used as a catchall name for terrorist groups, even those tangentially related to the original; why a large percentage of Americans fear terrorism even though dying in an attack is about as likely as being struck by lightning; US alliances with radical Islamic insurgents in Libya and Syria; and how imperial overreach hastened the Soviet Union’s collapse.
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