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Brick TeeVee On the Thirteenth Day of the Thirteenth Year Edition!

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Brick TeeVee On the Thirteenth Day of the Thriteenth Year! Yes Sunday the Thirteenth can be scary too. So right now you have to STOP. WATCH Matt Taibii & Bill Black NOW! Clear yer head and think of all the robosigning and folks who lost their homes because of this DELIBERATE FRAUD by the biggest banks in the nation & the world at-large (all the way up to LIBOR). We've followed this charade since it started in 2007 and it's been many small cuts over these years. Matt & Bill COMPOSE and SUMMARIZE all the fraud that has happened since and how Timmeh is basically a crook while OBomber thinks he'll go down in history as "one of the greatest" . Clear yer mind, gather all you know about the housing bubble over these years and various BTV missives, keep this knowledge front and center and watch Matt Taibbi & William Black on Bailout Secrets & How New Foreclosure Deal Spares Banks from Justice RIGHT NOW! PAY ATTENTION! Matt & Bill talk about The Fraud very fast and they reveal years of evidence in quick succession (assuming you already know these details - certainly posted here over the years). Transcript @link. Encapsulates most everything that got us here now. Rewind at will. Tell yer peeps. Why? Because the Brick TeeVee crew sez so eh? THIS IS HUGE! Here is Part One "Failure of Epic Proportions": Treasury Nominee Jack Lew’s Pro-Bank, Austerity, Deregulation Legacy. More on Jack Lew below. And didja know former AIG head honcho Maurice Greenberg ("Hank") is suing We The PEEPS? As public fumes, AIG says will not sue U.S. over bailout (Reuters) - Facing anger from Congress and the American people, AIG Inc said on Wednesday it would not sue the U.S. government over terms of the company's multi-billion dollar bailout. Insurer American International Group had been weighing whether to join a lawsuit filed by its former Chief Executive Hank Greenberg and his company Starr International, which owned 12 percent of AIG before its $182 billion rescue that started in 2008. Greenberg claims the rescue was unfair to shareholders and that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York charged an excessive interest rate on its initial loan. He is seeking billions of dollars in damages. AIG said its board had carried out its legal and fiduciary duty to consider joining Greenberg's lawsuit before making its decision. Greenberg has a case pending in the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., and is also appealing the dismissal of a lawsuit in the federal court in New York. AIG's Chief Executive Bob Benmosche said in an interview with CNBC that ultimately the public had to trust the company. "It is not acceptable socially for AIG to have taken this money and to think we can go back and sue the government," Benmosche said. AIG said it would not pursue Starr's claims nor would it allow Starr to pursue them on AIG's behalf, setting the stage for a fresh legal fight between Greenberg and the company........ Former Obama administration adviser Austan Goolsbee said "GO SCREW YOURSELVES" in a multi-tweet tirade. Comedian Andy Borowitz drafted a mock letter from the company to taxpayers, asking for more bailout money to pay for the cost of the lawsuit. Dozens of obscene comments made descriptive references to the anatomy of Chief Executive Robert Benmosche. And those were the gentler barbs. The New York Daily News ran an editorial cartoon in which a lifeguard saves a drowning man with "AIG" on his belly. When the lifeguard asks the man how he feels, the victim says, "Like suing you."...... Here's Borowitz's letter at The New Yorker A Letter from A.I.G. and it begins "In 2008, you paid for a bailout of A.I.G. totalling $182 billion. Today, we are writing to tell you that we’re thinking of suing you." Haha! Go to Yves Smith at NakedCapitalism for this Schadenfreude Alert: With or Without AIG’s Help, Hank Greenberg Plans to Torture Treasury and Geithner "While a few observers argue Greenberg’s suit has merit, it’s really hard to see that, at least if the detailed account of the AIG rescue in Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail is remotely accurate." After you read all that GO WATCH Jon Stewart Writes the Book on AIG at Haha! Hank you are so busted! And doncha just LOVE the A.I.G. "Thank you" commercials? DUDE: "Doc why does my leg hurt?" DOC: "Might have something to do with that icepick in your thigh."
Next we have Richard Cordray's Consumer Watchdog Unveils New Rule To Curb Predatory Mortgage Lending at ThinkProgress Economy blog by guest bloggers Julia Gordon, Director of Housing Finance and Policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, and John Griffith, a policy analyst at CAPAF. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today released its final rule regarding the “ability-to-repay” provision included in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The rule requires lenders to consider whether a borrower can afford a mortgage before giving it to them, and it will make a significant difference in preventing the type of predatory lending practices that crashed the U.S. market and stripped families of trillions of dollars of household wealth. According to CFPB Director Richard Cordray, who spoke in Baltimore today, the rule could have prevented the worst of the 2008 financial crisis:
    I firmly believe that if the ability-to-repay rule we are announcing today had existed a decade ago, many people…could have been spared the anguish of losing their homes and having their credit destroyed. The events that caused the financial crisis might well have been averted. The tragic reverberations that continue to affect so many Americans today would never have occurred…We believe this rule does exactly what it is supposed to do: It protects consumers and helps strengthen the housing market by rooting out reckless and unsustainable lending, while enabling safer lending.
Under the Dodd-Frank law, lenders get special protections from liability if they make loans that are presumed to be safe and sustainable based on certain product features and underwriting practices. This category of loans is called a “qualified mortgage” or “QM.” ..... In the end, the CFPB chose a compromise. Under the final rule, lenders are granted a safe harbor on prime-rate loans deemed as QM, while the lenders are granted fewer protections on higher-priced loans that fit the QM definition. Unfortunately, the large safe harbor makes it more difficult for consumers to enforce this rule than was originally envisioned by lawmakers. .....

FRACKING PROTEST: Pete Seeger sings in Albany NY - from the AP Fracking opponents, backers rally at NY capitol More than a thousand protesters chanting "Ban Fracking Now!" are lining downtown Albany's Empire State Plaza concourse where lawmakers pass on their way to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State speech. The protesters vastly outnumber landowners and business people who have also turned out to voice their support for natural gas development, walking through the concourse carrying "Friends of Natural Gas NY" placards. Cuomo is weighing whether to allow shale gas drilling using high-volume hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as state regulators near completion of a 4 1/2-year environmental review. A Cuomo aide told an Albany radio station Wednesday morning that Cuomo won't specifically address fracking in his speech but will discuss broader energy issues. Among the anti-fracking protesters in Albany are folk singer Pete Seeger and singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant.
BRADLEY MANNING UPDATE: At The Guardian Glenn Greenwald explains Even a military judge recognizes what many progressives denied: Bradley Manning was mistreated And now, on Tuesday, the military judge presiding over Manning's court-martial found, as the Guardian's Ed Pilkington reports, "that he was subjected to excessively harsh treatment in military detention" and is thus entitled to a reduction of his sentence if he is found guilty. Pilkington notes:
    "[The military judge's] ruling was made under Article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that protects prisoners awaiting trial from punishment on grounds that they are innocent until proven guilty. The recognition that some degree of pre-trial punishment did occur during the nine months that the soldier was held in Quantico marks a legal victory for the defence in that it supports Manning's long-held complaint that he was singled out by the US government for excessively harsh treatment."
This is far from a real victory for Manning. He was seeking dismissal of all charges, or a far greater sentencing reduction, based on claims of unlawful detention. And the judge, while accepting some, rejected many of his claims of abuse on the grounds that there was no intent to punish him before trial. But that's hardly surprising: this is, after all, a military judge presiding over a case where an Army Private is accused of "aiding and abetting al-Qaida." The entire proceeding is stacked against Manning: a military judge presiding over a military tribunal in this case is about the least objective and trustworthy arbiter on these questions. That's why this ruling is so significant: even the military judge recognized that, in multiple ways, the treatment of Manning was unfair, excessive and illegal.......
Much more!
At Alexander Abad-Santos asks If Outing Gun Owners Is This Easy, Then Why Are People So Mad? Lost in the controversy over the Westchester newspaper that published a map of local gun owners — and now in Gawker's followup move to do the same for New York City — is that these lists... are publicly available. Turns out, it's the debate that comes next that might matter more than angry gun advocates. The story of the Journal News has been just as well documented as its initiative to out gun owners in counties of upstate New York: threats at the homes of reporters, deliveries of mysterious powder, the works. But from the beginning, its papers editors have insisted that the information has been publicly available. Gawker writer John Cook, in explaining his publication of a 446-page list of New York City gun owners based on a years-old Freedom of Information Act request, explains that publishing such a list is actually quite easy when legislation like New York's requires gun owners to register with local and state police departments: [....] So why did the Journal News have to hire armed guards? And why did Gawker just lose the word "assholes" from its headline, then watch death threats come its way, too? Perhaps the anger there was a wee bit misguided, with ire directed at the re-publication of gun information rather than at the government's position to have it public in the first place. Cook notes that "it's clear that many of the Rockland County and Westchester County gun owners who are outraged at having their addresses plastered on the internet have had those addresses plastered on the internet for years without it causing a problem."
Then there's THIS Founder of Kurdish PKK among three women slain in Paris (Reuters) - A woman who helped found the Kurdish PKK rebel movement and two other women were found shot dead in Paris overnight after execution-style killings that cast a shadow over peace moves between Turkey and the guerrillas. The bodies of Sakine Cansiz, a founder of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the early 1980s, and her two fellow activists were found in the early hours of Thursday at an institute in the French capital that has close links to the PKK. They appeared to have been shot in the head, a French police source said. Kurdish media said one woman was also shot in the abdomen. Workers had broken in to the room at the Information Centre of Kurdistan after seeing blood stains on a door. Cansiz was a prominent PKK figure, initially as a fighter and later in charge of the group's civil affairs in Europe, according to a Kurdish lawyer who knew her. A 1995 photograph shows her standing next to militant leader Abdullah Ocalan, wearing olive battle fatigues and clutching an assault rifle. Ocalan is now in a Turkish jail and the killings came shortly after Turkey announced it had resumed peace negotiations with him - something likely to anger hardliners within the PKK. French investigators gave no immediate indication of who might be behind the murders; the PKK has seen intermittent internal feuding during an armed campaign in the mountainous Turkish southeast that has killed some 40,000 people since 1984. Turkish nationalist militants have in the past also been accused of killing Kurdish activists, who want regional autonomy. But such incidents have been confined to Turkey. "The choice of Cansiz as a target is because she was symbolic of the Kurdish movement," said Franck Cecen, a Kurdish lawyer in Paris who met Cansiz at least half a dozen times and described her as exceptionally well-spoken and well-educated. "She had been one of its founding members, she had spent years in prison for her convictions, and she had become a historical figure," he told Reuters, adding that he found it hard to believe fellow Kurds would have taken her life. "It is difficult to imagine that this was done by a Kurdish cell," he said. "Everyone is talking about a Turkish role."......
DRONE UPDATE: Reporting for The Long War Journal Bill Roggio explains US drones strike again in Mir Ali The US launched yet another airstrike in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan today, killing six "militants" in an area known to host al Qaeda and other foreign terror groups. The drone strike is the seventh this year. The CIA-operated, remotely piloted Predators or the more deadly Reapers fired four missiles at compound and a motorcycle in the village of Hisokhel Khel near the town of Mir Ali, according to AFP. Pakistani officials claimed that six "militants" were killed in the attack. The target of the strike has not been identified, and no senior Taliban or al Qaeda commanders have been reported killed at this time. The US has now launched seven drone strikes in Pakistan this year. Four of the strikes have taken place in North Waziristan, and the other three in South Waziristan, another safe haven for al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other terror groups. Four senior and midlevel al Qaeda and Taliban leaders are reported to have been killed in the seven strikes since the beginning of the New Year. ..... Last year, the US launched 46 strikes in Pakistan, according to data compiled by The Long War Journal. In 2011, the US launched 64 strikes; in 2010, when the program was at its peak, there were 117 strikes. The program was ramped up by President George W. Bush in the summer of 2008 (35 strikes were launched that year) and continued under President Barack Obama after he took office in 2009 (53 strikes that year). From 2004-2007, only 10 strikes were recorded. Although some of al Qaeda's top leaders have been killed in drone strikes since the program began in 2004, al Qaeda has been able to replace those lost in the attacks. [For data on the strikes, see LWJ reports, Charting the data for US airstrikes in Pakistan, 2004 - 2013; and Senior al Qaeda and Taliban leaders killed in US airstrikes in Pakistan, 2004 - 2013.] .....
Dan Gillmor at The Guardian reminds us to Remember Aaron Swartz by working against government abuses As we mourn Aaron Swartz, let's save energy for some anger – and activism. Aaron, whose work was entirely about making our world a better place, died by his own hand. He was 26, and he had a history of depression. But the demons that carried him over the edge surely got a boost from the United States government, which was prosecuting Aaron in a manner that demonstrated contempt for the facts, fairness, and the justice system itself. The case against Aaron, an object lesson of what happens when authority is cynically abused by the people in power, threatened more than Aaron's liberty and his great work. It threatened us all. So amid my grief for Aaron, I'm angry – and committed to working for honorable enforcement of rational laws, and for values Aaron exemplified in his short life. ....
JACK LEW for TREASURY SECRETARY: Jia Lynn Yang writes for the WaPo Jack Lew had major role at Citigroup when it nearly imploded .... In early 2008, he became a top executive in the Citigroup unit that housed many of the bank’s riskiest operations, including its hedge funds and private equity investments. Massive losses in that unit helped drive Citigroup into the arms of the federal government, which bailed out the bank with $45 billion in taxpayer money that year. The group had been under pressure to compete with similar units at other big Wall Street firms and, some analysts say, took on too many risks as it played catch-up. “The mismanagement of risk was comprehensive at that organization,” said Simon Johnson, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Details about Lew’s exact responsibilities at Citigroup, where he worked from 2006 to 2008, are scant. He declined to comment for this article..... Brett LoGiurato at compiles this list of 10 Things You Need To Know About Jack Lew, Obama's Next Treasury Secretary and at ZeroHedge Tyler Durden pens Meet Jack Lew: Tim Geithner's Replacement Somewhere, Larry Fink, and Jamie Dimon just exhaled (not to mention Mark Zandi whose stomp to the Great Barrier Reef brought him nothing but more seasonally adjusted disappointment). So who is Jack Lew? Here is an extended profile by Sam Stein, which however, will likely leave as many open questions as it answers .... And John Nichols explains at The Nation Why Bernie Sanders Objects to Obama's Treasury Nominee while TruthDig's Robert Scheer tells us The Inconvenient Truth About Jack Lew .... Not only did Lew go along with the Clinton administration’s policy, he continued to endorse a radical deregulatory approach to financial markets as a board member of the Hamilton Project, funded by Rubin at the Brookings Institution. Lew’s myopic view of the origins of the economic meltdown, at odds even with Greenspan’s own admission of culpability, hardly qualifies him for the top economic position in the Obama administration. As Sanders told the Post this week, “In my view, we need a Treasury secretary who is prepared to stand up to corporate America and their powerful lobbyists and fight for policies that protect the working families in our country. I do not believe Mr. Lew is that person.” But if we need that quality in a Treasury secretary, we certainly need it even more in the president, and given Obama’s appointments—from Lawrence Summers through Geithner and now Lew—it is clear that he is not that person. ....
JOHN BRENNAN for CIA DIRECTOR: Alex Seitz-Wald explains "Liberal activists are finally mobilizing against the “assassination czar” " at Salon The campaign against John Brennan .... But today, two liberal groups are turning up the pressure by mobilizing their members against the nominee. Calling Brennan the “assassination czar” of the Obama administration, CREDO, the increasingly active grassroots mobilizing group fueled by its cell phone business, and Demand Progress, a million-plus member civil rights organization, will begin mobilizing their members later this morning to urge the Senate to reject Brennan’s confirmation as CIA director. Becky Bond, CREDO’s political director, said promoting Brennan sends a bad message. “Despite the virtual silence on both sides of the aisle when it comes to secret killings and extraordinary rendition, it’s still wrong now. What kind of message does it send to the rest of the world if the United States, a leading democracy, confirms ‘assassination czar’ John Brennan to head the CIA?” .... “How quaint and innocent we were just four years ago, when apology for torture disqualified John Brennan from potential Senate confirmation,” said Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal. “He’s quickly built out his resume to include management of a secret kill list and oversight of a global fleet of flying death robots. Shamefully, in the minds of some establishment politicians his support for such abuses are feathers in his cap.” Despite their success four years ago, it will be a lot harder for activists to kill Brennan’s nomination this time around. For one, he’s already been nominated, making it impossible for him to quietly bow out. He’s also expected to easily secure enough votes in the Senate, and his withdrawal would be a serious blow to Obama’s political capital, so the stakes are higher. But more importantly, civil liberties have largely dropped out of the political conversation in the intervening years, even among liberals...... Then check out these items by Glenn Greenwald Debating Zero Dark Thirty and John Brennan ...on the NPR affiliate in San Francisco, I debated The Atlantic's Mark Bowden on the appointment of John Brennan as CIA Director as well as (the related topic of) Zero Dark Thirty... (audio at link) AND John Brennan's extremism and dishonesty rewarded with CIA Director nomination .... Although I actively opposed Brennan's CIA nomination in 2008, I can't quite muster the energy or commitment to do so now. Indeed, the very idea that someone should be disqualified from service in the Obama administration because of involvement in and support for extremist Bush terrorism polices seems quaint and obsolete, given the great continuity between Bush and Obama on these issues. Whereas in 2008 it seemed uncertain in which direction Obama would go, making it important who wielded influence, that issue is now settled: Brennan is merely a symptom of Obama's own extremism in these areas, not a cause. This continuity will continue with or without Brennan because they are, rather obviously, Obama's preferred policies. Still, this is worth commenting on because the drastic change between the reaction to Brennan in 2008 and now is revealing..... Next Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern writes The Grilling that Brennan Deserves at .....Yet, what hits closest to home for many of my Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) colleagues and me is Brennan’s earlier role, under President George W. Bush and CIA Director George Tenet, in corrupting the CIA’s analysis directorate into fabricating fraudulent intelligence to “justify” war on Iraq. From the perspective of CIA analysts who worked by a very different ethos, such treachery is truly unacceptable. Brennan, as Tenet’s chief of staff and then the CIA’s Deputy Executive Director, had a front-row seat for all this. Former CIA colleagues who served with Brennan before and during the war with Iraq assert that there is absolutely no possibility that Brennan could have been unaware of the deliberate corruption of intelligence analysis. Brennan’s confirmation hearing, with the nominee under oath, might be the best opportunity to hear his explanation of what he did when he faced two conflicting allegiances – his career advancement on one side and his duty to the nation as an intelligence officer on the other. ...... Another Brennan example of ducking hard truths was his claim in June 2011 that during the previous year, “there has not been a single collateral death” from CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. Far more credible reporting shows that there have been hundreds of people killed simply for being in the vicinity of an al-Qaeda or Taliban suspect. Yet, some administration officials are so touchy on this point that they suggest that dissenters might be terrorist sympathizers. On Feb. 5, 2012, the New York Times’ Scott Shane reported the following quote from an anonymous “senior American counterterrorism official”: “One must wonder why an effort that has so carefully gone after terrorists … has been subjected to so much misinformation. Let’s be under no illusions – there are a number of elements who would like nothing more than to malign these efforts and help Al Qaeda succeed.” So, raising tough questions means you’re with the terrorists. Brennan had similar problems with forthrightness when he was assigned to explain to a press conference on Jan. 8, 2010, how the infamous “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab almost downed an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009. ...... Despite the American people’s legitimate right to know what’s being done in their name, Brennan gets thin-skinned when criticized or asked tough questions. Four years ago, when President Obama was first considering Brennan to head the CIA, Brennan faced questions about what he did for the Bush/Cheney “dark side” and promptly withdrew his name. In a bitter letter, he blamed “strong criticism in some quarters, prompted by [his] previous service with the” CIA. Yet, Brennan’s 25-year career at the CIA would seem to be fair game in evaluating whether he should run the place. His former managers in CIA’s analysis directorate tell me he was a bust as an analyst. .... Much more! Lastly CodePink's Medea Benjamin writes for John Brennan vs. a Sixteen-Year-Old In October 2011, 16-year-old Tariq Aziz attended a gathering in Islamabad where he was taught how to use a video camera so he could document the drones that were constantly circling over his Pakistani village, terrorizing and killing his family and neighbors. Two days later, when Aziz was driving with his 12-year-old cousin to a village near his home in Waziristan to pick up his aunt, his car was struck by a Hellfire missile. With the push of a button by a pilot at a US base thousands of miles away, both boys were instantly vaporized--only a few chunks of flesh remained. Afterwards, the US government refused to acknowledge the boys' deaths or explain why they were targeted. Why should they? This is a covert program where no one is held accountable for their actions. The main architect of this drone policy that has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of innocents, including 176 children in Pakistan alone, is President Obama's counterterrorism chief and his pick for the next director of the CIA: John Brennan. ..... In addition to kill lists, Brennan pushed for the CIA to have the authority to kill with even greater ease using "signature strikes," also known as "crowd killing," which are strikes based solely on suspicious behavior. When President Obama announced his nomination of John Brennan, he talked about Brennan's integrity and commitment to the values that define us as Americans. He said Brennan has worked to "embed our efforts in a strong legal framework" and that he "understands we are a nation of laws." A nation of laws? Really? Going around the world killing anyone we want, whenever we want, based on secret information? Just think of the precedent John Brennan is setting for a world of lawlessness and chaos, now that 76 countries have drones--mostly surveillance drones but many in the process of weaponizing them. Why shouldn't China declare an ethnic Uighur activist living in New York City as an "enemy combatant" and send a missile into Manhattan, or Russia launch a drone attack against a Chechen living in London? Or why shouldn't a relative of a drone victim retaliate against us here at home? It's not so far-fetched. In 2011, 26-year-old Rezwan Ferdaus, a Massachusetts-based graduate with a degree in physics, was recently sentenced to 17 years in prison for plotting to attack the Pentagon and US Capitol with small drones filled with explosives. In his search for a new CIA chief, Obama said he looked at who is going to do the best job in securing America. Yet the blowback from Brennan's drone attacks is creating enemies far faster than we can kill them. Three out of four Pakistanis now see the US as their enemy--that's about 133 million people, which certainly can't be good for US security. When Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar was asked the source of US enmity, she had a one word answer: drones. .... According to Abduh Rahman Berman , executive director of a Yemeni National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, the drone war is failing. "If the Americans kill 10, al-Qaeda will recruit 100," he said. Around the world, the drone program constructed by John Brennan has become a provocative symbol of American hubris, showing contempt for national sovereignty and innocent lives. If Obama thinks John Brennan is a good choice to head the CIA and secure America, he should contemplate the tragic deaths of victims like 16-year-old Tariq Aziz, and think again. Then read Medea's Chat With Counterterrorism Chief John Brennan. We will have a separate post on Chuck Hagel soon so check back! And check out all our regulars and the BTV Alerts for more on all of this and then some! See you next week!


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  • Baher Azmy, legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights 4 Years After Vow to Close Gitmo, Why Has Obama Signed NDAA Bill Barring Transfer of Its Prisoners? Today we look at the nexus of politics and art, airing highlights of our cultural coverage from the past year featuring Alice Walker, Walter Mosley, Tony Kushner, Randy Weston, Steve Earle, Randall Robinson, Toshi Reagon, Tom Morello and others. We pay tribute to the late Adrienne Rich, Gore Vidal and Whitney Houston and mark the centennial of the birth of Woody Guthrie.
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GRITtv »»» GRITtv @ with Laura Flanders »»» FEATURED SHOW The State of Female America Weingarten, Ensler, Crenshaw and the others spoke in front of a large audience at Cooper Union's Main Hall in New York November 27th. The event was sponsored by One Billion Rising and moderated by Laura Flanders who stumped the panel with her question: "Is there a link between legitimate rape and acceptable austerity?" What do you think? Tell us. Please repost, link and share. The recording of the full livestreamed event is here at


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The 1st Amendment is Our Permit Our permit to occupy is The First Amendment. Quickly sign the following statement which will be delivered to mayors, police chiefs and major media across the country:

    Our permit to occupy public squares and parks is in The First Amendment, which affirms "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." When people across the Middle East occupied public squares, leaders in Washington mostly cheered those protesters and warned Middle Eastern governments not to use force to clear them. Those other societies don’t have a First Amendment. Yet Washington affirmed the universal right to assembly and protest. We do have a First Amendment. The force being used to clear nonviolent protesters from public squares in our country is unacceptable. It must stop. &! A bailout of the people by the people Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. Debt resistance is just the beginning. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits. ADDENDUM: Naked Capitalism reports Top Tax Expert Confirms Our Doubts About Occupy Wall Street’s Debt Buying/Forgiveness Scheme

STOP the ACHE Appalachian Community HEALTH EMERGENCY Advocating for government action and protection of the public from the health crisis in mountain top removal communi ties

    Lawmakers concerned about the health effects on humans from mountaintop removal coal mining set forth legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives today. Representatives Dennis Kucinich (OH), Louise Slaughter (NY), Maurice Hinchey (NY), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA), John Yarmuth (KY), Lynn Woolsey (CA), Judy Chu (CA), Raúl Grijalva (AZ), James Moran (VA), Michael Honda (CA), John Conyers (MI), and Keith Ellison (MN) introduced the Appalachian Communities Health Emergency (ACHE) Act H.R. 5959 which would place a moratorium on permitting for mountaintop removal coal mining until health studies are conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services. The ACHE coalition presently consists of participants from Coal River Mountain Watch, Mountain Health and Heritage Association, and Christians for the Mountains. “We encourage you, if you’re concerned about mountaintop removal’s effect on your community’s health, to join us in making your voice heard,” said Allen Johnson, executive director of Christians for the Mountains. “Please contact us, learn about the issue, and take action to protect your community.” a project of the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth building activity. Featuring Community Wealth Building in Action: The Cleveland Model Something important is happening in Cleveland. The Democracy Collaborative—the host of—in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation, the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Shorebank Enterprise Cleveland, the City of Cleveland, and the city's major hospitals and universities—is helping to implement a new model of large-scale worker-owned and community-benefiting businesses. The Evergreen Cooperative Initiative is beginning to build serious momentum in one of the cities most dramatically impacted by the nation's decaying economy. Increasingly, this model is being referred to nationally as The Cleveland Model. Initial planning is now underway to assist other cities in Ohio and nationwide to replicate and adapt this innovative approach to economic development, green job creation, and neighborhood stabilization. Find more many resources at!

NET NEUTRALITY! Declaration of Internet Freedom Tired of fighting bad bills like SOPA, PIPA and CISPA? Want to stand up against those who are trying to control what we do and say online? It's time for something different. A group of more than 1,500 organizations, academics, startup founders and tech innovators has come together to produce a Declaration of Internet Freedom, a set of five principles that put forward a positive vision of the open Internet. Our goal: Get millions of Internet users to sign on to this Declaration. Build political power for Internet users to make sure that we get a seat at the table whenever, and wherever, the future of the Internet is being decided. It's time to stop playing defense and start going on the offensive. The open Internet is central to people’s freedom to communicate, share, advocate and innovate in the 21st century. But powerful interests want to censor free speech, block the sharing of information, hinder innovation and control how Internet users get online. And all too often, people in power are making political decisions behind closed doors about how the Internet should operate — and they're doing this without the involvement of actual Internet users. The result: policies that could close down the open Internet and destroy our freedom to connect. It’s time for us to reclaim the Internet for its users. Take action now and sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom.

NEW!!! Stop Media Consolidation! Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is trying to change the agency’s ownership rules to pave the way for Murdoch to get exactly what he wants. Worse, Genachowski and Murdoch are keeping this all very hush-hush, hoping you won't notice.3 These changes wouldn’t just benefit Murdoch. If the FCC proposal passes, one company could own the major daily newspaper, two TV stations and up to eight radio stations in your town. And that one company could be your Internet provider, too. What is the FCC thinking?!? We can still stop the agency from taking this perilous step — but we have less than a month to do it. By taking action, you’re joining a movement of millions who are working to stop big media from getting even bigger. Please take action today. Click HERE to view our infographic and send a message to the FCC! More info at Another FCC Cave-In: Julius Genachowski’s Media Consolidation Christmas Gift to Murdoch at!

CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE American Majority Rejects Washington Austerity Consensus – And We Demand Media Coverage by Roger Hickey, President, Campaign for America's Future: No more silent majority. The Campaign for America’s Future is joining with the Center for Economic and Policy Research (whose Co-Director, Dean Baker blogs regularly about economic bias in the media) and with FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) to monitor the media’s coverage and representation of the American Majority views as they go into covering the big deficit fight. But we want to enlist YOU too. Send us accounts of unbalanced coverage in the national media and in your local newspapers and television. Call up reporters, editors, assignment people and tell them when they are under-representing the views of the American Majority. We should have at least half the experts, pundits, quotes and real people represented in their coverage. In a debate as important as the one we are going into, we can’t allow the media to ignore the American Majority. Much more at

MOVE TO AMEND! SIGN HERE NOW! And check out more actions on the Move to Amend Calendar featuring David Cobb's Barnstorming Tour! Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site GET INVOLVED! And Alan Grayson is BACK in the 113th Congress! Help out at

SUPPORT THE TROOPS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT See and Bradley Manning Support Network UPDATE! Natasha Lennard, assistant news editor at Salon Nobel Peace Laureates condemn prosecution of Bradley Manning Nov 15, 2012: Nobel Peace laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize, 1984), Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace Prize, 1977) and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (Nobel Peace Prize, 1980) have published a letter in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning in The Nation, following news that the soldier is willing to take responsibility for leaking information to WikiLeaks. The Peace Prize winners wrote against the government’s treatment of the soldier, who has been in prison for over 900 days.......more.....

DONATE YOUR OLD CELL PHONES TO T.J. MARTELL FOUNDATION Help save lives. Donate your old & used iPhone, Blackberries, Droid and other phones to help the T.J. Martell Foundations fund life-saving cancer & AIDS research. For more information, go to CELLULAR PHONE TASK FORCE EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, SUPPORT at The Cellular Phone Task Force is dedicated to halting the expansion of wireless technology because it cannot be made safe. We provide: education to the public concerning electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog); advocacy for an electromagnetically cleaner environment; support for individuals disabled by radiation from wireless technology and other sources.



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IRAQ: 4,486 US Military Dead as of April 21, 2012

AFGHANISTAN: 2,175 US Military Dead as of Jan 9, 2013

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read

  • This Week (ABC) Host George Stephanopoulos
    • Senators Jack Reed for the Democrats and Republican Bob Corker
    • ABC's chief global affairs correspondent, Martha Raddatz
    • President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass.
    • ROUNDTABLE: Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal. Judy Woodruff from PBS. Al Hunt from Bloomberg View. David Walker, the former comptroller general of the United States, and Paul Krugman of the New York Times and Princeton.

  • Face The Nation (CBS) Host Bob Schiefer
    • Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz
    • Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V.
    • Gen. Stanley McChrystal
    • Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
    • ROUNDTABLE: John Dickerson, CBS News Political Director, The Washington Post's Rajiv Chandrasekaran and Cook Political Report's Amy Walter.

  • 60 Minutes (CBS)
    • March of the Machines - Steve Kroft reports on technological advances, especially robotics, that are revolutionizing the workplace, but not necessarily creating jobs. Harry Radliffe and Maria Gavrilovic are the producers.
    • Justice Sotomayor - In her first broadcast interview, Justice Sonia Sotomayor talks to Scott Pelley about her life and career leading up to her appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, including the role affirmative action played. Henry Schuster is the producer.

  • Meet the Press (NBC) Host David Gregory
    Microsoft, NBC News Dissolve Joint Venture NBC is buying Microsoft's 50 percent interest in the MSNBC website for an undisclosed amount. will be rebranded as, and readers who logged into late Sunday were automatically redirected to Microsoft is preparing to launch its own news service this fall. Although he declined to provide many details about the operation general manager of Bob Visse said the news staff will be about the same size as the roughly 100 people who created original content for the "There is no question that we are going to have more flexibility to make our own decisions," said Vivian Schiller, NBC News' chief digital officer. "This is really an amicable breakup. We think competition will make us better." Okay then.
    • General Colin Powell (Ret.)
    • ROUNDTABLE: Newark’s Democratic Mayor Cory Booker; Fmr. Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS); GOP strategist Mike Murphy; and NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

  • State of the Union With Candy Crowley (CNN) At 9 AM ET, Candy talks to the power players: politicians, business leaders and international newsmakers who will make Monday morning's headlines. At NOON ET, Candy wraps it all up with fresh interviews and the best of the earlier hours.
    • NRA President David Keene
    • Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy
    • Former Utah Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman
    • Senator Joe Manchin – the centrist Democrat from West Virginia
    • ROUNDTABLE: Congressman Elijah Cummings, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Jeff Zeleny from the New York Times, and Michael Scherer of Time magazine.

  • HEAD ON RADIO with Bob Kincaid
    Headon Radio with Bob Kincaid 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific, 2300 GMT. Duration: 3 hrs. To be part of Conversation Radio on Head-on Radio, call toll-free (877) 443-2366, or use our Liberal community line at 304-658-3333. Email bob [at] headonradio [dot] com during the show!
    • TITANIC TUESDAY!!!!! Bob dissects the rants of Alex Jones on the Pierce Morgan show on CNN ! Listen HERE NOW! Keep Bob on the air HERE ya hear? Amen to the White Rose Society! Donate to Head On HERE! And join Coal River Mountain Watch at!

    The Green News Report with Brad Friedman & Desi Doyen: 6 minutes of green news, politics, analysis & snarky comment! BOOKMARK NOW!
    'Green News Report' - December 20, 2012 - End of the Year (and World!) Edition IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Snow is BACK! Winter returns to parched Midwest; Time's "Person of the Year" promises action on climate change, but can he deliver?; Good and Bad 2012: top environmental stories of the year; PLUS: It's the end of the Mayan Apocalypse Myth as we know it! (And we feel fine) ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
    • IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see link): WSJ's climate "dynamite" is a dud; U.S. Electric Grid 2030: 100% renewable, 90% of the time; 333 straight warmer than "normal" months; U.K. dash a test for global fracking; 'Peak Farmland' as a good thing; China to overhaul solar industry; Keystone XL won't use advanced spill equipment; Sea otters vs. commercial fishermen; MoJo's Eco-Doom Headline Generator; To the Moon!: yes we can grow plants in space ... PLUS: We'll 'never run this economy on renewables' --- and why we'll never have to ... and much, MUCH
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Internet Voting Disease Plagues OscarsWho could have predicted it? Oh, yeah. We have. For years. Now the Academy is finding out about the madness of Internet Voting...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Oscar in Shambles: Internet Voting Claims Another Victim The 'baffling' nominations are out, and so now it's official. Nobody will ever know who really won this year's Academy Awards...

  • The Peter B. Collins Show PODCAST!
    pbc show
    Listen at!
    The Peter B. Collins Show covers American news and politics from the Left Coast. Veteran talk radio personality Peter B. Collins, based in San Francisco, delivers fresh interviews, commentary and analysis on a range of important topics, with views and voices you don’t often find in the corporate media.
    Holiday Break and Website Changes
      To my valued listeners: We are making some changes to the website and our terms, effective in January. We will continue to offer free podcasts–my new daily news and commentary. Our in-depth interviews will be available for $1 per episode, or to subscribers who pay $5 per month or more. Loyal listeners who simply can’t afford it should send an email to, as we will be offering a limited number of scholarships to our friends who are hurting during these tough times. More information will be posted as we complete the revisions. I’m grateful to each of you for listening and supporting this work, and hope that the new model will enable us to keep it going well into the future. All the best, -pbc
    • PBC Standard Podcast January 8, 2013 Attorney Jon Eisenberg Reluctantly Drops Appeal in Wiretap Case: President Can Break the Law with No Consequences
    • PBC Standard Podcast January 9, 2013 CIA Veteran Ray McGovern Speaks Out on Obama’s Cabinet Picks: Supports Hagel, Opposes Brennan and Kerry
    • PBC Standard Podcast January 11, 2013 Nick Turse, Author of ‘Kill Anything That Moves’, Recounts Vietnam War Crimes; Andy Worthington on Guantanamo, Becoming a Tomb for At Least 86 Men Cleared for Release

  • Ring of Fire Radio
    Find us at and hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder
    Ring of Fire Radio - GoLeft TV - Robert F. Kennedy, Mike Papantonio, Sam Seder - Politics, Commentary, and News.
    This Week on Ring of Fire Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern
    • Bill McKibben, founder of, will be here to tell us why President Obama can no longer delay action on climate change.
    • Heather Hurlburt, executive director of the National Security Network, will join us to discuss the recent nominations put forth by the president and what this could mean for U.S. foreign policy.
    • Linda Lipsen, CEO of the American Association for Justice, will tell us about the organizations that are trying to strip you of your right to hold corporate America accountable for their crimes.
    • And Crooks and Liars founder John Amato will be here to tell us who really got the raw deal in the fiscal cliff negotiations.
    • VIDEO! THE HISTORY OF CORPORATE CORRUPTION & FRAUD with Robert Kennedy Jr & Mike Papantonio “Call us if you have a personal story about Fraud on Taxpayers or False Claims for Payment made by Corportations at 1-866-389-FIRE (3473)or contact us by email at if you have evidence of fraud that robbed taxpayer dollars. If our government is paying too much due to fraud by a corporation, Ring of Fire wants to do a story on it.”
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: Deadly Chemicals Hiding in Our Waters (VIDEO) More than 30 years ago, the government banned the production and use of chemicals known as PCBs because they were causing serious illnesses in both humans and our environment. And even though PCBs have been off the market for 3 decades, they are still hanging out in waterways, in the air we breathe, and in our soil — causing cancers and other illnesses in people all over America. But recently, state governments decided that it was time to finally take action on the issue, and Mike Papantonio recently spoke with Spokane Riverkeeper Bart Mihailovich about what is being done to remove these toxic chemicals from our environments.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: KBR Committing Fraud All Over The Planet (VIDEO) Mike Papantonio talks with Thom Hartmann about KBR’s criminal enterprises in Iraq, and how the company is now trying to make American taxpayers pay for the fraud that the company has been found guilty of.
    • Join our blog at You can now SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST by clicking on the "Podcast" tab at the top of the Ring of Fire blog. Please help support progressive radio by signing up!
    Ring of Fire Radio Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts 8-11 et Sunday evenings on Chicago's Progressive Talk WCPT AM & FM and 4 pm et on Sirius/XM 167 featuring The PAP Attack! "We’ll bring you the stories that the mainstream media didn’t feel like reporting this week."

  • Majority Report with Sam Seder Streaming LIVE weekdays 11:30 am et @!

    • January 7, 2102 Kevin Drum On Lead & Crime
    • January 8, 2013 All Sam Today
    • January 9, 2013 Glenn Greenwald On John Brennan
    • January 10, 2013 Kristen Gwynne: Anonymous Exposes Steubenville Rape Case
    • January 11, 2013 Casual Friday: Cliff Schecter & Chris Rosen
    • MORE Podcast Interviews at!

  • On the Edge with Max Keiser Podcasts and more @!
    "HI Y'ALL! Tell the people! Tell the people!"
    WHO IS MAX KEISER? Max Keiser is a financial expert, Prediction Markets analyst, inventor and filmmaker. He is the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) the first Prediction Market. Max Keiser co-hosts "The Truth About Markets" on ResonanceFM 104.4 in London. He also produces and presents documentary films covering markets and finance for Al Jazeera’s "People & Power" series. Max Keiser started his career on Wall Street in 1983. He is the creator of KarmaBanque a site that enables activists to challenge corporate power.
    • VISIT!!! Crowd Funding for Pirates!
    • NEW! MaxKeiserTV on YouTube! MaxKeiserTV PLUS here is Max Keiser’s official Facebook page And here is the official Keiser Report page
    The official Facebook pages for Max Keiser & Keiser Report STACY SUMMARY: For once and for all, here are our real Facebook pages, the other ones are fake. But if you feel like chatting to the fake ones, by all means, go ahead. Max Keiser & Keiser Report PLUS Stacey Herbert
    Taibbi: “The federal rescue of Wall Street didn’t fix the economy – it created a permanent bailout state based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme. And the worst may be yet to come.” by maxkeiser - READ Secret and Lies of the Bailout (
    Internet activist, Aaron Swartz, 26, commits suicide in New York City by stacyherbert - Stacy Summary: I remember first hearing about Aaron Swartz on Democracy Now! which covered his arrest by FBI for downloading public domain documents from MIT. They were on his computer and had not yet been shared. Anyway, he was facing 25 years on 13 felony counts. (Lots of links so click over for more)
    • VIDEO! This is what hyperinflation looks like by Max Keiser - READ Hyperinflation In Action: Beer For Bag Of Cash (
    Neo-feudal castles with moats popping up in America as economy collapses by Max Keiser - The pitch is “Libertarian Paradise” – but that’s just the way they figure they can hook you. It’s snake oil. It’s BS. It’s people trying to build sheltered communities protected by their own military to protect them from the people they fucked over pursuing their vision of a ‘libertarian paradise.’ Glenn Beck wants to start one of these in Texas (he’s raising $2 bn. dollars). We’ve been saying for a few years now that ‘neo-feudalism’ will take society and the economy back to a pre-Enlightenment era of religious superstition, book burning, anti-science run by all powerful ideologues ruling as media mad dictators. The Jim Jones cult, the Hale-Bopp comet cult, and other similar experiments all ended in mass suicides as the reality bubble engineered popped with only suicide providing meaning to an otherwise horse’s-ass life (that Beck so brilliantly personifies). This time, like the death cults we read about in history books, we’ll see entire ‘libertarian’ cities commit mass suicide to cleanse themselves of ever having to face reality. READ Developer pitches $1B commonwealth for Belle Isle ( AND Glenn Beck is Planning a $2 Billion Libertarian Commune in Texas (
    France is heading towards an economic Bastille. The longer it stays on that path, the more possible that the eurozone regime it labored so hard to create will crumble. by maxkeiser - READ The euro crisis no one is talking about: France is in free fall (
    • KEISER REPORT [KR390] Keiser Report: Deadly Deflation Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the butch welfare Queens in Virginia, Maryland and DC who rely on the ‘untouchable’ Pentagon budget. They also discuss the US deploying both its FMDs — “financial extortion”, “monetisation” and “devaluation” — to finance its debt and deficit requirements and its troops to 35 African nations. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Dan Collins of about the petro-yuan, China’s gold and the problem with the fact that nobody in Africa wants to buy America’s opium – credit default swaps.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR391] Keiser Report: Bums & Bloodsuckers We discuss austerity sandwiches and fraud multipliers in the City of London. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about MMT or Modern Money Tricks and about whether or not the people of Europe will ever rise up and stop the never ending bailout of banker crimes.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR392] Keiser Report: Lunatics & Lubricants We discuss all the Asos in the headlines, the ten dollar Facebook profiles being used to promote 55-gallon tubes of personal lubricant and Japan lathering Europe with monetary lubricant in the form of ESM bond purchases. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Reggie Middleton about the education debt bubble, the collapsing collateral value of a university degree and the reason that French debt is trading higher than UK debt.
    • ON THE EDGE On the Edge with Greg Hunter An interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.
    • THE TRUTH ABOUT MARKETS [TaM-1262] The Truth About UBS Mercenaries and Glenn Beck’s Kool-Aid Download show HERE (mp3)
    • Donate to ResonanceFM here!

  • ANTIWAR RADIO with Scott Horton
    antiwarradio.jpg LIVE (9-11am Pacific, 12pm - 2pm Eastern) Plenty of archives too!
    Listen at
    Pepe Escobar June 30, 2012: Globetrotting journalist Pepe Escobar discusses his article “Syria and Turkey’s Phantom War;” Turkey’s violation of Syrian airspace in a purposeful, measured provocation and test of Syria’s defenses; the near-invocation of NATO Article 5 and a wider war (an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all); looking for ways to bypass the UN on Syria, since China and Russia won’t let an interventionist resolution pass the Security Council; grand plans for NATO expansion in the official “Assured Security, Dynamic Engagement” plan; counterrevolutions in the Middle East and South America, as the US looks to rebuild its portfolio of client states; and how Qatar has become the new superpower in the Middle East, surpassing even Saudi Arabia.
    SCOTT HORTON July 5, 2012: Scott says goodbye to Scott Horton is the former host of Antiwar Radio. Visit his blog Stress. Due to budget cuts Scott lost his gig at! Whoa! See for archives! Send emails to Scott at to help Scott keep his podcast going!
    • Many more interviews at Antiwar Radio!

  • fauxnews
    • Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress
    • Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America
    • Republican Kelly Ayotte
    • Democrat Richard Blumenthal

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