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Brick TeeVee Oscar Special: It's all an act!

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It's all an act! As the spectacle that is the Academy Awards looms, The WH Limo picks up HHS Sec. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS to put on her act to convince Congress to pass the huge Health Care bill, with or without Republicans, on Meet the David and This Guest Host. Face the Bob gets EVAN "spending more time with my family" BAYH facing off against über-obstructionist LINDSEY GRAHAM while State of the Candy gets DCCC bigwig CHRIS VAN HOLLEN. Throw bricks at TOM "Mariana Islands" DELAY on State and leading GOP Medicare Hypocrite MITCH MCCONNELL on This Guest where just three months ago on the same program CrooksAndLiars notes, "But it was Mitch McConnell, who along with his lieutenants Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) backed President Bush's Medicare giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry, who turned to misdirection to explain it all away to ABC's Jake Tapper...As an act of political fraud, McConnell's statement was impressive, if only because of the off-the-charts ratio of deceptions delivered per word spoken.". They also cite Ezra Klein who quipped, "The health-care reform bills currently under consideration in both the Senate and the House actually cut money from the deficit, but they are being criticized as fiscally irresponsible by many of the people who voted for Medicare Part D. It's like watching arsonists calling the fire department reckless." Of course, Tapper had no comeback or fact-checking himself, but it's all an act, isn't it? Glenn Greenwald asks, Who are the actual "crazy" people in American politics? and answers, "The most significant point highlighted by this attack on Grayson as "crazy" is that, in our political discourse, the two party establishments typically define what is "sane," and anyone outside of those parameters is, by definition, "crazy." "Crazy" is the way that political orthodoxies are enforced and the leadership of the two political parties preserved as the only viable choices for Sane People to embrace. Anyone who tiptoes outside of those establishment parameters -- from Ron Paul on the right to Dennis Kucinich on the left, to say nothing of Further Left advocates -- is, more or less by definition, branded as "crazy" by all Serious, mainstream people. The converse is even more perverse: the Washington establishment -- which has endorsed countless insane policies, wrought so much destruction on every level, and has provoked the intense hatred of the American citizenry across the ideological spectrum -- is the exclusive determinant for what is "sane." As long as one remains snugly within its confines, one will be shielded from the "crazy" appellation regardless of how many genuinely crazy views one embraces. Positing proximity to the Washington Establishment -- of all things -- as the Hallmark of Political Sanity is about as irrational as it gets, yet that continues to be the barometer of Political Normalcy." And the Sunday Corporate Talk Shows certainly fall into THAT category. The BTV Alerts and our regular features have plenty of grist for the mill with RALPH NADER, GREGG PALAST, DANIEL ELLSBERG plus Ring of Fire with Rolling Stone's MATT TAIBBI, LAWRENCE LESSIG of Harvard and The Nation's JOHN NICHOLS and even RON PAUL on AntiWar Radio. Don't forget Peter B and Prayer Meetin' Wednesday, too. The Brick TeeVee crew took in the Tribe's first Spring Training game against the Reds (a 9-2 victory) so Opening Day must be six weeks away, according to The BTV Wabbit DeeJay who saw her shadow on Friday! And lastly we'll give a BTV Oscar to Blanche Lincoln for this doozy: Blanche Lincoln’s Genius Pitch to Arkansas Democrats: I Opposed the Public Option; Also, Democrats Suck h/t Blue Texan at FDL. Enjoy and have a great week!


Democracy NOW!
»»» Ralph Nader @ Democracy NOW! We speak to longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader. WATCH Ralph Nader on the GOP Filibuster of Unemployment Benefits Bill, the Collapse of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Proposal, and the Latest Auto Recalls. RELATED: Photographer Kike Arnal & Ralph Nader on “In the Shadow of Power: Poverty in Washington, DC”
»»» Gregg Palast @ Democracy NOW! Investigative journalist Greg Palast traveled to the West African country of Liberia to investigate how vulture funds have been operating there and why Liberia lost a $20 million case against two vulture funds in a British court. WATCH From New York to Liberia, Investigative Journalist Greg Palast Tracks Vulture Funds Preying on African Debt
»»» Lynn Paltrow & Terry O'Neill @ Democracy NOW!Utah lawmakers have approved a measure that would allow women to be charged with murder if they commit an “intentional, knowing or reckless act” that causes a miscarriage. Critics fear the measure could target women for all kinds of actions, including staying with an abusive partner. WATCH Utah Abortion Bill Could Punish Women for Miscarriages, Domestic Violence
»»» Diane Ravitch @ Democracy NOW! we speak to leading education scholar and former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch. She’s long been known as an advocate of No Child Left Behind, charter schools, standardized testing, and using the free market to improve schools. But she’s had a radical change of heart, as chronicled in her latest book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education. WATCH Leading Education Scholar Diane Ravitch: No Child Left Behind Has Left US Schools with Legacy of “Institutionalized Fraud”
»»» GRITtv HAS MOVED! Find us at
»»» Daniel Ellsberg @ GRITtv March 5, 2010: Continuing with our Oscar theme, we bring you the second part of our conversation with whistleblower, anti-war activist, and documentary film subject Daniel Ellsberg.WATCH The Most Dangerous Man in America
»»» Investigative reporter David Kirby @ GRITtv Kirby joins Laura in studio at noon to talk about his new book, Animal Factory and what we can do to fix our food supply, and Rick Dove of the Waterkeeper Alliance, featured in the book, checks in by phone to explain the effect the farms have had on his home in North Carolina. WATCH Factory Farms, the Environment, and Communities
»»» Karl Grossman @ GRITtv Karl Grossman of EnviroVideo talks about Obama's apparent shift on nuclear power plants--and asks whether his advisers might have something to do with that shift. WATCH Karl Grossman: Obama and Nukes
»»» NASCAR on FOX It's the Kobalt 500 from Atlanta Motor Speedway! Coverage begins at 1 pm et
»»» NBA on ESPN Sunday DOUBLEHEADER! Wizards @ Boston at 8 pm et then Trailblazers @ Nuggets at 10:30 pm et
»»» NBA on TNT Thursday DOUBLEHEADER! Bulls at Magic aqt 8 pm et then Trailblazers at Warriors at 10:30 pm et
»»» Oscars on ABC 82nd Annual Academy Awards at 8 pm et

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    Info on Podcast #105 Published on 03 March 2010 by admin in Podcast Info -- Roots of CIA torture and mind control tactics Gary Chew reviews The Ghost Writer. Dr. Jeffrey Kaye, a psychologist, and author H. P. Albarelli, Jr. talk about the upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed–who we know was tortured–and the history of CIA torture and mind control programs, including the infamous Project MK-Ultra and the use of LSD.
    Info on Podcast #106 Published on 04 March 2010 by admin in Podcast Info -- Dr. Justin Frank puts Obama on the couch; Dr. Bill Perry on nuclear disarmament; Gary Chew on the Oscars. Dr. Frank wrote Bush On The Couch a few years ago, and is in the process of writing Obama On The Couch...Dr. Bill Perry was Defense Secretary from 1994-98, and PBC talked with him at an event in San Francisco hosted by the Ploughshares Fund where they previewed a new documentary about the “tipping point” in nuclear disarmament...Gary Chew, who is not a doctor, joins Peter B to talk about this year’s Oscar nominees.
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    [KR22] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal! Stacy Summary: This week we look at the scandals behind: “the owner of Great Britain” bouncing a $54 million check for a pile of dirt in the Persian Gulf; a currency speculator in Monaco moving currency markets with an “accidental Jim Rogers press release” while Colonel Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland and receives zero market impact; and Alan Greenspan wins major award for causing global financial markets to explode. Keiser also talks to David DeGraw about his new book, “The Economic Elite versus the People of the United States of America”.
    [OTE44] On the Edge with Max Keiser Stacy Summary: On the Edge . . . with Rob Kirby.
    [1111] The Truth About Markets – London – 06 March 2010 Stacy Summary: Good evening; a wide ranging discussion on this episode. Download show HERE (mp3).
    Russia Continues to Build Gold Reserves Ahead of SDR Discussions Stacy Summary: Oh dear, where is snoot? READ Russia Continues to Build Gold Reserves Ahead of SDR Discussions (Jesse's Crossroads Cafe) AND CNBC (see below) asks Faber if gold is the ultimate ponzi scheme (

  • ANTIWAR RADIO with Scott Horton
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    Scott Horton interviews Ron Paul (mp3) 13:34 March 5 2010. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses the budgetary limitations that expansive U.S. foreign policy imposes on domestic programs, the Dennis Kucunich resolution (co-sponsored by Rep. Paul) that will require a House of Representatives debate on the war in Afghanistan, wrongheaded government action on the coming dollar crisis and why the peace and liberty movement is best served by setting a good example and avoiding the politics of personality.
    Scott Horton interviews Nat Hentoff (mp3) 24:42 March 5 2010. Nat Hentoff, senior fellow at the CATO Institute, discusses the Elizabeth Cheney and William Kristol-backed Keep America Safe ad that implies Attorney General Eric Holder is a jihadist, widespread contempt and ignorance of protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, Obama’s “looking forward not backward” anti-prosecution policy that validates Richard Nixon’s thoughts on presidential impunity and why the Constitution can’t be preserved without an active and informed citizenry

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