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Brick TeeVee's Waterloo?

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Waterloo Last week we witnessed racial slurs, homophobic insults and vicious attacks and that was INSIDE the House chamber! While some 14 states' Attorneys General already filed lawsuits to challenge the legislation (13 GOP & one Dem so far), The Hill reports JOHN MCCAIN said an interview with an Arizona radio affiliate that "there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year. [Democrats] have poisoned the well in what they've done and how they've done it" taking the GOP's Little Green Football home in an oh-so-"bipartisanshippy" way. Then some ill-informed (wonder how THAT happened) teabagger posted Rep. Tom Perriello's (D-Va) home address, but posted Rep. Perriello's BROTHER's address instead, where someone vandalized the home by cutting the propane gas line to their grill. Well, House Minority leader JOHN "Crybaby" BOEHNER quickly called acts of violence or vandalism “not acceptable.” Perriello disagreed saying, “Actually, I thought his statement was fairly outrageous,” on CNN Thursday morning. “What he was saying was, 'For those of you who are threatening people's children, we want you to channel that anger into the campaign.' No, we want those people to go to jail.” (h/t TPMMuckraker with video) Seems the GOP have now resorted to the Pee Wee Herman "I know you are but what am I" defense as Billmon @ kos reminds us in Spock with a Beard: The Sequel (read it all) "Thus the rather amazing press conference Minority Whip Eric Cantor held earlier today, in which the Virginia Republican in effect accused the Democrats of inciting violence against all those innocent teabaggers out there who are simply expressing their sacred constitutional right to spit on black people and fax pictures of hangman’s nooses to their elected representatives....What makes this particular example so cunning are the specific words used. Liberals complain that conservative protesters have worn guns to teabagger rallies, or waved signs warning that if "Brown can’t stop this, a Browning can"? Well, now the Democrats also have been accused of using "weapons." Has the RNC stepped over the line by showing Nancy Pelosi burning in a sea of fire? Well, the Democrats are also "fanning the flames." Did the GOP House members encourage their followers to think of themselves as a revolutionary army by waving "Don’t Tread on Me" signs from the House balcony during the HCR vote? Well, the Democrats are also "ratcheting up the rhetoric." This is pretty sophisticated stuff -- way beyond what I would expect from your typical hack GOP congressman. Which does make me wonder who’s writing Cantor’s stuff these days (Step on out from behind the curtain, Karl: We can see you.) The shiny new health care bill seems to have reinvigorated the Dems (see our inbox full with donation pleas) and there are hundreds of "What this bill will do for you" posts all over the nets. The group that fought hardest for H.R. 676 Single-payer,, has a contrary list at Medicare-for-All Advocates Say Bill Fails to Meet Needs of People. “We now have insurance reform based on a market model, but that model has failed to work up to now. This bill puts corporate interests before the American people. What people need is health care, not health insurance,” states Katie Robbins, National Organizer of Healthcare-NOW! Their laundry list of what's wrong with the bill is quite extensive so have a look. Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque (h/t maddy) observes how even the most ardent liberal can get "compromised" in Progressive Front: Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant: That's right: Dennis is now fronting the big-time money-grubbing operations of party hacks! Just days ago, Kucinich was condemning the health care bill as a bad, tainted piece of pork: "a giveaway to the insurance industry -- $70 billion a year, and no guarantees of any control over premiums, forcing people to buy private insurance. I just don't see that this bill is the solution." But now, he's out there rattling the cup for the very ladlers of corporate pork he has been castigating for months, writing in the new donation pitch: "On Tuesday, I ... witnessed an historic ceremony in the White House, where President Obama signed health care reform into law. I am pleased to have played a role in helping make this important moment possible." But the most bizzarre of all was gwb's former speech writer David Frum writing in his blog FrumForum Waterloo, "We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat." But then only three days later Howie Kurtz at WaPo reports Conservative David Frum loses think tank job after criticizing GOP: "Three days after calling health-care reform a debacle for Republicans, David Frum was forced out of his job at the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday. The ouster also came one day after a harsh Wall Street Journal editorial ripped the former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, saying he "now makes his living as the media's go-to basher of fellow Republicans" and accusing him of "peddling bad revisionist history." " Huh! Frum must not have gotten the GOP talking points email? And finally our hypocrite-of-the-week award goes to Alabama Constitutional Militia's Mike Vanderboegh as desrcibed by TaraDactyl at Mike Vanderboegh: Violence Inspiring Anti-Government Thug is Sucking off the Government Teat writing, "Now that his hypocrisy (what else is new?) has been exposed, Vanderboegh felt the need to address it on one of his many blogs. His “reasoning” is the classic dance of justification and rationalization members of the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” crowd employ when ultimately exposed as the frauds they are. Here’s his justification in its entirety – (my comments in red)" Good stuff! In summary, Dems pass health insurance bill using reconciliation, GOP decry it as a dirty trick (even though they used the same maneuver to pass bu$h tax cuts for the wealthy and more), core-GOP-constituency teabaggers resort to violence, GOP cry that they have experienced violence too, while big pharma and big med get all the goodies they want and prog/libs are thrown a few bones, many that don't kick in for years. With all that in mind, the Sunday funnies should be more of the same. This Guest Host gets Governors HALEY BARBOUR and ED RENDELL, while Meet the David goes with CHUCK SCHUMER and LINDSEY GRAHAM. Throw your imaginary mental bricks at completely delusional MICHELE BACHMAN on Face the Bob. State of Crowley gets a face off with Senators LAMAR ALEXANDER and BARBARA MIKULSKI. The WH Limo drops of DAVID AXELROD at Crowley's too plus VALERIE JARRETT on This Guest Host. Get more news and commentary from our usual prog/lib round-up Ring of Fire, PBC podcasts, Max Keiser on economic issues plus Michael Moore on Democracy Now in BTV alerts. BTV contributor ms-in-la advises, "(YerOnYerOwn) YOYO is here. But we've got each other... Like minded people are hooking up - meeting up - and the best thing about living in dark times is? How easy it is to spot the light." Well said. Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of the week.


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    Info on Podcast #115 Published on 23 March 2010 by admin in Podcast Info -- Dems health insurance victory? Cuba Rising. On the day Obama signs the Senate bill just passed by the House, Margaret Flowers, MD returns to critique the bill and renew the call for single payer. Dr. Flowers, who was arrested on the order of Sen. Baucus for demanding hearings on single payer, describes the major shortcomings of this legislation, and agrees that the limited benefits delivered–such as an end to pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps and policy cancellation–do not come with adequate enforcement or penalties. Dr. Flowers urges single payer advocates to continue the struggle here. PBC cites a valuable myth-busting chart from Jane Hamsher and which refutes the happy-talk talking points we are hearing from Democrats about this “historic reform”. And we take a fresh look at the island nation of Cuba with Jonathan Showe, author of the new book Cuba Rising: An American Insider’s Perspective. Showe has been to Cuba over 80 times in the last 12 years, and offers many interesting comments on the Castro Brothers, a half century of failed US policies of sanction and isolation, the power of Cuban exiles in US politics, attitudes toward the US and Guantanamo, and more.
    Info on Podcast #116 Published on 19 March 2010 by admin in Podcast Info -- JProf. Stephen Jones on 9/11 explosive evidence; 2 activists fight White House on coal ash rules. Dr. Jones details the peer reviewed study that confirms that dust from 4 locations near the World Trade Center contained residue from the high tech explosive nanothermite. We begin the conversation with Jones’ description of his early retirement from Brigham Young University, under pressure from the Cheney White House, then talk about the study. He also references an earlier study, found here. While the discussion is a bit technical at times, and Jones’ cell fades out sometimes, the information is important and persuasive. In our second segment, we hear from two activists who are fighting White House czar Cass Sunstein, who is holding up approval of new EPA rules on coal ash: Peter Kelley, whose group has set up a cool website and taken out an ad in the Harvard Crimson (Sunstein is on leave from Harvard) to challenge the czar; and Tim Tanksley, who lives very close to a toxic coal ash dump near Bokoshe, Oklahoma which is run by the cynically-named “Making Money Having Fun” company, which has recently (and more cynically) been re-named Clean Hydro.
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    The Company’s Man, The Fed’s Buying and The Bid’s Riggers Stacy Summary: Looks like the Miracle 51% Voting Machine has delivered the election to anti-Iranian, ‘former’ CIA asset, Ayad Allawi. Very clever the way they waited a few years after their first attempt when they just openly installed him. More subtle this way. And re: JPMorgan and UBS (both CEOs are good mates with the President) let’s see if the Tea Party protests or the Congress demands an end to all Federal contracts . . . don’t hold your breath. READ Ayad Allawi edges out al-Maliki in close election (HuffPo) plus Freaking out over end of Fed mortgage buying ( and JPMorgan and UBS named as conspirators in US muni bond fraud and bid rigging
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