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Brick TeeVee wikileaks Cable-Gate!

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CABLE-GATE Julian Assange, founder of wikileaks, is somewhere in the UK (according to his attorney - see DN! below) and is laying low due to death threats. The previous two wikileaks releases on Iraq and Afghanistan did not garner anywhere NEAR the attention and the ensuing worldwide "manhunt" plus all the death threats from all sorts of government pols. Why is that? Glenn Greenwald tries to explain in WikiLeaks reveals more than just government secrets: The WikiLeaks disclosure has revealed not only numerous government secrets, but also the driving mentality of major factions in our political and media class. Simply put, there are few countries in the world with citizenries and especially media outlets more devoted to serving, protecting and venerating government authorities than the U.S. ... That Assange should be treated as a "traitor" and murdered with no due process has been strongly suggested if not outright urged by the likes of Marc Thiessen, Seth Lipsky (with Jeffrey Goldberg posting Lipsky's column and also illiterately accusing Assange of "treason"), Jonah Goldberg, Rep. Pete King, and, today, The Wall Street Journal. The way in which so many political commentators so routinely and casually call for the eradication of human beings without a shred of due process is nothing short of demented. ... It's one thing for the Government to shield its conduct from public disclosure, but it's another thing entirely for the U.S. media to be active participants in that concealment effort. ... Nonetheless, our government and political culture is so far toward the extreme pole of excessive, improper secrecy that that is clearly the far more significant threat. And few organizations besides WikiLeaks are doing anything to subvert that regime of secrecy, and none is close to its efficacy. It's staggering to watch anyone walk around acting as though the real threat is from excessive disclosures when the impenetrable, always-growing Wall of Secrecy is what has enabled virtually every abuse and transgression of the U.S. government over the last two decades at least. Also in Greenwald's analysis is a video of NYT's Executive Editor BILL KELLER who "was denied access to the documents by WikiLeaks this time but received them from The Guardian." and actually asked the WH what parts they were okay'd to publish! Can you say "LAP DOG"? Even crazier, an email from the U.S. State Dept. was allegedly sent to students at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University which it now denies (CBS News). And TPMMuckraker reports White House Tells All Federal Agencies To Prohibit Unauthorized Employees From Wikileaks Site. Hullabaloo's digby in Unhooking The Networks points to Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; “To destroy this invisible government” by zunguzungu who ferrets out this gem: But Assange is not trying to produce a journalistic scandal which will then provoke red-faced government reforms or something, precisely because no one is all that scandalized by such things any more. Instead, he is trying to strangle the links that make the conspiracy possible, to expose the necessary porousness of the American state’s conspiratorial network in hopes that the security state will then try to shrink its computational network in response, thereby making itself dumber and slower and smaller. And it seems with Cable-gate Assange has certainly hit a BIG nerve of this "conspiracy". Here are a few more items you MUST check out: WikiLeaks Honduras: State Dept. Busted on Support of Coup @ HuffPo; Bolivia: WikiLeaks documents confirm that US spied on Bolivia@; Why WikiLeaks Is Good for Democracy by: Bill Quigley, t r u t h o u t | Op-ed. Do your own research at Guardian UK The US Embassy Cables. As of this writing you can find it all at on a server in Switzerland after stops hosting WikiLeaks on its servers (WaPo). Once again, WHY the HUGE and VIOLENT ordeal over THESE leaks? Hmmmm? Catch GENERAL WESLEY CLARK supporting 'DADT' on This Anampour and direct bricks at maximum neolib Tri Lateral Commission founder ZBIGNEW BRZENINSKI on the Roundtable. DICK DURBIN tells JON KYL "you hate poor people" on Face the Bob while Meet the David hosts the dynamic duo JOHN KERRY and uber-regressive MITCH "DEFEAT THE PRESIDENT" MCCONNELL. State of the Candy gets CHARLIE "Where's my General" RANGEL after his unprecedented House Censure. PLEASE SEE BTV ALERTS and all our regular features for more wikileaks info! PLEASE POST any stories you find about Cable-Gate below! This wikileak release is causing unprecedented fervor and information is coming in by the minute. With your help we can make this thread the go-to spot as this story unfolds. Kudos to The Brick TeeVee Crew for getting this much info packed in on the MAJOR NERVE wikileaks has hit. We thank you in advance for posting related info below as it surely will come in during the week.

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