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In the SLOW lane? We open with Josh Silver @ Save the Internet on the NBC/Comcast merger Comcastrophe You should be afraid and mad as hell. The new Comcast will control an obscene number of media outlets, including the NBC broadcast network, numerous cable channels, two dozen local NBC and Telemundo stations, movie studios, online video portals, and the physical network that distributes that media content to millions of Americans through Internet and cable connections. Why should you care about a business deal between a couple of companies? This merger will touch all corners of the media market, and you won't be immune. Comcast will jack up the prices that other cable and online distributers pay for NBC content, and those prices will be passed to you. That means higher cable and Internet bills, even if you don't subscribe to Comcast. ... While pushing through this deal, the FCC chair completely ignored the lack of competition in the Internet service provider market. ... And it will only be a matter of time before more companies follow Comcast's lead and start pursuing new mergers. The FCC's blessing of Comcast and NBC will embolden companies like AT&T or Verizon, to try to gobble up content providers such as Disney and CBS, creating a new era of media consolidation where even fewer companies control the content you watch and all the ways you want to watch it.

    Obama On Net Neutrality "I'm a big believer in Net Neutrality. I campaigned on this. I continue to be a strong supporter of it. My FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has indicated that he shares the view that we've got to keep the Internet open, that we don't want to create a bunch of gateways that prevent somebody who doesn't have a lot of money but has a good idea from being able to start their next YouTube or their next Google on the Internet… This is something we're committed to. We're getting pushback, obviously, from some of the bigger carriers who would like to be able to charge more fees and extract more money from wealthier customers. But we think that runs counter to the whole spirit of openness that has made the Internet such a powerful engine for not only economic growth, but also for the generation of ideas and creativity." President Obama Youtube interview February 01, 2010
And we can all THANK pResident Big Dawg for passing the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which brought us the likes of Clear Channel Communications (CCC) going from 43 radio & 16 teevee stations in 1994 to over one thousand stations, billboards and Live Nation (yes that same Live Nation that just merged with TicketMaster ... more stories HERE). Then On November 16, 2006, Clear Channel announced plans to go private, being bought out by two private-equity firms, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners for $18.7 billion, which is just under a 10 percent premium above its closing price of $35.36 a share on November 16 (the deal values Clear Channel at $37.60 per share).[6][7] The new ownership of Clear Channel has also announced that all of its TV stations were for sale, as well as 448 radio stations that were outside of the top 100 markets.[8] All of the TV stations and 161 of the radio stations were sold to Providence Equity Partners, a private-equity firm, on April 23, 2007, pending FCC approval.[9] (wiki). Some of you might recognize BAIN CAPITAL as MITT "Max Headroom" ROMNEY's old digs, eh? BAIN was successful in that CCC filed for bankruptcy in early 2010, as reported by Reuters Clear Channel restructuring 'inevitable'-Moody's: The company will still face a critical hurdle in 2016, when about $13.8 billion of debt comes due, and leverage is expected to remain too high to attract more investment and refinance the debt, Moody's said. "It is clear under our assumptions for operating improvement and valuation multiples that the company's debt levels are unmanageable and unrefinancable," the rating agency said. A spokesman for Bain Capital declined comment. ... Even though it will likely begin to generate modest free cash flow in 2013, it is not expected to be able to refinance about $3.7 billion of debt due in 2014 with cash on hand, Moody's said. Too bad about CCC. But what about all the people who worked at all those stations? Many of the "448 radio stations that were outside of the top 100 markets", mostly low-power AM stations, that were sold per the BAIN private-equity model got gobbled up by religious "organizations" or now broadcast (surprise!) Fox Sports Radio. But we digress. Did you hear Keith Olbermann, the controversial MSNBC cable news host, has his contract abruptly terminated by parent company NBC
    Bizarrely, nearly half an hour later during an ad break in the following programme, MSNBC showed a station promo featuring Olbermann. But the promo was interrupted halfway through by a mattress advertisment.
DOPEaddict comments Comcast has scored its first bullseye. Eliminating KO is only the first shot in its project of homogenization of NBC's news dept. Now every network & cable news channell will only repeat the company (White House) line -- "all praise neoliberalism & austerity!" No dissent will be allowed. And while KO's liberal, he's hardly what anyone (except the famously ignorant American audience) would call "left." Any & all dissenting voices will soon be silenced, as the empire goes out with a whimper, not a bang. You can vent at DU's Joanne98 post FUCK COMCAST. Meanwhile William Daley, President Barack Obama’s new chief of staff, filed a notice with the Securities and Exchange Commission today to sell 186,190 shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co. that he valued at almost $8.3 million. Then seeSeymour Hersh telling like it is. GO WATCH Churchill Club presents: WikiLeaks: Why It Matters. Why It Doesn't? We're out of time! The Brick TeeVee crew sez "Good Night and Good Luck" to KO as the corporomedia lurches rightward evermore.

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Support the troops who refuse to fight! See SPECIAL! Bradley Manning's state deteriorating says David House (h/t nora) Alan Colmes interviewed David House on Thursday's show. House repeatedly has visited Manning over the duration of Manning's detention, the meetings always in a room surveilled and in the presence of guards. House said when the visits began Manning was sharp and alert, but now Manning is slower to respond and seems run down. Here's House's firedoglake article: Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions Here's the Colmes' show with the interview of House: David House of joins Alan to reveal what he learned during his visit with U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning in the Quantico brig. Also see Merged Manning-Lamo Chat Logs and Glenn Greenwald The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention & Wired's refusal to release or comment on the Manning chat logs

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    • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
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    • Investigative journalist Lee Fang will be here to tell us how the newly elected Republican Congressmen have surrounded themselves with lobbyists – something they promised their Tea Party followers that they would never do.
    • Author Nomi Prins will be joining us to discuss President Obama’s economic report card, and we’ll find out who’s benefiting more from his policies – constituents or corporations.
    • And attorney and consumer advocate Peter Mougey will be joining us to discuss the secret cabal of Wall Street insiders who have captured the derivatives market and how they’ve perpetrated one of the biggest scams in financial history.
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    Patrick Cockburn January 16, 2011: This interview is from the KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles broadcast on January 14th. The original program is HERE. Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent for The Independent, discusses how Muqtada al-Sadr’s return to Iraq has changed the political landscape and made a full US withdrawal by year’s end more likely; how otherwise-nationalist Iraqis use foreign allies as leverage against domestic sectarian/religious rivals; why the Pentagon seems to have drunk its own surge narrative Kool-Aid (in expecting the Iraq occupation to continue indefinitely); why the April Glaspie memo can’t be construed as a green light for invasion, because nobody expected Saddam Hussein to do it; how George H.W. Bush’s failure to support the 1991 Shiite uprising showed a US preference for an enduring, but weakened, Hussein led government, and an understanding that a Shia win would benefit Iran; how plain “stupidity” explains George W. Bush’s policy shift to depose Hussein and occupy the country; and how Iraq’s crippling problems are reflected by the millions of refugees who still refuse to return home. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 28:51
    Gareth Porter January 19, 2011: Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses Ike Eisenhower’s extraordinary (but too little too late) farewell address; how the overblown Soviet threat and missile gap hoax scared Americans enough to boost the bottom line of defense contractors; how the unlimited supply of government money corrupts otherwise solid businesses that are forced to compete with insiders and cheats; how the perquisites of government/military employment, though relatively harmless in isolation, drive the entire “permanent war state;” revelations that the British mission in Afghanistan was simply to “give the Army something to do;” and the three choices for fighting back against state militarism: abolish government, protest for change, or expatriate. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 33:06
    Greg Mitchell January 19, 2011: Greg Mitchell, author of the Media Fix blog for, discusses why all those people claiming WikiLeaks never released anything noteworthy, need to actually read the cables, or at least follow Greg on Twitter or at, where he has 53 consecutive days of noteworthy WikiLeaks updates; how the mainstream media’s disinterest in WikiLeaks is compensated for by region-specific media outlets reporting on significant local events (the revelations of Tunisia’s government corruption, for example); and the “cherry-picking” style of journalism, for good or evil. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 19:57
    Nick Baumann January 19, 2011: Nick Baumann, assistant editor at Mother Jones, discusses the favorable court proceedings on behalf of Gulet Mohamed, a teenage US citizen detained and mistreated in Kuwait for a month, that may have him headed home soon; the clear Constitutional and legal precedents that prevents the government from banishing a US citizen (in Mohamed’s case, by placing him on the no-fly list, knowing Kuwaiti law demands deportation by a direct flight); FBI interrogators who won’t take “no” for an answer, and who lie about not being bound by US law while in other countries; the proxy detentions of Muslim American citizens, similar to the extraordinary renditions during the Bush administration; and Anwar al-Awlaki’s sentence in absentia in Yemen on a strange incitement to murder charge unrelated to terrorism. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 19:17
    Philip Weiss January 20, 2011: Philip Weiss, investigative journalist and author of the blog MondoWeiss, discusses the mounting pressure on the US to refrain from vetoing a UN resolution critical of Israel’s illegal settlements (even J Street is on board); the glaring omission of George Mitchell from Obama’s new Mideast task force, which is full of establishment hacks and pro-Israel pundits; the continuing pretense that equal concessions must be made in a two-state solution, ignoring the reality of occupation and the vastly unequal parties involved; evidence that the US has lost all credibility as an “honest broker” as a rash of countries independently recognize the Palestinian state; how Noam Chomsky underestimates (or understates) the influence of the Israel lobby; and why a one-state solution is the only reasonable settlement, even though the subject remains verboten in polite society. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 18:05
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    • Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R) Kentucky / Minority Leader
    • Sen. Dick Durbin, (D) Illinois / Majority Whip

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