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MURDOCH PROPAGANDA'S LAST STRAWBefore we get to the really ugly Murdoch Mess... Our fellow blogspot friends over at TheAutomaticEarth gives us a hearty July 4 2011: Serfdom Day And while the examples above deal with European nations selling off their goodies, the same happens stateside of course. Individual states, as well as counties and municipalities, are auctioning off roads and buildings as fast as they can, in desperate and doomed attempts to make budgets whole. Just like Greece does. All while awaiting the economic recovery that never seems to come, or not quick enough, or not enough enough.The problem is that this economy, these economies, will never recover. They will never return to where they once were. They won't even return to where they are now. Because there is so much debt all around, and our leaders refuse to let the institutions that incurred it pay the bill, there's a huge amount of downside waiting for us. And selling off what should have been our children's inheritance is not going to change that. It will only make their lives that much harder. They will indeed not be sovereign people, they will not hold control over their own societies. And they will therefore have no reason left to celebrate their Independence Day. They will be serfs. Debt slaves. The gutting of societies and their independence is not new by any stretch of the imagination. The gutting of our present societies, too, started a long time ago, with the ideas propagated by Milton Friedman and his Chicago School criminal racket. What cannot, however, be put at Friedman's feet, is the devastation to the world we live in caused by the derivatives trade. And that, to repeat myself, is where today's real danger lies. Read the rest and then read An American Person's Declaration of Independence from the Un-American Corporate Oligarchy at and print it out and carry a copy or two to hand out! Amid the outsourcing, layoffs and "jobless recovery" you may think it's only you who has been working longer hours for less pay. But you would be wrong! Over at Mother Jones read All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup by co-editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery: Webster's defines speedup as "an employer's demand for accelerated output without increased pay," and it used to be a household word. Bosses would speed up the line to fill a big order, to goose profits, or to punish a restive workforce. Workers recognized it, unions (remember those?) watched for and negotiated over it—and, if necessary, walked out over it.But now we no longer even acknowledge it—not in blue-collar work, not in white-collar or pink-collar work, not in economics texts, and certainly not in the media (except when journalists gripe about the staff-compacted-job-expanded newsroom). Now the word we use is "productivity," a term insidious in both its usage and creep. The not-so-subtle implication is always: Don't you want to be a productive member of society? Pundits across the political spectrum revel in the fact that US productivity (a.k.a. economic output per hour worked) consistently leads the world. Yes, year after year, Americans wring even more value out of each minute on the job than we did the year before. U-S-A! U-S-A! Except what's good for American business isn't necessarily good for Americans. We're not just working smarter, but harder. And harder. And harder, to the point where the driver is no longer American industriousness, but something much more predatory. Then take a gander at these charts It's the Inequality, Stupid: Eleven charts that explain everything that's wrong with America. Salon's Andrew Leonard adds The final nail in the supply side coffin Ever since Ronald Reagan first attempted to make supply-side economics a reality and proceeded to inaugurate an era of persistent government deficits and growing income inequality, it has become harder and harder to make the trickle-down argument with a straight face. But we've never seen anything quite like the disaster that's playing out right now. ... What makes this "recovery" so different? Perhaps the simplest answer is that labor has been broken as a force that can put pressure on management, so there's little incentive for employers to turn profits into wage hikes or new jobs. Instead, employers are squeezing more out of the workers that they've got, and investing in equipment upgrades and new technology instead of human assets -- labor productivity has risen sharply since the end of the recession. Globalization also plays a potent role -- and not just as a source of cheap labor to undermine the bargaining power of American workers. ... You could be excused for thinking that if ever there was time to put the stake through supply-side economics, it would be now. Wall Street and big corporations are doing just fine, but absolutely nothing is trickling down. And yet Republicans are still pushing the same old song and dance, passionately holding the entire creditworthiness of the United States hostage in return for even lower taxes on corporations, adamantly refusing to countenance even the slightest revenue increase to help cushion the hard times for the Americans who are getting a raw deal out of the current recovery. Democrats come in for their share of the blame, too. The worst economic recovery for American workers in history has happened on Obama's watch, and he appears remarkably oblivious to it. He may live to regret this oversight. Heck just be lucky you're getting paid at all! Alex Seitz-Wald at ThinkProgress tells us that Union Workers Replaced With Prison Labor Under Scott Walker’s Collective Bargaining Law As the Madison Capital Times reports, “Besides losing their right to negotiate over the percentage of their paycheck that will go toward health care and retirement, unions also lost the ability to claim work as a ‘union-only’ job, opening the door for private workers and evidently even inmates to step in and take their place.” Inmates are not paid for their work, but may receive time off of their sentences. Watch a report from Fox6! This following Georgia Governor's Illegal Immigration Solution: Farms Should Hire Workers On Probation (huffpo/aol) Them Krazy Guvnors! Alternet's Sarah Jaffe makes a tidy list of The 10 Scariest GOP Governors: Bringing a Radical Right-Wing Agenda To a State Near You including "honorable mention for a couple of Democrats in the nation's biggest blue states who seem to have taken a page from our right-wing friends." Next we go to for this post by his able side-kick Stacy Herbert Russia, Iceland & Afghanistan Stand Alone As The Only Nations With International Arrest Warrants Out For Bankers Who Committed Fraud Stacy Summary: This is in response to trolls on our Keiser Reports the last two episodes, who claim for some reason that by not covering the Bank of Moscow bailout on our tv show we are somehow avoiding the story because the show airs on a Russian financed broadcaster. Well, the story for the most part, reflects nicely on Russia so I don’t get their argument that there is some sort of conspiracy: From what I can tell, Russian authorities protected depositors, have isolated the bad loans while keeping the good part operating AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – have an international arrest warrant out for the banker responsible! Can you say the same of Dick Fuld? Jimmy Cayne? Angelo Mozilo? Lloyd Blankfein? Sean Fitzpatrick? Fred Goodwin? Etc. Etc. The fact is that Russia now joins Iceland and Afghanistan as the ONLY nations to have international arrest warrants out for banking thieves. This is our single most urgent concern in all the banking disasters around the world – justice. Without justice, these banking crime waves will not stop. The Bank of Moscow fraudster is hiding out in London and will no doubt live it large there thanks to London’s safe haven status. Icelandic bankers are also hiding out in London after fleecing their country with ‘loans’ to close friends and family. (more...) Let 'em have it Stacy! Then Max adds The obviously large and very excessive amounts are the smoking gun of silver fraud by the western world’s banks READ BIS Changed Silver Data ( If you don't know what the BIS is then we strongly recommend Global Banking: The Bank for International Settlements at NOW to put in context why these allegations are so huge. We told you about Parts I & II so surf over to Dean Henderson's wordpress site for these updates and the exciting conclusion! He really puts the whole shebang in historical perspective!

Meanwhile the teabaggers in Congress who took the Grover Norquist "NO TAXES" pledge are determined to drive the U.S. Economic Train on to the blown-up bridge ahead at full speed. Prairie2 sums up the economic plan thusly (Bruce you never call me. -Ed.):
    Corporate democracy, patriotism and freedom ...The largely unnoticed bad news in the jobs report was an unsettling drop in hourly wages. Even with inflation pressures from high gas prices wages still fell in a period of so called “recovery” when wages should be trending upward. But this is not unexpected as I’ve said repeatedly the high weekly unemployment claims that happen even as we have new jobs created reflect a deliberate practice by large companies to drive down wages by firing workers and then hiring at lower wages many of the same workers after sufficient fear has been instilled. So Obama is increasingly touting the Republican talking point of growth through austerity and the need to build the confidence of business so that they will hire. In fact we’ve already had a year of ever increasing austerity and big business isn’t “afraid” to hire. They are hiring lots of people, just at ever lower wages. Indeed they don’t need to expand output as they are only operating at 80% capacity currently. Small business has been largely frozen out of expansion by big business and big finance as well as suffering from the same lack of demand for their goods from the falling of wages and shrinking government. ... Tea bag Congressmen are incensed about the idea that Obama might uphold the Constitution and promise impeachment if he were to continue paying the Federal Governments obligations authorized by law and as sighted in Section 4 of the 14th Amendment as an absolute requirement which “is not to be questioned”. The thing about Obama giving spending concessions to avert the crisis is that these cuts can be reversed in the appropriations bills of any subsequent Congress. If the Republicans are successful in creating a real crisis and ride that into control of the government in 2012 then they can force structural changes we can’t undo. We know they don’t want democracy and could promise an economic recovery if we simply gave that up (democracy in any meaningful sense). We don’t really have it now but the potential is still there and that’s what they really want to kill. You have to keep in mind that things really aren’t that bad with the economy. It would be easy enough to produce a dramatic “recovery” once the corporatists were entrenched in power once and for all and any opposition would be marginalized and over time eliminated permanently. This is exactly what Mussolini did in the 1920s and he was hailed as and economic genius after he replaced the Italian Parliament with a conference of corporate leaders. The word he coined for this merging of the corporations with the state was Fascism. I’m sure the Republicans have a word of their own, something referring to patriotism, democracy and freedom without allowing any of it. They do have a working title for American Fascism, the Republicans call it "Privatization".
Uh yep, but it's been neo-cons AND neo-libs touting the same failed SHOCK DOCTRINE Flat-Earth Friedman-Chicago-School "free market" at-the-point-of-a-gun policies across the globe for decades! Nobel Laureate PAUL KRUGMAN nails it in What Obama Wants (nyt) But let’s be frank. It’s getting harder and harder to trust Mr. Obama’s motives in the budget fight, given the way his economic rhetoric has veered to the right. In fact, if all you did was listen to his speeches, you might conclude that he basically shares the G.O.P.’s diagnosis of what ails our economy and what should be done to fix it. And maybe that’s not a false impression; maybe it’s the simple truth. With all due respect professor, YA THINK? Perhaps poster JWS at John W.Smart's site offers up a possible solution (h/t jen): Primary the S.O.B. Not much to say tonight except this: IT IS TIME FOR A REAL DEMOCRAT TO STEP UP AND CHALLENGE OBAMA IN THE PRIMARIES. “Liberal groups” are upset with Obama over S.S. and medicare. This is not enough. These blowhards have been upset with Obama over one thing or another for 3 years. Then they comes slinking back into ObamaDelusionLand under cover of night. Enough already. I’d prefer Clinton ditches Obama and then jumps in. (Bill or Hillary? Um they're more of the same, JWS, in case you've not been paying attention, maybe worse. -Ed.). But I’ll take almost anyone at this point. Do they have to be on the Left of the party? Hell no. They have to do damage and open the door. Can they win? Who knows? Not the point. Does it help the GOP? Probably. And who cares? If the GOP takes the WH and the Senate next year…so be it. At least we’ll know who the enemy is. Obama is the single most destructive force the Democratic Party has seen since George Wallace. It’s time for a change. A real change. Primary the S.O.B. We told you so, you dumbasses. Note: Corrente has delightfully tagged Obama with his proper name. And that primary challenger is? Sunday will be the LAST edition of "News of the World" after 168 years of publishing. Stacy Herbert explains As News Emerges of Phone Taps on War Dead, Murdoch to Shutter News Of The World Our own bluemoon notes 14 Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" uses to Brainwash Americans from Alternet's Adele M. Stan thinks the NoTW scandal may reach U.S. shores explaining in Murdoch Named PATRIOT Act Architect to Mop Up Paper's Eavesdropping Scandal; 'News of the World' to Close As CEO of the Dow Jones Company, of which WSJ is a part, Murdoch installed Les Hinton, who had previously run News Corp's British newspaper empire, known as News International. Now it appears that Hinton may have won his prize spot for his part in an apparent coverup of a multi-year phone-hacking operation that likely involved an editor who went on to serve as the prime minister's spokesperson, and another who would go on to run all of Murdoch's UK papers.... here in the U.S., an unseemly tale is unfolding about the steady unraveling of ethics at the Wall Street Journal since Murdoch's purchase of the paper and the appointment of Les Hinton as its CEO. ...Murdoch appears to be quite concerned about a U.S. angle on the scandal. As early as last month, according to the British paper, the Independent, Murdoch sent a team of U.S. attorneys "to investigate the extent of phone hacking at the News of the World." As is typical of the Wall Street Journal since Murdoch's purchase, the paper did not disclose today the role its chief executive played in delivering misleading testimony before the British parliament, notes Media Matters' Eric Boehlert. This is not surprising. AlterNet has previously reported on the paper's apparent partnership with David Koch's Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a relationship that is never disclosed in the Journal's reporting on the political activities of Americans for Prosperity, despite the fact that one of its editorial board members, Stephen Moore, has accepted at least $150,000 in speaking fees from the AFP Foundation. ... the News of the World's reporting makes a travesty of the idea of journalism ethics. Yet the double-dealing of the Wall Street Journal -- its failure to disclose its executives' involvement in either the British phone-hacking scandal or the American political group from which at least one receives compensation -- corrupts the political culture of the United States. It's almost like somebody's afraid of Rupert Murdoch. Now who could THAT be? The best we can hope for is Murdoch and his FAKE SNOOZE operation is run out of America on the next flight out as charges are levied in the U.S. for treason; the worst could be Murdoch is aiding and abetting the EffBeeEye, the SeeAyeEh und Das Heimat Sekurity Apparatchiks and will get the nod-nod-wink-wink from The Powers That Be (TPTB) when the subpoenas start rolling out. Sadly The 0! Administration's Justice Department has a STRONG record of "looking forward" so get your "exit strategy" in place right away! That's it for this week since the BTV computers underwent Major Repairs today after the evil Blue Screen of Death appeared. Fortunately our backup strategies panned out and we're slowly coming back up to speed. 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