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The Fall of Murdoch's Empire The guy Max Keiser calls "a retrobate psychopath" has some 'splainin to do, Lucy. First get caught up with the BBC's Phone hacking scandal: Timeline. Then Bloomberg reports News Corp.’s U.K. Newspaper CEO Brooks Resigns Amid Scandal Rebekah Brooks, the News Corp. executive at the center of a phone-hacking scandal that forced the closure of a 168-year-old U.K. tabloid she edited, has resigned amid pressure from politicians and shareholders.... Following Brooks’ resignation, lawmakers started increasing the pressure on James Murdoch. “Her departure will move the spotlight onto James Murdoch,” Labour lawmaker Tom Watson, who has been investigating phone-hacking for two years, said on the Sky News channel today. “Terrible things happened over a long period of time in that company, and they tried to cover it up. They must be held to account.” Next News Corp's Les Hinton resigns amid phone-hack scandal (bbc) Mr Hinton was chief executive of Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Mr Murdoch said the resignation brought him "much sadness". Poor Rupert! All this after News Corp withdraws bid for BSkyB 4(reuters via Rupert Murdoch withdrew his bid for British broadcaster BSkyB on Wednesday in the face of cross-party hostility in parliament following allegations of widespread criminality at one of his tabloid newspapers. The move pre-empted by a couple of hours a planned vote in parliament that had all-party support for a non-binding motion urging the Australian-born media magnate to drop a buyout offer which was a major part of his global expansion in television...News Corp owns 39% of BSkyB, which owns Sky News and a range of profitable pay-TV channels. "It has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate," deputy chairman Chase Carey said in a statement. Well done Captain Obvious! So what does Rupert do after he changed his plans and will appear next week at a parliamentary hearing after all, Reuters reports (USA Today) ? Spend some money at your competitors! BBC runs with Rupert Murdoch 'sorry' in newspaper adverts National newspapers are running a full-page advert with a signed apology from Rupert Murdoch over "serious wrongdoing" by the News of the World. The advert states: "We are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred." Well that should make things all better, eh Rupert? Not so fast, wiseguy! Reuters headlines Senators call for DOJ, SEC probe into News Corp Senators Barbara Boxer, John Rockefeller and Frank Lautenberg on Wednesday asked Attorney General Eric Holder and SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro to look into a potential violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act after the telephone hacking scandal at one of News Corp's British newspapers. "The reported allegations against News Corporation are very serious and indicate potentially thousands of victims and a pattern of illegal activity. It is important to ensure that no United States laws were broken and no United States citizens were victimized," Rockefeller and Boxer wrote in a letter to Holder and Schapiro. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (wiki fyi -Ed.) prohibits payments intended to influence any act or decision of a foreign official. The senators also called on authorities to investigate reports News Corp also illegally accessed telephone records of victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks. "The limited information already reported in this case raises serious questions about the legality of the conduct of News Corporation and its subsidiaries under the FCPA," Lautenberg said in a separate letter sent to DOJ and SEC. "Further investigation may reveal that current reports only scratch the surface of the problem at News Corporation." What to do? ThinkProgress says TAKE ACTION: Tell The Department of Justice To Investigate Rupert Murdoch! Richard (RJ) Eskow at has a solution to Rupert's problems! Want to Solve All your Problems, Rupert Murdoch? Become A Banker. Rupert Murdoch's got problems. His employees are being arrested, he's losing his latest acquisition, and he's just been called to testify before Parliament. But there's an easy way for Mr. Murdoch to protect himself from these inquiries and save his company at the same time: Turn the News Corporation into a Wall Street bank. There won't be any prosecutions, and the government will even sweeten the deal with billions of dollars in easy money. And if Murdoch follows the trail blazed by bankers like Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase, soon they'll be begging him to acquire more companies. Murdoch and Dimon. One runs an organization that, as we now know, broke the law so many times it could be called a criminal syndicate. And the other is Rupert Murdoch. Yet Murdoch's fighting for his corporation's future while Dimon's name is being floated as a possible Treasury Secretary. Murdoch's losing his chance to expand market share, while our government helped Dimon's bank become more too-big-to-fail than ever by grabbing up Morgan Stanley. Now that's juice. Murdoch's been a power broker on three continents and his Fox empire has reshaped this country's political landscape, but Dimon's taken the power game to a whole 'nother level.... We now go to FDL's D-Day for Fake Democrats Go Down in Wisconsin, Non-Fake Democrat Wins Congressional Election in California: In Wisconsin, the recall elections kicked off with primaries in 6 races, all of which are seats held by Republican incumbents being recalled. As you may know, Republicans ran “Democrats” in all six races against the official Democratic challengers, in an effort to delay the recall elections by a month. This both gave time for the Republican incumbents to fundraise and campaign, and allowed the leadership to force through a redistricting plan before losing control of the state Senate. That redistricting plan could tilt the state in their favor for the next 10 years. Anyway, there was some thought that, in a low-turnout election, the six official Democratic challengers might have trouble defeating the fake Democrats, who were mostly Republican activists. This was especially true because there are open primaries in Wisconsin, and Republicans could cross over to vote for the fake Democrat. There was even some electioneering done by Republicans to try to get crossover votes and defeat the official Democratic challengers. But it was not to be. Democrats (Real Ones) Win Primaries (nyt)

    Six Republican candidates posing as Democrats lost to genuine Democrats in primaries on Tuesday in Wisconsin. The voting was a prelude to the first in a series of recall elections singling out nine Wisconsin state senators for their positions on the divisive union rights restrictions of Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican. The primary winners will now take on the incumbent Republicans on Aug. 9 [...] Five of the six winners had at least 65 percent of the vote, based on unofficial results. A sixth had 54 percent.
The 54-46 race was won by Shelley Moore, who will now face Sheila Harsdorf on August 9. The rest of the races, as mentioned, were blowouts. I don’t know if you can read anything into the closeness of the Moore race. Now it’s a four-week sprint, and expect lots of cash to be spent on the recalls on both sides. The neccesity for these recall races in Wisconsin may be linked to Guv Scott Walker's ties to the right-wing lobby group ALEC. The Nation tells all about ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection This article is part of a Nation series exposing the American Legislative Exchange Council, in collaboration with the Center For Media and Democracy. John Nichols introduces the series. ALEC and the Kochs often pursue parallel tracks. Just as ALEC “educates” legislators, Koch funding has helped “tutor” hundreds of judges with all-expenses-paid junkets at fancy resorts, where they learn about the “free market” impact of their rulings. But ALEC also operates like an arm of the Koch agenda, circulating bills that make their vision of the world concrete. For a mere $25,000 a year, Koch Industries sits as an “equal” board member with state legislators, influencing bills that serve as a wish list for its financial or ideological interests. InTheseTimes' Beau Hodai (via AlterNet) piles on on with Inside ALEC, The Koch-Funded Group Behind Right-Wing State Laws so read all seven pages! Here's an interactive site for tracking ALEC's takeover of the country. See what they are doing in YOUR community. ALEC EXPOSED! Susie Madrak says in The gaping class divide Go read Taibbi. Greed, Excess and America's Gaping Class Divide
    Courtesy of good friend and Supreme Court of Assholedom justice David Sirota comes this revolting list of Marie Antoinettoid moments from recent years, in an article called "The New 'Let Them Eat Cake!'". ... All of this is a testament to the amazing (and rapidly expanding) cultural divide that exists in this country, where the poor and the rich seldom cross paths at all, and the rich, in particular, simply have no concept what being broke and poor really means. It is true that if you make $300,000 in America, you won't feel like you're so very rich once you get finished paying your taxes, your mortgage, your medical bills and so on. For this reason, a lot of people who make that kind of money believe they are the modern middle class: house in the burbs, a car, a kid in college, a trip to Europe once a year, what's the big deal? They'd be right, were it not for the relative comparison -- for the fact that out there, in that thin little ithsmus between the Upper East Side and Beverly Hills, things are so fucked that public school teachers and garbagemen making $60k with benefits are being targeted with pitchfork-bearing mobs as paragons of greed and excess. ... This is also going on because both parties are betraying the desires of the actual voters, who by and large actually do favor taxing the wealthy (they favor it intellectually anyway, when asked by pollsters). But we don't see mobs on the street demanding Stevie Cohen and John Paulson and George Soros give up their special 15 percent tax rate, because no actual people have ever seen Stevie Cohen, John Paulson or George Soros in the wild. ...If you think your local Andy Griffith is a greedy pig because he retired in his forties and built an addition to his garage with your tax money, try hanging out with a guy who eats $400 crabs, throws himself $5 million parties where he is serenaded by Rod Stewart and Patti Labelle (who sang “Happy Birthday”), and then compares the president to Hitler when word leaks out that he might have to pay taxes at the same rate as a firefighter or a kindergarten teacher. But America never gets to meet that guy, because all of those parties are invite-only, and the only reporters that go tend to do so with kneepads on — like the extraordinary Andrew Ross Sorkin, who as Sirota notes, predictably wrote a slurpilicious "In Defense of Schwarzman" piece after the event (his thesis, to the extent that I could make it out, seemed to be that there are even bigger assholes than Schwarzman). As a result, the popular outrage gets steered toward state employees greedily living off their own pensions, not toward the truly deserving targets hiding in the Hamptons and Gstaad and St. Tropez. Anyway, definitely advise checking out David's piece. You'll be grinding your teeth by the time you finish.
Following up on Our Big Fat Greek Debt post the situation in Greece may be coming to a head, per the Guardian UK's Ian Traynor Greece set to default on massive debt burden, European leaders concede European leaders bowed to the inevitable and conceded that Greece is likely to default on its massive debt burden, which would be a first among the 17 countries using the euro. They also abruptly shifted tack in the eurozone debt crisis by raising the possibility of using the eurozone's bailout fund to buy back Greek debt on the markets, meaning sizeable losses for Greece's private investors and reduced debt levels for Athens. ... Accepting that a Greek default was now impossible to avoid, EU governments are hoping it will be brief and "selective", not triggering a "credit event" on the financial markets that could wreak havoc on the credit default swap markets, also in the US, and unleash contagion. Last week two of the three big ratings agencies predicted a Greek-style scenario for Portugal, downgrading its debt to junk, while predicting any private-sector involvement in the second Greek bailout being negotiated would be viewed as a default. Those verdicts provoked rage from the EU. Viviane Reding, the EU justice commissioner, said: "Europe can't allow three private US enterprises to destroy the euro." Either their "cartel" was smashed or "independent" European and Asian ratings agencies would be set up. "We can't have a situation where a cartel of three US enterprises decides the fates of entire national economies and their citizens," she said. Speaking of that US Cartel Moody’s Downgrade Warning Adds Pressure on U.S. Debt Deal (bloomberg) Moody’s Investors Service raised the pressure on U.S. lawmakers to increase the government’s $14.3 trillion debt limit by placing the nation’s credit rating under review for a downgrade. The U.S., rated Aaa since 1917, was put on review for the first time since 1996 on concern the debt threshold won’t be raised in time to prevent a missed interest or principal payment on outstanding bonds and notes, even though the risk remains low, Moody’s said in a statement yesterday (Wednesday). More on that in a moment. The Automatic Earth's Ilargi explains in July 12 2011: As Italy sinks, France is leaking (with some EYE-POPPING graphs) ...As you see, French banks have a completely outsized exposure to Italy. Which means that if the markets come after Rome, they’ll hit Société Générale, BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole too. There's no way they won't. Here's the overall PIIGS exposure for banks per country: ...Paris will -need to- step in to try and save its financial institutions. The first steps in that direction are already being taken. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has advised Europe to implement their International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9), which is nothing but a sly and underhanded mark to fantasy trick posing as a "standard". Think the US' FASB 157. Basically, IFRS 9 allows investors to hold assets at cost as long as they don't try and sell them. That Greek haircut which is being discussed shaves off as much as 60% of debt value. But they may still appear on the books at 100%. That's really great. Unless you would like to know what your shares are really worth, and those your pension fund holds. Who needs transparency, or reality, when you can just spend your days dreaming of riches? We're all crackheads now. ... The best thing to do would be to come clean, to mark all assets to market, to restructure what must be restructured, and to bankrupt those institutions that are in fact bankrupt. This will not be done. Instead, extend and pretend will be the official policy -though it will be called something else-, until it no longer can be. That's what happened with Greece today: the official line went from "no defaults" to "sure, defaults, but..." in five seconds flat. And that is the future for Italy too. And Ireland, Spain, Portugal. And after that France may have its turn. By then, though, the EU may have stopped functioning as a unit. Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam will reach a point where they'll throw anyone at the wolves who threatens their positions. Not that that will do a single thing to save them; it will merely prolong the agony. Alternatively, there will probably be attempts at creating a true fiscal union across Europe, or even a political one. But that will never come to be. It's game over. Then Tyler Durden at zerohedge notes this exchange between Rep Ron Paul and Helicopter Ben at the U.S. House Banking Committee meeting last Wednesday in Gold Targets $1600 Per Ounce - New Nominal Record, Silver Surges 9% in 24 Hours as Dollars Falls “When you wake up in the morning, do you care about the price of gold?” he asked Mr. Bernanke.
“Well,” Bernanke replied. “I pay attention to the price of gold. But I think it reflects a lot of things. It reflects global uncertainties. I think the reason people hold gold is as protection against of what we call tail risks, really, really bad outcomes. And to the extent that the last few years have made people more worried about the potential of a major crisis then they have gold as a protection.”
Paul: "Do you think gold is money?"
Bernanke: "No. It's a precious metal."
Paul: "Even if it's been money for 6,000 years? Somebody reversed that and eliminated that economic law?"
Bernanke: "Well, you know, it's an asset. Would you say treasury bills are money? I don't think they're money either, but they're a financial asset."
Paul: "Why do central banks hold it if it's not money?"
Bernanke: "Well, it's a form of reserves."
Paul: "Why don't they hold diamonds?"
Bernanke: "Well, it's tradition. Long-term tradition."
Paul: "Some people still think it's money."
FOR THE RECORD the London Fix close on Friday was AU $1,587/oz & AG $38.17/oz. Joshua Holland at AlterNet lays out the 5 Disastrous Consequences Of A Debt Ceiling Meltdown We note #2. Real People Would be Hurt, Badly (Especially in the 'Red' States) The idea of “limited government” is appealing in the abstract, but not in concrete terms. With the economy – the private-sector economy – in terrible shape, the New York Times notes that “close to $2 of every $10 that went into Americans’ wallets last year were payments like jobless benefits, food stamps, Social Security and disability.” That's the concrete reality, and those dollars – some of them – will disappear after August 3 if no deal is reached on the debt ceiling. The Times broke those numbers down by state and found there was quite a bit of variation in terms of how much of their personal incomes residents of various states derive from government payments. Conservative-leaning states like West Virginia (28 percent), Mississippi (26.2 percent), Kentucky (24.8 percent) and Arkansas (24.5 percent) lead the pack; among the dozen states that depend the most on federal payments for household income, only three – Maine, Michigan and New Mexico – are considered “blue.” And so it will be for the morans that keep voting against their own economic interests by electing Reptilians who keep jerking them around with "faith-based" this-n-that issues like teaching the bible in public schools, their "war on science", war on womens' rights to privacy and so on. Yeah Sirota's got it right: Let them eat cake! Haha! Lastly Jeralyn at gives us Raising Medicare Eligibility: Obama's Pink Slip Notice which provided THIS REACTION:
Up is down. Down is up. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. And Obama is a Democrat.
If you think the current worldwide economic outlook is bleak take a peek into the future with James Howard Kunstler at Back to the Future: A road map for tomorrow's cities and The Evils of Unregulated Capitalism by 2001 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Joseph E. Stiglitz at Of course none of this will be discussed on the Sunday Morning "conventional wisdom" DC Bubalas shows. Of note is THROW BRICKS at OH Guv JOHN KASICH on Meet the David and Man of Mystery WH Limo passenger Director of the Office of Management and Budget JACOB LEW on This Anampout, State of Candy and Meet the David (yeah we never heard of this guy either - but he gets the WH limo ride - go figure). The BTV Victory Garden was infiltrated last week and the broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower were hit hard, along with the squash varieties. The perimeter has been reinforced pronto and the damaged plants are hanging on. Meanwhile the tomatoes are 4' high, sweet & hot pepper varieties, eggplants, beans and cukes are going strong. Next week will be around 90°F all week and no sign of rain so things should perk up aided by our daily watering regimen. We hope you and your gardens are doing well, too! Many fantastic interviews and stories below to keep you busy all week! See you next week!

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    Attorney General Holder: We are writing to express our concerns of potential corrupt practices by News Corporation. Specifically, there are credible reports that News Corp subsidiaries bribed police officers to obtain information about former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and others. Further, there are reports that News Corp subsidiaries hacked into voicemails of politicians, celebrities and murder victims. Some of this activity may have even occurred on U.S. soil. Although initial reports focused on the UK paper News of the World, recent reports suggest that this disturbing conduct extended to several other News Corp properties. Given the seriousness of these allegations, we ask that you immediately begin an investigation of all entities controlled by News Corp, including domestic subsidiaries such as Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. The purpose of the investigation should be to determine whether any conduct by News Corp, domestically or abroad, violated The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 78dd-1, et seq.), the Electronic Privacy Communications Act (18 U.S.C. § 2510-2522) or any other applicable U.S. laws. cc: SEC Chair, Mary L. Schapiro
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    • PBC Podcast 271 NSA Expert James Bamford on Thomas Drake and the US War in Yemen Journalist and author James Bamford, the acknowledged expert on the National Security Agency and other intelligence subjects, returns in this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds. Due to vacation, our next podcast will be about August 4.
    • PBC Podcast 272 Outrage: DHS Whistleblower Endured Reprisals for Doing Her Job! Journalist and author James Bamford, the acknowledged expert on the National Security Agency and other intelligence subjects, returns in this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds. Due to vacation, our next podcast will be about August 4.

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    Ring of Fire Radio - GoLeft TV - Robert F. Kennedy, Mike Papantonio, Sam Seder - Politics, Commentary, and News.
    This Week on Ring of Fire! July 15, 2010
    • This week on Ring of Fire: David Bender returns to the Ring of Fire this week to shed some light on the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal, and we’ll talk about whether or not Rupert’s glass house is finally going to crack.
    • Attorney Tim O’Brien will join us to discuss the dangerous consequences of Merck’s blockbuster drug Fosamax.
    • Ilyse Hogue from Media Matters will join us to discuss Rupert Murdoch’s lie machine, and what the fallout from the phone hacking scandal could mean for News Corp.
    • And Dr. David Ansell will be here to tell us how lack of access to medical care is killing American citizens.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: Climate Change Deniers Watching The World Burn The Republican response to climate change, even in the face of extreme weather, never ceases to amaze me. We have record-breaking tornadoes, floods, droughts, snow storms, and heat waves, and all they can say is “Oh well, that’s just how weather works.” They completely ignore the fact that global climate change is not only real, but we’re experiencing the effects of it on a daily basis in America. Mike Papantonio talks about why we should be concerned about the weather, and even more concerned about the climate change deniers, with author Paul Loeb.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: The Republicans’ Crazy Old Uncle Image Mike Papantonio squares off against Republican strategist Ron Christie on The Ed Show to talk about who’s really to blame on the debt ceiling issue.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: News Corp Could Be Another Enron Mike Papantonio talks with radio host Randi Rhodes about the ongoing Rupert Murdoch scandal that is threatening to financially break News Corp.
    • Join our blog at You can now SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST by clicking on the “Podcast” tab at the top of the Ring of Fire blog. Please help support progressive radio by signing up!
    Ring of Fire Radio Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm (4 pm on XM 167) featuring The PAP Attack! "We’ll bring you the stories that the mainstream media didn’t feel like reporting this week."

  • Majority Report with Sam Seder Streaming LIVE weekdays 11:30 am et @!
    Sam Stein of the Huffington Post on McConnell's Flinch [07•13•11]
    Katherine Harris Calls In To Talk Mr. & Mrs. Michelle Bachmann! [07•13•11]
    Mark Leon Goldberg on CIA Fake Vaccination Program as Cover to Find Osama bin Laden [07•14•11]
    Cliff Schecter joins Sam Seder to talk the Debt Ceiling Deal and Obama [07•15•11]
    MORE Podcast Interviews at!

  • On the Edge with Max Keiser Podcasts and more @!
    "HI Y'ALL! Tell the people! Tell the people!"
    WHO IS MAX KEISER? Max Keiser is a financial expert, Prediction Markets analyst, inventor and filmmaker. He is the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) the first Prediction Market. Max Keiser co-hosts “The Truth About Markets” on ResonanceFM 104.4 in London. He also produces and presents documentary films covering markets and finance for Al Jazeera’s “People & Power” series. Max Keiser started his career on Wall Street in 1983. He is the creator of KarmaBanque a site that enables activists to challenge corporate power.
    • VISIT!!! Crowd Funding for Pirates!
    • VIDEO! The Official Silver Liberation Army! See !
    “Plan to Suck Greece Dry Will Backfire.” READ Plan to Spoon-Feed Greece to Death; Greece to Receive Another $124 Billion in Small Bites, Details Postponed; 33% Chance of Italy Debt Downgrade
    • VIDEO! Dr. Michael Hudson – RenegadeEconomist Series
    • VIDEO! Banks look really bad WATCH Eric King interviews Chris Whalen US money markets at risk, savers are getting screwed to subsidize corrupt bankers, JPM’s huge legal problems = $45 bn. in claims still to go to trial, did the FDIC kill the repo market?, low rates eventually kill the economy, “You can’t have a recovery without savers,” reality with real estate, hiring, banks, is that bonds are not worth par and Bazel 3 is a joke, French banks are f*****, actual CDS on Greece is way more than $8 bn.
    What Keiser sees is the same thing that I see and everyone else who truly understands collapse sees… Read BLAME THE PEASANTS at
    • KEISER REPORT [KR160] Keiser Report – The Counterattack! We interview Jeff Berwick of
    • KEISER REPORT [KR161] Keiser Report – Robbed and Securitised We interview Yanis Varoufakis
    • KEISER REPORT [KR162] Keiser Report – Europe’s Neo-Feudalism We interview Michael Hudson!
    • KEISER REPORT [KR164] Keiser Report – Oligarchy Propaganda Looks like they are having problems with all their youtube vids. Here is the non-youtube version:
    • THE TRUTH ABOUT MARKETS [TaM1207] The Truth About Murdoch – 09 July 2011. Download mp3 HERE Donations to ResonanceFM here.
    • ON THE EDGE [OTE114] On the Edge with Demetri Kofinas

  • ANTIWAR RADIO with Scott Horton
    antiwarradio.jpg LIVE (9-11am Pacific, 12pm - 2pm Eastern) Plenty of archives too!
    Listen at
    Eric Margolis July 16, 2011: Eric Margolis, foreign correspondent and author of War at the Top of the World and American Raj, discusses why France and the US are working in tandem against the Assad regime in Syria; how Syria’s dissolution would cause massive regional upheaval, and should cause the West and Israel to rethink regime change plans; the public relations trappings that disguise naked imperialism by the US/NATO; the “low IQ” hawks in Congress who shout “send in the troops!” but don’t know Syria from Senegal; and why Gadhafi’s days in Libya (and on earth) are numbered.
    Laura Pitter July 16, 2011: Laura Pitter, counterterrorism advisor in Human Rights Watch’s Terrorism and Counterterrorism Program, discusses the HRW report “Getting Away With Torture;” why the Bush administration should be criminally investigated for its torture program; giving compensation to torture victims who cannot bring suit in court due to state secrets privilege; the illegality of holding prisoners incommunicado in “black sites,” even if they are otherwise treated humanely; why federal courts are more fair and efficient than military commissions; and why Spanish courts may begin torture investigations anew, after John Durham’s long investigation of CIA misconduct concluded that only 2 of over 100 cases should be prosecuted.
    Pepe Escobar July 16, 2011: Pepe Escobar, journalist and author of Obama Does Globalistan, discusses his article “What’s really at stake in Libya” at the Asia Times; the underlying “war of acronyms” in Libya (NATO and AFRICOM vs BRIC and EU); the Taliban’s resurgent strength and ability to strike at will; al-Qaeda’s strategy to shift the Afghan war to Pakistan’s tribal areas, as revealed in Syed Saleem Shahzad’s book; the slim chance regional powers (China, India, Russia, Iran, Pakistan) can work a deal to bring peace and build a pipeline; the high cost of US full spectrum dominance; disheartening Arab spring counterrevolutions; and the logic of picking and choosing which autocratic regimes to oppose (Syria, Libya) and which to support (Bahrain, Uzbekistan).
    Many more interviews at Antiwar Radio!

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