Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freidman Death-Eaters



I'm almost finished with Naomi Klien's SHOCK DOCTRINE (yeah I know, slow reader and all, but it is sooooo depressing, best in small chunks) but this article about NYC's Rainbow Room gave me pause.

    A famous New York Restaurant that started business in 1934 is closing shop on January 12, 2009 as a result of increasing cost of operations and general economic downturn. ... The most probable reason for its closure is the landlord’s plan to raise the rate of rental for the space that was recently appraised as an office space resulting into $8.7 million a year rent which is more than twice the current rate.

(Let's see. QUICK MATH! $8.7M over 365 days is $24,000 a day income JUST TO COVER RENT! Wonder how much a shrimp cocktail is...)

I was thinking about Klein's description of SHOCK where all traces of what once was is no more. Think about her description of how Iraq's Antiquities were looted ("Democracy is messy" -Rummy) and the entire history of a once proud nation and the womb of civilization was WIPED OUT by ransacking and GI's on order to let it go on and defend the Oil Ministry (reminds me of the huge weapons cache clearly marked with IAEA seals went unguarded - do see THIS LINK). Now we have seen national icons like Lehman Bros. closed, liquidated with GM and Chrysler soon to follow. Here in NEOH we used to have Geauga Lake, a roller coaster amusement park that has been around since the early 1900's, traded for some lake front property developers' coin, the park having been sold to Six Flags, then Cedar Point and ultimately closed. Used to be the site of Sea World Ohio, too, all gone. Long-time Cleveland icon National City Bank got swallowed up by an evil Pittsburgh bank, no less, throwing salt into the wound of CLE OH. The site of old Cleveland Trust is nearing demolition, since the county can't sell it, rehab it or rent it because of asbestos. Meanwhile the Jankees move into new digs and signed three players for contracts bigger than some entire franchises' payroll. Our collective memory is being WIPED OUT right before our eyes.

The Freidman Death-Eaters have finally got a toe-hold on this country after EIGHT LONG YEARS of "bipartisanshippy" and are working it to robotic-like precision: The Gov't is a shell (witness Katrina) and those "have-mores" are raking in the $$$$ via tax-payer dollars for Haliburton, CACI, Blackwater, et. al. with virtually no oversight by ANYBODY (since they're all "in" on "the game"). Klein predicts gated communities where disaster is just a Lear-Jet Vacation trip away: privatized gov't and resources for the gated communities, cake and dirt for the rest of us, just like Russia, South Africa, Argentina, China, Poland, Iraq and all the other countries the Freidmanites have worked their failed ideology of torture as a means to unbridled free-market EXPLOITATION capitalism.

Our new prezident thinks the world of Reagan and has brought an entire cadre of Freidmanites with him. Huh.

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