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Brick TeeVee Media Watch Update! We begin with some older news about THE MEDIA. A few weeks ago it was reported BBC Online: 360 staff to lose jobs. BBC confirms level of job redundancies as part of move to cut department's budget by 25% by 2013 AND BBC World Service forecast to lose 30m listeners as cuts announced - Government accused of damaging Britain's reputation overseas by reducing funding by 16% ( Equally outrageous is the reptillian proposed cuts to NPR in the US: UPDATE 1-U.S. House votes to cut funding to public radio (reuters) Republicans said the move, which passed by a vote of 228-192, was motivated by the need to cut spending in the face of a record federal budget deficit. Democrats argued the bill was a thinly veiled ideological attack on an institution that some Republicans have long criticized for what they see as its liberal bias. The measure's prospects beyond the Republican-led House appear doubtful as Democrats control the Senate and President Barack Obama, who opposed the bill, could veto it. Watch NY Rep. Anthony Weiner Sarcastically Mocks GOP NPR Defunding Bill (VIDEO) at (You can add your name to Now comes this tidbit BBC Wants US State Department Funding – Strings Attached? at (Source: EurasiaReview) One of the best-known broadcasters, the BBC World Service, has applied for a grant from the US State Department. The company says it needs the funding to develop anti-jamming technology, but some fear the US might use the deal to promote its agenda. Viewers of the BBC World Service might be surprised to learn that starting in May, the news they receive could be influenced by the US. “The cuts in the BBC budget are so draconian that they are looking for money any place they can get it and I am sure the State Department was aware of this,” said Brian Drolet from Deepdish television. “I think what you can interpret from this is that the United States feels comfortable with the political line and the interpretation of world events that are coming from the BBC.” The World Service says it will use the money to prevent its programs from being blocked in countries like Iran and China. But there is concern that cash from the US government will come with strings attached. “The minute you actually start taking the money, there is bound to be a certain element of ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’,” said director of Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood. “It is a strange arrangement, and I would worry that the more complicated we make the BBC World Service, the less pure its message can be.” Okay so the BBC News Service and NPR are getting their funding cut but there's money from the U.S. State Department to give to the BBC to "prevent its programs from being blocked"? BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE from David Sirota reporting in The new "Red Dawn" at Amid the triumphalism, however, we missed the fact that the invaders started winning -- a fact that none other than "Red Dawn's" 2011 remake underscores. That's the subtext of a Los Angeles Times report this week about MGM taking "the extraordinary step" of digitally removing fictional Chinese villains from the $60 million film "lest the leadership in Beijing be offended." Why the fear of upsetting such an odiously anti-democratic government? Because movie executives worry that a film involving a negative message about China "would harm their ability to do business with the rising Asian superpower, one of the fastest-growing and potentially most lucrative markets for American movies." ...Whether you are a "Red Dawn" fan or not, the episode shows that for all the high-minded theories about American cultural exports aiding democratic ferment and challenging autocracy, the dynamic is starting to work the other way as autocracy gives orders to American culture. Indeed, wielding its increasing market leverage, China is now countering our First Amendment ethos with a push for what Times reporter Ben Fritz calls pervasive "self-censorship” -- the kind in which America's media industries preemptively shape content to keep China's dictators happy. Lastly Ilyse Hogue from explains in A Fox alert for Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB Fox's pre-eminent position has had an irrefutable and destructive impact on the state of political discourse in the United States. Since its inception, Fox News has performed as a political party, not as an objective journalistic outlet. Since President Obama took office, Fox has succeeded not only in spreading misinformation and lies, but also in entrenching those fictions so that its audience relates to them as irrefutable fact. One in four Americans believes "most or all" of what's said on Fox News, despite Fox's fabrication of everything from death panels to Climategate.... The claims are so outrageous that they would be funny – if they didn't have real impact on people's lives. ... The UK is currently faced with the prospect of full News Corp ownership of BSkyB. As political and opinion leaders think through what this would mean for their country, they should carefully consider not only Fox's worst instances of propagandising, but also the potential British audience for such misinformation. And, most likely, they need look no further than their flatmate. Seddon warns in Tribune that "America needs to wake up before people like Beck and his ilk has it by the throat." Do read the whole op-ed! Surprisingly, as the radiation clouds from the severely-damaged Dai-Ichi Fukushima nuclear plant are floating toward the West Coast of the U.S. the media insist there's nothing to it and Japan's NHK has not been telling its citizens the full story of just how much radiation has been released. The best source of information has been the Reuters News Service HERE but then was pulled on Friday, then re-launched, then went dark again explaining, "Reiterating that the live blog is going on hiatus. Will be back when editors give the go-ahead." One commenter wrote, "I must say honestly that my first thought was that Reuters is being influenced by governments to stop the think-tanking." Ya think? Our own MS alerts us, "The posters from the REUTERS dark site decided that the Reuters' Facebook page they were left with was too clumsy to continue the fast paced discussion of events as they occurred in real time so one of them set up a nice mockup of the defunct REUTERS page for everyone and it's zipping along. After 2 weeks riding Reuters, most are adept at which sources to link to for info and they are running with it!" Go HERE for more up-to-date info. Tyler Durden @ zerohedge has an update GoogleEarth Based 3D Map Of Real-Time Radioactivity Distribution In Japan; Projected Global Radioactivity Dispersion: Confirming that in a time of instantaneous crowdsourced information distribution and analysis, any attempt by a government to institute an information blackout of any nature is doomed to failure, is the following amazing Google Earth-based 3D interactive map of Geiger readings from Japan. And if that is not enough, the Pachube community has released an extensive selection of crowd-sourced realtime radiation monitoring tools and widgets, focusing on as many Japanese territories as possible. Shortly we are confident all geographical holes will be filled, and every square mile of the affected territories will be mapped out surpassed the government's "Under Survey" blackout attempts. Make sure to have the GoogleEarth API set up in advance of checking out the plugin. and also adds TEPCO Admits To Another Cover Up As Radioactivity In Seawater Near Fukushima Soars To 1,251 Above Legal Limit But the most infuriating development is the latest disclosure from TEPCO that once again it covered up critical data. [KYODO:] TEPCO's Fukushima office acknowledged Saturday that it had known earlier that the radiation in the underground level of the turbine building of one of the reactors was extremely high, but had not made the information available to pertinent parties. Edano criticized the utility's handling of the data, saying unless it reports necessary information to authorities in a timely manner, ''the government will not be able to give appropriate instructions and (TEPCO) will make workers, and eventually the public, distrustful'' of the firm. So aside from the constant lies and misinformation, the public can be assued that all is well. Well said. Harvey Wasserman then explains @ huffpo Obama's $36 Billion Nuke-Powered Giveaway: The $36 billion Obama wants to underwrite new reactor construction would be added to $18.5 billion set aside under George W. Bush. In 2010 Obama allocated $8.33 billion of that for two reactors under construction in Georgia. The Continuing Resolution for funding the government until the end of the 2011 fiscal year slashes all loan guarantees for energy except those for nuclear reactors and uranium enrichment.... The economic history of atomic power has been catastrophic, with the previous generation of reactors coming in on average around 200% over original cost projections. Reactors now under construction in Finland and France have soared to billions of dollars over budget and are years behind schedule. ...But while slashing social programs, Obama seems determined to use taxpayer money to fund a radioactive technology that grows ever more expensive and uncompetitive. Meanwhile stateside the reptillians are digging in their talons all over the country. ThinkProgress has a good round-up from their Wonk Room: REPORT: In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families ThinkProgress has been documenting conservative efforts to shift the burden of record budget shortfalls onto middle-class Americans, while simultaneously doling out tax cuts to corporations. While progressive governors have proposed raising revenue from those who can afford it, alongside painful cuts to programs, Republican governors have unveiled budgets that cut taxes for corporations and raise them on the middle-class and working poor. In this report, ThinkProgress evaluates the priorities conservatives have set in twelve states: BONUS POINTS for naming all 12 states! EXTRA BONUS POINTS for naming the Reptile Guvnor! No peeking now... Remember the on-going saga of the ROBO-SIGNERS? Yves Smtih at NakedCapitalism has an update (h/t maddy) Slapping Team Obama: Several Democratic AGs to Withdraw from Proposed Mortgage Fraud Settlement; Federal Negotiations in Disarray: The so-called mortgage settlement looks to be coming apart at the seams. That does not mean there will not be a deal of some sort.That does not mean there will not be a deal of some sort. Remember, a hallmark of the Obama administration is to do things simply to have more “achievements” to discuss. But not only, as has been rumored for some time, are a number of Republican attorneys general saying they will not join in the settlement, so are some Democrats as well. It’s important to recognize that Democratic withdrawals are a far bigger problem for Obama than the Republicans. Given that a number of AGs signed up at the last minute, and some of the Republicans were not even on board with the concept of a mortgage settlement, defections among the GOP participants can be depicted as partisanship. By contrast, repudiation by Democrats, particularly Democrats that have garnered some attention in the national press by taking mortgage abuses seriously, is much harder for the Administration to explain away... And why all the haste? Well, it appears that cheerleading, letting the banks foreclose when investors would prefer deep principal mods to viable borrowers, ill-conceived Federal mortgage modification programs, and a head-in-the-sand approach to documentation problems and procedural abuses have done wonders for the housing market, which most experts expect to fall another 10% this year. The Administration appears prepared to redouble its efforts in this failed strategy since it lacks the guts to do anything that might actually be effective. But Team Obama still appears to believe that all problems can be solved via public relations. The fact that HAMP was an embarrassment appears to have led to the bizarre conclusion that the remedy is better modification theater. Turning to world issues President Compromise gave the go-ahead for U.N. Resolution 1973 to impose a no-fly zone on Libya ( while in South America where protests greeted him in CHILE, BRAZIL and El Salvador plus Dennis Kucinich: Libya Air Strikes Could Be 'Impeachable Offense' @ huffpo. See Dennis on GritTV below! Yer White House Limo picks up the Hillary & Bob Show for a clean sweep of all the majors - damage control anyone? Everything else you need to know you'll find in BTV Alerts and our regulars, now including SAM SEDER @ Tune in GREEN NEWS REPORT for more Fukushima coverage and The H.O.R.N. where Bob Kincaid speaks with Ron Pollack of FamiliesUSA discussing the one-year anniversary of the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday's show debunking some of the myths surrounding the new law as more portions come into effect. On Friday's show Bob chats with with Paula Palmer, Director of the Global Response Program for Cultural Survival, referencing her interview with Jeff Biggers Big Coal WikiLeaks Emergency in Bangladesh: Does Obama Support Removal of 100,000 Villagers? @ Alternet. See the links below for the mp3s! The Buckeyes took one on the chin against Kentucky but GO BUTLER! Opening Day is only FOUR DAYS AWAY! Check yer local listings and ESPN for Thursday's line up!

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    Lew Rockwell March 25, 2011: Lew Rockwell, founder and Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, discusses the “Naked Aggression Against Libya;” fighting for control of oil resources on behalf of the MIC and US empire; the triumvirate of women promoting and commanding the Libyan war effort; Egypt’s tough slog to freedom and liberty following Mubarak’s ouster; and how democracy, as applied to foreign countries, means little more than the freedom to vote for the candidate chosen by the US.
    Rep. James Ridgeway March 26, 2011: James Ridgeway, Senior Washington Correspondent for Mother Jones, discusses the general detainment conditions in US prisons, in light of Bradley Manning’s mistreatment; the “Angola 3” prisoners held in solitary confinement for almost four decades; the forgotten Eighth Amendment to the Constitution; using solitary confinement as a baseline condition, rather than a temporary punitive measure; why prison culture is indicative of extreme American ignorance or just barbarism; and the few politicians willing to stick their necks out for indicted criminals, for little to no political gain.
    Barrett Brown March 26, 2011: Barrett Brown, journalist and sometimes-spokesman for Anonymous, discusses the loosely affiliated hacker collective known as Anonymous; contributing to the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond; the internet’s use as a tool of liberation and of repressive surveillance; the danger of private companies developing software (dubbed “Metal Gear” by Anonymous) to infiltrate and manipulate social networks – especially those used to aid popular revolutions; and how the anti-Ben Bernanke Anonymous campaign serves as a distraction from the group’s core mission.
    John V. Walsh March 26, 2011: John V. Walsh, frequent contributor to, discusses his article “Impeach Obama: A Challenge to Tea Partiers and Antiwar Liberals;” the two-party partisan trap that causes incessant infighting and diverts attention from the real problems; how Obama’s decision to militarily intervene in yet another Sunni Muslim country virtually guarantees more blowback; looking at the UN Libya vote in terms of the represented populations for and against intervention, which turns the 10-5 vote on its head; and how China’s foreign policy indicates the 21st century will be more about economics than warfare.
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