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ALL LINKS OPEN A NEW WINDOW!!! Click on anything below and be INSTANTLY SMARTER! The coming "Fourth Turning" We begin this week with our own msgeaux who points us to Jesse's Crossroads Café from Tuesday after former U.S. Senator, NJ Guvnor and GOLDMAN-SACHS bigwig JON CORZINE'S MF Global files bankruptcy on Monday Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - MF Global Is the Tip of the Iceberg MF Global, the latest brokerage firm to start slipping under the waves, was using customer funds to back their proprietary trades according to a story from Associated Press. The CME (Chicago Mercatile Exchange), the exchange on which the MF Global acted as clearing company, has a reported $4 billion in member contributed funds to cover any customer losses from a member firm. But obviously the guardians of the system cannot risk a run on the exchanges and brokerages. I fully expect a strong effort will be made to hush this one up and sweep it under the rug. The $700 million was merely misplaced, left it in the other coat pocket, never missing, simple accounting error, completely safe. They will just juggle the books and shift the equity around, increasing the leverage on positions. You don't go to prison for carrying excessive leverage. MF Global should have bought a small bank like Goldman did. I obviously do not know if it will succeed. But it is the tip of the iceberg, and as the system totters, more naked greed and corruption will be exposed. What has been hidden will be revealed. I came into today short stocks and long bullion. I bought a double on the gold smackdown and added some silver, and then went heavily short stocks on the mid-day rally. The other bigger driver of today's markets action was the news that Greece may hold a referendum on the bail out plan. The reports on Bloomberg went back and forth on this all day. They dismissed it but it seemed like whistling past the graveyard. Why would Papandreou agree to a referendum? Because he wants to be able to sleep at night without his eyes open and back against the wall, that's why. I don't think Germany can force them to take the deal as they seem to suggest, even if the Papandreou government falls. The analogy between onerous postwar reparations in 1920 and the bailout for the big European banks in this currency war is striking. Greece may follow Iceland, drop out of the EU, and let the German and French gyros rotate on their own rotisseries. Go there to see the stunning GOLD CHART! Then msgeaux adds Nutshelling the MF Global Collapse (scroll down on to find this item) Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 31, AD 2011 - 4. Speaking of Corzine, more info is coming out in the bankruptcy filings. First, Corzine stands to reap a $12.1 million severance package / golden parachute per the bankruptcy filing. But that isn't the worst. Corzine was hired by MF less than two years ago. He promptly went about loading the company up on European bonds. That in and of itself is damning enough. Remember, Corzine is Goldman Sachs. He knew EXACTLY what was going on in Europe and he knew that European paper was junk. But guess which European countries he loaded up on? Greece, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. The four little PIIGs. Corzine intentionally drove MF into the ground so that someone, and my money is on Goldman Sachs, could come in and buy the remains for 30 cents on the dollar or less. Watch the news. Watch and see who ends up buying the remnants of MF. If it isn't Goldman outright, I'll bet it is a "holding company" that is tied to Goldman. As an astute commenter over at said last night, it looks like Corzine never really stopped working for Goldman. He just moved his office into MF Global's suite. 5. And now, ONE MORE TIME regarding the financial industry regulators in this country. Guys, they are evil, corrupt and incompetent. The regulatory bodies are run by evil, evil people at the top who are complicit in these goings-on. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that MF Global could have passed any honest audit with the amount of exposure it was carrying in the European bond market. By the way, MF Global's audit would have fallen under the jurisdiction and oversight of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange itself AND the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on the Federal level. It is just impossible that the CME and the CFTC didn't know MF's position and risk exposure all along. The second tier in these regulatory agencies are a combination of evil, greedy and incompetent bureaucrats who could very well be classified as "useful idiots" who will do anything, say anything, or overlook anything just so long as their salary check clears the bank every month. The third tier are full-blown useful idiots - and by that I mean totally, completely and astoundingly unqualified and incompetent "foot soldiers", many of whom are affirmative action hires. When things like this happen (and there are other examples of massive ponzi schemes being ignored in recent history, like the Sentinel Management Group fiasco) what these regulatory bodies do is lay the blame for "missing" the red flags at the foot of the affirmative action hires who are the on-site auditors and who are made to sign off on the audits. Do you see this? Do you see the evil we are dealing with here? 6. And now here is a paragraph that everyone in the financial industry, but most particularly the futures industry, should send viral. Every Introducing Broker and Futures Commission Merchant in the world is being targeted for extinction by the megabanks. They want you GONE. Goldman, Citi, JP Morgan, etc. They are working with and through the financial regulatory bodies and with the Federal Government via such legislation as Dodd-Frank to force out of business every FCM and fold all of that business into the megabanks. IBs like me are also a target, but we IBs are meaningless guppies compared to whale-sized FCMs. Corzine was SENT into MF Global with the objective of collapsing it and rolling the remains into Goldman (presumably). And he was paid eight figures to do it, AND promised SEC TREAS after Geithner. If you had said six months ago that the largest FCM in the U.S. would be taken down, everyone would have laughed in your face, but here we sit. The only question is, who is next? ... THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU AT SOME POINT. True to form Friday MF Global CEO Jon Corzine resigns under fire. (Reuters) - Jon Corzine has resigned as MF Global Holdings Ltd's chairman and chief executive, four days after the futures brokerage filed for bankruptcy protection, culminating a rapid downfall for one of Wall Street's best-known executives. Notice this though It is unclear how Corzine's resignation might affect the various investigations. Neither MF Global nor Corzine has been accused of wrongdoing. AND Corzine is not seeking severance, the company said. He had been entitled to a $9 million payout if he were let go without cause, a July regulatory filing shows. ...The company's bankruptcy is the seventh-largest in U.S. history, according to and Reuters data. A trustee plans to liquidate MF Global's U.S. broker-dealer unit. As Ann Barnhardt pointed out "As an astute commenter over at said last night, it looks like Corzine never really stopped working for Goldman. He just moved his office into MF Global's suite." Tyler Durden at zerohedge explains How US Banks Are Lying About Their European Exposure; Or How Bilateral Netting Ends With A Bang, Not A Whimper.... (Well, wrong. Because the argument here is precisely what the exposure is when the chain of netting breaks, when one or more counterparties go under (such as MF Global for example, which filed bankruptcy precisely due to its hedged (?) European exposure - luckily MF was not in the business of writing CDS on European banks or else all hell would be breaking loose right now). So little by little the story was forgotten: after all when everyone says gross is not net, contrary to what history shows us all too often, everyone must be right. Today it is time to refresh this story, as none other than Bloomberg pulls the scab right off and while confirming our observations, also goes further: yes, banks are not only massively exposed to Europe, but they are in essence misrepresenting this exposure to the public by a factor of well over ten! Bloomberg begins with some simple math: the concept that is seemingly most disturbing to the status quo, not only in Europe, but now in the US as well. Guarantees provided by U.S. lenders on government, bank and corporate debt in those countries rose by $80.7 billion to $518 billion, according to the Bank for International Settlements. Almost all of those are credit-default swaps, said two people familiar with the numbers, accounting for two-thirds of the total related to the five nations, BIS data show. The payout risks are higher than what JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), the leading CDS underwriters in the U.S., report. The banks say their net positions are smaller because they purchase swaps to offset ones they’re selling to other companies. So far so good: after all this is the same argument that not only the banks themselves, but CNBC, sell side analysts and everyone else conflicted enough to trump myth over reality has used in the past month and a half. Alas, the argument stops there, because there is a very critical second part to the argument, one which however is voiced not by a fringe blog but by a member of the, gasp, status quo itself: With banks on both sides of the Atlantic using derivatives to hedge, potential losses aren’t being reduced, said Frederick Cannon, director of research at New York-based investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc. “Risk isn’t going to evaporate through these trades,” Cannon said. “The big problem with all these gross exposures is counterparty risk. When the CDS is triggered due to default, will those counterparties be standing? If everybody is buying from each other, who’s ultimately going to pay for the losses?” Reread the bolded text enough times until you have enough information to debunk the next time clueless advocates of Morgan Stanley and other banks scramble to say that the banks are hedged, hedged, hedged. No. THEY ARE NOT. And as the AIG debacle demonstrated, once the chain of bilateral netting breaks, whether due to the default of one AIG, one Dexia, one French or Italian bank, or whoever, absent an immediately government bailout and nationalization, which has one purpose and one purpose alone: to onboard the protection written to the nationalizing government, then GROSS BECOMES NET! This also means that should things in Europe take a turn for the worst, Morgan Stanley's $39 billion in gross exposure really is.. $39 billion in gross exposure, as we have been claiming since September 22. ... We wonder: was MF Global's $6 billion in Italian exposure part of this net exposure? Does this mean that America's top banks, sans MF, have just, don't laugh, $39 billion in exposure? So let's go back to the math to see what the real exposure is: Go read this item front-to-back for the full explanation which Tyler concludes ...if Italy falls, Europe falls, and with it fall not only all the largely undercapitalized French banks (all of them), but the US banks that have not tens, but hundreds of billions of gross CDS exposure facing them, which at that point will be perfectly unhedged as all their transatlantic counterparties will be in the same boat as MF Global. And the only thing we will hear on CNBC then is how nobody, nobody, could have possibly foreseen this happening. More Tyler Durden Someone Is Going To Jail For This: MF Global Caught Stealing Hundreds Of Millions From Customers? Speaking of the Corporate News Aaron Smith @CNNMoney tells us "JP Morgan holds the bulk of MF Global's debt, about $1.2 billion, while Deutsche Bank (DB) has another $1 billion. MF Global owes another $10 million to 45 other creditors, including American Express (AXP, Fortune 500), KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers." WHOOPS! As Jesse noted at the beginning of the week Greek PM George Papandreou Calls for Voter Referendum on EU Debt Deal but when the G20 rolls into Caan they have a nice sit-down and Papandreou backs down and calls it all off. Then Friday Greece PM Papandreou wins confidence vote (BBC) Mr Papandreou previously shocked EU partners and sent markets into turmoil after calling for a referendum on an EU deal to bail out debt-ridden Greece. Mr Papandreou said the bail-out deal currently on offer by the EU had to be accepted, and it would be "historically irresponsible" to lose it. He said immediate elections would be "catastrophic" for the deal, so proposed a new coalition to take charge until it had been agreed. "I have been in contact with the president and I will visit him tomorrow (Saturday) to inform him of my intentions and that I am moving forward with all the parties for a broader coalition government, and to agree on common goals, a timeframe and people, to agree on its composition and even the head of this coalition," he said. If this is all too confusing for you then check out this video msgeaux finds Euro bailout - an animated explanation "Are you confused about what the Euro bailout actually is? So were we! Tom Meltzer tries to explain with the help of his animated friends …" so go watch this short video! While all this is going on in the EuroZone (we didn't even mention Berlusconi's precarious position in Italy) Tim Mak at Politico covers some truth with Major ** General Peter Fuller removed from duty as a top Afghanistan commander for remarks to POLITICO In a Thursday interview with POLITICO, Fuller, a two-star general, slammed Karzai’s recent remark that Afghanistan would side with Pakistan in a war against the U.S., blasting the president’s comments as “erratic,” and adding, “Why don’t you just poke me in the eye with a needle! You’ve got to be kidding me. … I’m sorry, we just gave you $11.6 billion and now you’re telling me, ‘I don’t really care?’” “When they are going to have a presidential election, you hope they get a guy that’s more articulate in public,” Fuller added. Fuller also criticized Afghan leaders as divorced from the economic realities of the United States. “I said, ‘You guys are isolated from reality.’ The reality is, the world economy is having some significant hiccups. The U.S. is in this [too],” Fuller told POLITICO. “If you’re in a very poor country like Afghanistan, you think that America has roads paved in gold, everybody lives in Hollywood. They don’t understand the sacrifices that America is making to provide for their security. And I think that’s part of my job — to educate ’em.” He repeatedly said the Afghan leaders don’t appreciate the sacrifice that the United States was making in “blood and treasure” for the sake of their country. ... The NATO statement did not say what Fuller would do next but such disciplinary action usually ends military careers, reports noted. Fuller has served in the armed forces for more than 30 years. Don't look for Major Pete to be at any OWS any time soon. CAN'T MISS VIDEO Bill Moyers on a Democracy in Shambles: "Money First, People Second... If At All" - Keynote Address at Public Citizen's 40th Anniversary Gala NAFTA is the poster boy for the 1%'s failed "free trade" policies. Laura Carlsen at Foreign Policy in Focus explains why NAFTA Is Starving Mexico VERY IMPORTANT Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) became the law of the land, millions of Mexicans have joined the ranks of the hungry. Malnutrition is highest among the country’s farm families, who used to produce enough food to feed the nation. As the blood-spattered violence of the drug war takes over the headlines, many Mexican men, women, and children confront the slow and silent violence of starvation. The latest reports show that the number of people living in “food poverty” (the inability to purchase the basic food basket) rose from 18 million in 2008 to 20 million by late 2010.... Something has gone terribly wrong. The nation that was slated for prosperity when it signed NAFTA has become an international example of severe structural problems in the food chain, from how it produces its food to what and how much (or how little) it consumes. ... Under the theory of comparative advantage, most of Mexico was deemed unfit to produce its staple food crop, corn, since its yields were way below the average for its northern neighbor and trade partner. Therefore, Mexico should turn to corn imports and devote its land to crops where it supposedly had a comparative advantage, such as counter-seasonal and tropical fruits and vegetables. Sounds simple. Just pick up three million inefficient corn producers (and their families) and move them into manufacturing or assembly where their cheap labor constitutes a comparative advantage. The cultural and human consequences of declaring entire peasant and indigenous communities obsolete were not a concern in this equation. Seventeen years after NAFTA, some two million farmers have been forced off their land by low prices and the dismantling of government supports. They did not find jobs in industry. Instead most of them became part of a mass exodus as the number of Mexican migrants to the United States rose to half a million a year. In the first few years of NAFTA, corn imports tripled and the producer price fell by half. ... Since NAFTA, corporations have gobbled up human and natural resources on an almost unbelievable scale. Livestock production has moved from small farms for local markets to Tyson, Smithfield, and Pilgrims Pride. The massive use and contamination of water and land has led to health and environmental disasters across the country. Millions of jobs have been lost to concentration and industrialized farming methods. ... Small farmer organizations have joined with family farm organizations in the United States and Canada to call for the renegotiation of NAFTA to remove basic foods and agricultural production from the agreement. They recognize, though, that the Obama administration’s about-face in its stated commitments to fair trade reforms has left little political space for change. OWS keeps it up with Capitalism and Environmental Catastropheby Carrie Ann Naumoff & John Bellamy Foster This is a reconstruction from notes of a talk delivered at a teach-in on "The Capitalist Crisis and the Environment" organized by the Education and Empowerment Working Group, Occupy Wall Street, Zuccotti Park (Liberty Plaza), New York, October 23, 2011. It was based on a talk delivered the night before at the Brecht Forum. Fred Magdoff also spoke on both occasions. SNIP: The central issue in all of this, it is important to understand, is irreversibility. Current climate models indicate that if we were to cease burning fossil fuels completely at the point that global average temperature had increased by 2°C, or 450 parts per million (ppm) carbon concentration in the atmosphere (the current level is 390 ppm), the earth would still not be close to returning to a Holocene state by the year 3000. In other words, once this boundary is reached, climate change is irreversible over conceivable human-time frames.5 Moreover, the damage would be done; all sorts of catastrophic results would have emerged. Citizens for Tax Justice has a report on Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers, 2008-2010 NEW REPORT: 280 Most Profitable U.S. Corporations Shelter Half Their Profits from Taxes. “These 280 corporations received a total of nearly $224 billion in tax subsidies,” said Robert McIntyre, Director at Citizens for Tax Justice and the report’s lead author. “This is wasted money that could have gone to protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit.”
  • 30 Companies average less than zero tax bill in the last three Years, 78 had at least one no-tax year.
  • Financial services received the largest share of all federal tax subsidies over the last three years. More than half the tax subsidies for companies in the study went to four industries: financial services, utilities, telecommunications, and oil, gas & pipelines.
  • U.S. corporations with significant foreign profits paid tax rates to foreign countries that were almost a third higher than they paid to the IRS on their domestic profits
Full Report Here & Read Our Press Release With Key Findings
Spread both PDFs to your lists! With this in mind Prairie2 pens You are next, right winger Right wingers will point out that 25 billion dollars divided among 21 million people wouldn’t make them “rich“, but that’s 5000 dollars for a family of four and it would change “their“ lifestyle dramatically while still leaving them in poverty. The thing is, this 25 billion wasn’t just a tax on the peasants. Hedge funds make their money by looting and pillaging, it‘s not carrying off the treasury that does the real damage, it’s burning the villages, slaughtering the livestock, salting the earth and poisoning the wells that makes 21 million people into the “super” poor. The super rich have closed 55,000 factories in the last ten years and that wasn’t the beginning of their terrorism, having started more than 30 years ago thanks to their Patron Saint Ronald Reagan. They have made millions homeless, ruined the livelihoods of millions of farmers in the US and in Mexico and they are polluting the water table everywhere they can make a buck and that‘s just a few of their crimes. The real damage the one percent has done runs into many trillions every year. ... The fastest growth in poverty, nearly double anywhere else, is in the suburbs. Formally the symbol of the American dream, they are now a nightmare of isolation and despair, crime ridden, and deteriorating fast, with no jobs to be had, with no government support we are creating a permanent under class. And just so you right wingers know, in these suburbs the people are mostly white like you, worship the same god as you and believe the same rightwing lies as you. You are next. Be like them or fight back. NET NEUTRALITY UPDATE: Our own jen has THIS ALERT: "Excellent video on how the Protect-IP Act breaks the Internet! PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet Congress needs to hear from you, or this bill passes!"
    The video above discusses the Senate version of the PROTECT IP Act, but the House bill that was introduced TODAY is much much worse. It'll give the government new powers to block Americans' access websites that corporations don't like. The bill would criminalize posting all sorts of standard web content -- music playing in the background of videos, footage of people dancing, kids playing video games, and posting video of people playing cover songs. This legislation will stifle free speech and innovation, and even threaten popular web services like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The bill was just introduced: We need to act now to let our lawmakers know just how terrible it is. Will you fill out the form above to ask your lawmakers to oppose the legislation?
We outlined a few of the stalwart GOPher tired old CANARDS a few weeks ago. Mother Jones' Kevin Drum did his own Rich People Create Jobs! And five other myths that must die for our economy to live. And as we move into Election 2012 Mother Jones has put together a great resource DARK MONEY - Investigating Washington's hidden influencers well worth a bookmark NOW! We digress from the news of the financial world to report on one of the reptillians that thinks he's gonna be pResident. On Friday's show longtime Mike Malloy contributor DOCTOR SAX calls them "the 7th floor of Belvue Hospital". Haha! So true! Daniel Bice reports in his "No Quarter" blog at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this headline that says it all: State firm's cash to Herman Cain may breach federal campaign, tax laws Internal financial records obtained by No Quarter show that Prosperity USA said it was owed about $40,000 by the Cain campaign for a variety of items in February and March. Cain began taking donations for his presidential bid on Jan. 1. Prosperity USA was owned and run by Wisconsin political operatives Mark Block and Linda Hansen, Cain's current chief of staff and deputy chief of staff, respectively. The authenticity of the records was verified by two individuals close to the firm.... Election law experts say the transactions raise a host of questions for the private organization, which billed itself as a tax-exempt nonprofit, and the Cain team. "If the records accurately reflect what occurred, this is way out of bounds," said a Washington, D.C.-based election lawyer who advises many Republican candidates and conservative groups on campaign issues. The lawyer asked not to be identified because of those affiliations. Michael Maistelman, a Wisconsin campaign attorney, agreed. "The number of questionable and possibly illegal transactions conducted on behalf of Herman Cain is staggering," said Maistelman, a Democrat who has represented politicians from both parties on campaign issues. ... In the 2008 incorporation papers, Block is listed as the president of Wisconsin Prosperity Network, which was set up as a tax-exempt nonprofit group. That means the charitable organization cannot have direct political involvement. Hansen was the group's executive director. Last year, Block started up Prosperity USA, another tax-exempt charitable group for which Block appeared to be the sole board member. Again, Hansen handled the day-to-day operations. ... In fact, the records indicate Prosperity USA's biggest asset was nearly $40,000 that it was owed by "FOH," a reference to Friends of Herman Cain, the name of Cain's presidential operation. ... Even though there is little or no evidence that the Wisconsin Prosperity Network is still functioning, the group is one of the listed litigants in a case currently before the state Supreme Court. This Mark Block character is the "smoking man" featured in Cain's latest teevee ad. Using a NON-PROFIT to funnel money into a campaign is a SERIOUS FEDERAL CRIME. Enough said. Say good-night Herman. ! And make note NOT ONE of the U.S. major corporomedia outlets has mentioned this, instead focusing their collective Beltway Bubala attention on SEX ALLEGATIONS. Disgusting. WRITE them asking them to interview Daniel Bice at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and include his blockbuster story! Adel M Stan from Alternet adds Cain Claims Koch a 'Brother From Another Mother;' Meets With Kingmaker DeMint Two days after meeting with GOP kingmaker DeMint, Herman Cain shows his love to the billionaire Koch brothers, while sex harassment allegations win him GOP hearts. We can't figure out how a bunch of oily pasty white guys can give this black man standing ovations but we think it has something to do with Ayn Rand-ism, libertarianism and Evangelicals theocracy Greedy-God worship, especially when Cain is the ONLY BLACK MAN in the room besides the help! Hmmmmm. Here are a few more articles of note from Alternet We hope you participated in the BANK RUN on the Vampire Banks this weekend! When they look at their books on Monday they might see how badly their "fractional banking" model based on leaveraged debt has worked! Haha! Reserves? What reserves? Inspired by the OWS Salon creates their own New Declaration of Independence Our list is meant to be the beginning of a conversation, not a final product. Pretty good! Next WashingtonsBlog contributor JimQ pens a long detailed essay
    Bad Moon Rising taking a look at The reason the world has turned so chaotic, angry and fraught with danger since 2007 is because we have entered another Fourth Turning. Strauss & Howe have been able to document a fourfold cycle of generational types and recurring mood eras in American history back 500 years. They have also documented the same phenomenon in other countries.
This is a MUST READ! Way too much to even begin to snip! OUR LAST WORD goes to Prairie2 from Friday Money can't buy happiness, but it can inflict pain and misery The Wall Street hedge funds are angling to make a killing by taking the smaller Euro currency countries to the cleaners. It may not work out for all them however, ask former NJ Gov Jon Corzine, he has hired a criminal defense attorney as he can’t account for 700 million in customer money. Today it was leaked that this money maybe in Jamie Dimon’s JP Morgan bank. Exactly why we don’t know, but JPMorgan took several banks to the cleaners during the 2008 crash. In summary, the US economy is trying to right itself with GDP now above its peak from before the 2008 crash, but the Republicans are busily drilling holes in the bottom of the boat. This isn’t just the crazy ideologue Tea Bagger Congressmen doing this but a cadre of billionaires who can each write a check from the petty cash account that would exceed the total expenditures of the 2008 election. They buy Congressmen like Trick or Treat candy bars and this extends to state and local officials too. Their corporations fund the “news” channels so you only hear what they want you to hear. Word of mouth is the only thing they can’t control, learn the facts, talk about them, take action while you can. Time is running out. READ, people, READ!!! And if you click on ONE THING in the BTV alerts click on the interview with Phyliss Bennis with Amy Goodman where they play a clip from the news conference where State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland announced the U.S. would no longer pay its dues to UNESCO. She was questioned at length by Matthew Lee, a reporter with the Associated press. See U.S. Pulls All Funding for UNESCO After Sweeping Vote to Support Palestinian Membership This questioning by Matthew Lee is PRICELESS! Yer Sunday Funnies start out with some fine BRICK targets in JOHN "Crybaby" BOEHNER and CONDI "Who could have imagined" RICE on This Anampout while Face the Bob snuggles up with good BRICK targets GOPhers Ed Rollins, Liz Cheney, Ed Gillespie and Ken Blackwell and debuts THE JON HUNTSMAN GIRLS fercryinoutloud! No doubt they're covering for HUNTSMAN on Meet the David and FAKE SNOOZE goes with Teabagger Anti-Abortionist RON PAUL. Load up on those BRICKS if you dare tune in! The best of the morning might be American Values President Gary Bauer and Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners. Give 'em HECK Jimmy! Or don't waste your time on corporomedia and get busy with BTV Alerts and all our regulars including Kevin Zeese, William Hartung, Juan Cole and Robert Parry with PBC, William Black and Wendell Potter on Ring of Fire (Sunday night rebroadcast). And 60 Minutes' Morley Safer will have a feature on ANDY ROONEY who died at 92 last week. R.I.P Andy. The Brick TeeVee Crew is gearing up for Election Day 2011 with Vote NO on Issue 2 to repeal the onerous anti-union ALEC-written S.B. 5 on the ballot and our own local school district levy, one of HUNDREDS across the state in response to Herr Kasich's attack on the public welfare. NO ON 2 is looking good in the recent polls but we've seen this picture before when in 2005 we had Issues 2,3,4,5 on the ballot and three of them looked to pass easily according to a weekend-before-election-day poll by the Columbus Dispatch only to see ALL FOUR FAIL! Say, what about those FAITH-BASED touch-screen voting machines again? Yep most counties in OH still have 'em. UGH. Stay safe, go vote on Tuesday (on a PAPER BALLOT if you can) and OCCUPY SOMEWHERE!

Democracy NOW!
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»»» FEATURED SHOW Angela Davis at Occupy Wall St., NYC "I agree. Down with capitalism," Angela Davis told the OWS movement in New York, October 30th.
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The 1st Amendment is Our Permit WASHINGTON - October 14 - This is an emergency appeal. Spread it widely. Our permit to occupy is called “The First Amendment.” This morning, Occupy Wall Street protesters celebrated when New York authorities beat a last-minute retreat from clearing Liberty Plaza – as hundreds of labor and other activists rushed to defend the square. But at the same time this morning, dozens of state troopers in riot gear cleared out Occupy Denver protests. In cities across the country, Occupy protesters have faced police violence and arrests. Some occupations have been forcibly removed while others have stood their ground successfully. The authorities say we don’t have the proper permits to occupy public spaces. Our permit to occupy is The First Amendment. Quickly sign the following statement which will be delivered to mayors, police chiefs and major media across the country:
    Our permit to occupy public squares and parks is in The First Amendment, which affirms “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” When people across the Middle East occupied public squares, leaders in Washington mostly cheered those protesters and warned Middle Eastern governments not to use force to clear them. Those other societies don’t have a First Amendment. Yet Washington affirmed the universal right to assembly and protest. We do have a First Amendment. The force being used to clear nonviolent protesters from public squares in our country is unacceptable. It must stop.
Action for a Progressive Future (the organization that runs RootsAction) is a nonprofit, progressive, public policy advocacy group that will engage citizens in the democratic process and help make sure legislators hear their voices.
(h/t jen) October 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget. It is time to light the spark that sets off a true democratic, nonviolent transition to a world in which people are freed to create just and sustainable solutions. Take this pledge at
    "I pledge that if any U.S. troops, contractors, or mercenaries remain in Afghanistan on Thursday, October 6, 2011, as that occupation goes into its 11th year, I will commit to being in Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., with others on that day or the days immediately following, for as long as I can, with the intention of making it our Tahrir Square, Cairo, our Madison, Wisconsin, where we will NONVIOLENTLY resist the corporate machine by occupying Freedom Plaza to demand that America's resources be invested in human needs and environmental protection instead of war and exploitation. We can do this together. We will be the beginning."
Do it NOW!
CHANGE.ORG The First Cause: A Plan to Claim Food As Food We're losing the right to manage our own health. Even the right to choose our food is being stolen. We can stop it, but only by ending the basis on which it's being done—not by addressing each action. A new website has been set up to allow people to post responses from politicians, along with their own articles: Free Choice - Health Defining food as food is not the only issue that must be tackled, but it's a key one. As it gets rolling, we'll start others. We are literally in a battle for our lives!
If you're in Europe, click HERE to sign the petition.
If you're in the United States, click HERE to sign the petition. Do it NOW!
UPDATE! Watch this interview with constitutional law attorney Jonathan Emord on ProjectCamelotLive JONATHAN EMORD INTERVIEW
CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE American Majority Rejects Washington Austerity Consensus – And We Demand Media Coverage by Roger Hickey, President, Campaign for America's Future: No more silent majority. The Campaign for America’s Future is joining with the Center for Economic and Policy Research (whose Co-Director, Dean Baker blogs regularly about economic bias in the media) and with FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) to monitor the media’s coverage and representation of the American Majority views as they go into covering the big deficit fight. But we want to enlist YOU too. Send us accounts of unbalanced coverage in the national media and in your local newspapers and television. Call up reporters, editors, assignment people and tell them when they are under-representing the views of the American Majority. We should have at least half the experts, pundits, quotes and real people represented in their coverage. In a debate as important as the one we are going into, we can’t allow the media to ignore the American Majority. Much more at
MOVE TO AMEND! SIGN HERE NOW! Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site And Alan Grayson is running again in FL-8! Help out at
SUPPORT THE TROOPS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT See UPDATE! Manning-Lamo Chat Logs Revealed at plus The Deeply Personal Details in New Bradley Manning Chat Logs and Bradley Manning Support Network Much more at link.
UPDATE! See Peter B Collins PBC Podcast 294 Afghan Update–Rabbani Assassination, US Night Raids Expand; Bradley Manning Update; Gary Chew Reviews ‘Moneyball’
DONATE YOUR OLD CELL PHONES TO T.J. MARTELL FOUNDATION Help save lives. Donate your old & used iPhone, Blackberries, Droid and other phones to help the T.J. Martell Foundations fund life-saving cancer & AIDS research. For more information, go to

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IRAQ: 4,483 US Military Dead as of Nov 3, 2011
AFGHANISTAN: 1,831 US Military Dead as of Nov 3, 2011
The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
Considering Democracy: 8 Things to ask your Representative

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    Fact Checking ABC's "This Week" at NPR "On the Media" - Jake Tapper, interim host of ABC's "This Week," liked the idea of fact-checking his guests' comments, so he set up a partnership with Politifact, a non-partisan fact-checking organization. See Politifact Statements ABC News 'This Week'
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    • former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
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    • A Lobbyist's Playbook - Jack Abramoff, the ex-lobbyist and now ex-convict at the center of the biggest Washington corruption scandal in decades gives his first television interview to Lesley Stahl. He reveals how he was able to influence politicians and why, despite reform, such influence buying continues. Ira Rosen is the producer.
    • Operation Proper Exit - This unique program takes wounded warriors back to the battlefield in an effort to provide closure that often leads to better lives for these veterans and their families. Scott Pelley reports. Henry Schuster is the producer
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    Meet the Facts at NPR "On the Media" - Last December, NYU professor Jay Rosen proposed something simple yet revolutionary: why don't the Sunday morning chat shows fact check their guests? After "Meet the Press" host David Gregory declined, two college students launched a website to do it for him. One of them, Chas Danner, explains what they're trying to accomplish. See their website updating soon!
    • Meet the Candidate, Jon Huntsman
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    • ROUNDTABLE: Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Kim Strassel, Senior Political Reporter for Politico, Maggie Haberman and author of the new book "Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero," and host of MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews.

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    'Green News Report' - November 3, 2011 IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: The buck stops with President Obama on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline; Spontaneous nuclear reaction at the Fukushima nuclear power plant; Belgium to phase out nukes, too; This week's toxic fossil fuel spill, now in Lake Michigan; PLUS: Occupy your Junk Mail! ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
    IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see link): GOP-led House Panel to Vote on Non-Existent EPA Dust Rule; TX Billion-dollar Drought Ripples Through Global Markets; Traditional Farm Methods Help Climate Adaptation; Climate Science Witch Hunt Update; Low But Possibly Harmful BP Gulf Oil Spill Contamination .... PLUS: City Smog Linked to Cognitive Deficits in Children ... and much, MUCH more!
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    • PBC Live! Weekly on KGO PBC Live! Weekly on KGO Your humble host has been remiss in keeping you apprised of his other media activities. Since February, I’ve been hosting a regular weekly show on KGO, the leading San Francisco talk station with a huge coverage area–at night, you can hear it anywhere on the West Coast. TFN (till further notice), you can hear me every Friday night–or, more precisely, Saturday morning, from 1-5 am (PDT) on 810-AM or streaming at If you’d like to be alerted each week, sign up on Facebook as a fan of “Peter B. Collins Show” or you can follow me on Twitter, @pbcsf
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    • PBC Podcast 310 Kevin Zeese at Occupy DC; Corporate Cops Monitor Manhattan; Bill Hartung on Arms Lobby’s Influence on ‘Supercommittee’; Gary Chew Reviews ‘Margin Call’ Activist Kevin Zeese reports from Occupy DC, where an agenda is emerging; PBC discloses that bankster goons share video surveillance with NYPD; William D. Hartung, expert on military-industrial complex, on the industry’s huge influence on deficit-whacking “supercommittee”; and Gary Chew reviews the new film, Margin Call.
    • PBC Podcast 311 Dr. Justin A. Frank Puts ‘Obama on the Couch’; Will Durst’s Random Thoughts on Washington, DC Dr. Justin Frank returns to talk about his new book, Obama on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President; Will Durst muses on our love/hate relationship with the nation’s capital, and Capitol.

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    This Week on Ring of Fire! November 4, 2011
    • Best-selling author of The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein will be here to give us the latest on the Occupy Wall Street movement.
    • Editor of The Nation magazine Katrina Vanden Heuvel will join us to discuss her new book “The Change I Believe In.”
    • Author William Black will be joining us to discuss how Bank of America is leaving taxpayers the bill for their economic failures.
    • And former insurance executive Wendell Potter will tell us how the insurance industry is duping you into paying more for policies you don’t need.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: The Continuing Assault on Labor The Republican Tea Party’s favorite talking point these days is “where are the jobs?” Republican officials have hammered Democrats for allegedly ignoring the unemployment problem in America, even though Republicans have beaten down every job-creating effort put forward by the president. And now, the Republicans have gone even further and are trying to strip the National Labor Relations Board of their ability to prevent companies from shipping American jobs overseas. Mike Papantonio talks about the assault on labor from the GOP with Congressman Bruce Braley.
    • VIDEO! Sam Seder: How Racism Still Influences American Politics In 2007 and 2008, the media was buzzing with news about the possibility of an African American winning the presidency. There were many in the media who believed that Obama’s election meant that America was becoming a post-racial country. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and as we’ve seen from Tea Partiers and Fox News pundits, racism is still alive and well in America. Sam Seder talks about the hurdles that President Obama overcame, and the hurdles that he continues to face, with Randall Kennedy, Harvard professor and author of the new book “Persistence of the Color Line".
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: How Much Did Herman Cain Cost The Koch Brothers? Herman Cain has had quite a week, and things are just starting to heat up. Mike Papantonio and Ed Schultz discuss the latest allegations coming out against Cain, as well as his chief of staff’s ridiculous statement that they might sue Politico.
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    Tracy Van Slyke of the New Bottom Line on the Move Your Money project [11•01•11]
    Prisilla, Editor of Occupied Wall Street Journal [11•01•11]
    Chris Hayes talks Plutocracy & Occupy Wall Street [11•02•11]
    Cliff Schecter and Sam Seder talk Corporate Money Influence in SB5 in Ohio, General Strike & more [11•04•11]
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    "HI Y'ALL! Tell the people! Tell the people!"
    WHO IS MAX KEISER? Max Keiser is a financial expert, Prediction Markets analyst, inventor and filmmaker. He is the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) the first Prediction Market. Max Keiser co-hosts “The Truth About Markets” on ResonanceFM 104.4 in London. He also produces and presents documentary films covering markets and finance for Al Jazeera’s “People & Power” series. Max Keiser started his career on Wall Street in 1983. He is the creator of KarmaBanque a site that enables activists to challenge corporate power.
    • VISIT!!! Crowd Funding for Pirates!
    • NEW! MaxKeiserTV on YouTube! MaxKeiserTV VIDEO! “Bring it!” "Greece run by financial terrorists!"
    • VIDEO! Greece is doing the right thing by crashing the banks, as I indicated in this interview. The global banking system needs a reset.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR204] Keiser Report – Speculators Win Again! We look at bank stocks ablaze and a Grecian vortex. We also discuss speculators responding to falling prices by smashing showrooms in Shanghai and holding Congress hostage in America. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Leah McGrath Goodman about Occupy Wall Street, the Koch Brothers and oil derivatives and about the new market in water derivatives.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR205] Keiser Report – Make Love, Not Debt We discuss the new world order in which we’re all Greeks because we didn’t see the signs in 1969 – “Make Love, Not Debt.” In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Birgitta Jonsdottir, about the true state of transparency, banking and economy in the latest IMF poster child, Iceland.
    • ON THE EDGE [OTE129] On the Edge with Catherine Austin Fitts We interview Catherine Austin Fitts about mortgage fraud providing the financing for black budgets.
    • THE TRUTH ABOUT MARKETS [TaM-1223] The Truth About Angry Leprechauns Download show HERE (mp3)
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    antiwarradio.jpg LIVE (9-11am Pacific, 12pm - 2pm Eastern) Plenty of archives too!
    Listen at
    Eric Margolis October 31, 2011: Eric Margolis, internationally syndicated columnist and author of War at the Top of the World and American Raj, discusses how a Libyan-style regime change in Syria could give the neoconservatives a backdoor-to-war with Iran; talk of securing Netanyahu’s legacy through a Churchill-like “moment of greatness” where he attacks Iran and saves Israel from another holocaust; behind-the-scenes fighting by British and French special forces in Libya; why Turkey is harboring an anti-Syrian “army” of deserters; why Iraq will fall apart (even more) when the US completely withdraws; the former Pakistani cricket player leading protests against US influence; and why the Haqqani network is just the latest excuse for the failing war in Afghanistan.
    Adam Morrow November 1, 2011: IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses his article “Doubts Shadow Egyptian Election ;” remembering the rigged parliamentary polls of 2010 as former Mubarak officials jostle for position in the upcoming elections; how the dozens of newly formed parties have greatly complicated the task of following Egyptian politics; why the Camp David Accords with Israel will remain intact no matter who wins in Egypt; and how former IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei has faded from political prominence.
    Brian Phillips November 3, 2011: Brian Phillips, author of the Truth And Culture blog, discusses his article “The Imperial Boomerang Returns ;” why conducting wars abroad inevitably leads to tyranny at home; the weapons of war returning to America in the form of Texas sheriffs with drone aircraft; why the US empire is economically and morally unsustainable; the veteran soldiers-turned cops who will be using their night-raid experience in Afghanistan (and the same dubious intelligence) when doing drug busts in their hometowns; and why “collateral damage” isn’t just for foreigners anymore.
    Many more interviews at Antiwar Radio!

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