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Election 2014 Preview Sunday! We're running way late as the 1st Annual All Hallows Eve Heavy Metal Costume Ball kicked ass! We're still regrouping from the horror! Stay tuned and check back later today for our missive. Election Day is this Tuesday November 4th! OHIO VOTERS We recommend NINA TURNER for Ohio Secretary of State and ask you watch this clip from November 10, 2012 by MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Melissa Harris-Perry’s Open Letter To Ohio Sec. Jon Husted: Courts Not Fooled By Your ‘Shenanigans’ “Dear Secretary Husted,” she began. “It’s me, Melissa. Can I call you Jon? How you feeling today? Still a little sore, I’d imagine. Getting beaten so forcefully with all that backlash had to sting a bit. Probably going to leave a mark. After all, you spent the better part of this year throwing the full force of your power as secretary of state into restricting the right of some Ohioans to vote.” WATCH this video from MSNBC on MEDIA-ITE's link and VOTE FOR NINA TURNER! (hat-tip to WRUW-FM's Meryl Johnson for snagging this clip on her Saturday Public Affairs show "It's About Justice" (mp3).) We'll be back later for this week's screed so stop back later. In the meantime check out all our regulars especially BradBlog for all the voter-suppression news this election season including Brad on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann! See you soon! TURN BACK YER CLOCKS as we FALL BACKWARD!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ reposts this item from Michael Sauga, originally posted at Der Spiegel: The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off The Rails ............. Today, no one talks anymore about the beneficial effects of unimpeded capital movement. Today's issue is "secular stagnation," as former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers puts it. The American economy isn't growing even half as quickly as did in the 1990s. Japan has become the sick man of Asia. And Europe is sinking into a recession that has begun to slow down the German export machine and threaten prosperity. Capitalism in the 21st century is a capitalism of uncertainty, as became evident once again last week. All it took were a few disappointing US trade figures and suddenly markets plunged worldwide, from the American bond market to crude oil trading. It seemed only fitting that the turbulence also affected the bonds of the country that has long been seen as an indicator of jitters: Greece. The financial papers called it a "flash crash." ......................... According to the latest Global Wealth Report by the Boston Consulting Group, worldwide private wealth grew by about 15 percent last year, almost twice as fast as in the 12 months previous. The data expose a dangerous malfunction in capitalism's engine room. Banks, mutual funds and investment firms used to ensure that citizens' savings were transformed into technical advances, growth and new jobs. Today they organize the redistribution of social wealth from the bottom to the top. The middle class has also been negatively affected: For years, many average earners have seen their prosperity shrinking instead of growing. Harvard economist Larry Katz rails that US society has come to resemble a deformed and unstable apartment building: The penthouse at the top is getting bigger and bigger, the lower levels are overcrowded, the middle levels are full of empty apartments and the elevator has stopped working. It's no wonder, then, that people can no longer get much out of the system. According to polls by the Allensbach Institute, only one in five Germans believes economic conditions in Germany are "fair." Almost 90 percent feel that the gap between rich and poor is "getting wider and wider." In this sense, the crisis of capitalism has turned into a crisis of democracy. Many feel that their countries are no longer being governed by parliaments and legislatures, but by bank lobbyists, which apply the logic of suicide bombers to secure their privileges: Either they are rescued or they drag the entire sector to its death........... Read all of this very long and detailed essay!
And here's another comment and reminder to see the new movie "Kill The Messenger". JAMES DiEUGENIO at explains ‘Kill the Messenger’: Rare Truth-telling Exclusive: Much of modern American filmmaking is escapist and vapid, but not “Kill the Messenger,” the new movie recounting the brave Contra-cocaine reporting by Gary Webb and his subsequent destruction at the hands of the mainstream media, writes James DiEugenio.
GOT SOLAR? JEFF SPROSS at finds An Innovative New Way For Normal People To Invest In Solar Power ........ The country’s biggest solar services firm and its leading installer of rooftop solar systems, SolarCity announced on Wednesday that it’s now offering bonds online to everyday investors, the New York Times reported. ........... The new direct-to-consumer bonds are admittedly smaller and come with lower rates than the bonds SolarCity has sold in the traditional market. ........... By giving everyday investors a stake in the energy source, solar bonds can also serve as an implicit marketing program or awareness-raiser for solar power and green policy. “If you have some skin in the game, then you’re going to want [solar] to succeed in the same way as when you invest in a stock, you want that stock to be successful,” Amy Davidsen, the U.S. executive director of The Climate Group, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote clean energy technology, told The Guardian. “[This] will include supporting policies to help support clean energy.” A similar dynamic has played out in Germany, where citizens locally own about half of the country’s renewable power capacity, meaning they benefit from the returns on the investment. That’s kept support high for Germany’s green energy policies, even as they’ve arguably helped contribute to high residential electricity bills, thanks to some quixotic design choices. SolarCity’s situation is a bit different — its raising capital to install solar systems, as opposed to offering ownership in the systems themselves — but the end effect of giving the bond customer a personal stake in the social and economic fate of renewable power more broadly. ..............
For more climate news we go to and Dahr Jamail | As Casualties Mount, Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been "Hugely Underestimated" As we look across the globe this month, the signs of a continued escalation of the impacts of runaway anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) continue to increase, alongside a drumbeat of fresh scientific studies confirming their connection to the ongoing human geo-engineering project of emitting carbon dioxide at ever-increasing rates into the atmosphere. A major study recently published in New Scientist found that "scientists may have hugely underestimated the extent of global warming because temperature readings from southern hemisphere seas were inaccurate," and said that ACD is "worse than we thought" because it is happening "faster than we realized." As has become predictable now, as evidence of increasing ACD continues to mount, denial and corporate exploitation are accelerating right along with it. .................... Read on for much more from Dahr Jamail!
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IAN MILLHISER at exposes this Ohio Supreme Court Justice: Vote For Me Because ‘I Am A Republican’ Who Will Uphold GOP Laws ......... At a campaign event on Saturday, however, Justice Judith French of the Ohio Supreme Court displayed some unusual candor in a speech introducing the state’s Republican Gov. John Kasich. “I am a Republican and you should vote for me,” French told the gathered crowd. In case there was any ambiguity to what Justice French meant by this statement, she then went on to argue that her vote is needed to keep the state supreme court in the hands of justices who will uphold a Republican agenda: “Whatever the governor does, whatever your state representative, your state senator does, whatever they do, we are the ones that will decide whether it is constitutional; we decide whether it’s lawful. We decide what it means, and we decide how to implement it in a given case. “So, forget all those other votes if you don’t keep the Ohio Supreme Court conservative,” French said. French has since walked back these remarks, claiming that “I’m not going to support Republican legislation; I’m not going to support Democratic legislation. It’s not my role.” In reality, however, her original statement is a fairly accurate reflection of how judges with highly partisan preferences tend to decide cases, at least when those cases are politically charged............
Here are a few more from ThinkProgress:
NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and DEREK WILLIS at the NYT A Flood of Late Spending on Midterm Elections, From Murky Sources A stealthy coterie of difficult-to-trace outside groups is slipping tens of millions of dollars of attacks ads and negative automated telephone calls into the final days of the midterm campaign, helping fuel an unprecedented surge of last-minute spending on Senate races. Much of the advertising is being timed to ensure that no voter will know who is paying for it until after the election on Tuesday. Some of the groups are “super PACs” that did not exist before Labor Day but have since spent heavily on political advertising, adding to the volatility of close Senate and House races. Others formed earlier in the year but remained dormant until recently, reporting few or no contributions in recent filings with the Federal Election Commission, only to unleash six- and seven-figure advertising campaigns as Election Day draws near. Yet more spending is coming from nonprofit organizations with bland names that have popped up in recent weeks but appear to have no life beyond being a conduit for the ads. ..................... At least 90 political nonprofits, super PACs and outside groups did not spend any money until the beginning of October, according to a New York Times analysis. Among them are 18 groups that did not exist in September, and that had collectively spent almost $9 million through Thursday. Several are spending money they did not have on Oct. 15, the last day before Election Day for which super PACs must disclose contributions. ...................... The money is particularly hard to track when it is not spent on television or radio ads. A network of five super PACs, all registered in Virginia but with names like Alaska Priorities, Colorado Priorities and Iowa Priorities, was formed in early October, each listing as treasurer a former aide to Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the second-highest-ranking Republican in the Senate. According to the Sunlight Foundation, some of the groups appear to be making automated phone calls targeting Democratic Senate candidates in their states. One call reportedly attacked Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina as an “extreme liberal,” while another accused Senator Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana of “printing money like there’s no tomorrow and making everything cost more for average people like me.” .................. JOHN NICHOLS at The Most Cynical Political Ploy of 2014 The American Future Fund is an enthusiastically conservative organization that each election season fills the airwaves with ads hailing right-wing causes and socially conservative Republican candidates while ripping Democratic officials and contenders. But, this fall, the dark-money group is also jumping into battleground states with social-media campaigns hailing third-party candidates, legalization of marijuana and “our progressive values.” Confused? Don’t be. In close races, those third-party candidates might just pull a few votes away from Democratic contenders, who are specifically attacked in the ads. Yes, that’s playing the margins. But when money is no object, every strategy gets tried. Welcome to the brave new world of hyper-cynical, win-at-any-cost, big-money politics. This is how it works................... According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the group “received more than 92 percent of its 2012 revenues from two organizations connected to Charles and David Koch.” This year, one of the primary Koch-backed groups says it is moving money elsewhere; but the American Future Fund remains flush with cash. As a footnote, the Center for Responsive Politics reminds us, “As a nonprofit organization organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Service code, American Future Fund does not have to disclose its donors.” Nor does it have to abide by the standards that most Americans associate with politics. It can pretty much write its own rules. And so it has. ................... Over at STEVEN ROSENFELD gives us 8 of the Biggest Election Lies This Year Only in the last weeks of a federal midterm election are voters being told that right-wingers are really feminists, Democrats want to cut Social Security benefits, a pro-gun Democrat wants to take your guns away, and Republicans have had enough with billionaires spending big money in political races. These are just a few leading examples from the “Don’t Be Fooled” department, where Republicans—and a few Democrats—are making some absurd claims in an effort to provoke people to stop thinking and vote their prejudices and fears. Crazy claims usually surface at the end of elections, when the press isn’t able to catch them all, and the 2014 midterms are no exception. That’s especially true in non-presidential elections, where there aren’t national themes captivating the public, but far more locally focused contests. What follows are eight claims from 2014’s “Oh really?” department. Also at Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy Lisa Graves the publisher of,,,, and has this profile on a Corporate Hitman's Top 10 Tips For Trashing Progressives And Their Causes Rick Berman, the king of corporate front groups and propaganda, has been caught on tape detailing his attacks on public-interest groups in the labor and environmental movements, including on efforts to increase the minimum wage for workers. As noted in a story by Eric Lipton at The New York Times, Berman and a colleague met with energy company executives at Colorado Springs’ posh Broadmoor Hotel in June to raise money from them to attack groups representing citizens concerned about clean water, clean air, and the future of the planet. But Berman's "win ugly" tactics apparently did not persuade all of his prospective clients for his lucrative business of creating tax-exempt non-profit front groups that then contract with his for-profit PR firm to give corporations cover for his attacks on their opponents. The way Berman profits from this arrangement has spawned a legal complaint to the IRS. An audio tape of Berman and his associate, Jack Hubbard, has been provided by a person at the Broadmoor event to the Center for Media and Democracy, which publishes PRWatch and has long tracked Berman's deceptive PR operations. Readers can listen to the full tape here and read the transcript here. ........... Here's just one of Berman's "tactics": 9. Give corporate cash "total anonymity." Berman reassured his audience that he can keep their role in these tactics secret: "We run all of this stuff through nonprofit organizations that are insulated from having to disclose donors. There is total anonymity. People don't know who supports us. We've been doing this for 20 something years in this regard. And to the degree to anybody is concerned about that I will tell you there are all sorts of ways, all sorts of firewalls that have been established to get this done on an anonymous" basis. He added: "I am religious about not allowing company names to ever get used. At least I'm not going to allow them to get used. And I don't want companies to ever admit that because it does give the other side a way to diminish our message." GREG PALAST lets us Look up your Name on the Crosscheck Voter Purge-List My investigative report, JIM CROW RETURNS: Millions of Minority Voters Threatened by Electoral Purge, is the most-read story ever on Al Jazeera America’s website. If you haven’t read it yet – the results of a six-month intensive investigation – read it now. And tonight, Thursday, at 9pm, watch my reports on this investigation on Al Jazeera America's America Tonight (enter your zip code to find it on your TV). The Palast team has ripped the lid off “Interstate Crosscheck” – a system used by 27 states, almost all under Republican control, which claims to find illegal “double voters,” those who vote in the same election in two different states. It took us months, but we got our hands on 2.1 million of the names of the so-called “double voters” accused by Crosscheck. Are YOU a criminal double voter? Go there now to watch the video report and read more! Also see Monday's interview with Palast on DN! Jim Crow Returns: Interstate "Crosscheck" Program Could Strip Millions of the Right to Vote. This week's BTV LAST WORD goes to's VICTORIA COLLIER with this news analysis Computerized Vote Rigging Is Still the Unseen Threat to US Democracy: It's Time to Change the System Our article in Truthout last week, Top Ten Epic Reasons Why You Should Give a Sh*t About Voting, elicited quite a few comments from readers voicing concern that ballots may not be correctly or honestly counted by our "black box" computer voting systems - and we would never know. The Internet is already roaring with stories of visible attacks on democracy so far in the 2014 elections: 40,000 mostly minority voters purged from Georgia's voter roles and thousands more in 26 other states, up to 600,000 Texas voters disenfranchised due to new Voter ID laws, and the attempts to override the electoral college in gerrymandered blue states like Michigan. We can fight this fraud because we can see it, like the part of the iceberg that is above the water. But yes, there is more below. Exactly two years ago Harper's Magazine published a cover story "How to Rig an Election," (written by this author) detailing the hidden threat to democracy posed by our electronic vote counting systems. Easily rigged and hacked, these computers are controlled by a handful of shady corporations, some with criminal records, who fight to keep their vote-counting software a "trade secret." Computerized Voting Today Ensures That Americans Cannot Oversee or Verify Their Own Elections................................... However, currently no one is fully verifying our elections, least of all the federal government. All four commissioner seats are vacant in the federal Elections Assistance Commission (EAC), created in 2002 to help set voting standards and best practices, and to accredit electronic voting systems testing labs. Republicans are actively attempting to kill this agency altogether. We Need to Establish Across-the-Board Standards for Voting That Uphold the Most Fundamental Principles of Democracy: Full Transparency and Public Oversight........................ Please read ALL of this for the shocking details, and so many others have been screaming about for over a DECADE, what Brad calls "faith-based voting". So get busy and start at Take Action: Demand Paper Ballots, Hand Counted! Be sure to tune in for full election coverage beginning at 7 pm EST. We'll be back next week to assess the damage of Tuesday's election results and what the lame duck state and federal sessions may bring. See you then!
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    'Green News Report' - October 28, 2014 IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Climate Change and Election 2014: High stakes on energy, the environment, and global warming ... All that and more in today's Green News Report! ..... IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see link): Australia breaks heat records - again; BP oil spill left big oily 'bathtub ring' on seafloor; Shell wants 5 more years to drill in the Arctic; How can we get power to the poor without frying the planet?; More storms mean more sewage overflows in Wisconsin; Japan town votes to re-start nuclear plants; Amid CA drought, bruising battle over water ... PLUS: U.N. climate change draft report warns risks of 'irreversible' damage... and much, MUCH more!
    'Green News Report' - October 21, 2014 Republican candidates continue to dodge the climate change question; Mountaintop removal coal mining promotes lung cancer; 'Significant' oil spill in Louisiana bayou; 2014 on track to be hottest year on record; PLUS: LEGO breaks up with Shell Oil... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Christie: GOP Governors Needs to Control 'Voting Mechanisms' in 2016 NJ Governor and 2016 Presidential hopeful offers interesting reason why Republicans in three key states need to win in 2014...
    • BRADCAST! SCOTUS Voter Suppression and the Touch-Screen Vote-Flipping Time Warp: KPFK 'BradCast' Ready, set, VOTE! (If you can.)
    • BRADCAST! VIDEO! Deja Vu All Over Again. Again. Brad's appearance this week on Thom Hartmann's 'Big Picture' TV show, as touch-screen votes starting flipping across the country yet again... RELATED: BRADBLOG UPDATE! GOP v. Registration Nation 50,000 new voter registrations said 'missing' in GA; Millions of voters threatened by faulty GOP 'Crosscheck' database scheme; About that 'non-citizen' voter 'study' at WaPo that all the RWers are talking about...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! NM 'Motor Voter' Registration Rates Dive Under GOP SoS Facing tight re-election bid, 'voter fraud' fraudster and Sec. of State Dianna Duran stands to benefit from failed, unlawful new reg process in race against Dem challenger...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Touch-Screen Votes Reportedly Flip R to D in MD Diebold systems have been failing in Maryland since the state was the first to install them (and cover up their failures) in 2002. So why should 2014 be any different?...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Why Dems Shouldn't Get Too Excited About Encouraging Pre-Election Polls in GA A very brief reminder of the state's long and disturbing history with 100% unverifiable Diebold touch-screen voting systems...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Touch-Screen Votes Flipping in Arkansas. Again. Year after year the state's $30 million ES&S iVotronic voting system has failed voters. So why should this year be any different? Because now they have a terrible plan to deal with it...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! Mitch McConnell Sends Sleazy 'ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE' Letter to (Some) KY Voters The man who wants to lead the U.S. Senate approves of this message. And so the Dirty Tricks begin...
    • BRADBLOG UPDATE! TX GOP Photo ID Voter Suppression Working Nicely

  • The Peter B. Collins Show PODCAST!
    pbc show
    Listen at!
    The Peter B. Collins Show covers American news and politics from the Left Coast. Veteran talk radio personality Peter B. Collins, based in San Francisco, delivers fresh interviews, commentary and analysis on a range of important topics, with views and voices you don’t often find in the corporate media.
    Holiday Break and Website Changes
      To my valued listeners: We are making some changes to the website and our terms, effective in January. We will continue to offer free podcasts–my new daily news and commentary. Our in-depth interviews will be available for $1 per episode, or to subscribers who pay $5 per month or more. Loyal listeners who simply can’t afford it should send an email to, as we will be offering a limited number of scholarships to our friends who are hurting during these tough times. More information will be posted as we complete the revisions. I’m grateful to each of you for listening and supporting this work, and hope that the new model will enable us to keep it going well into the future. All the best, -pbc
    • Peter B Collins, Truthout | Op-Ed An Insider's View of the Progressive Talk Radio Devolution
    • 31 Oct 2014 Ray McGovern Arrested, Prevented From Entering NY YMCA to See Petraeus Event Our friend and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern arrested, prevented from attending NYC discussion panel with David Petraeus, Max Boot…
    • 28 Oct 2014 PBC News & Comment: FBI Uses Seattle Newspaper for Spoof in Investigation The FBI used a dummy news story from a Seattle newspaper to dupe a suspect in an investigation in 2007….
    • 29 Oct 2014 PBC News & Comment: FBI Wants Even More Unchecked Power –FBI hopes to broadly expand its authority to hack into computers anywhere, using an obscure Justice Dept panel…
    • PBC News & Comment 16 Oct 2014 PBC News & Comment: Super-Secret Stingray Surveillance System isn’t Secret in Charlotte Anymore Charlotte’s Observer exposes use of Stingray cellphone dragnet system, not limited to terrorism cases as local officials thought…..
    • PBC News & Comment 17 Oct 2014 PBC News & Comment: U2’s Bono Apologizes to iTunes Users, and Many Important Stories, Too! Bono’s apology, plus exposure of possible corruption at top of NSA, Stingray deployed in Washington, DC–lots to report today…..
    • PBC Standard Podcast October 30, 2014 Journalist Reese Erlich Offers Informed Comment on America’s New War in Syria, Iraq
    • PBC Standard Podcast October 28, 2014 One Year After His Bogus Arrest, Roger Shuler Talks About the Cost of Journalism in Alabama Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio explains the new law that was rammed through the legislature and signed today by the desperate governor of Pennsylvania, aimed at silencing Mumia Abu-Jamal.

  • Ring of Fire Radio
    Find us at and hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder
    Ring of Fire Radio - GoLeft TV - Robert F. Kennedy, Mike Papantonio, Sam Seder - Politics, Commentary, and News.
    This Week on Ring of Fire October 16, 2014 Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern.
    »» No post this week so tune in for more info!
    This Week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV! Sundays at NOON!
    »» Attorney Chris Paulos will tell us about the corruption at the IRS, where the agency was giving corporations unjust breaks and privileges.
    »» David Haynes will talk about the damage that Bush caused to the judiciary, specifically the problems coming out of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    »» Linda Lipsen, the CEO of the American Association for Justice, will discuss her organization’s new project to expose lawsuit hypocrites like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and FedEx – companies that abuse the legal system, and try to block YOUR access to justice.
    »» Howard Nations will talk about the Republicans crying that Obama is an “imperial” president, ignoring the previous 8 years of the Bush administration.
    »» And we’ll talk about the dangerous consequences of right wing hate talkers like Michael Savage.
    Ring of Fire’s Weekly Rewind Posted on August 9, 2014 by Ring of Fire - Ring of Fire’s top stories from the past week.
    • VIDEO! THE HISTORY OF CORPORATE CORRUPTION & FRAUD with Robert Kennedy Jr & Mike Papantonio “Call us if you have a personal story about Fraud on Taxpayers or False Claims for Payment made by Corportations at 1-866-389-FIRE (3473) or contact us by email at if you have evidence of fraud that robbed taxpayer dollars. If our government is paying too much due to fraud by a corporation, Ring of Fire wants to do a story on it.” Also see Papantonio & Kennedy on Corporate Corruption and Fraud — Pt. 1/4
    • VIDEO! Glenn Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters by Joshua Schwitzerlett
    • VIDEO! George Carlin Knew the Truth About Republicans
    Thom Hartmann: Millions of Black, Hispanic & Asian Voters Have Been Purged
    Outrageous Chris Rock Video about Where the Wealth is in America by Amy Eddings - In his classic special “Never Scared,” Chris Rock explains the difference between being rich and being wealthy,...
    The Criminal Sociopath Bankers are in Another Fraud Frenzy even after being given a Prosecution Break by Amy Eddings -
    Prosecutors in Washington and New York City are reopening investigations into Standard Chartered, the giant British bank...
    • VIDEO! Papantonio: Prison Time Is ONLY Solution for Wall Street Thugs (VIDEO)
    • Join our blog at You can now SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST by clicking on the "Podcast" tab at the top of the Ring of Fire blog. Please help support progressive radio by signing up! Ring of Fire Radio Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts 7-10 et Sunday evenings on Chicago's Progressive Talk WCPT AM & FM and 4 pm et on Sirius/XM 167 featuring The PAP Attack! "We’ll bring you the stories that the mainstream media didn’t feel like reporting this week."

  • Majority Report with Sam Seder Streaming LIVE weekdays 12 NOON et @!

    • MONDAY 10/27/14 The Ebola Elections
    • TUESDAY 10/28/14 Jessica Bruder: The End of Retirement: When You Can't Afford To Stop Working
    • WEDNESDAY - Moving Day
    • THURSDAY Moving Day
    • FRIDAY A Republican Candidate in Texas says that he wants black voters not to vote but instead spend their Food Stamps. Through a computer glitch the Majority Report was replaced by the Ken, Ken & Ken show, Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post joined the Ken Ken & Ken show, Ryan triad to explain why the Democrats are failing, debating Benghazi, why does Ryan hate America and want Black to vote more. Ken Ken & Ken gave financial advice. Ken Ken & Ken breakdown some "brilliant" Dennis Prager comments on the War on Women and they took your calls and IMs!
    • MORE Podcast Interviews at!

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    "HI Y'ALL! Tell the people! Tell the people!"
    WHO IS MAX KEISER? Max Keiser is a financial expert, Prediction Markets analyst, inventor and filmmaker. He is the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) the first Prediction Market. Max Keiser co-hosts "The Truth About Markets" on ResonanceFM 104.4 in London. He also produces and presents documentary films covering markets and finance for Al Jazeera’s "People & Power" series. Max Keiser started his career on Wall Street in 1983. He is the creator of KarmaBanque a site that enables activists to challenge corporate power.
    • VISIT!!! Crowd Funding for Pirates!
    • MaxKeiserTV on YouTube! MaxKeiserTV
    KEISER REPORT ON FACEBOOK STACY SUMMARY: For once and for all, here are our real Facebook pages, the other ones are fake. But if you feel like chatting to the fake ones, by all means, go ahead.
    »» Max Keiser
    »» Keiser Report
    »» Stacey Herbert
    Assange: How cryptography is a key weapon in the fight against empire states by maxkeiser - READ What began as a means of retaining individual freedom can now be used by smaller states to fend off the ambitions of larger ones (
    Child Poverty Jumps by 2.6 Million in Developed World Since 2008, While Number of Global Billionaires Doubles by Michael Krieger — The “Great Recession Scorecard” is out. Two headlines. Two very different realities: “A report by Unicef says the number of children entering poverty during the recession is 2.6 million greater than the number who have been lifted out of it.”
    & “The super-rich club has become less exclusive, with the amount of billionaires doubling since the financial crisis, according to a report from global charity Oxfam. There were 1,645 billionaires globally as of March 2014, according to Forbes data cited in the Oxfam report, up from 793 in March 2009.” Read more HERE...........
    Why We’re Poorer: Inflation and Deflation Are Now Globalized by Charles Hugh Smith — We’re being hit with a double-whammy: Wages are under deflationary pressure, and almost everything else is exposed to inflationary pressure. As correspondent Mark G. observed in Globalization = Permanent Instability, it’s impossible to understand inflation and deflation now except in a global context. Read the rest HERE ............
    Florida Cop Rapes 20-Year Old Woman at Gunpoint While on Duty by Michael Krieger — Earlier this week, I published a post titled: Video of the Day – Watch as 8 Police Officers Fire 46 Shots and Kill a Homeless Man in Broad Daylight. In that article, I warned: As long as the worst amongst us continue to get away with their criminality, the more of it we will see. In fact, the more brutal and cartoonish it will get. Unfortunately, it didn’t take very long. Meet Stephen J. Maiorino, the Florida cop who raped a 20-year old woman at gunpoint while on duty. By the way, he was previously named “Officer of the Month” by the department in 2010, and has appeared in the TV show “Cops.” You can’t make this stuff up. Read more HERE...........
    Day after MSM mocks @maxkeiser for calling bankers ‘murderers,’ Brit banker slashes throat & nearly decapitates two women by Stacy Herbert — Stacy Summary: Truly remarkable. Literally the day after the Independent mocks Max for calling bankers ‘murderers’ a British banker from Bank of America Merrill Lynch is arrested for the gruesome murders of two women. Who is always right? Who is always wrong? ........ BTVBTV and the grisly scene left behind.
    At Least 130k March Against Austerity in Ireland by Dublin Eileen — WATER, of which we are made, is very fundamental to the Irish people. The holy wells within us spoke and, soaked today in rain water, we took to the streets to say that this gift of nature is a human right for all. Many thanks to the Detroit Water Brigade who marched in solidarity with us today. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in nationwide protests against the introduction of water charges in the Republic of Ireland.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR672] Keiser Report: Nudging, Bludgeoning & Pigeoning Both of us in a double-header discuss nudging citizen-consumers like pigeons and mental patients into behaving as the technocratic elite wish them to behave – more consumption, more selfies, more fatal masturbation. This behavioural outcome is achieved through rewarding desired behaviour with plastic trinkets and poker chips which make the subjects being controlled feel empowered by their decisions to behave as their controllers had wanted them to. We look at examples of successful nudging in the UK where the electorate is bought off with games of chutes and property ladders for correct behaviour. If nudging does not work, however, there is always bludgeoning as is done in the US where the Inland Revenue Service has been seizing the bank deposits of non-complying citizen-pigeons who have not incurred massive debts.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR673] Keiser Report: Unequal Justice System Stacy Summary: We look at the moral crisis of our time as they compare the treatment of a man on welfare benefits imprisoned for six weeks for stealing £12.60 worth of Salisbury steaks versus the High Frequency Trading outfit fined $1 million without any admission of guilt for stealing an unknown amount of money from other NASDAQ investors. This unequal system of justice has led to zombie capitalism which has gone off the rails and inspired ‘suicide bankers.’ In the second half Max interviews Dr. Bob Gill and Peter Bach, director of Sell Off, the story of the stealth privatization of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR674] Keiser Report: Naughty Banking Boys We discuss how, in the words of Laura Ingalls Wilder, once you begin being naughty, it is easier to go and on and on, and sooner or later something dreadful happens. And in a world of very naughty bankers, many dreadful things have happened. In the second half Max interviews Dan Collins of about the emerging post-dollar order as evidenced in the newly launched Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank and the Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect scheme. They also discuss how in China Jim Rickards went viral and how steel costs as much as cabbage
    • THE TRUTH ABOUT MARKETS The Truth About Markets – 28 June 2014 Stacy Summary: We talk about bogus collateral driving global housing bubbles. Download show HERE (mp3)

  • The Scott Horton Radio Show
    Scott Horton is host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles and KUCR 88.3 in Riverside, and the Scott Horton Show on No Agenda Radio. (You can listen live Monday through Friday New show hours effective 5/26/2014 @ 12-3 PM Eastern! HERE.) Plenty of archives too!
    • Scott Horton Radio Show Progress Report: All right, yall, welcome back to the show to the inaugural Scott Horton Show progress report! It’s been an eventful year since the show and I (amicably) parted ways with, so I thought I would highlight just a few of the show’s important milestones, as well as preview some of the exciting projects to look for in the near future. ........ The show on Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM in L.A., still called Antiwar Radio, has now moved to join their Sunday morning public affairs line up (8:30 am pt -, and remains the largest source of listeners, with 15,000-20,000 people tuning in weekly. The future: Liberty Express Radio is growing and bringing me along for the ride. The great Charles Goyette hooked me up with Alan Butler and the Liberty Express earlier this year, and what has been the daily replay there from 3-5 eastern time has become my best listened-to show. And now they’re adding my friend Tom Woods to the lineup from 2-3 PM. That does it. I’m making the switch! Starting Monday, October 14, the live show is moving to 3-5 PM Eastern time on, as well as NoAgenda and my own stream....... New show hours effective 5/26/2014: 12-3 PM Eastern!
    10/28/14 Trita Parsi: Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, discusses his article “How Congressional Hawks Plan to Kill Obama’s Iran Deal.”
    10/29/14 Grant F. Smith: Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, discusses his federal lawsuit demanding the release of a 1987 DoD study on Israel’s nuclear weapons program; and why he wants to end the US government’s pretense of ignorance about Israel’s nukes.
    10/29/14 Gareth Porter: Gareth Porter, an award-winning journalist and author of Manufactured Crisis, discusses how an Iran nuclear deal hinges on Obama’s willingness to fight for an end to sanctions.
    10/29/14 Nebojsa Malic: Nebojsa Malic, a regular columnist for, discusses how Ukraine’s elections manufactured legitimacy for the current regime; the neo-Nazis killing civilians in eastern Ukraine; and the small group of US foreign policy elites who stir up trouble all over the world.
    10/31/14 Ray McGovern: Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst turned peace activist, discusses his arrest Thursday night while trying to gain entry to see former CIA director David Petraeus speak in New York City.
    • Older interviews at Antiwar Radio!

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    • Sen Ben Cardin (D-MD)
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