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The Jackals. ALERT! Remember Greg Palast Reports on the Battle Between Indigenous Ecuadorians and the U.S. Oil Giant Chevron? And Chevron oil demands Crude filmmaker hand over unseen footage? NOW Ecuador's president attacked by police: Country's leader trapped in hospital after assault, as government declares a one-week state of emergency. PALAST ON THE CASE: Crisis in Ecuador Greg Palast Interviews President Correa from Saturday, October 2, 2010. WATCH CRUDE: The real price of oil. The jackals seem to come out of the woodwork. From Yes Magazine Aug 18, 2010 Homeowners’ Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof? The financial juggling that helped cause the 2008 crisis may be coming back to haunt banks—and help homeowners. "While not binding on courts in other jurisdictions, the ruling could serve as persuasive precedent there as well, because the court cited non-bankruptcy cases related to the lack of authority of MERS, and because the opinion is consistent with prior rulings in Idaho and Nevada Bankruptcy courts on the same issue." Now comes GMAC suspends foreclosure evictions and sales of seized property THEN JPMorgan Chase freezes foreclosure cases AND Bank of America freezes evictions in 23 states. Back to Yes Magazine: "MERS was developed in the early 1990s by a number of financial entities, including Bank of America, Countrywide, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, allegedly to allow consumers to pay less for mortgage loans. That did not actually happen, but what MERS did allow was the securitization and shuffling around of mortgages behind a veil of anonymity. The result was not only to cheat local governments out of their recording fees but to defeat the purpose of the recording laws, which was to guarantee purchasers clean title. Worse, MERS facilitated an explosion of predatory lending in which lenders could not be held to account because they could not be identified, either by the preyed-upon borrowers or by the investors seduced into buying bundles of worthless mortgages....If courts overwhelmed with foreclosures decide to take up the cause, the result could be millions of struggling homeowners with the banks off their backs, and millions of homes no longer on the books of some too-big-to-fail banks. Without those assets, the banks could again be looking at bankruptcy. Perhaps these financial jackals won't get away KABOOM!!! REFERRAL OF CHASE HOME MORTGAGE AND MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. TO FEDERAL PROSECUTOR Secretary Brunner, in two letters dated Aug. 11, 2010 and Sept. 1, 2010, referred matters of alleged notary abuse in thousands of home mortgage foreclosures by Chase Home Mortgage and the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to U.S. District Attorney Steven Dettelbach in Cleveland...Secretary Brunner made the following statement on the situation: “Mortgage foreclosure documents must be notarized according to the law. Requiring this is not an afterthought or an exercise of form over substance—the law must be followed when taking away someone’s home, regardless of the circumstances. For too long thousands of homes have been taken from consumers without proof that the foreclosing party actually has that right. Our courts must be cautious and require absolute adherence to the law. As the officer in Ohio who licenses notaries, I cannot stand idly by and watch financial institutions concoct a chain of title they never had by abusing the notary process." Of course none of this will be covered by the Sunday funnies where This Anampour conducts a forum on the ever-pressing question "Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?" while Meet the David gets a bye for the Ryder Cup golf match! Haha! Face the Bob gets guvs RICHARDSON, RENDELL and BTV fave SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS then a whitewash on 60 Minutes about KEN FEINBERG now doing the bidding of Bellicose Polluter (BP). NOTE: Despite what Feinberg says Washington's Blog reminds us Scientists: 40 Times More Cancer-Causing Toxics in Gulf than Before Spill ... Dispersants to Blame. State of the Candy gets political operatives Dem BRAZILLE vs. GOPher GUILLESPIE with DCCC's MENENDEZ vs. RNCC's CORNYN. Check the BTV alerts for more on the Ecuador and MERS stories. More new in the regular features including Ring of Fire with DAHR JAMAIL and DANA PRIEST, Max on GOLD and AntiWar Radio with KAREN KWIATKOWSKI. Lastly we have Glenn Greenwald U.N. Report finds Israel "summarily executed" U.S. citizen on flotilla, also not dare covered by the Sunday Funnies at all except for "passing a Resolution condemning the investigators themselves while defending Israeli actions, including the actions that resulted in the death of an American teenager. Is there any doubt that such a Resolution would pass with overwhelming bipartisan support, approaching unanimity -- as happens each and every time there is a controversy involving Israel? " The Brick TeeVee Crew couldn't make the One Nation Together gathering in DC but saw they had a nice turnout. And The Crew is awaiting the start of the MLB post-season! Check your local listings and enjoy your week!


And you thought you'd escape any mention of OIL! HAHA!
IN DEEP WATER: The Anatomy of a Disaster, the Fate of the Gulf, and How to End Our Oil Addiction. by Peter Lehner via
“If you’re looking for something that connects the dots between the BP oil disaster, the harm it’s done to the Gulf of Mexico and the people paying the price, this book is it. In a clear and compelling voice, it explains the worst environmental catastrophe of our time, then shows the way forward to protect this national treasure, safeguard our future and break our destructive addiction to oil.” — Robert Redford
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Democracy NOW!
FULL COVERAGE of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico CATASTROPHE at BP Oil Spill
»»» FBI RAIDS @ Democracy NOW! We speak to the targets of two of the raids and former FBI officer Coleen Rowley. WATCH NOW FBI Raids Homes of Antiwar and Pro-Palestinian Activists in Chicago and Minneapolis RELATED: FBI Raids and the Criminalization of Dissent by Amy Goodman @ TruthDig
»»» JEFF BIGGERS @ Democracy NOW! WATCH NOW Appalachia Rising: 100 Arrested at White House Calling for End to Mountaintop Coal Removal
»»» Chris McGreal of London Guardian. @ Democracy NOW! WATCH NOW 1st US Soldier of Alleged "Kill Team" Targeting Afghan Civilians Faces Military Tribunal for War Crimes
»»» HENRY RED CLOUD @ Democracy NOW! WATCH NOW Henry Red Cloud of Oglala Lakota Tribe on Native American Anti-Nuclear Activism, Uranium Mining, and the Recession’s Toll on Reservations
»»» Andy Kroll of Mother Jones @ Democracy NOW!WATCH NOW Lenders Forced to Suspend Thousands of Foreclosures after Admitting to Faulty Review Proce
»»» Ecuador Coup Attempt @ Democracy NOW!WATCH NOW Ecuador Declares State of Emergency as President Correa Escapes Attack from Rogue Armed Forces
»»» Charter School Privatization Propaganda @ Democracy NOW! Waiting for Superman, a new documentary by filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, has caused a stir in the education world for its sweeping endorsement of the charter school movement and attack on teachers unions. President Obama has endorsed the film, describing it as "heartbreaking" and "powerful," but some teachers have called for a boycott of the film for its portrayal of teachers and the teachers union. We speak to Rick Ayers, founder of the Communication Arts and Sciences program at Berkeley High School and adjunct professor in teacher education at the University of San Francisco. WATCH NOW "Waiting for Superman": Critics Say Much-Hyped Education Documentary Unfairly Targets Teachers Unions and Promotes Charter Schools
»»» GRITtv @ with Laura Flanders
»»» FEATURED SHOW @ GRITtv WATCH Markos Moulitsas: Conservatives, Corporations and Congress
»»» COMMUNITY VIDEO @ GRITtv WATCH Making the Invisible People Visible - JNaomi Klein noted as well, "We don't have the ability to make the economically disposed-of people visible." Indeed, all over the country people are struggling just to survive in the current economic climate. Invisible People is a project aimed at doing just what Klein asked--making those people visible again. In this clip, they bring us the story of Jean and her kids.
»»» NASCAR on ESPN It's the Price Chopper 400 presented by Kraft Foods from the Kansas Speedway! Coverage begins at 1 pm et
»»» MLB on TBS Yankees @ Red Sox 1:30 pm et
»»» MLB on ESPN Has ended. See you next season!
We're looking for the people who think shouting is annoying, counterproductive, and terrible for your throat; who feel that the loudest voices shouldn't be the only ones that get heard; and who believe that the only time it's appropriate to draw a Hitler mustache on someone is when that person is actually Hitler. Or Charlie Chaplin in certain roles. Are you one of those people? Excellent. Then we'd like you to join us in Washington, DC on October 30 -- a date of no significance whatsoever -- at the Daily Show's "Rally to Restore Sanity." Ours is a rally for the people who've been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) -- not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority. If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence... we couldn't. That's sort of the point. Get involved HERE!!!
Offshore Drilling is Not The Answer: Restore the Moratorium
from Surfrider Foundation (h/t jen)
The tragic and devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a stark reminder that offshore oil drilling is not the answer.
The Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded and sank has spilled millions of gallons of oil into the ecologically rich waters in the Gulf of Mexico and continues to gush 210,000 gallons of oil into the sea every day. The spill remains unabated and now has the potential to become one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history. The unfolding catastrophe clearly illustrates that offshore drilling is not safe and new technology is not fool proof.
Tell the Obama Administration new drilling is NOT THE ANSWER. Our coasts and the economy they support cannot withstand anymore!
We are reminded why the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara and the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill led to state and federal moratoriums on offshore oil drilling. The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico makes it clear that it is time once again time to restore those moratoriums.
Also visit Rep Alan Grayson's site

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IRAQ: 4,424 US Military Dead as of Sept 30, 2010
AFGHANISTAN: 1,311 US Military Dead as of Sept 30, 2010
The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
Considering Democracy: 8 Things to ask your Representative

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    • Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?
    • Franklin Graham, Daisy Khan, 9/11 families, a jihadist and a host of others debate this provocative question: should Americans Fear Islam? A special town hall Sunday.

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    • THE GO TO GUY - He was in charge of the 9/11 victims' compensation fund, and adjudicated claims of Virginia Tech Massacre victims and those of Agent Orange. Now Kenneth Feinberg is tasked with sorting out the thousands of claims stemming from the BP oil spill. Morley Safer reports. Deirdre Naphin is the producer.
    • GIVING AWAY A FORTUNE - Scott Pelley catches up with the world's most generous philanthropists, Bill and Melinda Gates, and travels to some of the world's trouble spots their billions are helping. Denise Schrier Cetta is the producer.

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    Meet the Facts at NPR "On the Media" - Last December, NYU professor Jay Rosen proposed something simple yet revolutionary: why don't the Sunday morning chat shows fact check their guests? After "Meet the Press" host David Gregory declined, two college students launched a website to do it for him. One of them, Chas Danner, explains what they're trying to accomplish.
    • Meet the Press will not air this Sunday, Oct. 3, due to NBC's coverage of the Ryder Cup

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    'Green News Report' - September 28, 2010 IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: SoCal is sooo hot - all-time record heat in L.A. this week, leads us to a Fox "News" February flashback; "Hockey Stick" graph vindicated - again; Half a billion corporate dollars to kill clean energy legislation ... PLUS: DOJ gives a pass to BP ... ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!
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    • PBC Podcast 178 Mad-As-Hell-Doctors Fight for Single Payer; Poverty in US Jumps, Do You Give a Damn?; Chew Reviews “Wall St.” The Mad As Hell Doctors rally for single payer and expose the lies of the right about opposition to “ObamaCare”; Gwendolyn Mink reports on the 4-million increase in poverty in US last year; and Gary Chew reviews “Wall Street Money Never Sleeps”.
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    This Week on Ring of Fire! October 1st, 2010
    • This week on Ring of Fire Radio, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington steps into the ring with her powerful and timely new book, “Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream.”
    • Washington Post Investigative Journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Dana Priest will be joining us to discuss her recent expose` on America’s secret intelligence infrastructure.
    • Award-winning investigative journalist Dahr Jamail will be here to talk about the ongoing cover up in the Gulf of Mexico, where local officials are claiming that all of the oil has disappeared, but local fishermen have proof that it is still sitting at the bottom of the water.
    • And political satirist Matt Filipowicz will be here to tell us about the private mercenary firm Blackwater, and why they were hired by companies like Monsanto and Disney.
    • You Can Listen to Ring of Fire on These Stations HERE.
    • VIDEO! Dangers Lurk Beneath the Surface of Gulf of MexicoIn spite of what you might have read in the news, the oil in the Gulf of Mexico has not just disappeared. It’s lurking on the bottom, destroying marine life and entire ecosystems. On top of that, we are now starting to see adverse health effects from BP’s use of the toxic oil dispersant known as Corexit, which is being dumped into the Gulf as we speak. Mike Papantonio talks about some of the effects that we’re now seeing as a result of BP’s dispersant chemicals with Dr. Riki Ott, one of the leading experts on the impact of oil spills on human health.
    • VIDEO! Papantonio and Ed Schultz Expose the US Chamber and News Corp Who is really funding the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? Well, they’ve done a great job of concealing their records, but we do know a few, and Mike Papantonio talks with Ed Schultz about the truth of the U.S. Chamber.
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    Holy S*** I Just Read the Markets and Finance Book of the Year!!!! by maxkeiser I have been reading for years. To be honest, it was reading Eric Janszen’s analysis that convinced me to dump my dot com stocks in 1999. And if truth be told, reading iTulip is what got me started buying gold under $350. I thought I knew Janszen’s work pretty well – until now. Having just finished “The Postcatastrophe Economy: Rebuilding America and Avoiding the Next Bubble” I can tell you that you absolutely must get your hands on a copy of this book IMMEDIATELY. It blows “Crash Proof” and “The Fearful Rise of Markets” away.
    • KEISER REPORT [KR81] Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Baby Formula! Stacy summary: We look at the Walmart’s baby formula breadlines and Charlie Munger’s bailout blessings. In the second half of the show, Max goes to Washington DC to talk to sports writer Dave Zirin about the sports industrial complex.
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    Ali Gharib September 28, 2010: Ali Gharib, New York-based journalist on U.S. foreign policy and LobeLog writer, discusses the FBI raids on antiwar activists’ homes, how Israel put Iran in “Axis of Evil” after 9/11, the Global War on Terror’s conflation of national resistance groups (and any enemy of Israel) with international terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, neoconservative warmongers re-using the Iraq War playbook to gin up support for an attack on Iran, the tangled neocon web of familial relationships and the new cottage industry of neophyte Koran “scholars” quoting passages out of context to portray Islam as a religion bent on world domination. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 46:57
    Christina Tobin September 28, 2010: Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, discusses the U.S. agreement with Costa Rica that allows 7,000 Marines to expand the War on Drugs in Central America, U.S. economic pressures that are forcing Costa Ricans to get on board with big agribusiness and abandon any ideas about marijuana legalization and how reformed election laws will help put and end to the two party duopoly in the U.S. Christina is Founder and Chair of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, public-policy and advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the politically marginalized and disenfranchised, particularly those of third party and Independent voters and candidates. She is also CEO of Free and Equal, Inc., a ballot access consulting and petitioning firm. Christina is a 2010 candidate for Secretary of State in California. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 10:39
    Karen Kwiatkowski September 28, 2010: Karen Kwiatkowski, columnist at and retired USAF lieutenant colonel, discusses the unauthorized hit squad of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, why those who complain about “tying the hands” of the military are really asking for a free pass to murder civilians, how the high military suicide rate indicates government-approval for killing doesn’t lessen individual guilt caused by immoral actions and why an economic embargo against Washington is long overdue. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 19:10
    The Other Scott Horton September 30, 2010. The Other Scott Horton (no relation), international human rights lawyer, professor and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, discusses the huge growth in the Department of Justice since its inception and its current questionable role as a legal defender of government crimes, the double standard where – for domestic propaganda purposes – the government can talk about hit-lists for U.S. citizens but when the practice is challenged in court the topic becomes a state secret, the end of any logical limits on executive power and the suicide of DOJ prosecutor Nicholas Marsh just before the scheduled release of a report on his alleged misconduct. LISTEN HERE (mp3) 20:36
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